Breaking Free

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Adriel wakes up in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how he arrived. He soon finds out only a few humans seem to occupy this strange and unsettling place - none of which recognize their surroundings - the rest: inhabited by horrific monsters.

Table of Contents


I've been debating on whether or not to post this. I'm still working on my other story, but this one has been sitting with me for much longer. I would really appreciate your feedback on the first chapter. It definitely isn't as dark as the second chapter, but I feel like if it doesn't hook people, then it needs to be rewritten. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it!

WARNING: this fiction contains extremely dark scenes. This includes violence, rape, and other mature content. Read Chapter


Okay, so this chapter much, much DARKER than the last. I was tempted to open with this one, but hopefully this set up works. I have about 12 chapters already written, so please enjoy! (Yes I'm sorry, this is overkill) Read Chapter


A bit of a shorter chapter. I hope you enjoy! Read Chapter

Near Miss

Sorry everyone! Totally forgot to post! Please enjoy :) Read Chapter

On the horizon

I had to change some things... hopefully it makes sense in the long run!!

Let me know what you think! Too dark? Not dark enough? Read Chapter


Yup...took forever to update. Sorry... Read Chapter

First Contact

I have like...10 chapters ready now. I apologize if this story isn't living up to my other one - which people seem to really like. I honestly think that the first chapter needs more work as I think it doesn't "wow" readers right away. If anyone has feedback, I'd love to hear it! Read Chapter

Pushing forward

A chapter for the sadists, well mostly me. It's not that dark but the struggle is real! Read Chapter

Two Encounters

I promised I'd finish it, I'm just a bit late...(sorry). I'm not very happy with this one, but at least the one after is a bit better! I might do a double update on Sunday - we will see! Read Chapter

Paths Cross

Surprise! Double update!

Let me know what you think! Read Chapter

Temporary Safehaven

Kind of a slower chapter, so I apologize in advanced if it is boring (the next one a little bit too, but a tiny bit of character development). As a result, I may update mid-week as it'll pick up again after that.

As you might have guessed, everyone was eventually going to meet up. Let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments! Read Chapter

Something moves

Sorry another kinda plain chapter. Let me know what you think! Read Chapter

Stand your ground

*Hey everyone, I have character mocks drawn up! Let me know if you think I should post them in the next chapter!

Essentially a giant spider vs two teenage boys. Read Chapter