A Tale Of Lust

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man tells us a story of what happened to his girlfriend's sister in this tale of sexuality and a guilty conscience.

I no longer have myself to trust

Because I am unable to resist the lust

Of wanting to let myself fuck

Every woman like I was a truck

Going into every tunnel that I thrust!

It really is such a terrible disease

That I have because I have to please

The wanton desires of each woman

Even beyond the best I possibly can

And yet am unable to stop myself with ease!

I even had no choice but to put an end

To the relationship I had with my girlfriend

Because of what I had done behind her

Back and it involved that sister

Of hers who came with some bonding time to spend!

You see, I went over to her house

And moved around while being quiet like a mouse

Because I wanted to look for a water spout

And allow myself to get my ass out

Of there before I become a total louse!

But that was before I heard the sound of water

Coming from the bathroom which made me remember

That if those two were to find me on the double

In that house, I would have been in such trouble

And had no choice but to explain myself to her!

Still, I felt like facing certain doom

By letting myself peek inside that bathroom

And watch my girlfriend's own sister

Wrap a towel around herself after

Taking a shower and walk across the room!

And when she looked at herself in

The mirror and slipped off the towel, the sin

Known as lust had taken control of me

Once again because she was able to see

Me standing behind her in only my skin!

And after she turned around,

I grabbed her and threw her to the ground

Before I had surrendered to the itch

And shoved my dick into that poor bitch

While making sure she was unable to make a sound!

You see, I used that towel as a gag

And covered the mouth of that helpless hag

While I kept on sucking on each tit

And banging her pussy like there was no end of it

Before I finally stopped and she was like a potato bag!

I know that some of you are unable to see

The type of disease that continues to plague me

But if you are a woman who wants to date

Me out of pity, please do not let yourself hate

Me when I beg you to stay the fucking hell away from me!

Submitted: February 26, 2015

© Copyright 2023 hyperforce. All rights reserved.

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