Why you love me

Why you love me

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica





Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



We were lying against the headboard,  her fingers playing with the few strands of loose hair by my face. 


“We've stopped using condoms,” I stated as if I were just telling what time it was.


“Do you prefer it?” she asked, leaning back, her eyes searching mine for a clue to how I truly felt. 


We had only just started dating, but the guy I had been seeing for nearly a year now tended to get the bigger perks. I mean, it’s not a competition or anything, but there you have it. Perks.


“Yeah, it’s easier most of the time. Messier though. You know what I mean. You’ve done it before.”

“Sure, but not for a while.” 


She wasn’t trying to be grouchy about it, and I definitely wasn’t trying to make her jealous, but you could see she was getting annoyed.


“I just thought you’d want to know, alright? It’s good disclosure and shit. I’m trying to do this poly thing right for a change, and this is something I’m supposed to share.”

“Are you serious?” She asked. 


The quiver in her voice gave it away, her flushed cheeks belying her cool exterior.

“Mostly,” I calmly said, having the decency to feel awkward for a change. "I just thought…”

“What?” She snapped, her body taught in its envy. 


“Nevermind,” I said turning away. I knew that I had fucked up.


“Tell me,” She calmly stated, her voice quieting. Her hand was now on the side of my face, and this time in a voice I recognised instantly. 

“It’s new,” i whispered. “And we like it.”

“Keep going,” she said, pulling me  closer.

“We like it a lot. So we’ve been fucking more.”

“How much more?” her voice questioning me, as she tightened her grip in my hair as she lifted my  dress up with my other hand.

“A few times a day,” I confirmed, nearly whispering as I leaned back and opened my legs wider. “Twice last night, and then again this morning.”

“And?” She asked, her fingers parting my thighs as they slipped into my knickers. 


I breathed deeply as I was toyed with, her hand sliding along my soft skin without fully touching me. I was teased gently, my lips parting her lips as one finger was pressed inside me. 

“And just before,” I struggled. 

“Before what?” She asked, kissing my neck, and then shoulder. I was  shoved onto my back as she moved down my body, the dress around my chest. My stomach fluttered as it was kissed, just as her fingers entered me one more time, pushing the cotton to one side as I stared at her.

“Just before I came over,” I sighed, "Just now, just a half hour ago. He fucked me just now. Please…”


My words changed to something else as I opened my mouth. She pushed her tongue into my messy cunt as she held me there, moaning uncontrollably as I squirmed with each touch.

“He came right there,” I groaned pulling her to me. She kissed my  thighs and ran that fabulous tongue up and down my swollen lips. I pushed myself against her fingers and then tongue, the smell of my sex in the air. As much as I focused on her, I still pictured him above me, fucking me just moments earlier, and I was so fucking wet I couldn’t stand it.

“That feels so good, don’t fucking stop. I knew you’d like it. I knew you would.”

“I hate it,” She said, looking up before licking me slowly from back to front. I was devoured, my cunt worshipped like it was divine.  Every single bit of me was hers to exalt and to destroy. I swallowed air as I clenched my fingers, and my moans growing louder than her prayers. I screamed, shook, and shuddered until her lips and chin were soaked with my adoration.


She moved up my body and kissed me, letting me taste their come as well. Trembling still, I opened my legs still frustrated.

“I fucking hate it,” She glared. 

“Then fuck me like you hate it,” I shouted, handing her my vibrator from the bedside table. 


Then she was inside me, fucking my wet pussy like I was hated. I bit my hand, bruising the skin and drawing blood until I collapsed in another petit morte. 


“You’re going to kill me,” I sighed as I collapsed against her.

“You love it,” she said, kissing me gently. “Besides, it’s only fair. If he’s fucking you so much more, then I should too.”

“It had to be one of you, and I chose him.” 

“Why?” She asked, nestling into my soft hair.

“Because of that,” I groaned. "Because you just fucked me harder than you have in weeks. Because it will drive you crazy, and he would have accepted it like a good person and we never would have spoken of it again. Because I wanted your mouth and your jealousy. You know. I wanted everything.”


“You’re the worst.”

“I know,” I said, kissing her gently. 


"It’s why you love me.”

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