I own you

I own you

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012



He opens the door and swats me on the ass as i enter the room. He tells me to get on my knees. I obey. I am already wet with anticipation. I beg him to let me suck his gorgeous cock, and he rewards me by unzipping his jeans and pulling them down, kicking them to the corner of the room. He stands before me, my master. His cock his rigid, poking out of his boxers.

I love his cock, and can't get enough of it, but he makes me wait. I hate to wait. I stare up at him, watching his dark eyes cloud with lust. He knows I am at his mercy. He knows I will do whatever he says. He smiles, and takes a handful of hair pushing my head forward.

I am licking my lips, I can't wait to taste him. His cock nudges my lips and I open wide. He slides his cock past my lips and to the back of my throat. I moan loudly. I love sucking on him. It pleases him, which pleases me. I ask permission to touch and he grants it.

My hands slide up his legs and caress his balls. I stroke his rigid prick slowly, while still licking and sucking. All that matters in this room, is him. I am putty in his hands and he knows it. I listen for his next command.

He tells me to stand and he gazes at me from head to toe. He looks at my dark hair, just past my shoulders, full of waves and I know he is imagining entwining his fingers in it. I quiver with excitement as he watches.

He reaches out and cups my breast, fingers teasing my nipples. They are erect and straining against my shirt, dying for his touch. I can't help but arch my back wanting more. But, once again....... He makes me wait.

He lifts my shirt over my head, tossing it aside. I wore no bra, and my nipples are pushing toward him. I feel his breath across my chest as his lips are right above my skin, but he won't touch me. He taunts me, listening to my ragged breath, my moans of frustration. I can't think straight, I just want him to touch me.

I crave him, I am truly addicted. My heart is pounding from pure desire. The control he has over me scares me. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. I couldnt walk away, even if i wanted to.I hear him asking me if I want him to touch me.

"please." I beg.

His mouth descends on my D breasts, flicking his tongue, leaving a trail of heat everywhere he touches. I can barely contain myself, I am whimpering, trembling, and all I can do is wait. I want him so bad it is everything I can do to not rip his boxers off.

His lips kiss my collar bone, and trace up the side of my neck, biting. I scream and cum drips down my legs. He tells me I am his, and that he can make me cum whenever he wants. I already know this. I am like a puppet and he controls the strings.

My eyes are dark green, filled with passion. My cheeks are flushed. I know he hasn't even begun the torment yet. I turn my head to touch my lips to his. I groan fiercely as his tongue parts my lips and explores my mouth. Cum is spurting from my pussy, I am out of control.

I didn't even know how to squirt before I met him. But he can make me do whatever he wants. I am mumbling against his lips, begging for more. He lightly bites my bottom lip and dammit, I cum again. He smirks, he knows he owns me.

He reaches up under my short black skirt and feels my juices before he even gets near my mound. He knows my pussy is pulsing with excitement and that when he touches it, I will cum again. He slides a finger to my lips and pushes them inside. I cum. He has made me cum 43 times in twenty four hours before. He knows he can push me over the edge.

I lean against his 6'1 frame for support, my knees are weak. His fingers explore my folds, and slide deep inside, and I couldn't stop if I tried, I cum all over his hand. He tells me I am a good girl. I just keep cumming. I kiss his chest. I look up into his eyes. He tells me to cum. I do.

He tells me to take my skirt off, but leave my black heels on.

"yes sir. " I obey his command.

I am naked before him, with the exception of my shiny black heels. Cum drips to the floor, but I don't even notice. I watch his every move, waiting for his next wish. He brings is fingers to my lips and orders me to lick them clean. Happily, I oblige.

He takes my hand and asks me if I am okay. All I can do is nod, I can't form the words. I never take my eyes off him. I am fascinated by him. But this is no secret. He leads me to the bathroom where a jacuzzi is hot and bubbling. He steps in and leads me.

He asks me to sit on the side and lay back. I am his puppet, I follow his instructions. I lay back and my pussy is on the edge. He puts each leg on a shoulder and moves closer, my legs are shaking violently in anticipation. He is the master of my pussy. I know it, he knows it. He can make me cum like no one else.

His tongue licks my clit, and I cum forcefully. Once again he tells me I am a good girl. He tells me he is going to make me cum until I stop begging him to fuck me, ad start begging for him to stop. I tell him it will never happen, but I know it's a lie. He will excite me until I can't think, can't breathe and I will beg him to stop. But not yet.

His mouth tortures my aching cunt, making me cum over and over again. His fingers penetrate my ass and I moan louder.

"I am yours!" I moan out loudly.

He tells me not yet you aren't, but you will be. I let out a squeal as I squirt in his face, every muscle in my body tense and tight. His fingers are arched up inside my pussy, rubbing my g spot and making my legs shake harder. His mouth sucks my clit and I start to lose my mind. All I can feel is passion and desire. I can't think of anything else.

"Please fuck me. I beg of you, please fill my pussy with your cock. " I mumble almost incoherently.

If I had looked at your face, I would've seen your huge grin.

You sit me up and flip me over, I am kneeling on the seat inside the jacuzzi, the hot water splashing my legs and teasing my hole. You lean up against me from behind and I feel your hardness pushing against my ass cheek. You ask me if this is what I want and I quickly respond yes, master.

I feel the head of your cock push inside my lips and I wait for that incredible feeling when you fill me. But you stop, just teasing the entrance. I am being driven crazy, beyond anything I ever imagined. You push just a little and I start cumming again as the crown fully enters. I am pushing my hips back wanting you deeper, but with your hands on my hips, you control my movement.

You tell me I can have all of you, when you say I am ready.

" I am ready, " I gasp " please, I am ready."

You answer no, you are the only one who will know when I am ready. Your hand wraps in my hair and pulls my head back biting my neck once again. You tell me to cum. I do, trying to slide you deeper with each pulse, but you won't let me.

" I want you to cum. " I whisper.

You whisper back that you will, but not now. You call me your pet. And then you surprise me with words I've never heard you say.

" Don't cum!" you command.

What are you saying? You can't mean that can you? I can't not cum with you. I cum from your voice and the way you say my name. Not cum, is that possible?

And then inch by Omigod wonderful inch you slide the cock that owns me deeper and deeper. You move so tantalizingly slow, I am holding my breath trying everything to not feel the tingling between my legs. I teeter on the edge, pussy clenching wanting to explode and squeeze your cock, but I am trying so hard to obey, I promised I will always obey.

"I can't !" I plead.

As you bury yourself to the hilt, your balls slapping against my clit, I shout over and over, please, please, please. Then I feel the sting of your hand as you slap my ass hard and I hear you groan loudly"Cum!"

I cum hard, clenching your cock with my walls, splashing you with my juices freely flowing. I scream your name and moan with pleasure.

" Omigod, ahhhhh fuck! " I keep cumming, my body releasing everything it had pent up. I can not breathe and stars dance before my eyes. Slowly you move in and out and I can not stop moaning.

"I am yours.. I am yours ! " I keep repeating.

I am in a frenzy, I would follow your every wish. Your desire is my desire. I want to please you, like you please me. If that is even possible. As I start to catch my breath, you pull your still raging hard cock out of my gushing slit and sit back on the bench in the water. You tell me to come here. Yes, I obey.

I sit on your lap, your dick leaning against my back. Your hands reach around and find my clit, still swollen with excitement. Gently, slowly you rub and caress. You lean toward my ear and tell me you are going to fuck my ass, and then you tell me to cum. I do, pushing my mound hard against your hand.

As my trembling builds stronger and stronger, you whisper for me to sit on your cock. I am nervous, but I would never tell you no. I raise my hip sand feel your cock against my asshole. Your rub my clit faster and I am so fucking excited, you are the only one still in control, as if I ever had any control.

I feel your cock push and stretch and it starts to hurt. I wait for the muscles to relax and while I am waiting you make me cum again. My ass clenching with each spasm, but I move again, and feel you enter past that point and I hear you groan. your breath is fast, and you are moaning in my ear.

"Ah, who has control now. " I think to myself. "now it's my turn ."

Who was I kidding? My pussy is dripping, I've cum so many times I have lost count. You are buried in my ass, and with each move I am ready to explode again. You bite my neck and I soak your lap and squeeze your cock. I am thrashing and moaning and have totally lost control.

I feel your cock throb and hear the ecstasy in your voice as your cock pumps spurt after spurt of hot cum. We sit for a minute, as I try to gather my thoughts. I move to the other bench in the water and lean my head back, trying to calm my breathing.

After a few moments we move to the bed on the other side of the room, and lay next to each other, each still gasping for air.

"I own you. " he tells me.

"yes, babe, I know." I still want him every bit as much as when I walked in the door an hour and a half earlier.

"Next time, I'm going to tie you up, my sex kitten. " He reaches for my hand.

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