The Student Teacher's Anatomy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

This story is part of the Reveal Yourself contest. Comment on my post to vote to see me exposed- one word comments are allowed.

See my earlier posting for contest rules.

Table of Contents

First Month Jitters

For the past three years of college, ever since I enrolled in the teacher’s college, I’d been nervous about student teaching. I loved... Read Chapter

Time to Show Off

After being stripped shirtless a few weeks ago, Mr. Ryan has no idea that it's going to get worse today... Read Chapter

Meeting with the Principal

After being stripped naked in class, Mr. Ryan is called to the principal's office... Read Chapter

Art Class Reveal

To cast your vote for the Reveal Yourself contest, just comment below. The exposure will happen on discord, and a clickable link is in my forum post: Read Chapter

Draw Me Like One of Your French Boys

Well... I got exposed thanks to all of you. Check the discord link... Read Chapter

Final Exposure

Well, it happened- after some of you chipped in to get me to 20 comments, I had to expose my fully nude body on the discord chat for everyone to see. I know now what Mr. Ryan must feel like... Read Chapter