Another typical morning in my household - A trip to Victoria's Secret

Another typical morning in my household - A trip to Victoria's Secret Another typical morning in my household - A trip to Victoria's Secret

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My husband and wife and I go shopping at Victoria's secret


My husband and wife and I go shopping at Victoria's secret


Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



It is a dreary rainy day, so Larry, Alys and I decide to go shopping. What a sight to watch all of us getting dressed, yet we can't keep our hands off of each other.

Alys shimmies her lacy panties over her hips and I kneel before her and pull them down just enough to spread her legs and touch my tongue to her aching pussy. I suck hungrily at her juices until she grabs my hair and cums beautifully, splashing my tongue.

Of course Larry is trying to get his silk boxers over his raging hard on. As Alys gathers herself, we look at each other and grin. We both push Larry on the bed and devour his cock. We are both licking and sucking like a baby with a bottle. Our tongues touch as we lick every inch of his cock.

Several times we get distracted and our lips claim each others, tongues dueling and dancing. Alys' lips are so soft my pussy immediately starts dripping. We hear a quiet 'uh hum' as Larry reminds us his rock hard cock is waiting for us. We giggle as girls do and go back to the cock we love and crave even in our sleep.

With three there are always times where one can get lost, but we are very in tune with each other and always works out. I admit it isn't a conventional marriage, but hell who wants to be conventional?  Our love is like a well orchestrated dance, each knows their next move. It is really quite incredible and beautiful to watch. No, videos are not my next project. At least not for public viewing.

Alys's head is bobbing up and down as her lips slide over Larry's cock. My lips and tongue are assaulting his balls, bouncing them on my tongue. I suck one in and lightly tease. I move to the other one.  I look to Larry's hands gripping the white down comforter squeezing it between his fingers. We know he's close, Alys can feel his cock pulsing in her mouth. I left his balls and my tongue traces the line that runs from balls to ass.

His hips are bucking now, as my wiggling tongue touches his ass. We hear his whispers and groans and that just pushes us over the edge. My tongue slides inside his ass, as Alys's mouth sucks harder as she slides up and down his now straining cock. We feel his body tense and Alys quickly removes her mouth and keeps stroking with her fingers. Both of us lean toward his cock, mouths open, tongues out. His cum is like our dessert, and we get a lot of dessert.

We are rewarded with thick white cum spraying our mouths, our tongues, as we feverishly lick up every drop. He quickly sits up and kisses first me and then Alys. His cum mingling on all of our tongues.

"We're never going to get to the mall if we keep going like this ." I laugh.

"We're almost ready baby..." Larry has a grin a mile wide. I know I'm in trouble.

I was raped at 14, and still struggle to be comfortable being touched. I became a sex addict, addicted to touching others and for years was never let anyone touch. Larry and Alys are always very patient with me, knowing my history.

I feel my beautiful princess Alys lay next to me, her hands on my face as she leans to kiss me. I moan loudly. Her lips trail down my neck across to my breasts. Sucking my nipple in her mouth. My god I feel like I'm on fire. I gasp loudly as heat sears through my pussy when Larry's tongue touches my slit. How lucky can a girl be that her two loves are miracle workers with their mouths and that all three of us are orally fixated ?

His tongue knows every inch of me and slowly brings my orgasm boiling to the surface. My nipples are aching beneath her tongue. I am so close I can barely breathe. As his tongue licks up and down my slit and slides inside me fucking me with his mouth, her fingers slide across my mound and find my clit and pinch. It's all over for me. I explode, squirting Larry's face and soaking Alys's fingers. God we love mornings.

Before we roll over and begin some other form of pleasure, we all quickly get dressed. Alys and I wear no bras or panties , at Larry's request. We both choose to wear spaghetti strap sundresses. Larry chooses jeans and a polo shirt. Before we leave the kingdom of our bedroom we all smirk. We could stay in bed all day.

Car rides are particularly fun in our family. 1/2 the time Larry drives down the road with one of our mouths on his cock screaming toward orgasm. The other 1/2 of the time Alys and I are in the back seat doing god knows what hoping we don't wreck as Larry is trying to look in the rear view mirror and watch.

This morning I am craving my baby's pussy, so we sit in back. Alys lays back against the seat as my fingers caress every spot of her gorgeous dripping pussy.

"Baby, we are trusting you not to let us crash.." Alys teases Larry.

"I haven't yet, have I?" Larry's sexy voice responds. Did I tell you he has the sexiest voice ever? Just his voice can make either of us cum immediately.

Within seconds Alys is whimpering as my fingers drive deeper, pushing her closer and closer to her peak. My thumb caresses her clit. My fingers slide up and down her slit, pausing to push inside.  I lean closer, whispering in her ear.

"Cum for me, my baby." My breath tickles her ear.

She cries out, whimpering, as her body rewards me. She cums hard, her pussy squeezing my fingers. Her lips find mine as she moans over and over, 'I love you.'

"I have a wet spot on my jeans!" Larry chuckles.

Larry manages to get us to the mall in one piece. And we all adjust ourselves and walk past the palm tree lined entryway merging with the crowd. Holding hands can be another complicated situation. Sometimes we all three hold hands, sometimes we pair off in different pairs. You just never know.

Today we are going to Victoria Secrets. It is Larry's favorite place to take us. As we enter the brightly lit store with all of its aromas, we each walk around gathering up things. We pick some of our things, but a lot of the time Larry picks for us. He has excellent taste and we all get so aroused.

Alys and I go in the same dressing room and Larry sits right outside on a bench facing our room. He can hear our giggles as we undress and dress each other. Our fingers always do more exploring than dressing. Every bra , every pair of panties, every sheer negligee we try on, we open the curtain and proudly show him. Customers walk by and oogle. We don't care. Larry surely doesn't mind, he is in heaven. He possesses two beautiful women who love him and never stop thinking of ways to please him.. What more could a man want?


** Stay tuned for chapter two of our Victoria Secrets escapade

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