Night In

Night In

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Friday nights were for staying in. Saturdays were for lunch with the girls and adventures in clubland. Sunday recovering and enjoying your misdemeanours. 

I actually didn’t go out much on Fridays as stressed after a long week at work but my flatmate often did. She only stayed in when skint, which was usually within a week of payday.

“Nachos and salsa?" Luelle shouted from the kitchen.
“Yum!” I replied.
She padded into the living room laughing while carrying in two bags of corn chips. “Cheese or Sweet Thai chilli?”
“Surprise me,” I said smiling, chuckling at how exotic our dinner was.

Luelle crashed next to me on the sofa, her multicoloured thigh high socks clashing with the brown sofa. 

“A bowl of each!” she proclaimed.

I gave her a thumbs up, and proceeded to dine on our feast.

“Don’t start the film without me!” she said with a comical glare.
“I wouldn’t dream of it!”

Life was strange. Things that seemed ordinary could become something more. We'd been friends for a year, meeting at uni and hitting it off straight away even though Lu was 10 years older than me. Her South African accent made the others find her sense of humour difficult to follow, but we had just clicked. 

We sat and watched the film in silence bar the crunching of our snack. Two hours and a lot of noisy food later, we were slowly starting to doze. We were sitting back bare shoulder to bare shoulder, side to side, leg to leg, our feet on the coffee table, a blanket over us, making me almost too hot.

A movie started next. Something that was in her Netflix queue. I knew from the start it was going to be cheesy as fuck by the music.

I’m not sure when I realized what she was doing, but I felt Luelle's knee press against me as her legs opened a bit. Her hands were under the darkness of the blanket, moving slowly.

My clothes, which were a t-shirt and underwear, felt itchy and humid. I wondered if I was imagining things. I looked over at her face. She was spaced out, biting her bottom lip, her breathing was irregular.

Luelle was a girl with great hungers. She had boyfriends over, random dates, fuck buddies. Our thin walls sometimes made things uncomfortable, and I often felt myself straining to catch glimpses of things I shouldn’t have.

This was something else though. 

She moaned, a soft high breathy sound. Not my imagination. Her leg pressed against mine harder. I felt my nipples aching. I wondered if I should pretend to be asleep.

Somehow my hand had slipped under the blanket and into my own knickers. My hands could be sneaky like that. Between my legs it was so wet I thought I might die from embarrassment. I pressed my fingers between my thighs and tried my best to bite my tongue. Then the room faded away a little and there was just my slick fingers finding the right spot to rub, the right pressure, the right angle.

Instinctively my legs opened too, pressing back against Luelle's leg. Her eyes met mine, both hazy. Her hand sped up, her hips rocking, her leg rubbing against mine.
She didn’t try to be quiet anymore. Little grunts and “fucks” and moans and whimpers. I wanted to be loud too, but couldn’t muster the courage.

Her breath was fast and ragged. It usually took me a while to come, but the tension and the shame and the built up frustration had me on edge. I felt myself following her lead, moving faster, my fingers so wet it was hard to get any friction. My clit was so hard and sensitive I could hardly touch it. I just brushed the tip with my thumb as my fingers plunged into me harder and harder.

Then her hand was on my thigh. It was such a little thing, but her squeezing my leg, hard, almost painfully, as she came sent me over the edge.

The pleasure washed over me, echoed by Lu's moans. Her hand on my thigh, moving up a little. My whole world in that one physical connection. I want to turn, to kiss her, to have her touch me, but I couldn’t, all I could do was come with her.

Then there was silence. 

There was only the sound of the movie, which was embarrassingly playing in the background. 

The shame came, as if often did, right after my orgasm. I closed my legs and my eyes, wishing I could escape.

"Hey, Nicola,” Luelle asked in a friendly voice.
“Mhm?” I replied, sort of wanting to shrivel up and die.
“Could you do me a big favor?”
I opened my eyes a little. She was smiling at me.
“It’s totally cool if it is too weird, but it would be really awesome if you could just go down on me,” she said with a Cheshire Cat grin. I couldn’t respond. 

Not verbally. 

She put the blanket right over me and took my hair in her hands, pulling it hard, putting me in just the right place to kiss and lick and suck her wet pussy. It didn’t take long for her to come again and after she just sort of left me there to continue kissing and moaning into her thighs, under the blanket, ecstatic to have been useful to her and happy to be hidden as I got off again and again my hand between my legs as she drifted off into a contented sleep. 

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