Stranger Things Have Happened(for Kyle Georgie Frydenlund's Quote Writing Contest)

Stranger Things Have Happened(for Kyle Georgie Frydenlund's Quote Writing Contest) Stranger Things Have Happened(for Kyle Georgie Frydenlund's Quote Writing Contest)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A football player steps outside to take a daily swim and encounters a stranger with a story to tell that is hard to believe.


A football player steps outside to take a daily swim and encounters a stranger with a story to tell that is hard to believe.


Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



It was a warm and sunny day for those living in and around the city of Los Angeles, California.

And of course, there were some folks who have their own way of keeping cool in such weather.

Take for instance one of the players of the Los Angeles Rams football team whose name happens to be Jason Lord.

Every morning and after breakfast, Jason would get into his swim trunks, go outside and swim a few laps in the pool.

But that was before the one day that I had mentioned because when he stepped out of the house in only his swim trunks, he noticed someone sitting on a deck chair and dressed like he was ready for a strong winter blizzard when it hits.

That made Jason walk over to the stranger with curious eyes, clear his throat and ask, "Hello? Anybody home?"

"I'm sorry, Jason. I just don't know who else to go to about this.", said the stranger after he peeked out of his covering and saw the confusion in Jason's eyes. "It's me, Jason. It's Sam Colbert. You don't believe me, do you?"

That made Jason sit on the end of the deck chair, scratch the back of his head and answer, "You better believed it. I really do know Sam and I told him to not go through with some stupid performance enhancement experiment because it might mess him up in some way. And besides, how am I suppossed to know that you're not some deranged stalker fan or something like that?"

And after the stranger took a deep breath and let out a sigh, he raised up two fingers and said, "Two things. Number one of those things is that if I were some deranged stalker fan, you would be dead right now. As for number two, I went through with that stupid experiment, anyway."

Then, after the stranger got off the deck chair, removed his entire covering and exposed himself as a beautiful blond babe with only a football jersey and a pair of grey sweatpants on, she turned towards Jason with tears leaking out of her eyes and said, "And this is what happened! Now I know what you're thinking, Jason! You're still thinking that she's still pulling a bullshit con-job on you! And I really do not blame you!"

That was before Jason looked deep into the poor blond maiden's eyes and came to realize that she was telling him the truth which had made Jason stand up and say, "I knew it! I just it! Didn't I tell you about this, Sam? I mean, what the fucking hell were you thinking?"

"Well, my football days are over. Let's face it, Jason. I don't think I have the size anymore.", said Sam while she was wiping the tears from her face and before Jason had crossed his arms and said, "No shit, Dick Tracy! Your whole body has shrunk!"

That made Sam take off her jersey, put her hands on her huge tits and say, "Actually, the only part of my body that didn't shrink when that stuff turned me into a woman is my chest. And if you were to ask me, I really do not think that these round sexy tits have quite the same power that my old male chest had."

"Neither do I. Are there any other goodies that I should know about?", asked Jason before Sam slipped off her sweat pants and answered, "Since you've asked, take a look at what's between my legs."

And when he stared at her vagina for a little bit, Jason cleared his throat and said, "Whoa, Sam. If you were to ask me, that little hairless pussy does look pretty good."

"I know. And not only that, it is also getting hot.", said Sam while she was moving her hand towards her pussy, only to stop herself and say, "Oh, shit! I'm getting horny! The thought of my old body is getting me horny! And my little bald cunt is getting wet at the thought of a big, strong dick fucking me!"

That was before Sam saw that Jason took off his trunks and started jerking off in front of her.

Of course, Sam really wanted to tell Jason to forget about fucking her because the same old Sam was still inside her somewhere and not in the mood to have hot and steamy sex with anybody.

But when she saw how big and stiff his cock had gotten, something forced Sam to open her legs wide and finger herself in front of Jason before he walked over and kissed Sam on the lips.

Then, after she kneeled down and sucked on that large dick of his, Jason laid himself on top of Sam and started sucking her pussy and fucking her in the ass with his finger.

And when she took his beefstick out of her mouth and said, "Oh, yes! Do it, Jason! I want you in me! Please, Jason! Slam it all into me!", Jason turned around and began sucking Sam's tits and drilling his huge cock deep into her soaking wet pussy.

And after two hours of fucking each other's brains out, Sam and Jason had finally let themselves cum and stop to catch their breath.

"Well, Sam. I don't know about you. But that little fuck session really rocks!", said a smiling Jason before Sam looked and smiled at him and asked, "It really does, doesn't it?"

After Jason had nodded his head in response, Sam rolled her eyes and said, "You know something, Jason. Maybe I haven't seen the last of the locker room after all."

That made Jason laugh a little bit and say, "Sam, I hate to burst your bubble like this. But you can't possibly be the star quarterback anymore."

"Oh, I know that. But I can be the cheerleader who lets the whole team gang up on her pretty little pussy.", said Sam before she moved her eyebrows up and down and Jason had placed a gentle hand on her cheek and said, "Now that's the Sam Colbert I know."

That was before she sighed and said, "It's too bad that I was unable to let him out before we fucked each other. I bet I was just a hot babe to you.", only to have Jason place that hand under Sam's chin and say, "Listen to me, Sam. Henry David Thoreau said, "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." And what I'm seeing right now is someone who is still willing to be a true blue buddy no matter what."

"A true blue buddy? With benefits?", asked a smiling Sam before Jason looked at her with confused eyes and asked, "Are you sure you'll really be okay with it?"

And after she placed her hand on his cheek and said, "Stranger things have happened.", Jason pushed himself and Sam into the pool.

And while they were splashing around in the water and enjoying themselves, it actually had dawned on them that the whole being friends with benefits thing should indeed be such a wonderful idea and if anyone else has a problem with that, they could just go shit themselves.

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