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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

pulled to Scotland Anya finds herself drawn to the same spot over and over again
she was always told never go to Scotland by her father but after his death she could no longer deny the pull.
What was calling her? Why were the towns people afraid?
Eric watched her through the mist. Just waiting for her to take that last step into the forest.

When her plane touched down Anya felt the pull even stronger. She just lost her father. She sold everything and came to Scotland. She knew it wasn't what her father would have wanted, but without him she couldnt deny the pull any longer.

Anya couldnt understand the feeling as she had never been there before. The dreams that had been with her for as long as she could remember, could no longer been ignored or denied. 

  "Come to me," the voice whispered.  The color of the trees vivid in her dreams, the mist held a shape she could not make out. She thought maybe here I can find the answers. 


  She had been growing weaker every year and the doctors could not tell them why. Her color washed out and she was pale. Her long red hair the only color left. What was happening? 

After the long plane ride Anya decided to go to her motel and lay down.  She would start her search tomorrow.


Eric felt her the moment her plane touched down. "She's here." He felt his magic grow.  His 6ft 8 inch frame jostled with exictment he hadnt felt in years.  

Come to me my love, into the mist. whispered Eric into her dream.


Anya woke slowly, awake but not aware of what she was doing.  She slowly walked out the door of the Inn. The moon was high in the sky.  Her long white nitegown bellowing in the wind all around her. Her feet bare. The innkeeper tried to stop her. She didnt hear. She drifted down the road to the edge of the forest. Her eyes glowing brightly.  She came to a stop at the edge of the mist and forest. 

Eric was so close he could almost touch her, "come to me." he whispered.  He could see now how pale she was. 

He didnt have much time but he could not force her to enter the forest. 


Anya woke fully on a scream. How did I get here she thought. She screamed again as a hand grabbed her and started dragging her further away. 

"be calm child", this is no place for the likes of you." A wizened old woman told her.  "go back home, avoid this place, the mist will swallow you. you are not safe.

Anya looked at the old lady "Whats in there? she asked.  I dreamed of this place forever. I hear him calling me"

  The old lady suddenly looked frightened. "run child run.


  Eric cried out he knew who the old lady was ANYA COME TO ME.... 

 Anya slowly turns her head she finally sees the shape in the most.  Her breathing picked up. A tall handsome man long black hair rippling down his back, strong muscles and a flat 6 pack chest.  He is wearing black leather pants and gold armbands.  

Anya steps closer to the mist "I know you." She reaches out her hand and it disturbs the mist.

  "NO cried the old woman.  "you will never be free."  SHe grabs Anya and pulls out a long knife holding it to her throat.  " Make her forget again Eric or I will kill her."

  Eric roared. "Anya is my mate. It will never be you no matter how long you lock me up and keep her away."  He went to smash his fists against the mist barrior and fell through.

  The flash of the rainbow colored sparks blinded the old lady for a split second and ANya dropped to the ground unconsious as Eric threw the Old Lady who shimmered and changed to a curvy red headed viper. 

  "How whispered the woman. "she did not enter the mist. it cant be.  Eric reached out with his magic "by the king of the mists command you will resume the shape of old and be stripped of your powers never to enter the forest again Emmalagine. Your memories erased. Your past a blank. Your life forfeit, to age.'

  Spinning away from the woman Eric gently picks up Anya and re enters the mist. He carried her to a large castle and with just a whispered word the door to the gold and silver castle opens. Eric Continues down the hall to a large room made of diamonds and ice, and gently lowers Anya to the waiting four poster bed with white shimmering drapes. "wake my love and breath deeply."

  Anya slowly opens her eyes, "where am I? How do I know you" she whispered.

 " you are my eternal bride, i marked you when you were born here in this room.  I have waited 21 years for you to come home my love."

Anya sits up her long blond hair shinning her color she notices in the antique mirror was normal.  She could breath. Looking at Eric she asked " how how am i better i have been sick a long time." she wondered why she didnt fear Eric and why she felt tingles running through her body.

" My love you were not sick you were suffering from being away from me, Just like my powers wained from being parted from you."

  Eric reached out and ran his hand down Her head, watching her hair fall through his fingers the softness caused a groan to echo from him.

Tipping her head back Anya looked up into Erics eyes, "i dreamed of you and this place." her breathing picked up as Eric leaned down and gently kissed her lips, feeling her lips part Eric lost control,  HE slammed his tounge in her waiting mouth and covered her body with his own.  Her gown disspeared and so did his clothes "whats happening "  anya calls feeling her breasts rise and fall rapidly "you are mine you are home and i am claiming you as my wife mate and my queen.

  He ran his hands down her body and cupped her aching breasts her nipples hardened he bent his head and latched on to her nipples with his mouth, while moving his hands further down her body to her wet mound, Eric lost it he grabbed her hips aligned his 11 inch cock at her hole and slammed in, Anya gasped in pain and fright she tried to wiggle away the pain way to much for her virgin body, Eric grabbed her hips and kept her steady as he kept ramming his huge meat into her tight body, Going deep with each thrust ANya laid whimpering the sound breaking through Erics lust he slowed and stayed planted, "anya relax little love i am so sorry but i need you i need to complete the mating," her reached down and kissed her lips gently and grabbed her hands pulling them up over her head holding tight, as his hips began moving again jabbing his big cock up into her in a slow ryhthm "thats it my love move with me,', ANya felt herself relax then tense as a strange sensation started low in her gut, THats it Anya cum for me " he said as he picked up speed and starting slamming into her again, and again, anya moaned low and long her body shaking something was coming but she didnt know what "help me Please or god please, she begged for what she knew not, Eric released her hands and put one of his fingers in his mouth then brought it down to her clit rubbing it as he powered into her body, ANya came on a scream eric banged her harder and faster losing his rythm and came on a shout locking his lips to anyas shaking mouth, "you are mine we are one, from hear on forth this mating cannot be undone, Me to you YOu to me For all time ourlove shall ever be. "

  "welcome back to the mist my queen my love, You will never want for anything again he said as he hardened inside her and began moving again, sparkles fell around them as they made love through the night. THe king of the mist brough home his forest queen.

Submitted: July 04, 2016

© Copyright 2022 hotflame. All rights reserved.

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my first attempt hopefully you all enjoy

Tue, July 5th, 2016 10:37pm


Extremely hot and horny and the tale was superb.

Wed, July 6th, 2016 9:37am


ty will be writing my next one tomorrow, finishing it on paper first lol

Wed, July 6th, 2016 11:55am

Alyson Williams

You write very well. The first part was almost perfect but then it changed both in font size and writing character. Maybe you are using different modes to write? Nice storyline. Keep it going.

Sun, July 24th, 2016 11:26pm

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