Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



As darkness enveloped me, the creak of the floorboard as He stepped around me fastening my blindfold gave away His position. 


I crossed my arms over my breasts, subconsciously protective in my now vulnerable state.  The floor was hard against the soles of my feet, and the chair cold against my sex. 


"Stand" He commanded 




I shrugged. "A little.”


He stopped in front of me and put his hand on my hip. Our first real physical contact. 


His skin was warm and softer than I expected. His fingers felt silly on my bare skin, lotion that had a faint smell of peach. 


His hand moved up my side, cupping her breast. I felt Him squeeze lightly. A sigh escaped my lips as I felt my nipple being rolled. 


His hand held my throat, then swept backwards, moving my   hair away so He could kiss the back of her neck. I almost collapsed as a spasm went through the core of my being, but His strong hands on my shoulders forced me to stay upright. 


I could feel breath on my neck, pressing himself close to me, taking my breasts in His hands. There was a warmness to the touch mixed with His strength that was intoxicating. He moved His hands upwards, almost silhouetting me as they pulled me by the hair to one side, His whisper in my ear. "On the bed. On your back. Legs spread. Let’s have a proper look at you" 


My eyes rolled back in my head and I let out a little moan of pleasure as I was half guided half dragged to the bed. The fire was lit in my belly now.  


I opened my legs as I fell on my back, and I could feel His breath between my legs now. He moved upwards, His clothed body against my skin. was panting softly, letting out little mews of desire. The languid pace was intoxicating. 


He held me, wrapping his arms around me and burying his face between my neck and shoulder. My legs wrapped around him involuntarily, His hard cock pressing against the warmth of my pussy. We dry humped, both moaning into each other's mouth as we kissed hungrily. As I broke the kiss I knew I needed more of Him. I wanted to taste every bit of Him. I wanted to feel him inside me. 


He sank down between my legs again, parting my knees, opening  me with His fingers, pushing my legs farther apart. Two fingers pushing inside me, His mouth on my clit, the softness of faint stubble skin on my thighs. It felt good to be enveloped in darkness so I could concentrate on this. 


My body tensed and back arched as He kept His fingers pushing into me at a steady pace, His tongue probing inside me. I kept going as my breathing got faster and finally my body spasmed and I grabbed His hair and rode His face as I came. 


He grabbed my hips, moving upwards and His tongue inside my mouth so I could taste myself. It was at that point, as I closed my legs around Him and pushed back against His now completely hard cock, that I realized the time was now. 


I heard Him unzip and felt Him slip His cock inside me, our hips settling into a rhythm as he fucked me to another orgasm. My head was over the side of the bed, and all I could sense was His cock deep inside my womb as His thrusts became more desperate. As I felt Him ejaculate inside me, our groans were like wounded animals as we lay spent together. 


I felt Him rise, swiftly zipping Himself up and leave the room. 


I lay their and dreamt of our next time together. Lay their and dreamt of when He would make me feel loved again.

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