Outside The Pool Hall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man tells us what happened after he saw a woman standing against a wall.

On Tuesday, I stepped out of the pool hall

And saw this hot brunette babe leaning against a wall.

That was before she asked, "How about it, Ace?

Shall we fuck right here or go to your place?"

And when I decided to give my virginity

Up for lent, I took her to my residence in the city.

After we got there, she was not wearing her jacket nor

Any other clothing that she had laid on the floor.

Then, after I allowed myself to get naked,

We went into the other room and fucked ourselves silly on the bed.


Submitted: March 31, 2015

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Fri, April 3rd, 2015 7:23pm


I bet that you're enjoying the story.

Fri, April 3rd, 2015 12:29pm

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