Old Times

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man gets into a taxi and tells the driver to go to the airport. But the driver has other ideas.

When Alan Kirkwood looked at his watch and waved his hand, a taxicab stopped and its driver rolled down a window, looked at Alan with a smile and asked, "Is there someplace you want me to take you, Stud?"

And after he chuckled for a little bit, Alan placed his bags in the back seat of the cab and said, "I've got a flight to catch and I'm in a hurry. Could you take me to the airport?"

"Sure thing.", said the female cabbie with the short brunette haircut before Alan got into the cab and it was driven away from in front of his apartment building.

But halfway to the airport, Alan looked outside and saw that the cabbie had missed the highway turnoff which made him lean toward the cabbie, clear his throat and say, "Look, I don't want to give you any problems. It's just that you're going the wrong way."

"Oh, I know that, Alan.", said the cabbie after she looked at Alan through the rear-view mirror and before she drove the cab into an abandoned warehouse in time for the cabbie to get out of the car, open the door for Alan and ask, "Well? Are you coming or not?"

And after she stepped into what was once an office, Alan got out of the car and looked around to make sure that there was nobody else in the place before he walked into the office space to confront the cabbie for being such a dumbass bitch.

But as soon as he walked into the room, Alan was shocked to find the cabbie laying totally naked inside a blue sleeping bag before she waved and said, "Hi, Alan. Long time, no see. Huh?"

And when he remembered who the cabbie actually was and said, "Roxanne! Roxanne Halstead!", she opened the sleeping bag, fingered herself in front of Alan and said, "Just like old times. Right, Alan?"

And of course, that made Alan get naked and jerk off before he placed himself inside the same sleeping bag and allowed Roxanne to suck his cock while he was doing the same thing to her pussy.

And after he gave her a hard fucking in the ass, Alan rolled Roxanne over, drove his dick deep into her pussy and sucked her tits before she cried, hit her fists on his back and asked, "Why, Alan? Why did you leave me at the altar? We were supposed to be happy together!"

Then, after they got done with fucking each other's brains out, a suddenly understanding Alan placed a gentle hand on Roxanne's shoulder and said, "Sorry, Roxanne. I really didn't mean to hurt you like that. It's just that when your mom and dad took over the planning and other stuff, it was not our wedding anymore."

That made Roxanne turn towards Alan, wipe away the tears and say, "They really are so pushy. Are they?", before they smiled and shared a good laugh between them.

As for the wedding they really wanted, both Alan and Roxanne eloped and lived happily ever after ever since.

Submitted: July 02, 2014

© Copyright 2023 hyperforce. All rights reserved.

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I enjoyed the premise, but the format seems too adolescent... "That was before..." I believe you can improve on this style...

Thu, July 3rd, 2014 7:54am


Oh, well.

Thanks for enjoying the story, anyway.

Fri, July 4th, 2014 10:26am

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