When two become one

When two become one

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Two people in love, having sex for the first time



Two people in love, having sex for the first time


Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012



Your voice melts me as you tell me a story. There is no TV on, no distractions It is just you and I.

My head lies on your chest Your arm is wrapped around me As I listen to your heartbeat

We have lain like this for hours Talking , laughing Sometimes just in silence.

How do you explain this connection No longer two Our hearts beat as one

There is no turning back For us this is eternity I am nothing without you

Your lips touch mine And the world around us slips away Here and now is all that matters

I breathe as you breathe My heart beats as yours beats Everything about us, is connected.

There will never be another for me No other for you Just you and I, until both of us takes our last breath

Your tongue dances with mine Sending me soaring, And your cock standing

"Baby..Baby I love you." Who said it? Doesn't matter It is whispered from both our lips

This is it All the intensity will consume us After this moment here

You roll between my legs Staring into my eyes Full of so much passion

Your cock touches my pussy lips Waiting for this moment That will change everything

I can't breathe My eyes never leave yours Our hearts pound

We hold this For seconds Knowing two will become one

Knowing nothing will be the same Nothing else will matter It will always be only you and I

"Darlin, are you ready?" He whispers to me His voice cracks.

"I've waited my entire life for this." I answer, Holding my breath

Slowly you push inside Your cock fills me Our eyes staring into each other's soul

Tears fill my eyes As two become one You and I

Our hips slowly rock Melting us together As the pleasure builds

Time stops There are no sounds Except for you and I breathing

Hearts beating together Two become one Beating in unison

Accepting this love Giving in to the intensity Owning our love

Your cock twitches As my pussy quivers With each slow thrust

This is it Two people become one As their bodies merge

I feel the pleasure Bubbling to the surface Controlled and strong

I am yours You are mine We are one

As my orgasm spirals through me Rocking my body Exploding around me

Your mouth rains kisses on my face "I love you." Voice still melting me

My body is a firework Shooting through the air Crashing to the ground

Your cock sliding deep And pulling all the way out Plunging past the lips again

It is delicious It is decadent It is incredible

"I love you." I whisper As my body trembles

You thrust and groan As your cum fill me Shooting spurt after spurt

You collapse next to me Holding me tight As aftershocks ravage my body

This is it When two become one Love that is enduring

Love that is never ending We accept that love Till the day we die.

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