Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica

Chapter1 (v.1) - Nightclubbing

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2016



Laura and Jeanette spilled out of the nightclub, a trail of 2/2 beats and cheering in their wake.

They had partied hard, blowing away a stressful week at work with dancing and drink. The buzz of the pills they had taken earlier in the night carried them out into the street, a cacophony of drunken revellers mixing with the street hawkers and taxi cabs producing a kaleidoscope of noise.  Manoeuvring between the throngs of people, they finally reached the cobblestones of the pedestrianised street. The crowds eased there, and the cobblestones rang to the click-clack of the women’s heels as they made their way to the taxi rank.

As they waited outside, Laura searched her bag for her phone. The backlight lit up her face

“That Justin guy is well fit, Jeanette. Did you get his number?”

“God no. I wasn’t into him”

“Not into him, Nettie? His tongue was so far down your throat at one stage I thought he was attempting mouth-to-mouth!”

They both laughed. Laura was bittersweet that her friend was going travelling soon. She admired that Jeanette was going to broaden her experiences, but at the same time she didn’t want to lose her friend for 6 months. She knew she was being jealous but she couldn’t help it.

Laura watched Jeanette making herself more presentable using her iPhone. Jeanette was rifling through her bag and reapplying her mascara and lipstick as if she was just going out, rather than homeward bound. Jeanette ran her fingers through her blond hair, her dark roots showing as she pulled it together into a tight ponytail. So vain, she sighed to herself. Laura had always been envious of Jeanette’s effortless beauty, feeling like the ugly duckling next to Nettie’s swan.

Jeanette popped a fresh mint into her mouth, offering the open packet to Laura.

“Gotta look your best. Never know who you may meet” Jeanette smiled

Their cab finally arrived, the wind swirling along their bare legs as they entered the car. The journey to Jeanette’s flat was in silence, both women on their phones messaging and checking in and updating their statuses. As the cab pulled away, all that could be heard in the street was the sound of Jeanette’s keys rattling as she fished in her bag to retrieve them. Laura danced behind her, her bladder almost bursting.

As Jeanette opened the door, Laura pushed her out of the way. She flung her heels on the floor, and skidded into the toilet. As Jeanette walked past the half open door, she heard Laura let out a sigh of relief.


Laura chuckled “Sometimes It’s worth it not wearing any knickers”

“Dirty bitch” Jeanette laughed. “Another drink?”

“Wine please”

As Jeanette opened the fridge and removed the cool bottle of rose, she heard the flush of the cistern followed by running water.

Laura entered the small living room and sat down. Jeanette tottered in on her gladiator shoes. She relieved Nettie of the wine and swallowed. As Jeanette removed her shoes, she noticed the straps had cut into her legs, leaving a crisscross pattern

“Ouch. Don’t they hurt?”

Jeanette shrugged “A little. But they’re worth it”

“Justin obviously thought so”

“Meh. He was dancing all night with me and kept grinding against me”

“What’s wrong with that?” Laura enquired

“Come here and I’ll show you”

Jeanette put down her wine, turned on the radio and beckoned Jeanette forward. She slowly started to sway to the music

“You be me” Jeanette said.

Laura stood up and started to match Jeanette’s rhythm. Soon they were dancing close, intimate even.

“See, this is good, innit?” Jeanette broke the silence


“Well imagine my index finger is his cock”

Jeanette got closer to Laura, and started to prod Laura indiscriminately in her thigh and groin.

“Sexy innit? See why I didn’t like it? Should be more this”

Jeanette’s tempo changed. As she danced closer to Laura, her body language became more serious, more sexual. She slowly moved her body down Laura’s, millimetres away from touching her friend. As she rose, Nettie let her index finger slide up Laura’s leg and under the hem of her dress. Laura felt a tingle, and let out a gasp as Nettie’s finger inched closer to between her thighs. Nettie’s lips almost touched hers, then curled into a wicked smile.

“See, if THAT had happened, then YOU wouldn’t be here now…” Nettie smirked

The spell that had held Laura enraptured was broke, but the feelings remained. Laura had definitely felt some electricity in the air, and her pulse was racing.

“You ok Laurs? You look flushed?”

“Must be the all that dancing”. She hid her face in the wine glass, gulping the rose down.

Jeanette’s loud yawn broke the awkward silence. “I think that’s the cue for us to go to bed. Just leave the glass on the side.”

They made their way to Nettie’s bedroom. Slowly the undressed, backs to each other. Laura slipped her pjs on quickly, as Nettie put on shorts and a tee she had left on the bed. They slid under the duvet and as Nettie turned the lamp off, darkness swallowed the room.

After a few minutes of Laura staring at the dark above her, she turned to Nettie, resting her head on her hand.

“I’m really going to miss you when you go away J.”

Jeanette shifted herself, and smiled at Laura. “That’s really sweet. I’m going to miss you too. You should have come along with us. But you’ll be fine. All those male admirers fighting for your attention”

“I know Nettie, I stupidly thought that it was you and Vicky only.” She frowned

“Hey it won’t be long. 6 months will fly by and then we can get a place ourselves and have some fun. They’ll need the riot police whenever we go out on the pull.”

Both laughed. But Laura felt the sadness inside her

“Seriously though J, I’m gonna miss you”

“I know” Jeanette said, a serious tone in her voice. She wrapped her arms around her friend and shared her strength with a hug. The cuddle seemed to go on forever, neither letting go. As they parted, Jeanette could see how sad Laura was.

“Hey” she softly murmured as she ran her hand along Laura’s face. An uneasy silence then, a kiss.

It was just a kiss but when Jeanette raised her lips to Laura’s, she knew she was lost. Laura’s bee sting lips tasted of cherry drops, and Jeanette needed more. Kiss followed kiss followed kiss, becoming more and more desperate with desire. As they kissed, she undid the buttons on Laura’s pajama top, revealing her hardening dark nipples. She hungrily took both into her mouth, drawing gasps from Laura.

Laura ran her hands along the sides of her lover, thumbs running over her breasts and areoles. They pulled themselves apart, breathing hard as they stared at each other in lust. Laura ran her thumb around Jeanette’s mouth, before she slowly started to suck on it. Such an unexpected move caught Laura by surprise, and she slowly flexed it in and out of Nettie’s mouth. While she was distracted, Jeanette slipped her hand inside Laura’s pj bottoms, and slowly rubbed her pussy while giving her thumb oral. A long groan escaped Laura’s mouth, and Jeanette increased the pressure between her legs. She could feel how wet Laura was getting, and locked eyes with her as she continued to stroke her friend to orgasm.

Laura could feel her orgasm growing, parting her legs so Nettie could use her whole palm to get her off. She had masturbated thinking of Nettie many times, but this was better than any fantasy. She removed her thumb from, and cupped Nettie’s face as she kissed her. As their lips detached, her orgasm hit her, causing her to almost double over as her jaw locked in bliss.

Jeanette removed her hand from between Laura’s legs. She sucked the side of them clean and watched Laura catch her breath. As she recovered and knelt upright, Laura stripped off her top and stood up on the bed, sliding her stained bottoms off her legs. Jeanette leaned back into her pillows, removing her top and revealing her firm nipples. “I want you” was all she said as she looked at her naked friend, her blond strip of thin matted pubic hair causing her to bite her lip. She lent upright, and started to suck on her friend’s labia, her tongue slowly probing inside Laura. Laura moaned, a deep guttural thing that she couldn’t resist. Her knees were getting weaker as Jeanette continued her assault on her pussy, and she clung onto Nettie’s hair for support. Lips and tongue was soon joined by probing fingers. Soon, her body was wracked by another orgasm, a howl leaving Laura as she almost passed out.

As it passed, she lowered herself to the bed, back into the arms of Jeanette. They kissed slowly and deeply, Laura enjoying the taste of herself on her friend’s mouth. Legs wrapped around Jeanette’s body, breasts occasionally touching, she allowed herself a smile.

Jeanette looked at her quizzically “What you smiling about, gorgeous?”

She moved her legs apart, and pushed Jeanette onto her back. Getting herself onto all fours, kissing her body as she lowered herself down Nettie’s body, she slid Nettie’s shorts down revealing her dark thatch. She smiled “That you’re not a natural blond, baby”

Laura kissed both sides of her thighs as she pushed Jeanette’s legs apart and lifted her arse as she run her nails along her cheeks. She pushed her legs in the air, and ran her tongue from Jeanette’ arsehole to her pussy.

“OHMYGOD” Nettie cried out. Her body writhed as Laurie started to eat her out. “Oh baby, oh baby, please”

 She tried to clutch onto the bedsheets but they offered no help as Laura ate her pussy and slowly fingered her arse. Her legs and arms were almost in spasm and Jeanette could feel her orgasm starting.

Laura let out a small cough and looked up in surprise at Jeanette. Nettie smiled.

“Did you just squirt?”

Nettie grinned “Maybe…”

Laura smiled, and climbed back up the bed kissing Jeanette’s ribs, sucking on her nipples until they were kissing each other again. Jeanette wrapped one leg around Laura, and the other between Laura’s thighs. Slowly, they begun to grind on each other, devouring each other in kisses. Laura’s hips pushing deep into Jeanette, Jeanette matching her rhythm again and soon all that was heard was the bed creaking and their grunts as they started to climax again. Jeanette bit deep into Laura’s shoulder as she came, legs wrapped around Laura. Laura slipped her index finger inside her bum as she came, extending her orgasm.

Laura’s own orgasm soon followed, her hips thrusting hard against Jeanette’s.

All they could smell in the room was sex.  They kissed deep and slowly, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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