Me and My Husband : I'm a Doll

Status: Finished

Me and My Husband : I'm a Doll

Status: Finished

Me and My Husband : I'm a Doll

Short Story by: hotstory4you


Genre: Erotica


This story is not just about me, it's about many woman out there in the dark...., (Don't Read if you are UNDER 18)


This story is not just about me, it's about many woman out there in the dark...., (Don't Read if you are UNDER 18)


Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



I was serving food to my 5 year old son and my husband on the dining table… I was just walking from one end to the other end of the table and me, … I was not hungry at all. My husband was staring at me because I wasn’t having anything.

“MOM, I am not hungry right now” My son was saying the same words after every 15 seconds.. and I was just trying to feed him. He was right we were having dinner almost one and half hour before we usually used to do.

“I’m done” My son said and ran to his room. Right after that my husband stood up looked at me and left for our bedroom. As I cleaned the table and started washing dishes in kitchen, my eyes got wet. I was crying but there was no one to hear me.

After doing my work I went to upstairs to my son’s room, he was asleep. I checked him and then slowly closed the door, whispering Good night to him.

I entered in my room and my husband was changing his clothes, he looked at me and I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a random dress and took off the one I was wearing. “Not this one, try the black one” My husband said.

I looked at him and picked out that black dress which ends up to my mid thighs and my more than half boobs were visible through it’s low neck line. I didn’t wear any jewelry because we were not going in a party, then where were we going?... you will know soon.

Under the dress there was no bra or panty because my husband had told me that there would no use of them. I locked my house.. and asked my neighbor to take care of it as we were going out.

After 20 minutes of driving, we reached at a big house. My husband used to be a gentleman who opens door for women but not anymore. I followed him inside the house and we entered in a big room, full of couches and a table in the center.

There were four man sitting who instantly smiled and stared at me and my boobs, then down to my feet.

“Good Evening Sir!” My husband wished someone addressing “sir” and I didn’t knew who it was till one of those four men responded. “Good Evening, come have a seat” A man in mid 40’s who was a little fat wearing a black suit responded.

“This is my wife” My husband introduced me to them and all of them wished me “Good evening” with lust in their eyes. I sat in front of them on the opposite couch right in front of that old man. He started trying to look between my legs. I crossed my legs and my thighs exposed but it was still better than showing my pussy to him.

“Beautiful” That man said and I stayed quite but my husband responded saying thanks.

“Umm so you guys do the paper work and finish this deal while I show your wife my house” the man said and My husband smiled and pushed me to standup and go with that man. I started walking but looked back at my husband for like 3 times but he didn’t looked at me, but one another man sitting there was staring at my ass.

I followed that fat man to a room which seems like a bedroom. He let me enter first.. and I heard him closing the door after entering behind me. I turned around and he was taking off his clothes, first his coat, then shirt, then pants and all there left was his underwear which was showing that he was really hard.

He didn’t hesitated in pulling down his underwear and revealing his boner. He was standing there just waiting for me. I kept looking at him but then as I tried to go on my knees in front of me, he held me by my hair and took me to the bed. My hair were pulling and paining.

He threw me on the bed and grabbed his tie from the closet and tied my hands to the head rest of the bed. I tried to avoid but not like any other woman would have done. He came behind me and ‘slap!’. He spanked my ass so hard that I screamed very loud, the man outside and my husband must have heard me.

My head fell on the bed and I again fell a hard slap on my ass, this time I controlled and didn’t scream.. he started rubbing his cock between my crack as I was not wearing any panties so there was no need to take off my dress unless he had any intention of doing something with my boobs.

He pulled up my dress revealing my ass and shoved his cock in my pussy. I grabbed on the sheets and tears made my eyes wet. This wasn’t the first time I was crying and this wasn’t the first time I was in a stranger’s bed. That man was stroking his cock inside me and I was not caring for it any more.

I just wanted him to finish so that I can get home. I didn’t remind when he flipped me on my back and lie down between my legs fucking me faster. I came to know about that when he squeezed my boobs over my dress and then torn in off to get my bare breast. There was nothing I could so because that’s what my husband wanted me “Just do as the people say and please them”.

I was not looking at that man and not paying any attention how he was fucking me. I was looking at a painting of a woman. A portrait of someone, very beautiful and very sad, I felt like it was a painting of me. I felt that man getting off of me and I realized that he had cum on my tummy. I looked at him and as his eyes met mine, he smiled grabbing his clothes.

He left after getting dressed and I was still on the bed totally blanked. The door opened again and the same man entered with a blue dress. “Here take this one” He threw the dress at me as he had ripped my dress during sex. I wore it and it was quite of my size.

I went out of the room and the man was there outside, I guess waiting for me. We went back to the room where my husband and other men were talking and doing business deals. I sat next to my husband again..

“Sorry about her dress” The man said to my husband and I was looking down.

“it’s ok, that was a old one” My husband lied even though it was a new dress and his favorite.

“So you guys done with paper work” The man asked to other men, “Yes Sir, you just sign here and the deal is done” Men answered and he signed it. My husband was looking so happy and he was smiling looking at me.

“Ok Mr. Robinson, it’s good to sign a deal with you, I hope you will serve as good as you have just did” The man said looking at me and My husband smiled saying “sure sir, thanks for giving me this project” He said and shook hand.

We left ……. (Now I don’t want to explain everything because there are things to explain that no woman ever wants to listen in her life. But I hope you got what I wanted to tell here) but you all would be having a question , Why I did this?

I did this for my son, I am not qualified to do any job and my husband always threatens me to divorce me and take my son away from me. I don’t know how to deal with things so I just let him deal with my life…..

I may not the only woman who is facing this kind of life, there are so many other who daily got abused/raped and got insulted every second…., THINK ABOUT IT



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