Alphia Corporation - Chapter 4

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 4 Alphia Corporation - Chapter 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The further adventures of Sam and Carrie as they finish up their working weekend!


The further adventures of Sam and Carrie as they finish up their working weekend!

Chapter4 (v.1) - Alphia Corporation - Chapter 4

Author Chapter Note

Sam and Carrie learn what The Arrangement is all about ... and sexy fun is had by all!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017




Sam saw Karen go to her knees before Mr. Borges, but most of his attention was on his own wife who quickly dropped to her knees at Mr. Parsons’ feet. She took Mr. Parsons’ hard cock in her hand and stroked it before bending her head down to accept his penis into her mouth. As he watched her head begin to bob up and down, Sam wondered whether this was the first time that his Carrie had had Mr. Parsons’ dick in her mouth.

"Ooooooh, fuck yes. Move to the right a little bit ... good. A little more. Right there, Mrs. Stevenson. That way your husband can see better."

Mr. Parsons looked at Sam, a look of relief and ecstatic pleasure on the senior executive’s face. "You can see my cock in your pretty wife's mouth quite clearly now, can't you Sam?"

"Ye ..., yes, I can," Sam croaked, simultaneously humiliated and aroused. He could see his darling Carrie stroking the shaft of Mr. Parson's now fully erect penis while dutifully sucking and licking on its head.

Mr. Borges had similarly arranged Karen Burroughs so that he and Gary could each see both wives sucking senior executive cock right in front of her husband. From his vantage point, Sam could see Karen Burroughs' smaller breasts bobbing slightly as she enthusiastically suckled on Mr. Borges’ thick cock.

"Excellent. Then we can begin."

Mr. Parson's train of thought was however at that moment interrupted because Carrie took him exceptionally deep. Sam could hear his wife gag softly as she forced Mr. Parson's hard cock into her throat.

"Aaaahhh, wonderful. Your wife is an excellent cocksucker, Sam," Mr. Parsons said to Sam, who blushed. "Mr. Borges fucked the shit out of her earlier, before dinner. I haven't had the pleasure of plundering her pussy yet.  I'll attend to that when we are done here, OK?"

Sam swallowed. "Of course."

"Good, good.  You are most accommodating, Sam. Much appreciated. Now where was I?"

"We were about to tell Gary and Sam about the business opportunity we have discovered during dinner," Mr. Borges answered, looking down at the elegant brunette fellating him in front of her husband.

"You know Tom, I never dreamed that I would have a former fashion model slut wife at my beck and call, willing to suck my dick right in front of her husband," Mr. Borges confided out loud to Mr. Parsons as each enjoyed the wives who dutifully licked and suckled on the men.

"This position is the greatest job imaginable," Tom agreed.

"But back to business," Mr. Parsons said after a minute or so of silence punctuated by the sounds of the wives vigorously sucking the dicks of the two senior executives. "As you gentlemen are aware, we are here to close an important deal. We tried to get a leg up on the negotiation by offering the company whores - your wives here - as a gift for the evening."

"Hah! It was a great idea," Mr. Borges barked a laugh, one hand on the back of Karen’s head and the other roaming across her breasts as she continued to suckle his penis. "But it didn't quite work."

"No, it certainly did not," Mr. Parsons agreed. He had his eyes closed to better enjoy the sensational blowjob that Sam's wife was providing. He had a hand tangled in Carrie's hair now and he was holding her head still as he leisurely sawed his dick in and out of her mouth.

"But even though Carrie and Karen were willing and eager to spread their pretty legs for a perfect stranger, it didn't happen, despite the ladies’ best efforts."

The senior managers were quiet for a moment.  They were enjoying watching their subordinates try to follow along with the conversation without being too distracted by the sexplay going on before them.

"I am becoming quite excited, Sam," Mr. Parsons said, looking at Sam as Carrie slurped up a bead of his precum, "and as much as I would dearly love to cum in your wife's mouth right now, Carrie is going to have to wait until later this trip for that. In the meantime," Mr. Parsons continued, now looking down and talking to Carrie, "take a break from my cock and suck on my balls for a while."

"Oh, good idea again, Tom!" Mr. Borges agreed, as he removed his cock from Karen's mouth and pushed her head down to suck on his balls, too.

"So anyway, each of our little sluts here did her level best to seduce the Roberts negotiator, but it didn't work, for reasons entirely not her fault," Mr. Parsons continued.  Both the senior managers were looking at Sam and Gary with a mixture of lust, pity and amused expectation.

"You see, their seduction attempts during supper were masterful, but he kept talking about their shoes, and the upcoming Prada shoe line," Mr. Borges took over.

His voice trailed off and he looked expectantly at the two cuckolds standing before him.

Both Sam and Gary looked confused, but Karen barked a laugh, muffled by Mr. Borges' balls in her mouth. Mr. Borges patted her head affectionately.

Mr. Borges looked disappointed by the husbands' failure to understand and then closed his eyes momentarily to further enjoy the sensation as Gary's wife sucked his balls.

After a moment, Carrie took a brief break from lathing Mr. Parson's balls with her tongue to look up at him and give a wicked giggle.

Mr. Parsons looked down at her. "Go back to licking my balls, sweetheart. It turns me on that you are while your husband watches." Then he looked at Sam. "Still nothing?"

Sam, his cock straining in his pants, looked bewildered.

Mr. Parsons gave a long suffering sigh. "So, after dinner he suggested that if the ladies have any free time they might go shopping together, and maybe catch a show ..." There was another pause while Gary and Sam still looked confused. The senior managers looked at each other sadly.

"Maybe we should have hired their wives instead," Mr. Parsons said to Mr. Borges.  Each of the executives had a hand on the back of the head of the woman kneeling before him.

"Well, we have, actually," Tom said and he and Mr. Borges shared a chuckle as the senior managers fed their cocks into the wives' mouths again.

There was a brief moment when the only sounds in the room were the soft wet sounds of the women sucking the executives' cocks.

"Fuck!" The words escaped from Sam's mouth as realization hit him.

"What?" Gary asked, looking around.

Karen paused her cocksucking long enough to say loudly, without turning even to see her husband, "He's fucking gay, Gary!"

Sam and Gary exchanged a look of horror as Mr. Borges put his hand on the back of Karen Burroughs' head and pushed the head of his fat cock back into her mouth.

"That's right, gentlemen. He confided in us that he was sick and tired of having companies looking to do business with Roberts Media throw women at him," Mr. Borges said, obviously enjoying the husbands' discomfort. "So unless we wrap this deal up tomorrow, one or both of you will be spending the evening with him tomorrow night, and you will do whatever is necessary to get this deal done."

"And the question now," Mr. Parsons cut in, "is which of you two gentlemen is going to volunteer to take the customer's dick in your mouth and up your ass for the good of the company?"

The two cuckolds looked at each other, speechless, and then back at their bosses. Gary looked unhappy, but resigned. Sam looked like he'd been pole axed.

"Ok, stop for a moment, Mrs. Stevenson," Mr. Parsons said to Carrie. "And turn around so you can see your husband."

Both Karen and Carrie turned a little, still staying on their knees before her Executive. Carrie looked over her shoulder at her Sam. She had stopped suckling Mr. Parson's penis but she continued to stroke it's hardness as she awaited further instructions.

Sam's eyes were drawn to his wife. Still beautiful, her lipstick was a little smudged and she looked back at him even while stroking the hard cock that had only recently been in her mouth.

"Sam," Mr. Parson's voice dragged Sam's eyes upward. "Am I to understand that you have not yet been required to service one of the Executives?"

Sam's heart sunk. "No ... No sir, I haven't."

"Gary?" Mr. Parsons inquired of Gary.  Karen continued suckling Mr. Borges' large cock while her husband talked with his boss.

"I have," Gary answered. "I have been required to suck cock seven times." He blushed and did not look at Sam.  He missed Sam's expression as the blood drained from his face.

"I believe mine was the first in your mouth," Mr. Parsons said.

"Yes, sir," Gary replied, and he glanced at Sam then who looked away, embarrassed for his colleague.

"I enjoyed that morning very much," Mr. Parsons said with a smile. "It was right after Gary's promotion and I had just closed on the Porten account. I'd been working that whale for two years, and I was in the mood to celebrate.  I had decided to put a call in to Karen, to try her out as I had heard such good things, and I thought it would be pleasant to have my dick in her husband's mouth as I set up a tryst with his wife."

Mr. Borges laughed out loud. "Oh what a great idea! I wish I had thought of that!"

Mr. Parsons smiled in pleasant recollection.

"I told my secretary to take an early lunch and invited Gary here into my office and told him to lock the door," Mr. Parsons recalled, mirroring his colleague by putting his hand on the back of the head of the slutwife as his feet and feeding his hard penis into her mouth again. “The look on your face, Gary, as you locked the door behind you was just priceless!”

"Mmmmmm, delicious," he said as Carrie went back to sucking on Mr. Parsons cock and stroking his heavy testicles. The two senior managers shared a laugh at the cuckolds' expense.

"But anyway," Mr. Parsons continued, looking at Sam and smirking as he saw Sam's eyes meet his and then dart southward to see his wife who was happily bobbing her head back and forth on Mr. Parsons' dick.

"Do you remember, Gary?"

"Yes, sir," Gary replied, clearly embarrassed by the situation. "You sat on the couch in your office and told me to suck your dick.  You called Karen while you had your cock in my mouth."

"I came in his mouth after completing the arrangements to fuck his adorably anxious wife in her own bed while their kids were still in school," Mr. Parsons said to Mr. Borges, "and then I went to his house and fucked Karen to a couple of orgasms before she sucked a load out of me too. It was quite the day."

"Hey, Sam has never sucked a dick yet, has he?" This now from Mr. Borges, who was very clearly enjoying himself as Karen worked her oral magic upon him.

All sets of male eyes turned to Sam, the women were both listening but facing the other way, each occupied by her task. The wet, happy sounds of their fellatio filled the room during the momentary silence.

"N-no, I haven't," Sam reluctantly admitted.

"Excellent!" Mr. Borges said happily. His pleasure seemed ominous to Sam. "Gentlemen, it's time for us to fuck your wives again."

There were two couches facing each other across an elegant low table. At the Senior Executives’ instruction, Gary and Sam moved the table out of the way so as to provide sufficient room on the plush carpet between the two couches for the dominant males the room necessary to fuck the junior executives’ wives.

As Sam and Gary moved the table out of the way, they could hear Mr. Borges directing the wives into position.  As they turned back from their furniture moving, Karen and Carrie were each on their hands and knees in front of the executives, her legs slightly parted in preparation for penetration.  The two cuckolds watched in reluctant, excited fascination as the senior executive mounted the ladies.

Sam saw Mr. Parsons approach Carrie from behind, one hand on her lovely hip to hold her in place, and the other guiding his cock into her vagina.  Carrie bit her lip and moaned in pleasure as she felt Mr. Parsons penetrate her vagina for the first time.

Mr. Parsons grabbed both of Carrie’s hips and sighed in satisfaction as he slid easily into her well-used cunt, still loose from the vigorous fucking Mr. Borges had given her with his big dick and slick from the remnants of his sperm still inside her.  Next to them, Mr. Borges was slowly working the head of his thick cock into Gary's wife. Karen was on her elbows and knees to give Mr. Borges behind her better access to her pussy.  Her mouth was open in a wide O and her brow cutely furrowed as she felt Mr. Borges work the bulbous head of his cock into her vagina. She moaned in pleasure as he slowly stuffed her pussy.

Looking right at Sam, Mr. Parsons drove his cock hard into Carrie, causing her to gasp in pleasure and her breasts to wobble against his assault of her vagina. "Ahhh, how wonderful."

"Gary, get out your cock and sit there," Mr. Borges directed absently, pointing at the couch opposite the copulating couples as he worked slowly to fill Karen's slick tunnel with his huge cock. "You get to be in the King's Chair."

Sam gave Mr. Borges a confused glance which was met with an amused glance.

Mr. Parsons laughed as Gary immediately dropped his pants to reveal an achingly hard cock. "Get over there, Sam, and put his dick in your mouth. And turn a bit so we can all see you get to work on Gary."

Sam gave Mr. Parsons a shocked look, his eyes wide, suddenly understanding the term.

Carrie enjoyed Mr. Parson's cock, and his strong hands on her hips and her breasts were very nice. She could hear Karen moaning beside her as Mr. Borges finally bottomed out within her and began to take her with his very large penis. The two dominant men were murmuring to each other and urging the two junior males to get on with things.

"Get everything off, Gary," Mr. Borges ordered impatiently. We won't be able to see so clearly if you keep anything on and I want Carrie to be able to see Sam suck your dick while I fuck his wife."

"On your knees, Sam," Mr. Parsons ordered and then turned his attention to Sam’s wife. "Watch this, Carrie, I want you to watch your husband on his knees and sucking dick while I fuck you."

Sam sunk slowly to his knees in front of the couch as Gary quickly stripped out of his suit. Sam glanced back and saw Carrie, her beautiful face gazing at him, her luscious breasts swaying rhythmically against the vigorous thrusts from Tom Parsons as he drove his dick into her with a strong, steady rhythm.

Mr. Parsons was enjoying fucking Carrie in front of her husband and when Sam met his eyes, he grinned lasciviously at him. “Don’t worry, Sam,” Mr. Parsons said, not slowing a bit as he pounded into Sam’s wife, “we have all been through this.  Someday you’ll be in my position, but you are not there yet so … get to work.”

Carrie gave Sam a smile and she reached for his hand to give him a squeeze. The tender moment was interrupted, first by a moan Carrie emitted from the pleasure of a particularly deep thrust of Mr. Parson's cock inside her, and second by the naked form of Gary brushing past Sam and sitting on the couch.

"Sorry, man," Gary said, reaching for Sam's head and pulling his reluctant friend down and towards his rampant erection, "but I REALLY need this."

The two senior males, vigorously enjoying the junior men's wives, chuckled as Sam resisted instinctively.

"Dude! Come on!" Gary said, needy and urgent. "It's been two days, man. Get to it!"

Gary spread his legs and slouched down in the couch. Sam tentatively touched him and Gary moaned. "Fuck! Dude, suck my dick or they are going to make me fuck you in the ass or something!"

That thought, coupled with the strength of Gary's insistent hand on the back of Sam's head, got him moving. He bent his head down to Gary's cock and sucked the tip into his mouth. He could taste Gary’s precum on the head of his penis.

Gary groaned. "Ohhhhhh yeah. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about."

"Turn sideways a little," Mr. Borges ordered. After a few moment of confusion, the two cuckolds maneuvered themselves so that they were angled such that the wives and the two dominant males could clearly see Gary's hard cock disappearing into Sam's mouth as the embarrassed junior executive performed oral sex on another man for the first time.

Carrie's eyes were on her husband as Mr. Parsons plundered her pussy. "That's pretty hot, isn't it?" Mr. Parsons said to her.

"Uhhnnn, Yes," she said as Mr. Parsons continued to fuck her, "it is very hot."

Sam could hear Mr. Parsons’ chuckle and he blushed.

"Come on, Sam, do it right," Gary ordered. "Suck me like Carrie blows you. Take me deep, suck hard and fast and play with my balls."

For the next few minutes, the room was filled with the sounds of Sam's inexpert blowjob and Gary's groans of pleasure as Sam improved his cocksucking technique, set against the mewing of the two wives as the senior males expertly plundered their depths.

“Play with my balls, dude,” Gary pleaded to Sam.

Sam fondled Gary's testicles as he sucked and slurped noisily on the hard penis in his mouth. The shaft of Gary's cock was now wet with Sam's saliva, and he also pumped on the shaft as he sucked on the head. Sam could taste Gary's cum as the cock in his mouth oozed semen as Gary neared his release.

"Can I cum?" Gary panted, clearly close to orgasm. He pulled Sam back into his cock as Sam tried to take a break from the cock in his mouth.

"Of course," Mr. Borges said, breathless himself.

"Wait, hold on a moment," Mr. Parsons said to Gary's groan of disappointment. Sam felt hope well up in his chest, but he did not stop sucking on Gary’s penis. Given his general state of exceeding excitement, the lesbian scene he had just had the privilege to witness, and the knowledge that Carrie was being fucked by his boss just a few feet away had Sam’s balls so full that just about any sexual act seemed exciting.

Nevertheless, even though Sam knew that the Arrangement would require him to be in this position from time to time, Sam was not at all sure that he was ready to have Gary cum in his mouth although he did not have much say in the matter.

"Carrie, he is already sucking Gary’s dick.  Should we make your husband take Gary's load in his mouth, too?" Mr. Parsons inquired of Sam's wife, shifting a bit behind her so that he was completely balls deep inside of her.

Sam’s heart sank.

"No. Don't, please," Carrie said on her husband's behalf, even though she secretly thought the scene before her dangerously erotic.

"Do it," Karen urged the senior executives, her breasts wobbling as Mr. Borges continued to spear her with the full length of his huge cock. "The husbands should have to do their share."

"Haha, you go girl," Mr. Borges said, slapping Karen's ass as he fucked her.

He looked at Gary. "You want to cum in his mouth while I fuck your wife?"

"Hell yes!" Gary groaned. His need had eclipsed any concern he had for his friend. "Fuck I need to cum so bad."

"So we are at a dilemma," Mr. Parsons said, humor evident in his voice. "I have two people saying that Sam should have to take Gary's load, one person saying I should give him a break and one not saying anything because his mouth is full of Gary’s hard cock."

He paused to let his words hang in the air and to fondle Carrie's tits. He resumed fucking her pussy and continued talking: "So we are going to play a little game to decide."

Karen looked up and back at him and he winked at her and shot Mr. Borges a grin.

"Carrie, you can save your husband from taking Gary's cum if you can avoid cumming before I do," Mr. Parsons concluded. "I am about to fuck the hell out of you, and if you can hold off your orgasm, Gary here has the worst set of blue balls ... for the rest of the weekend. If you succumb, well, your husband has to swallow Gary's load."

"I have an idea," Karen said as she squirmed away from Mr. Borges who let her escape momentarily. She turned over on her back and wiggled her way sideways beneath Carrie so she could suck on the pretty blonde wife's nipples.

Carrie moaned despite herself, and then jumped as she felt Karen's soft hand find her pussy, which was feeling deliciously full of Mr. Parsons' hard, throbbing, pounding cock. She felt Karen's fingers gently pinch her clitoris and she gasped in pleasure.

"Oh God yes Karen, thank you," Gary said to his wife as Mr. Borges, chuckling at Karen's move, spread her legs and mounted her again, spearing her vagina with his thick, angry cock, and causing her to moan anew from the fresh penetration.

Sam could not see what was happening but he could hear Carrie's ominous gasp of pleasure, Mr. Jorge's chuckle and Karen's sudden moan.  He could feel Gary's excitement grow through the sudden hardening of the penis in his mouth, by Gary's involuntary shuddery hip thrusts and by the suddenly fierce hands on the back of his head which forced Sam to change his rhythm to match Gary's need and made sure that Sam could not escape the almost certain explosion of sperm into his mouth should Carrie succumb first.

With her breasts being fondled and sucked on by Karen, her vagina wonderfully stuffed with Mr. Parson's hard and insisting cock, his firm hands on her ass and Karen's expert fingering of her clitoris, Carrie knew that she did not stand a chance.

She moaned and whined and dropped her head, trying her best to keep control of her own body. "Honey ... I ... Am ... So .... Sorry ..."

Mr. Parsons' hand tangled in her hair and pulled her head up so she could not escape watching seeing the two men before her as he fucked her harder, and harder and harder towards his own release. Gary stared into her eyes, his achingly hard cock thrusting in and out of her darling husband's mouth, his pupils dilated with lust, silently pleading with her to give in and cum.

Sam himself, his hand fondling his mentor's heavy, sperm-filled testicles, was bobbing up and down and sucking on Gary's throbbing and rock hard cock, and silently begging his wife to hold out.

"No, Carrie, no!" was his unspoken plea, but it was not to be.

The sensation of Mr. Parsons' large and strong body behind her, his hard and insistent cock pounding away in her pussy and Karen's mouth on her breasts and fingers on her clitoris, combined with the knowledge that she was being whored out and used in front of her husband and finally, the knowledge that Sam was sharing in her intense and pleasurable degradation was just too much. She felt her control slip and with a keening whine felt the sexual pleasure crash over her and she screamed as the most intense orgasm of her life washed through her body.

"Oh Sam, oh Sam, oh Sam," she cried out, and it was unclear whether she was crying out her love for her husband or an apology for her failure to hold out.

She screamed as she thrashed about and collapsed. Karen moved her hand off Carrie's clitoris as she became too sensitive, but Mr. Parsons was relentless as he slaked his need. He grabbed Carrie’s hips and pulled her almost savagely onto his cock as he fucked Sam's wife as hard and fast as he could.

When he glanced upward, Sam could see Gary alternating between watching Sam fondle Gary's heavy balls while sucking Gary's raging cock into his wet and hungry mouth and staring intently at scene behind him, where Carrie had been fucked to a massive orgasm and Karen, his own wife, who was intent on her own pleasure as Mr. Borges hammered away at her vagina with his massive penis.

Sam's cock was hard in his pants, and he felt a delicious combination of humiliation and intense arousal. He loved, and dreaded the well-known sounds of his wife as she succumbed to her body and came.

He heard her whine and scream her pleasure.

"Ooooohhhhh yeeeeAaaaahhh," came Gary's guttural triumphant cry.

Gary leaned back, his body tensing, muscles straining, a hand tangling in Sam's hair to make sure that Sam could not escape until Gary's orgasm was fully spent.

Sam could hear Mr. Parsons roar out his pleasure as he spewed the contents of his balls into Carrie. But Sam’s attention was elsewhere because Gary was right on the edge of release.

Sam pumped his friend's cock, and fondled his heavy balls and sucked the leaking, aching and trembling cock in his mouth, now eagerly trying to bring his friend to his release and allowing Gary to spurt into Sam's mouth.

"Suck it, Sam! Keep going! Fuck! Oh yeah, right there! Right there! Yeeeesssssss!"

The first blast of semen hit the back of his throat and Sam gagged slightly, and then his mouth as full of sticky, salty cum and he could feel the cock in his mouth pulsing more and more into his mouth as Sam continued his suction.

He continued to suck as Gary collapsed back into the couch, his balls drained. Sam let the softening penis slip out of his mouth so that he could swallow his mouthful of sperm, and then he dived back onto his friend's penis, and continued to suck and lick until the orgasm was truly complete.

He chuckled as he looked up to see Gary, splayed out bonelessly on the couch, completely spent. "Holy fuck. You are really good."

When Sam turned around, he saw Mr. Parsons with a dazed and happy expression on his face, his hands on Carrie's hips and his cock still lodged within Sam's wife as he completed his ejaculation into her vagina.

"That was very impressive, Sam," Mr. Parsons gasped his compliment to him.

“That was amazing! Very impressive, Sam,” Mr. Borges agreed. Karen was lying on her back near Carrie, and Mr. Borges was still fucking her, although without any urgency. She and Carrie were holding hands, their fingers entwined.

He withdrew from Karen.  His large cock was glistening with her secretions, and he clearly had not yet reached orgasm.

“Sam,” Mr. Borges said to Sam. “You must be full to bursting. I remember a long weekend when Mr. Jones made me watch he and his friends enjoy Susan and a bunch of the other wives.  He did not let me cum for three days, and it was pure agony.”

Sam could see his wife in a boneless puddle on the floor, recovering from the massive orgasm Mr. Parsons and Karen had given her.  Mr. Parsons was sitting back, clearly enjoying his post-coital moment.

Karen was on her back, her long, lithe body akimbo.  Her luxurious black hair had come undone and was spread like ink on the floor of the suite.  Her breasts were small, but still high up on her chest and her pussy was clearly visible as a patch of dark fur between her long, slender, toned legs.  In Sam’s randy state, he she looked like a slice of heaven.

“I enjoy tormenting you junior guys,” Mr. Borges, smiling in apparent commiseration as he looked over at Sam and then down at Karen lying between them. “But making you wait even longer before you cum would be just too much torture.”

Sam felt a rush of desire and hope shoot through his body.  It must have been clear in his face, because Karen giggled and reached out one elegant hand and stroked his calf.  He almost embarrassed himself with a squeak.

“Just as soon as you get out of those clothes, I will let Karen introduce you to the Arrangement,” Mr. Borges offered in a kind voice.

Sam, amazed at his good fortune, did not notice the smirk that Mr. Borges exchanged with Mr. Parsons and with Karen.  He scrambled to get out of his clothes.  He ripped off his tie and kicked his shoes to the side.  His belt gave him a few anxious moments as his hands, shaking with desire, had trouble with the basics of the release.  He dropped his trousers and ripped his shirt right off, tearing all the buttons loose, as he struggled to rid himself of his trousers now bunched around his ankles.

In less than a minute he was nude, panting slightly, his penis achingly hard.  He blushed slightly as he saw Carrie giggling at him.

He looked down and Saw Karen kneeling by Mr. Borges, stroking his cock again.

Sam hesitated, unsure of what he was allowed to do.  “Lie down,” Mr. Borges directed, “and Karen will sit on your face while she sucks your dick.”

Karen glanced up at Sam and gave him a smile. “Come on down here,” she murmured and Sam quickly down down on the ground before Karen and eagerly reached up and over his head for her.

“Hold on, hold on,” Karen laughed, fending off Sam’s hands.  She leaned forward and gave him a kiss, which he eagerly accepted.  Karen’s lips were soft and sweet, and she willingly accepted his tongue into her mouth.  He held her face in his as he tenderly kissed her.

For her part, Karen moaned, and allowed her hands to roam across Sam’s lightly furred chest.  She pinched his nipples and he groaned.

“You are a very good kisser,” Karen murmured into Sam’s ear and on her hands and knees she slid her body down Sam’s.  Her breasts were in his face for one, tantalizing moment, but then she kept going, stroking and kissing his belly, and his legs, and then she was straddling his face.

Sam eagerly reached around to grab her ass and pulled her pussy down to his face even as Karen stroked his erection and nuzzled at his balls.  Karen moaned as Sam eagerly licked her pussy and sucked on her clitoris.  Sam groaned loudly in return as he felt her warm, wet mouth cover the head of his achingly hard cock.

“You like the new ones in this position, don’t you?” Mr. Parsons said to his colleague.

“Oh yes, I certainly do,” Mr. Borges replied, pleasure and satisfaction clear in his voice.

Sam could hear the others talking, but his entire attention was on Karen’s expert fellatio and her pussy in his mouth.  His tongue lashed her clitoris and pussy lips and Karen moaned in thanks as she returned to her stroking, teasing and sucking on his cock.

“This is a nice welcome to the Arrangement, isn’t it?” Mr. Borges asked him, and Sam glanced backwards to see Mr. Borges kneeling a few feet away, watching as Sam ate out Karen’s well-used pussy.  Mr. Borges was still nude, and he was shamelessly stroking his enormous penis, still shiny from Karen’s secretions.

“Oh Yes,” Sam said, his eyes rolling back in his head as Karen sucked on the head of his dick again, but then slowly, so slowly, pushed her head down until his entire length was lodged in her throat.  She bobbed up and down a few times and then came up for air with a gasp.

“Oh my God!” Sam gasped.

Karen gave a feminine little chuckle and went back to sucking on Sam’s cock again.

“Usually, I like to introduce a new couple to the Arrangement by inviting myself into their bedroom and fucking the new slutwife while her husband eats her pussy,” Mr. Borges continued, shuffling forward  and prepared to mount Gary’s wife again.

“Oh my God,” Carrie gasped, now recovered enough to watch the scene. Her eyes were wide and her hand over her mouth in her shock.

Sam gaped in surprise as Mr. Borges maneuvered his muscular, masculine body so that his hands were on Karen’s hips, his knees on either side of Sam’s ears and his testicles in Sam’s face.

Karen gave a wail of pleasure at the same time as Mr. Borges grunted his satisfaction as he drove the length of his cock into her pussy in one thrust.  He went back to fucking Karen, this time clearly seeking his own pleasure.  He fucked her really hard, and Mr. Borges’ balls bounced off Sam’s forehead and nose as Sam continued to slurp at Karen’s clitoris.

“I was going to do you and Carrie like this tonight,” Mr. Borges grunted as he took his pleasure in Karen’s body and at Sam’s submission to him, “but you were so accomodating to bring her along ... and because she is such a great lay ... I decided to let you play with Karen instead.”

Karen had given up trying to suck Sam’s cock.  Mr. Borges was manhandling her to her obvious great pleasure.  Her beatiful face was thrown back, her hair jumping about and her breasts heaved with the pleasure of Mr. Borges’ onslaught coupled with Sam’s delicious and agile tongue on her clitoris.

“Oh ... fuck,” Karen moaned, a hand on Sam’s cock, stroking him as Mr. Borges used her pussy to achieve his pleasure.

Mr. Borges stopped trying to speak, and instead concentrated on his own need.  He fucked Karen hard because he knew that she liked it that way.  Karen’s head was thrown back in her pleasure, and her breasts and her hair bounced around as he fucked her faster and faster.

Carrie glanced over at Gary.  His cock was hard again and jealously was clear on his face.

“God damn your wife’s pussy is tight,” Mr. Borges said to Gary and shot him a malicious grin as the cuckold blushed, his jealousy obvious.

“My balls are in your husband’s face, you know,” Mr. Borges said to Carrie. “I’ll bet you didn’t expect that to happen when you were preparing for this weekend, did you?”

“Ummmm, no. Not at all,” Carrie said. “I – I didn’t know what to expect ... well, I knew that I was going to have sex with you and ... with Mr. Parsons, but ...”.

“Let Sam know which evening next week works best for you two, Carrie.  On Monday morning he is to come into my office to let me know on which evening you will invite me into your home so we can reenact this scene properly in your marital bed,” Mr. Borges said to Carrie, interrupting her and turning his attention southward as he started to fuck Karen again.

“You keep sucking away at Karen’s cunt while I fuck her,” Mr. Borges directed Sam. “And when I’m done you clean her up and then she will suck you off.”

Thereafter for a few moments there was a tense silence, punctuated only by the squishy, wet sounds of Karen’s pussy as Mr. Borges pounded at her with his dick, Karen’s moans of pleasure from the combination of the sensation of being claimed by a hard cock while simultaneously enjoying Sam’s soft lips and tongue on her pussy.

Sam found that by tonguing Karen’s clitoris he could elicit a mew of pleasure from Gary’s wife and a grunt from Mr. Borges when Sam licked or sucked the sensitive underside of the pistoning cock in and out of the pussy in his face.

“That’s it ... right there ... uh-huh ...,” Mr. Borges grunted unintelligently as he neared his climax. “Alright Sam, suck my balls ... yeeeaaahhhhh!!”

Mr. Borges jammed his cock balls deep into Gary’s wife and ejaculated, shuddering as he shot his cum into Karen.  After a few moments he withdrew and staggered back, his cock sliding across Sam’s face and leaving a trail of sperm across his nose.  Mr. Borges eventually found himself on the couch, spent and panting.

Sam was so frustrated and excited, that even this degrading episode was exciting.  “It is nothing worse than what Carrie and Karen will have to go through this weekend, I am sure,” he thought to himself, and he raised up his mouth to Karen’s pussy and tasted the sperm oozing from her.

As Sam tongued Karen’s well used pussy, he could tase the mixture of her secretions and Mr. Borges’ semen.  Each time he could feel semen oozing out of her opening he would swirl his tongue around the opening to her vagina, cleaning her, and then he would dive back to her clitoris.  Karen gasped her pleasure and dove onto Sam’s cock, sucking and pumping it, eagerly seeking his well-earned release for him.

As he sucked at her pussy, Sam could feel Karen’s mouth on his engorged penis, suckling eagerly as she jacked him with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.  She bobbed her head fast, and then slowly, and then she licked down sensitive underside of his cock to his balls and back again.

Carrie knew how to give a blowjob, but Karen Burroughs was an absolutely expert at sucking cock.  He was close to the edge already, but she brought him to the brink and then back down again, and to the brink, and back down again.  Sam was whining and trembling as he sucked Mr. Borges’ sperm from his Karen’s sloppy pussy.

She was sucking on his balls for the moment, giving him time to relax and back off from the edge, but then she took his cockhead in her mouth again, swirled her tongue around the tip and then plunged down on his penis again.  For nearly a full minute she kept her sucking pressure on his cockhead, and then she sped up.

He groaned as he thought she was slowing again to make him wait, but this time she just hesitated, took him to the edge ... and then attacked his cock with a fast rhythm and he ... exploded.

He screamed his release and Karen squeaked as a huge volume of sperm erupted into her soft mouth.  Karen eagerly lapped it up and dove back down onto Sam’s still erupting penis and sucked it, gentler now, until his orgasm was completely spent.

Sam himself collapsed, lying backwards on the sofa, barely conscious, his balls finally emptied by the most exciting, amazing blowjob he had ever received.

“I love the Arrangement,” he thought to himself.  He could taste a mixture of Karen’s pussy, and the sperm of both Gary and Mr. Borges in his mouth. “That was intense.”


An hour later, the six people were sitting together chatting.  The women were wrapped up in large, fluffy hotel bathrobes and looked well-fucked and exquisitely lovely.

“I’m not going to lie to you,” Mr. Borges said, his demeanor now much more relaxed after his orgasm and domination of the two junior men and their wives, “but being the Senior Executive in the Arrangement is much more fun than being in your position.” He gestured to Sam and Gary. “That said, I enjoyed my time as a Junior Executive.”

He upended his glass and poured the last of his scotch into his mouth. It was pretty clear that your wives enjoyed it, but I do hope you guys did enjoy yourselves, too.”

“I sure did!” Gary said and peals of laughter rose from the group, and Sam joined in after a momentary hesitation.

“How about you, Sam?” Mr. Parsons said, his hand on Carrie’s shoulder as she curled up on the floor near where he was seated on the couch. “You were sure thrown into the deep end of the Arrangement and you handled it very, very well.”

“I --,” Sam coughed to clear his throat and stall for time. “It was intense ... but it was mostly fun, too.”

“Good, good,” Mr. Borges muttered encouragingly.

“I never thought that I would ... enjoy ...”. Sam trailed off.

“Sucking dick?” Mr. Borges offered to help him finish his thought. “Swallow a colleague’s cum? Clean up a freshly fucked pussy? There is going to be a lot of that for you the next several years, but you are also probably going to get a chance to fuck all the junior executive wives over that time, too.”

“Really?” Sam asked.

“Well, yes,” Mr. Parsons said. “Easiest bonus I know how to bestow on good work done by a junior executive is to give him, or her in the case of the lovely Ms. Owens, the choice of which of the junior executive wives you’d like to fuck.”

Carrie looked up at him, eyebrows raised. “Wow,” she said quietly to herself, looking excited again.

“And don’t forget the holiday party,” Mr. Parsons said.

“Oh yes!” Gary said. “Last year was incredible!”

The four people in the know sat quietly for a few moments, savoring their respective memories of prior sordid events.  Sam and Carrie exchanged a glance, wondering at what the future held for them.

“But back to business, gentlemen,” Mr. Borges said, bringing all their attention back to him. “You junior executives need to get back to work and get us as good a product as we can pull together for that asshole over at Roberts Media.  I haven’t decided which of you guys are going to take one for the team yet, but I’ll tell you that if they come back at anything south of $16 million the negotiations are done and we will close the deal then and there without the need of your extracurricular ... support.”

Gary and Sam tensed up again, remembering belatedly what awaited one of them the next evening.

“So fellas, scoot! Get back to work, get me the best product you can tomorrow morning.  We’ll let you know when the negotiations are complete and what our plans are.  With any luck, we are all on the plane tomorrow afternoon, a deal in hand!”

The girls shifted where they sat as the junior executives reluctantly got to their feet and the senior executives returned their attention to the slut wives.

“And what about the golden handcuffs problem, sir?” Sam asked, bringing the attention back to business. “We don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t see how it can be resolved.”

“Oh right, that,” Mr. Borges said dismissively. “I solved that this evening. I shot a text over to the Roberts Media asshole earlier and told him that we were walking right now if there were any surprises in the details of the eventual deal. It’s the number we agree upon, and no extras. I thought he would fight back, but he gave in immediately. They are really in deep shit over there, it seems.”

He shrugged. "We got this in the bag. I expect we will find out what the real story is over there tomorrow morning. I expect we close this deal before lunch."

"Yeah, I agree," Mr. Parsons replied. "They are desperate, and I think we head home tomorrow, early afternoon. And we get the girls again for another night tonight!" He concluded happily.

Carrie glanced over at Sam with bedroom eyes. He gave her a smile in return and then glanced over at Gary who was getting up and gathering his clothes.

"Don't worry, you'll get them back tomorrow night, all safe and sound," Mr. Borges said as the two junior executives headed out into the hall and back to their room, "but for now, scoot back to your rooms and relax. We are going to take a break and then play with the girls again for a while. See you in the morning!"

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