-The Lost Scripts Of The Unknown Man

-The Lost Scripts Of The Unknown Man -The Lost Scripts Of The Unknown Man

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Something I made, please comment


Something I made, please comment


Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011




Oh man last night, was a night.

Did you see her.


See who?

The lady of my dreams



No, that was a the weed talking to you.


-oh shit, now I remember

I think we did something, but don't really can't remember

I remember one person, but it was not you dave. He was a black dude.


Now I remember, that was Easy B.

We should give him a call

Easy B

yo, what's Sizzlin'


Not much man, hey do you remember last night at all?

Aparently me and kyle don't remember shit.

Easy B

Yeah I remember, I think I come over with a pound of good shit to smoke.

yeh that room was lit up, we had a blast that night.

Loud speaker is on

Kyle: We had fun that night, really ?

Dave: Well I guess that explans why the people next door are gone

Easy B: Oh, shit guess what I found...your friends from the next door are here on my floor.

Dave: holy shit really?

Easy B: Hell yeah.

Now Hangs up the phone


Dave: hey kyle get your shit together, we are going to Easy B's Place

Kyle: All right, give me a moment.

Dave: Your moment had passed, get your slow ass moving.

Grabs the key's to the car

Dave: Now we are driving.

Kyle: It's going to take a while to get to his place, might as well hit your weed here.

Dave: You know, you are right...smart thinking on your part.

Kyle: I have a fat sack of weed right here, now give me that boul and let me pack it.

Dave: Remember to a pack that shit in there good, because I need to inhale that stuff right now.

Kyle: All right it is done and going to take the first hit.

Dave: Pass that over here, take the wheel.

Now at Easy B's house.

Dave got out of his car.

Kyle gives a look at dave.

Dave: Why are you looking at me like that.

Kyle: Maybe because I have a smile on my face.

Kyle and dave walking to the door.

Kyle rings the bell.

Easy B: Hey man, yeah your people is in my floor.

Dave: Are they sleeping?

Easy B: Yeah and one of them just farted and it smells like shit.

Kyle is laughing hard.

Easy B: What the hell are you laughing at?

Kyle: You got to smell shit.

Dave: What the hell smells in here, did somebody take a shit on your floor.

Easy B: How did your friends from the next door get into my house.

Kyle: I think, I see their car in the back yard

Dave: What in the hell,

Easy B: Well I wonder if it's unlocked. Lets go see whats in there.

Kyle: Guess what the door is open.

Dave: (opens the back door) Something smells good in here.

Kyle: That smells, like my mary jane.

Easy B: Oh shizz nit, there is ol bag of the goody green.

Kyle: Oh shit, I am so excited.

Dave: Where the damn boul, someone needs to pack it tight?

Easy B: Even better, couple of joints in here as well.


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