Bad work day

Bad work day

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part 1/2


Part 1/2


Submitted: June 27, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016



Victoria watched as her keys bounced off the worktop and behind the fridge

"Fuck it!"

It just about summed up her day. Arguments with her staff, arguments with her managers, arguments with her customers. It had been a lousy day

She reached inside the fridge and pulled out half a bottle of cold wine. As she unscrewed the cap and poured, her mobile flashed. Another bloody PPI call. She turned off her phone. She downed the glass, the cold wine hitting the back of her throat with a rush. Fuck the glass, she thought and took the bottle into the living room. God she was stressed. 999 channels and nothing to watch. Why was she paying for this shit? She took a long draught of the wine, and sighed. She wanted to scream until there was no sound within her.

The front door was opened, and Tori recognised the jangle of keys that indicated that her house mate Laura had arrived. A deep bass laugh meant her boyfriend Justin was in tow. Victoria rolled her eyes. She didn’t need their shit tonight.

"Hi Vickyyyyyyyy". Laura joked as she walked in.

Jesus. Annoying as ever.

"Hi Laura, good day?" she faked. Tori couldn’t care less to be honest. 

"Not bad V. You going to share that bottle or you being greedy?"

Tori passed her the bottle and watched her take a swig from it. She heard Justin upstairs getting changed and dumping his boots on the ceiling above. Noisy bastard. The loud creak meant he had flopped onto the bed and was having his usual siesta. No doubt she would hear his snoring reverberating down the hallway soon. 

"You look stressed as fuck"

"Shit day Laura, seriously one of the worst ever."

She gestured for the bottle back. Damn Laura was annoying especially when she hogged the wine

"Really crappy. Everything fell apart i--"

"Give me two, this is empty. Let me get another"

Laura disappeared into the kitchen with the empty bottle, a whirlwind of blond tresses. She could hear Laura moving glasses and removing another wine bottle from the fridge. 

"Took your time!"  

Laura appeared grinning like a Cheshire Cat, two glasses in one hand and a fresh bottle of wine in the other. 

"Ok princess pushy!" laughed Laura. Tori heard the snap of the seal on the wine, and greedily drunk from the bottle, and when Laura had pulled it from her, the rush of air made her cough. As she choked, her eyes watering, she heard Laura laugh again. It was infectious and Tori soon found herself half laughing, half choking with her.

"I could have drowned, Laura!" she snorted. Glassy-eyed, she wiped the tears away from her face. "It’s been a shitty day and that would have been the cherry on the top".

"Oh poor baby" Laura giggled. Laura winced as she heard Vicky pop her neck, shoulders and fingers. "You tell me all about it and I’ll work away all those knots for you"

Victoria scrambled to the floor as Laura walked across the sofa and sat behind her. She scooped her hair into a raggedy ponytail, having to lean forward as Laura leant to grab the bottle

"All you had to do is ask" Laura reprimanded. Victoria stuck out her tongue petulantly in response, and they both grinned.

"Turn around and tell me what went wrong"

She did as she was told, and felt Laura position herself closer to herself. As she told Laura about her day, she closed her eyes and paid close attention to Laura’s hands relieving her stress. She could feel the knots loosen as Laura rubbed her knuckles between Tori’s shoulders and neck. Laura’s thumbs rubbing along the top of her spine was divine and soon Tori had stopped talking and was a limp ragdoll under Laura’s care.

“See, knew I could help you relax.” Laura’s voice sounded like she was miles away. “Just relax, I’m going to get all those knots out”

Victoria felt her dress straps being moved down her arms, and the zip being undone. Laura started to kneed Tori’s back with the flat of her hand, working her way around her shoulder blades and up her spine. This was heavenly and she felt herself slipping away. Laura’s hands moved around her body, drawing sighs from her as her head bobbed in near unconsciousness. Along her back, around her side. “So good” was all she could manage.

She felt Laura increase the intensity, strong hands across her body. Tori groaned as she realised that Laura had hold of both her breasts in her hands and was squeezing them, running her palm along her nipples and areolas. Laura’s breath was in her ear and soon she felt lips along the nape of her neck. Laura was groping Tori’s breasts hard, and she placed her hands over Laura’s, increasing the intensity.

Victoria turned around and looked at her housemate. She offered her lips, and Laura gladly put her mouth to hers, soon both were exploring the others mouth with their tongues, hands running over each other’s body.

As they pulled away, Laura pulled Tori’slips with her teeth, causing a faint taste of copper in her mouth once released.

They smiled at one another. Desire hang heavy in the air between them.

Victoria noticed Laura look downwards. Laura had parted her legs, a damp patch visible on her jeans. Victoria stood up, and slowly pulled the dress down her body. She was completely naked underneath.

Laura smiled like she was the Devil Herself. Vicky’s brown hair danced in the fading sunlight behind her, streaks of golden dusk highlighting her bareness. Her paleness was offset by the deep red areolas of her breasts, and the thin patch of damp brown hair between Vicky’s legs. The rings on her fingers sparkled in the setting sun.

She pulled Vicky towards her, enveloping her stomach and bellybutton in kisses, her nails running up her strong back. Her hands slid around Vicky’s body til she lightly cupped her breasts with her thumbs. Delicate kisses along her chest and along her neck made Vicky moan as Laura worked her way up her body. Eventually their lips locked together again, devouring one another hungrily. As they broke Victoria stared at Laura

“This isn’t fair with me naked and you not.”

As Tori collapsed back onto the couch, her eyes never left Laura. Laura pulled off the tee, revealing a lacy plunge bra underneath. As she undid the catch, Laura turned her body away from her lover. With her now naked back to her, Laura pulled down her jeans without unbuttoning them. As they fell, there was an unmistakeable musk in the air.

Victoria inhaled deeply

Tori rose from the couch, covering Laura’s back in kisses and running her hands up and around her friend’s body. Friend. It seemed an odd word to use with how they felt about each other at that instant.

Laura turned around, and Tori noticed the dark nipples that contrasted against Laura’s freckled skin. As they kissed again, she rolled Laura’s left nipple between her thumb and finger, drawing small noises from her.

They stumbled backwards, Victoria awkwardly being pushed onto the sofa. It wasn’t the most graceful descent, but neither cared. They started to grind against each other, hips rotating together. Laura leant down and suckled on Tori’s right breast.

There was a clattering noise as Laura’s leg shot out and knocked over the wine.

“Clumsy” Laura joked. She picked up the bottle and stood above Vicky, contemplating the dregs that were left. “Shame to waste it” as she tilted the bottle head and poured the remnants over Victoria’s body.

Tori’s body tingled as the wine hit her skin, goosebumps trailing where the wine ran down her body. She watched as Laura got on her knees and licked along the trail lines, the lower half of her body a mixture of saliva and wine. Eventually Laura was positioned at the cusp of her vagina, and she bit her lip in anticipation.

Laura pushed Vicky’s leg aside as she licked up her thigh and around her mound. She ever so slowly ran her tongue along her slit, causing her to groan and buck. Laura did it again, but this time she pushed her chin against her mound, and felt the moisture around her mouth.

“I’m going to eat your cunt til you’re begging me to stop”

Tori’s breath caught in her throat, and she was ill-prepared for Laura suddenly sucking on her labia, running her tongue inside her. She moaned, her body threatening to fall off the couch with the sensations wracking her body. Her pussy was on fire and all she could do was respond to Laura’s ministrations.

Laura greedily ate her pussy, alternatively lapping and sucking her to keep her on edge. Slowly she pushed two of her fingers inside Vicky, working them deeper inside as her mouth started to pay more attention to Vicky’s clitoris. She had seen Tori’s hood becoming engorged and her clit swollen, and, delicately at first, started to stimulate it.

Victoria ran her feet along Laura’s back, her body rebelling under Laura’s touch, her orgasm building. Her hips moved in time with Laura’s fingers, allowing them deeper inside her. She could feel Laura’s mouth on her clit now and could hear her own breathing becoming shallower. Heavy breathing had become groans had become gasps. Her body felt like it was one nerve ending, from her toes to her clit to her chest. A half groan caught in Tori’s mouth and she knew it wouldn’t be long. Her hips were like pistons, and she pulled at Laura’s hair so her mouth never left her pussy.

There was movement out of the corner of her eye. Standing in the doorway was Justin, his thick penis in his hand, rolling it back and forth. The thought of Justin rubbing his cock as his girlfriend ate her out drove Tori over the edge. She clung to Laura with her body, legs tight around Laura’s shoulders as her fingers were a blur. She dug her nails into the arms of the sofa as her body was wracked with pleasure, one long “FUCK” as her body contorted itself as it climaxed.

 Lying there after, Victoria watched them both standing over her.

Justin grinned, his erection cupped in his hand. “That was just for starters..."

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