Before I Go Totally Insane

Before I Go Totally Insane Before I Go Totally Insane

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



I chose Emily Prentiss to be the subject of this poem.



I chose Emily Prentiss to be the subject of this poem.


Submitted: May 08, 2014

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Submitted: May 08, 2014



It was after she got done with taking her shower

That Emily Prentiss stepped out of the bathroom without her

Robe on, plopped down on the bed and fell into a deep

Sleep before she opened her eyes and saw some creep

Standing next to a woman who had no clothing for cover.

And after she saw herself naked and with a ball gag

In her mouth, he said, "Your buddies had nearly turned me into a fag

By sending me to prison! So, the time has come for me

To return the favor!", before he unhooked the collar and be

Entertained by his slave acting like the Marquie de Sade in drag.

And since her wrists were tightly bound to the ceiling by chains,

Poor Emily had no choice but to suffer through the pain

That her captor's slave was giving her by way of the whip

Before that slave threw it away, grabbed Emily by the hips

And bit down on her nipples so hard that it caused her more pain.

That was before the master started fucking the slave in the ass

And making her do something to Emily that truly was crass

Which happens to be shoving her whole hand

Into Emily's pussy and giving her more pain than she could stand

Before they turned the agent around and turned her butt into grass.

Then, after the master had shot every last drop of cum

Out of his dick and left the room with a devilishly gleeful hum,

His slave looked at Emily with a sinister smile

Of her own and said, "Good! Even if it's for a little while,

We are alone! Now, we will be really close chums!"

And as soon as the slave started giving Emily some pain

And enjoying every single minute of it all over again,

The very words that had popped into Emily's mind

Were, "Please, God! Wake me up before I get it in the behind

Again! Wake me up before I go totally insane!"

But just as she was about to get it in the ass one more time,

Emily had suddenly heard the chimes

Of her alarm clock going off which made her wake up

In her bedroom and sigh with relief before having a cup

Of coffee and washing away in the shower that mental grime.

And when she got to the offices of the FBI's Behavioral

Analysis Unit, someone said, "You don't look at all

Well, Emily. Are you okay to be here right now?",

Before she looked at Aaron Hotchner and said, "I'm not a lazy cow.

So, am I the only one here or did everyone else answer the call?"

That was before she turned around and saw Aaron step out

Before she sat herself down at her desk, let out a pout

And began to cry because of the fact that the dream

She had the previous night was so real that it almost made her scream

Like her sanity wanted out.

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