Mad Lust

Mad Lust

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Sociopath, Sia Baeley starts a sexual relationship with her chemistry teacher, Aeric Devreaux.


Sociopath, Sia Baeley starts a sexual relationship with her chemistry teacher, Aeric Devreaux.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sin of Lust

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Sociopath, Sia Baeley starts a sexual relationship with her chemistry teacher, Aeric Devreaux.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 15, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 15, 2015



~Author's Note: It's a side story. I probably won't pay much attention to it but I don't know. Enjoy :) And it won't be as dark as my stories usually are.

Chapter 1: What they don't know, but are sure to believe

Some people think a break up is the end of the world.
Or that Satan is a little red man with horns.
Or that a whore can't be raped.
Some people are fucking stupid.

I tilt the red can of gasoline over the car as I stand on the card. The smell carries up to my nose and I think I like it.

The gasoline runs down the windshield of his car like water before it gathers around my boots and then spills down onto the concrete below.

Dropping the can onto the ground, I slip a pack of matches from my hoody pocket and fire one up. I watch the fire for a second before my eyes went up to the moon. It was one in the morning, and officially the first day of my eleventh grade year. What a way to start.

I turn and jump down from the hood of the car and then turn around to face it again. It really was a simply vintage car. I liked it. Alot. Yeah, he's going to be pissed.

I step back and threw the match, instantly, igniting a blue flame to skate up the exterior and a orange flame following it. It goes up in orange and yellow flames, licking up towards the night sky and I backtrack a bit more to get a better view.

I pick up my bottle of water from the curb of the street and took a sip. It was almost hypnotizing. The flames, the heat.

Maybe it was a bit drastic but he bullied my friend. I don't like bullies. In fact, I fucking HATE bullies.

After taking one more sip, I store a mental image of the car in my head and then turn to walk away, setting my empty bottle in the grass before slipping my hood over my head. In the distance behind me, I can hear someone crying, "Call 911!"

I wasn't surprised they didn't see me walking away. I blended well with the shadows.

6:00 A.M.

I always had trouble sleeping so I didn't bother. I stayed awake, reading. I'm a chemistry buff. I like mixtures and formulas...and I love fire.

As always, I waitto the last minute to take a shower and pull my black hair into a messy bun. Under my baggy, ripped jeans and flannel shirts, I put on a pair of lace panties and red and black lace bra to match. My little secret.
In every year that I've attended Apprentice High, I was a target for bullies. Because I was different. Because I was weird. Because people didn't understand me. Because people were afraid of me.

There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not some hell demon here to put misery on all god's children, though I do wish to put misery on murderers, rapists, Justin Beiber. But I'm just a kid. A normal seventeen year old kid. And although I may feel just a bit of dread, I'm going to school.

I walk out of my house and got on my bike that I was surprised had yet to be stolen and I start down the street. I was curious as to what I might see if I bike down that asshole's street. I hope his car is a gray piece of crushed metal by now.

I take a detour and roll down to get a peek of my work, if it was still there. I wasn't surprised to find that the car was missing but next to where it was parked last night was a group of guys.

I stop the bike to look over to them, and smile as I overhear Ash crying about his car.

"I'm so pissed. Ya'll can't imagine how fucking pissed I am right now." He complains.

His brother shakes his head. "That shit was a classic too. Damn."

One of the guys in the group turn to meet eyes with me. I didn't recognize him. He pulls on the shirt of the guy next to him.

"Hey, there's some creepy bitch across the street looking at us."

Ash looks up and their circle breaks so they could all glance at me.

I send a charming smile their way. "Sorry about your car, Ash. I really am."

Ash's eyes harden, his jaw twitches as he points to the spot where his car had been last night. "Did you set my car on fire, bitch?"

"Don't know, did I?" I ask with a raise of my brow.

Ash takes a few steps forward. "If I find out you had something to do with it, I'll-"

"What are you going to do? Rape me too?"

He stands quiet, his eyes changing to something else. An expression I didn't care to read. Very calmly I say, "If you touch her or come near her again, I'll set your mother on fire next." And with that, I pedal away.

Knowing the idiot, he believed me. I actually think his mother, Mrs. Brooks, was a lovely woman. I'd never hurt her. I'll probably just throw some gasoline on her son's penis, light it on fire and then we'd truly be even.

I biked to school and chained it against a pole in the back. I dust off my jeans, walk to the front of the school and then enter inside. School's like a dream but not a good one. I haven't thought about these hallways all summer. And now just looking at them, I can't explain how I feel.

I found my locker quick and I wasn't surprised that it took a short time for Kade, A.K.A my stalker since sixth grade, to find me.

He gives me a crooked smile, the kind that normally knocks girls out of their seats. They drool over him and it's not because he's the football jock rich asshole dipshit teenage girls typically fall for. It's because he's a dorky nerdy rich asshole dipshit. Completely smart and I guess that's what they're attracted to. Nerds are the thing now, I guess.

"How was your summer?" He asks.

"I set a car on fire, almost set my brother on fire. You know, the usual." I say.

He flashes me a soft smile. "I'm sorry I missed it. Wish I could have helped you set your brother on fire. You know, sophmore year, he paid me to write a paper on Liberal rights for his history essay and I told him to make sure he does research although I'm writing his paper so he can at least pretend that he knows what he's talking about. He doesn't, and then gets mad at me when the teacher finds out he didn't write it."

"Well, Tyson never thinks anything through. He thinks he's a know-it-all and knows what's best."

"Mmh," Kade tucks a stray lock of my hair behind my ear. "Like you."

My jaw tightens and I ignore him before getting a notebook and pen. Then I shove my bookbag into my locker and shut it. "I give this locker one day before it gets messy."

"Agreed. Guess what the hell happened over the summer?" He says as we start walking to class. I wasn't sure if he had my class or was just walking me to it. He thinks he's some kind of romantic.

"What?" I ask.

"I de-virginized two girls. I mean, that's not a big deal. I just found it weird."

"If you didn't de-virginize them both in one night, it's definitely nothing to gloat about."

He chuckles. "So, I'm expected to be that much of a player that you think I'd have sex with one girl for a night and then sneak over to the other in the same night? Do I come off as that sleezy to you?"

"Why does it matter what I think? Do what you want."

He was quiet for a moment. I wasn't oblivious to the fact that Kade wanted me. I knew it. The whole school knew it. Hell, my grandma knew it and she's been dead for sixteen years. But I knew what consequences would come with it. I didn't want any part of it.

I enter my classroom but before going completely inside, I stop and turn in the threshold. "Do you got chemistry too?" I ask him.

He shakes his head. "Advanced trigonometry. I hardly been studying through the summer. Family problems."

I roll my eyes. "Don't we all?"

His lips tug up at the corners. "True. Well I'll go. I'll see you after class so I can stalk you some more, Baeley."

I don't rspond but I turn as he walks away and I slowly scan the class. It feels like everyone's staring at me but I know they're not. The teacher isn't in yet. So I decide to just stand in the hallway until my best friend, Violet, gets here.

Since Ash and her had that night, she's been spending alot of her time at home, trying to busy herself. I tell her to do the sensible thing but Violet likes things done the hard way. She doesn't know how to think straight. Speak of the devil....

She comes down the hall in baggy clothing, dingy hair and sunglasses. I know what she's doing. She doesn't want to be recognized by Ash who might not even be coming into school today. If he does, he's probably going to try to kick my ass for setting his car on fire. And if he does, so be it. We both deserve to get our asses kicked for what we did. So...we'll kill each other. That's fine.

She walks up to me and yanks her glasses off, her blue eyes immediatley casting down to my shoes. She glances behind her and then looks back up to me. She has bags under her eyes and they're tired, weary. "I feel like," She swallowed hard and looked behind her once more before bowing her head down, nervously. "I feel like everyone knows. Does anyone know?"

"No. Because he knows better. If he starts some rumors about you and him-"

"I heard you set his car on fire." She twirled an end of her hair, her eyes still casted down, but now her lips held a bit of a smile.

I didn't say anything. I just walked backward. "Go to class. Learn something. And stay out of trouble." I turn , then I walk to the row of seats in the back, and it wasn't until I sit down that I notice who I was sitting next to.

I slowly turn my head to see three prissy little bitches grinning at me.

I turn away, smirking. Yeah, they'll start something today. Every first day of school,  there's a fight, and guess who's always in it? Too bad I don't have my lighter today. I'd set their blond barbie extensions on fire. And plastic doesn't smell too good when it burns.

I was so focused on the many ways to torture the leader, Ava Ross, that I didn't notice a man entering the room.

I was going to try my best to be sweet. Although I get A's and do more work than anyone in class, teachers don't enjoy my company. However, they do tend to suck up to people like Ava Ross, whose parents put in "extra money" in her education.

They beg for someone to teach their daughter, show her the brilliant way of some sort of intelligence. But it always falls short. I don't think this man will do that. Something tells me off his appearance alone, that he'll be smarter than that.

I take a good long notice in his features, secretly pleased with what was in front of me. His eyes were like green flames. So damn....odd.

It's rare that teachers are actually hot. Not that they have to be, I prefer the ones that actually knows what they're talking about and plays fair, but, it doesn't hurt to have something pretty to look at, does it?

He says nothing for a long time. He takes his time, setting things up, arranging things on his desk and setting his bag on the floor before he slowly scans the class.

I turn my head to see Ava and her posse of sluts eyeing him, and grinning flirtasciously.

I wanted to gag. I roll my eyes and found him staring at me. I couldn't look away, although I'm not usually shy about stuff like this, this was different. It was weird, like some kind of understanding passed through our eyes. Or was I just feeding myself bullshit?

He slowly tore his eyes away before he spoke. Leaning over his desk, he says, "My name is Aeric Devreaux."

A hand shot up. "Can we call you Aeric?"

He slowly smiles. "Of course you can...not. I go by Mr. Devreaux or Mr. D."

Ava whispers, "I want his D." And her little butterfly kissing girls giggle with her.

I wish they'll shut up and let him talk. I hope he wasn't the type who actually waits until the student stops talking before he says something because that's the most annoying thing ever.

Mr. Devreaux stares at Ava, his eyes hardening. "Mind sharing what's so funny?" His brow raises and he's bites his lip.

And automatically, I wanted to be the one biting on his lip.

Oh shit. I know when I want something, I'm damn near reckless to get it. But maybe this isn't one of those things. Maybe I just find him attractive. That's harmless...for now.

Ava speaks but I didn't hear her words. I just looked back to Devreaux who starts laughing. It's soft, and sarcastic. "And that sounds very, very interesting. Thank you for stopping class just to share that information. Appreciate it." He says before he turns to the rest of the class. "Anyway, on a more fascinating note, I'm going to be your chemistry teacher for this semester. I don't have many rules. No rough play and be respectful. That's it."

"So, if we wanted to," Ava begins, "We're allowed to have sex in your classroom, since it wasn't established in your rules?"

Devreaux stares at her. I can see the irritation in his eyes and now it was starting to somewhat irritate me. I turn to look over at her. "Would you just shut the fuck up and let the man talk?" I blurt. And I wasn't sorry for it.

I'm trying to hear what he has to say and all she talks about is her money, her hair, or her loose vagina. For three years, that's all that I've heard. Jesus Christ.

The room fell silent, and I knew that me trying to be sweet and charming to get on Devreaux's good side has immediatley gone out the window.

I glance at him and he was smirking at me.

"What's your name, you over in the corner?" He asks, his voice lowers as if I was some delicate little flower.

Little does he know, I'm far from that.

Tapping my nails against my desk, I say, "Sia, Sia Baeley. And that was me cussing out Ava Ross. You're going to be hearing that alot in this class."

Ava scoffs but Devreaux's eyes light up.

"I look forward to it, Sia."
When he said my name, I glance down at my desk, stifling a smile.

"Ugh, pathetic little lesbian trying to be teacher's pet again. Will you get a life, already?" Ava says.

I didn't let it bother me because in truth, it didn't. Nothing she does or nothing she says bothers me. When I fight her, it'll be because she deserves it, not because she makes me angry.

Ava looks to Devreaux and says, "You better watch out, Sia clings to every teacher's balls, even the lady teachers."

Devreaux shrugs his shoulders, his eyes hardening. "Better to get on my good side than my bad side, Ava."

He had a point.

So today was about those dreadful introductions you have to do every first day of school. When it came to me, I said what my name was and as a hobby, I said I like to set things on fire.

Now this admission may get me pinned to setting Ash's car on fire, but that won't be true unless Ash admits he raped Violet, which he'll never admit to. Because what else would be my motive? But...still...people know how I am. Impulsive. Nothing could have drove me to it. I could have just been bored-which I was.

"Fire?" Ava comments.

I look over at her. "Yes, that thing that's made of nitrogen and carbon dioxide? Never heard of it?

Devreaux sighs. "Maybe one of you should come sit to the front so you're not steadily interrupting me and annoying everyone else."

I didn't want to piss him off on the first day, so before Ava can make the tiniest move, I stand with my stuff in my hand and make my way down the aisle. Some of the students laughed at me because...reasons.

I sat in the front and Devreaux walks casually over to me, his green eyes piercing and so damn intense, I lean back when he places his palms on my desk. He leans forward, his eyes setting me on fire. In my cheeks, throughout my entire body.

I was amazed by this feeling, shocked I could feel anything at all. Fascinated, I lean forward a bit, without breaking his gaze.

His voice is low, no more than a whisper. "As your teacher, I'm telling you not to feed on that shit. Girls like her only want a fight."

"You think I don't know that?"

"Then why bother having a comeback? Why not just keep your mouth shut? It'll make all your problems go away."

He didn't sound like a teacher. It was like an adult talking to a teenager. The student and teacher bond got knocked off for a second.

"So you want me to shut up, is that it?"

He slowly nods his head. "That's exactly what I want. You shut up, then she'll shut up. See how that works? It's called cause and effect."

I look at him, wryly. Did he think I was an idiot? He was right, but still, it was her making all the snide comments.

Instead of arguing, I put on my "good girl" mask and smile sweetly. "Yes, Mr. Devreaux." I folded my hands obediently on the desk and blink rapidly like a flirty school girl.

He shakes his head, though the smirk never leaves his face. He turns and walks away from my desk to stand back in front of the class.

I listened with great intensity at what he was saying for the rest of the class and for once he sounded like a teacher that was genuinely interested in what he was teaching. I guess I found another chemistry lover.

When class was over, I let everybody file out before me. I want to prep myself. I move from my desk after noticing Ava and her crew shooting looks at me over their shoulder as they were walking out the door.
She better take her heels off.

As I walk pass Devreaux's desk, he stops me. "Sia?"

Addicted to the warm feeling I felt earlier when he was in close contact with me, I decided to stay and see what he wanted. I turn to face him. "Yeah?"

He shakes his head, his eyes serious. "Don't be stupid. You're smarter than that."

"You know, if you're going to be a fortune cookie, surly you can give some better advice than that."

Devreaux smiles as he leans back in his chair. "Here's some advice. I don't want you sucking up to me for a grade. I give you what you deserve, not because we're friends."

"Lucky for me, I'm that damn good at chemistry that I don't need to suck up. I'm an A student, Mr. Devreaux."

"Prove it. Show me. Wow me, Ms. Baeley."

I nod my head, running my hand over his dark wooden desk. I watch my fingers caress the wood as I say. "You think I'm just some misunderstood teenage know-it-all?"

"I think you're good at falsely playing as this misunderstood girl. I think you want to be misunderstood."

I met his eyes then. "Have you really paid that much attention today to notice that about me? My guess is no. So you stick to chemistry and I'll stick to knowing who I am. Thank you very much and I'll see you around."

He slowly looks away and I walk out of his classroom feeling weird, and not being able to pin-point why. But my thoughts on that...thought was short-lived when I came face-to-face with Ash outside of the door. He was waiting for me and Ava was standing right next to him.

Chuckling, I shake my head and throw my shit on the floor.

"I know you did it." He growls at me.

"Yeah, I did it. But you know why."

Ash looks at the people around us and then steps up close to me so only I could hear him. "You don't know shit so shut the fuck up about it."

"Want to know how stupid you are? You get flustered and nervous every time I talk about it which is basically evidence. Every time I even mention Violet, your eye twitches. So if you want to fight. We can fight. I'm fighting for my best friend and you, you're fighting for your car which is pretty goddamn pathetic if you ask me."

"My car costs more than you and your friend put together. So that's reason enough."

He has strength on his side, but I have determination, motivation to cause someone pain. And yes I have a twisted mind, maybe even a twisted life....but I don't mind, I just go with it.



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