Earning Extra Credit

Earning Extra Credit

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When she came begging for a chance to change her grade, how could he say no?


When she came begging for a chance to change her grade, how could he say no?


Submitted: December 16, 2019

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Submitted: December 16, 2019



There was a soft knocking at the door, and a sweet voice calling, "Professor?" He glanced up to see a petite blonde hovering uncertainly in his doorway. She shifted back and forth between her feet, fingers tangled together behind her back, the picture of a college girl nervous to talk to her professor. There was something in her eyes though.

"How can I help you Katherine?" He asked, setting down his pen and leaning back in his chair.

As she stepped fully into his office, his eyes widened. Her brown skirt just barely covered her ass, leaving the tantalizing pale lengths of her thighs bared to his gaze. Down the rest of her legs his eyes trailed, taking in the pink knee high socks and black mary janes. And then back up, taking in the low cut blouse that seemed several sizes too small, revealing a strip of toned stomach between the hemline and the top of her skirt. Something pink and lacy peeked over the top, what he assumed was her bra. Altogether, he had an idea of where this was going.

"I needed to talk with you about something," she said, her eyes dropping to her feet.

"I'm sure," he responded flatly, leaning back in his chair. He let the silence drag on, watching as she began to grow uncomfortable. He waited until he saw her shoulders slump in defeat, before saying, "Close the door."

Her eyes lit up and she spun, closing the door quickly behind her. Ever so faintly he could hear the slight click of the lock being turned. Hands behind her back again, an almost bashful look on her face, she stood in front of the desk, saying, "I wanted to talk to you about my grades."

Of course she did. "Well they aren't exactly great," he responded vaguely.

"I know," she said, ducking her head. "And I know there's not a lot of time to get them up either." Her gaze flicked up to his. The look on her face was vaguely worried, but there was a heat in her green eyes. "I was wondering if there was anything I could do to get my grades up?"

"You mean extra credit work?" He asked, arching an eyebrow, being purposely obtuse as to her meaning. "You know I don't give out extra credit assignments."

Her hands came around to hold the edge of the desk as she bent forward slightly, allowing him a better view of her cleavage. "Please professor, I know, I just- I really can't afford to fail this class. Are you sure there isn't anything I can do?" Her eyes were wide, lower lip trembling slightly.

"I'm not sure I know what you're implying," he said, voice and expression almost disinterested. It made her falter slightly, which amused him.

"You can't think of anything I could do for my grades?" She asked, fluttering those long eyelashes at him. He arched his eyebrow again, and she stood back up straight, moving slowly around the desk until she stood in front of him. "I can't fail this class professor." She fidgeted with the hem of her skirt for a moment before regaining her confidence, and saying in her best attempt at a sexy voice, "I'll do absolutely anything to pass." There was a special emphasis on the anything, and he couldn't help but to be slightly impressed. He'd had students come in for similar reasons, but none had ever been so forward, and all had cracked beneath the weight of his stare.

There was no cracking in her however. Some wavering, some uncertainty, no small amount of worry with just the slightest hint of fear. But no cracking. She was in this for the long haul.

"I know what you're suggesting Katherine. Not only is this highly inappropriate, but it would be highly unethical for me to accept... anything, in exchange for a better grade." His voice was hard, and he saw her slump ever so slightly, lower lip trembling more now. Normally he'd never entertain the idea of sleeping with a student, but something about the way she had looked at him made him think maybe the grades were an excuse.

"I know professor," she said, her voice half whisper. "I just, I really need this."

"For your grades?" He asked, hoping to trip her up.

She jumped slightly, managing, "Oh, yes, for that."

So the grades were at least partly an excuse. He rubbed his jaw, waiting for her to once more squirm beneath his stare, before finally saying, "Take off your shirt."

The shirt was off and on the ground in a mere moment, a grin on her face. He beckoned her towards him with the crook of a finger, stopping just in front of his legs. She was gorgeous, with a long waist and creamy pale skin. There was a tremble in her body as he ran his hands up from her hips, caressing along the curve of her trim waist, before finally cupping her breasts through the lacy pink bra. She sucked in a breath, eyes fluttering shut. His thumbs slid across her nipples, and he could feel them hardening even through the thin material.

"Now the skirt and the shoes," he said, dropping his hands. "Leave the socks on." She gave him a sly smile, hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her skirt and slowly shimmying it down until it dropped to the floor, revealing the matching pink panties. If he could call them that, they were almost non-existent. She toed off her shoes, standing in front of him finally in only her underclothes. He took a moment just to admire her toned body beautiful curves, before reaching out and toying with the tops of her bra. Ever so slowly he pulled the cups down below her breasts until they were fully bared to his sight. And what a sight it was. He gently tweaked her nipples, which were the same delicate pink as her bra, and she shivered.

He leaned forward to wrap his lips around one, fingers teasing the other, and she gasped, fingers threading through his hair. His teeth nipped, making her squeak, before soothing the sting with his tongue. He pulled back, hands sliding down her waist to squeeze her hips. "Up on the desk," he said quietly, spinning his chair. She was up in a flash, and he arranged her so that her feet were braced on the arms of his chair, revealing the tantalizing lengths of her legs to him, along with that beautiful place between her thighs, where he could see the crotch of her panties was already wet. "Lean back on your hands." She did as told, pressing her palms to the desk, back arched seductively.

His hands wrapped around her hips and jerked her towards the edge until her ass was slightly hanging off. He traced his fingers along the edges of her panties, prying them ever so slowly to the side, baring her shaved pussy to his gaze. Wasting no time, he wrapped one arm around her thigh, the other hand holding her panties to the side, and leaned in to swipe his tongue up the length of her slit. A moan escaped her, and her hips pushed forwards, looking for more. He happily obliged with another slow stroke of his tongue, pausing at the top to focus attention on her clit for a moment.

"Oh professor," she gasped. "Please, I need more."

He shushed her, saying, "But this isn't about you. You're trying to earn a better grade, so we're going to do what I want. And what I want is to take things nice and slow." For the moment at least. He wanted her writhing on the desk, begging for him. She'd beg so prettily, he just knew it. He returned to his long, slow strokes, teasing her clit without any real pressure, until she was whimpering and writhing. Only then did he finally wrap his lips around her clit, sucking hard and lashing it with his tongue. She cried out at the sudden assault, hips jerking against his face. The hand around her thigh slid up and up, until it reached her pussy, brushing against it tantalizingly slow. One finger slid inside enough to tease her without giving much stimulation.

"Please, please professor, please, I need more," she begged, hips rocking on the desk. This time he obliged, adding a second finger and curling them upwards, making her gasp. Her body was trembling, tense, grinding against his hand. As she tightened around his fingers he started to thrust, increasing his assault on her clit. "Fuck!" She cried out as her body thrashed in bliss. He didn't slow down. Instead he thrust harder, faster, her second orgasm building quickly. A scrape of his teeth on her clit and she came again.

This time he slowed, gently bringing her back down. He gave her a moment to recover, before saying, "Down. On your knees." She slid down eagerly, peering up at him with hooded eyes and a seductive smile. "Undo my belt." Her hands landed on his belt, fumbling with it in her excitement. Finally getting it undone, her hands went to the top button of his pants. He stopped her with a hand on her hair, snapping, "Don't. Did I give you permission to open my pants?" She tried to shake her head but his grip was too tight, leaving her to simply pout. "Take off your bra." She did so, expertly undoing it and tossing it to the side. He admired her, kneeling before him in just her panties and matching knee highs.

Finally he loosened his grip on her hair, though he didn't totally release her. "Undo the button. Slowly." He could see her struggling to do as told, excitement making her hand shake. "Now the zipper." He enjoyed the sound of it being dragged down, before shifting on his chair to drag his pants down past his hips. His cock was hard and visible through his boxers, and he watched her eyes widen, her tongue swiping across her lower lip. "Reach in. Wrap your hand around it." With no hesitation, her hand darted into his boxers, wrapping around his cock. It felt so good, so soft, and he groaned, head falling back. "Pull it out now." This she did slowly, as if teasing them both, until finally his cock was free from the confines of the boxers.

She licked her lips, and he enjoyed the sight of her little pink tongue darting out. He'd planned to have her stroke him for a bit, tease her by not giving her what she clearly wanted, but he honestly wasn't sure he'd survive it. "Lick the head. Just once." She did as told, and the feel of her tongue on his most sensitive spot sent a shudder through his body. "Again." This time she went slower, seeming to savor the taste of his precum. This was the worst kind of torture. "Now take it into your mouth." Her lips wrapped around it, and his hand tightened in her hair briefly. Wondering what she had in mind, or was capable of, he said, "Pleasure me."

The first thing she did was slide her lips all the way down, taking his cock down her throat with no preamble. He swore, hand tightening in her hair once more, though he was careful not to impede her. After what seemed like an impossibly long time, she pulled back, taking a deep breath before wrapping her lips tight around him and beginning to bob her head, keeping a firm suction. Occasionally she would sink back down, deep throating him. He was impressed, she really knew what she was doing. Finally he had to stop her, pulling back on her hair until she was off. There was another pout on her pretty face, and she seemed about ready to complain when he said, "Back on the desk."

Eagerly she hopped back up, feet once more positioned on the arms of the chair, hands pressed flat on the desk. He stroked his cock for a moment, his gaze hungry, before stepping forward and jerking her back to the edge. He pulled her panties to the side once more and lined up his cock. Ever so slowly he pushed inside, groaning at her incredible tightness.

"Fuck you feel good," he managed, working the first couple inches in. "You're so wet for me. So perfect."

Her legs wrapped around his waist, squeezing and pulling until he was totally buried inside of her. They both moaned, and he took a moment for them to adjust. This time, he didn't start slow. He withdrew and slammed back into her hard, before setting up a bruising pace, hands clutched tight around her hips. Her breath came in short pants and her body shook. The two previous orgasms had left her oversensitive, and she felt herself racing towards another.

"Don't fucking cum," he growled, making her whimper. "You don't cum until I tell you to." Her face screwed up with the effort it took to force down her pleasure. His thrusts became erratic, and he was nearing his own apex. "Now," he said. She came instantly, crying out with ecstasy. Her pussy squeezed his cock hard, triggering his own orgasm. A few hard, sharp thrusts and he came on a groan. For a long moment he stayed there, simply reveling in the feel of his cock softening inside him, before finally pulling out. He plucked a couple tissues from off his desk, cleaning his cock up before putting it away. Another couple tissues to clean her up, who was still shivering, and then he carefully replaced her panties.

Leaning forward, he brushed a soft kiss across her lips, and she nearly purred. Dropping back into his chair, he watched as she slid from the desk, once more admiring her beauty. She picked up her skirt and pulled out a pair of cat eye glasses from one of the pockets, perching them on her nose before placing herself firmly on his lap. A band was pulled from around her wrist and used to twist her golden blonde hair up into a bun. Finally she looked like herself, even mostly nude.

"Kat, how many times have I told you this is inappropriate to do at work?" He asked, trying to sound like he was scolding her, but it was ruined when he playfully tapped her nose.

She scrunched it up, saying, "I remembered to lock the door this time. Besides, you fall for it every time." He tugged on her ear and she slapped his hand away playfully. "Alright, I'm gonna head home and start dinner. Don't be too late. I have a surprise planned for desert."

Of course she did, he thought. Unable to help himself, he smacked her ass when she stood to get dressed. He was still shaking his head at his wife long after she left, before he finally decided to just go home. No work was getting done, and besides, he was excited about dessert.

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