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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A human girl finds herself dropped into a medieval fantasy world, and is immediately taken captive.


A human girl finds herself dropped into a medieval fantasy world, and is immediately taken captive.

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A woman is transported to a fantasy land and captured.

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Submitted: January 02, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 02, 2019



"What the fuck?!" I screamed, spinning in a circle as I tried to figure out where I was. A moment ago I had... Where the hell had I been? My head pounded so hard it was becoming difficult for me to think, to process what was going on. I sat on the ground, which I idly noted was dirty and covered with what appeared to be twigs and leaves, to attempt to alleviate my stress and think. Since when was the floor covered in dirt? Was I outside?

Rubbing my temples, I went over everything that had happened over the past hour. I'd been out at karaoke with my friends, having an awesome time, when I'd been hit with a killer stomach ache. So I'd gone home. I'd walked through the door, dropped my keys, and then...

Nothing. Blackness. Maybe the feeling of falling? Not actually falling, but that feeling you get when you're sitting or lying still and feel like the ground drops out from under you. And then this. I came to standing in a strange forest, the heels of my stilettos sinking into the ground, surrounded by trees so high I couldn't see the tops, and so big around two regular sized people wouldn't be able to wrap their arms around them. So I, as a relatively tiny being, felt even smaller, and ridiculously cold. My leather jacket did nothing to stop the bite in the air, further reinforcing that this was definitely not home. Fall was never this cold at night, hence the leather jacket and midriff baring tank top.

I stood and stumbled around for a couple minutes, frustrated and a little afraid, caught somewhere between crying and screaming. Not wanting to break down and lose my head in an unfamiliar place, I settled for the latter, letting my voice shake the trees around me slightly. Done, listening to the sound echo back to me, I nodded in satisfaction and chose a direction to start walking in, idly cursing my heels. I didn't want to take them off and have to walk barefoot, but damn it, if I was going to be dropped in a strange forest, why couldn't it have been in a pair of tennis shoes?

It wasn't long before I realized that the scream had probably been a good option. I heard the sound of people approaching, talking and moving quickly as if searching for something.

"Oh thank god," I murmured. "Over here! Please, over here!" I stumbled towards the voices. I didn't normally cry, hated it in fact, but I could certainly feel tears of relief misting my eyes.

Before long, I was surrounded by dark haired men in leather armor, riding horses. I wasn't sure which was stranger, the armor, or the fact that they all had dark hair and pale skin. Then I noticed the swords.

"Ah, are you guys part of some medieval reenactment group or something?" They stared at me for a moment as if I might be crazy, so I skipped over that question. "Right. Um. This may sound weird, but I have no idea where I am. One moment I was in my house, and the next I was stumbling around out here. Do any of you guys have a phone I could use? And could you tell me where I am, possibly? I'm seriously kind of freaked."

One of them turned to the guy who appeared to be the leader if you were going by how nice their armor was, though it was all pretty nice. "She speaks like that blood elemental we ran into a month ago, captain. The one at the tavern?"

The captain nodded, eyes never leaving me. "Indeed. I believed she claimed to be from some other place, which explained her strange speech and customs. This one is human, however. I can smell it on her."

I stiffened. What a weird thing to say. Smell it on me? And what was all this shit about humans and elementals and 'other places'?

"Excuse me, can you please stop fucking talking about me like I'm not here?" I snapped, the hairs on the back of my neck rising. I wasn't sure what was going on, or where this was going, but I didn't like it.

A couple of the men seemed shocked by my cussing, but some of the others laughed.

"She has a foul mouth for a human, captain. Want me to fix it?" One of them called out, leering at me. I glared at him, suddenly feeling naked in my tight jeans and skimpy shirt.

"No." The captain's voice was firm, and the men became serious again. His eyes focused on me, the intensity of them making me step back slightly, before firming up, shoulders set and ready to face him. He slid from his horse with ease and walked towards me, stopping within arms reach. A calloused hand came up to touch my jaw and I smacked it away, taking a step back.

"Don't you fucking touch me!" No sooner were the words out of my mouth, was I face first on the ground, arms held firm behind my back. I struggled, screaming in frustration. The sound of laughter made me snarl, feet kicking. I'm not sure I'd ever been in quite as undignified of a position.

"She's quite beautiful, even with her foul mouth. She'll sell nicely, and some one else can deal with the problem of breaking her," he announced as I felt rope being tied around my wrists. It burned as I twisted them, which didn't last long. I wasn't exactly excited about the idea of rubbing my skin raw. "Now the only question is, do we gag her, or do we amuse ourselves with her obscenities?" There was a loud roar of laughter and I screamed again, throwing my head back in an attempt to hit something.

"Or better yet," the man above me started, laughing hard enough that I could feel his body shaking against mine, "we could give her mouth something more pleasant to do!" There were shouts of approval before one man pointed out that I was more likely to sink my teeth into them before they could shove themselves down my throat.

My face flushed, chest tightening at the realization that these men could rape me, with apparent ease. I'm sure there were even ways around worrying about my teeth. I could certainly think of a few.

The man, the 'captain', dragged me to my feet by my tied wrists, forcing a pained whimper from my lips. "As much as I love the idea of putting this mouthy human in her place," he said, "an undamaged slave sells for more than one who's been thoroughly used." Another piece of rope was tied around my neck as a makeshift collar and leash, tight enough that it wouldn't slip off my head, but not tight enough that it would choke me unless I started fighting.

Which is what I did, of course, the moment he tried to tug me towards his horse with it. He watched with amusement as I managed to trip myself because of these fucking heels and fall flat on my face, unable to use my hands to save myself.

"Up," he ordered, tugging on the leash. "Or I'll drag you." I struggled to my knees, crashing back to the ground a couple times before I finally stabilized myself. At the thought of getting to my feet in the heels though, without the use of my hands, my eyes misted up, only managing to stop tears by sheer force of will.

I must have knelt there long enough that he lost his patience, because next thing I knew I was flat on the ground again, rope pulling painfully on my neck.

"Wait, wait!" Those tears nearly forced their way out at the indignity of having to ask for help while I was being taken captive, but it wasn't as bad as how awful the rope felt, or how many cuts I was getting on my body from the twigs and rocks. "I-I can't stand on my own."

I opened my eyes to see him squatting over me, those dark eyes laughing. "Are you asking for help?" His voice was flat, but the flatness sounded forced. My eyes squeezed shut, trembling helplessly for a moment before nodding. We sat that way silently for a moment, long enough that I tentatively peered up at him again. There was an odd look on his face, somewhere between surprise and recognition.

Then it was gone and I was being hauled to my feet, pushed roughly towards his horse. When I stumbled those hands became slightly more gentle, lifting me into the saddle as if I weighed only as much as a kitten. He was up behind me, one arm wrapped around my waist, before I could slip off the other side.

"It's time to sleep now," he whispered in my ear. I started to protest that there was no fucking way that would happen, but my eyelids became heavy. Despite how uncomfortable my hands were, caught between our bodies, I started to drift into a dreamless sleep.


When I woke up, I realized quickly that I appeared to be tied to something. The horse? No, a tree. I was tied to a fucking tree, seemingly connected to the rope around my wrists. They ached, as well as my throat where the makeshift collar had rubbed me raw in my struggling.

My eyes blinked open slowly, looking straight into the face of the man who'd kidnapped me. Captured me? What was the correct terminology here? And what had they called the man? Right, the captain. Right. So it wasn't a dream. I hadn't been kidnapped by some weirdo who had a fetish for short, mouthy girls in high heels, I'd been 'captured' by a bunch of men in armor, in a place completely foreign to me. A place so foreign, I'm not even sure how I got there.

I slumped over, closing my eyes, my mind unable to process. I heard the man laugh, and then felt his hand in my hair, jerking my head up. The unexpected touch made me gasp, my eyes shooting open to look at him again as a thread of pleasure shot through me. His eyes widened slightly at my reaction, able to tell it wasn't fear that had affected me.

"Well," he said, looking me over in a new light, "That was unexpected. Tell me, was it the pain, or the dominance of the act that made you gasp so prettily?" I glared at him, but it was broken when his hand shifted in my hair, twisting my head down. My breathing became slightly rougher. "Because I've seen fiery women like you who enjoy pain, but I've never seen such a spirited woman react to dominance in this way." I whimpered slightly as his hand tightened and pulled my head back up. "So tell me, which is it?"

I spit in his face.

His hand flew so fast, I never saw it coming. I cried out, and my head would have snapped to the side if he hadn't still been holding my hair. As the shock started to wear off, I realized he hadn't hit me hard, only hard enough to sting a little and make me feel the restrained power in his hand.

Suddenly, he was all I could see as his face came closer, pressing his lips to my ear. "You'll answer me now, or I'll do it again, harder," He whispered, making me shiver, both in arousal and terror. The arousal pissed me off, so I spent several moments debating whether or not I was more scared or more pissed off. I must have spent too long deliberating, forgetting about his question, because all of a sudden my face was on fire, and I howled in pain, trying to jerk my head back, away, anything. I was still firmly caught by my hair, tears running down my cheeks now. I flinched, feeling his hand again, but he only captured my chin, forcing me to look at him as he finally released my hair.

"Little human, you have one more chance. The next hit will knock you out, and then we'll have to wait until you wake up for me to get my answer. Is it the pain, or the dominance?" He stared at me as I tried to free my chin and put off answering, but then his hand came up, threatening.

"Both!" I cried out, eyes snapping shut from the embarrassment of having to admit such a thing to the person who'd taken me captive and abused me. There was a pause, as if he was processing this, and then his free hand caressed my still stinging cheek.

"That wasn't so hard now, was it?" He murmured, completely letting go of my face. I let it drop, struggling to make my tears stop. He disappeared for a moment, but not nearly long enough because his hand quickly reappeared in my hair, tugging my head back up, though gentler this time. I shifted in the ropes, hating my weakness, and glared at him. "No need for your fire this time. This is the real reason I woke you up." He pressed a canteen of water to my lips, and I gulped it down, realizing at the touch of the water how thirsty I was. It was cold, shocking my system and making me more alert.

As he took it away I shook myself, turning my glare on him full force when his eyes met mine again. He appeared startled for a moment, his dark eyes widening. "Were you aware that your eyes occasionally glow?" He asked, and then it was my turn to stare in shock.


I never found out if he answered or not, because the next moment my vision began to go dim again, and then everything was black.

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