On The Night Of The Full Moon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man makes a bizarre discovery while walking home from work.

It was under a full moon

That I walked home after an afternoon

Work shift at the local comic book store

Where I was able to do every chore

And make sure new comics arrive soon.

But before I reached my destination,

I saw a woman sitting in a lotus position

And noticed that she was also naked

Which made me offer to her a warm bed

As part of my helping the needy mission.

But just as I was about to do that,

She gave me a smile of the Cheshire Cat,

Got up and ripped the clothes off of me

Just in time for that crazy babe to see

That my rod had grown as big as a baseball bat.

That was before she shoved me down to the ground

And make her tongue go slowly around

Her lips before she was able to do the trick

Of using her wide mouth to suck my dick

And hitting my hips with a single pound.

And after she sat on my lap and made it

Go in and out while I sucked on each tit,

I took one more look at the full moon and

Allowed a skeptic like myself to understand

The type of aphrodisiac that was attached to it.

Then, after we allowed ourselves to cum,

I suddenly heard her let out a soft hum

Which made me look at the babe and discover

That she was this blonde coworker named Heather,

Who I was supposed to think of as only a chum.

That was when I gave myself time to quickly dress

And carry Heather away from the scene of that mess

Before we had reached my place and I laid her naked

Body carefully on the sofa before going to bed

With hopes that the next day would not be filled with more distress.

The next morning while having some coffee in my hut,

Heather and I both agreed to keep our mouths shut

About what happened to us on the night

Of the full moon and make sure that a slight

Word is said even if we do find ourselves in a rut.

Submitted: February 23, 2015

© Copyright 2023 hyperforce. All rights reserved.

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