Alphia Corporation - Chapter 3

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 3 Alphia Corporation - Chapter 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the third chapter in the continuing adventures of Sam and Carrie as they navigate through the pleasures and perils of The Arrangement ...


This is the third chapter in the continuing adventures of Sam and Carrie as they navigate through the pleasures and perils of The Arrangement ...

Chapter3 (v.1) - Alphia Corporation - Chapter 3

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The start of a weekend of business, sex, fun, frustration and delicious humiliation!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017




Carrie's tummy was doing flip flops. It had started as soon as the limousine had arrived at their home to take them to the airport.

She had spent the morning scurrying around packing her new clothes for the likely weekend activities. Karen's advice had been invaluable.

There were three evenings to worry about so she has packed all three of her new gowns, each different levels of decency. The red gown was the most daring. It fit on her hips perfectly and set off her coloring. It had a scandalous slit up one leg almost all the way to her hip and a large diamond-shaped opening in the front that clearly showed off the inner slopes of her breasts.

A bra was out of the question and anyone looking at her would wonder whether she was wearing anything underneath at all. When she modeled it in the store for Karen and the saleswomen, her unrestrained breasts had wobbled enticingly with her movements.

Carrie blushed when she thought of herself in that gown at dinner with the executives and the Roberts Media team.

She carefully packed the gowns and the business skirt suit that she was not wearing on the flight over. She spent a long while agonizing over which of her new lingerie she should bring for the executives' entertainment portion of the trip. She considered modeling them for Sam to help decide but figured that that might be cruel and unusual punishment given the stoppage on all relief for him until the trip was complete.

She giggled to herself.  He had been so eager last night but she had followed her instructions and shut him down after some heavy petting.  She had fallen asleep in his strong arms, his penis hard against her bottom as he spooned her.

She shook her head to clear it and bent back to the task at hand.  In the end, after examining all of her options again, she just packed all the lingerie and hoped Karen would help her choose which to wear when the time was right.

All told, what with last minute grooming and makeup and children's interruptions, it took her four hours to get ready.

She was dressed in an elegant and sexy business skirt suit, the new stockings and heels she had worn for Sam the evening before and a lovely translucent cream blouse through which her lace bra was clearly visible. With her cute suit jacket she was elegant and sexy business chic.

And then the limousine arrived from the Alphia offices, bearing Sam.  She said her teary goodbyes to the children as Mrs. Kenny, the competent and pleasant grandmother whom Alphia kept on retainer for such child care situations, reassured Carrie again and again that the children were in good hands.

"Go on, don't worry a bit, dearie," she said in her delightful Irish accent. "I've got grandchildren their age. They will be fine."

And this appeared to be true. The children were miraculously content, playing separately on the kitchen floor.

Carrie let herself be led to the waiting limousine and off they went. She sniffled a bit on her husband’s shoulder about leaving her babies.  Sam held her hand and reassured her that it was only for a weekend and that all would be well.

The limousine took them to a private entrance to a smaller runway system north of the standard airport.  They were waived through a security gate and out onto the tarmac, right up to the steps of the open door of a Lear Jet with the Alphia symbol on each wing.

"This is like a movie scene," she whispered to Sam, clutching his arm.

"I know, I know. It really does," he replied, giving her a kiss. "I am excited about this new adventure. I hope we are ready for it."

"Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson?" The driver said as he opened the door on Carrie’s side of the car and assisted her out of the car as a steward began moving their luggage onto the aircraft.

She and Sam were greeted at the top of the steps by the Captain. "I am Captain Smith. Pleased to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson."

Mr. Parsons was still absent, but Karen and Gary were already aboard talking with a powerful looking, dark-haired handsome man with broad shoulders in an expensive, tailored suit.

The steward led them on board and to the group of three people and then made a quiet exit. There was a leather couch on one side, and a bar on the other. Before that were eight large, comfortable-looking leather armchairs arranged such that all could have an intimate conversation.

Gary shook Sam's hand and Karen gave Carrie a kiss and squeezed her hand in greeting.

"Sam, Mrs. Stevenson," Mr. Borges said, introducing himself to Carrie. "Steve Borges. I am a Senior Executive and President of Sales at Alphia. It is a pleasure to meet you."

His tone was purely professional, but his eyes lingered aggressively over her body. She blushed a little and she felt Sam tense up.

"Thank you," she replied with only a slight tremble in her voice as she shook the proffered hand.

"We are here because your husband came up with a genius idea. You should be proud of him."

"I - I didn't know," Carrie stammered, her hand still clasped between Mr. Borges' two firm hands. She took a breath and stood up straight as she stopped flustering. "I am very proud of him."

"Good. We are too," Mr. Borges said. "Tom told me that you were a stunning woman, and he wasn't lying."

He smiled at Sam and clapped him on the shoulder. "You are a lucky man."

"Oh, I know ..." Sam said, but Mr. Borges interrupted him, turning his wolfish eyes back to Carrie, his eyes lingering on her breasts. "Your wife is going to make this business trip really, really fun."

Carrie reddened under his stare.

"Looks fabulous, but lose the bra," Mr. Borges instructed.

Carrie gaped, but at that moment Mr. Parsons arrived and Mr. Borges turned to greet him. "Now we can get this show on the road."

"Yes, sir," Captain Smith called from the cockpit.

As the men greeted one another, Karen helped Carrie undo the buttons on her blouse so that she could snake an arm through one sleeve, undo her brassiere and pull it out the other side and down her arm.

Blushing, she handed her bra to her husband and Sam slipped it into his coat pocket. Her breasts were now clearly visible through her translucent blouse, her pink nipples tenting the delicate fabric.

Karen was slim and sexy in a slinky black professional-looking dress, the hem ending significantly above the knee. With her luxurious dark hair put up, and her long legs encased in sexy black stockings, she looked like the fashion model she used to be.

The six people slipped into the arm chairs in preparation for takeoff. Carrie felt four sets of male eyes hungrily scan her chest. Mr. Borges stared intently at her tits before raising his eyes to hers.

"Beautiful," he said. "Much better this way."

"Thank you," Carrie said as calmly as she could. She crossed her legs against the sudden tingle in her pussy. She reached over and found Sam's hand and they held hands while the men continued to talk and stare at her exposed breasts.

Mr. Parsons gave her a frown that she did not understand until Karen leaned over. "You're working now. No touching your husband without permission."

With a final squeeze, she reluctantly released Sam's hand.

Mr. Borges nodded to her. "Ladies, get me a scotch. We've got to get down to business."

As the two wives got up and went to the bar to fix the drink orders, Carrie's breasts visible and delicious and Karen looking like the million dollar model that she had been, Mr. Borges turned to his team.

"The key is to get this deal closed for anything less than $15 million. We don't actually give a shit about Roberts Media itself; we are only truly interested in the intellectual property they've got. They patented the internet tool concept that Sam here came up with, but they don't know how to extract its value."

Sam nodded.

"The most obvious problem we have is that there really is very little business synergy between Alphia and Roberts Media," Mr. Parsons offered. "The Roberts team expressed surprise when they realized that the offer had come from Alphia. They are not completely stupid; they are going to be looking around for the reason why Alphia is putting in the offer so they can find leverage for their counter."

Gary nodded. "So what's the plan, then?"

"Tom and I have dinner reservations tonight at seven o'clock for a get to know each other kind of thing," Mr. Borges said. "We are bringing your wives as our dates. I have found that having a really good looking woman on my arm at these types of meetings commands a certain amount of respect. It is a good start to the upcoming negotiations."

"Depending on how things go, Karen and Carrie will either be coming back with us to the hotel suites, or they will be out fucking the Roberts Media team somewhere."

Sam's eyes widened and Carrie gave a startled cough. The senior executives glanced at her with amusement as Karen patted her knee.

"It will be fine honey," she murmured to Carrie, "that's what we're here for."

Sam did not know where to rest his eyes. He glanced at his wife on her first assignment as a company whore, her breasts clearly visible through her sheer top, at Karen's long legs that looked to stretch all the way to heaven, at Gary who had placidly ignored the exchange and at Mr. Parsons who gave him a knowing smirk.

Sam gave him a nervous smile in return and then tried to get his mind back on business.

"What do you need from us?" Gary asked calmly, indicating Sam and himself.

"Look, Roberts is ready to sell. The old man is looking to cash out for a fair price and his sons are a pair of assholes who care about nothing but short-term cash in hand," Mr. Borges said. "Everybody knows that the only issue is the price and that there aren't any other serious bidders. We've come in at twelve million, which is significantly less than the eighteen million that Roberts is priced at on the street. They know we are going to come up, and the question is how far. Luckily, there haven’t been any other prospective buyers yet."

Sam and Gary nodded.

"They don't have any real price leverage right now, because they don't know why we are interested. They don't have any idea that we don't give a shit about the Roberts brand and they sure as shit don't have a fucking clue that it's their intellectual property portfolio we are after," Mr. Borges continued in his brusque, profane and aggressive sales director manner.

Sam had in his mind's eye Mr. Borges sitting behind his desk and barking directions in the same manner to the diminutive, slim and pretty Karen Owens, telling her what items of her clothing to remove next as she slowly disrobed while giving him her weekly sales report. He could just see her struggling to maintain her professional demeanor while walking him through her power point presentation as she peeled off the layers of her business attire before Mr. Borges' hungry gaze, knowing all the while that he had the most unbusinesslike intentions for her as soon as she was naked and her report was complete.

Sam’s cock strained the confines of his pants as he realized that he might someday have a similar job, and that his darling Carrie was now in this aggressive man's control until Sunday night.

Mr. Borges' voice dragged him back from his daydreams.

"The fact that it makes no sense for Alphia to want to purchase Roberts Media has them confused. I don't mind them confused, but I do not want them figuring out the real reason for the offer."

“Thanks honey,” Mr. Borges said to Carrie as she handed him his drink. His hungry eyes followed Carrie’s exposed breasts as she handed out the drinks and then returned to Karen at the bar.

"That's where you two come in," he said nodding at Sam and Gary, his attention back to business.

"I am sorry," Sam said, "but I am not following."

"You and Gary are going to paper up a fake reason and it's got to be good enough for us to sell them on it." Mr. Parsons said. "You are going to put together a confidential white paper for tomorrow's actual negotiations showing Alphia's 'new' business model."

Sam and Gary thought for a moment.

"What if we decide that Alphia is planning to make a move into the European telecom markets," Sam offered. "I don't think we are actually planning that, but Roberts Media would be a decent foothold in the industry if someone wanted to make that move."

"Interesting," Mr. Parsons said, "but that might be too close to ..."

"No," Sam interrupted, knowing where the question was going. "It's not related at all to the internet marketing technology that they own and don't realize how to use. It might seem like it, but it is a totally different business line."

Mr. Parsons looked doubtful but Mr. Borges cut in.

"Look, I don't fucking care whether it's close or not. The only question I need to know is this: can you pull the false model together today such that you can walk me through it on my way to supper, and can you paper up the false 'confidential' business plan so that Tom and I have something tangible to show them tomorrow to throw them off track?"

Sam and Gary looked at each other for a brief moment. "Yes," Gary said confidently.

"Then fuck it, let's roll with that concept," Mr. Borges said.

The men talked for a few hours on the details of the plan. It was decided that Gary would put together the financials of the pretend new European enterprise with Roberts Media while Sam would take a look at their technology and learn it enough so that the senior executive team could sell the lie.

"You give me a plausible business model and I can sell it," Mr. Borges said gruffly, displaying again the rare combination of arrogance, aggression, intellect and competence that had allowed him to rise to the post of Senior Executive and Director of Sales at Alphia Corporation, one of the most profitable privately-held companies in the United States.

"I have closed deals like this a million times," he said, taking a pull from his scotch. "The old man might have been a real tough adversary, but his sons are a couple of money hungry fuckwits busy trying to screw each other out of equity so that he can cash in on this sale."

He checked his watch, a large and clunky expensive-looking timepiece and shook his head. "We are landing in a couple of hours and we've reserved a suite for you two to work in. Get to work as soon as we land and call my cell at 6:30.  On the dot. That gives you 30 minutes to bring me up to speed as the limo takes us to dinner. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Gary replied.

"Tom, the ladies will need ... hang on," Mr. Borges said as he looked over his shoulder and called out to the two wives who were talking quietly together off to the side. "How much time do you need to get ready for the dinner reservations? Can you do it in 45 minutes?"

Carrie looked at Karen for help.

"We will need at least an hour, Mr. Borges. We will need to ... clean up, shower, redo makeup and hair, and dress. We cannot do it in less than an hour, and that will be rushing things," Karen said.

"OK, they need an hour," he said to his fellow senior executive. "We land at one, get to the hotel by two ... That will be perfect timing, Tom." He smirked at the two junior executives who were busy working on the project, their heads together in front of Sam's laptop computer screen discussing some aspect of the project.

"Yeah, I think so, Steve," Mr. Parsons agreed grinning in anticipation and staring hungrily at the ladies. "That Carrie is smoking hot and Gary's wife is always a good fuck."

Mr. Borges nodded his agreement and with a clink of good crystal the two dominant males toasted their good fortune.

"Sam. Gary," Mr. Borges called out to the junior executives.  They both looked up at him over the open laptop screen that Sam had been working on.

"Arrangements are as usual," he drawled. "We've got adjoining suites for Tom and me and Karen and Carrie. You are sharing a suite down the hall."

Gary nodded, and with a guilty look at Carrie, who met his glance with a nervous but very excited little smile, Sam did as well. His heart was thumping and his palms were sweaty.

"We will be at the hotel at two, and since we don't know whether either your wives will be returning with us or will be spreading their legs for the Roberts' team, we are going to fuck Karen and Carrie in our suites until five thirty when we four will knock off to give the girls time enough to get cleaned up and ready for dinner."

"At six thirty, you guys call my cell to lay everything on me so I can sell the idea. Then get some food brought up and get back to work until nine. Be in our suites by nine thirty and when we return from the dinner meeting we will recap the day and plan for tomorrow."

Mr. Borges looked seriously at both of them. "Got it?"

"Got it," Gary replied.

"Good," and then he and Mr. Parsons headed to the bar where they chatted up Sam and Gary's wives until it was time to land, get to the hotel and start the debauchery.


Sam and Gary set up a workstation in the work area of their suite and in order to stop thinking about what might be going on in the suite down the hall, got right down to business.

It took them a couple of hours, but by four, two hours after each of their wives had waved goodbye as they were whisked off by the Senior Executives, they pretty much had the plan down.

"Man, let's take a break for a half hour or so," Sam said to Gary who gratefully agreed.

"I need a few minutes to recharge my batteries before we finish up."

Sam was anxious about what was happening to his wife in the clutches of the two senior executives.

"I mean I'm sure that -- they have -- you know," Sam sputtered to Gary, grasping for any information about what his Carrie was going through.

"Look, your wife is here to screw Steve and Tom. If they haven't both fucked her by now, they will have both had her several times before the weekend is over.  And that is if we are lucky," Gary said, accurately.

Sam looked at him, an eyebrow raised in question. 

"Hopefully Karen and Carrie will spend the nights with Steve and Tom instead of the guys on the Roberts Media team," Gary explained. "Whoever they are."

At 6:30, after four and a half agonizing hours of working, imagining and fantasizing, the two extremely frustrated junior executives called Steve Borges' cell phone.

"I thought of something," Mr. Borges said brusquely as he took the call. "If we are going to buy this company, we are potentially taking on people at the Senior Executive level, which we do not want to do."

He paused and Sam and Gary heard the ladies talking quietly in the background as they evidently settled into the back of the limousine. "Find a way to do this deal so we can break all the golden handcuffs that the owners will have written in for themselves."

"Ahhh, OK," Sam stalled, not knowing the first thing about how to complete that task.

"Good, then gimme what you got," Mr. Borges said brusquely.

For the next five minutes, Mr. Borges listened to their fake business plan, grunting in all the right places to let them know he understood.

For the next twenty minutes, Steve peppered Sam and Gary with questions and challenges which they were able to handle to his satisfaction.

Mr. Borges made no mention of either Karen or Carrie during the conversation at all, but the junior men could hear their wives in the background, talking and laughing with Mr. Parsons.

"OK, we are here. Bye." Mr. Borges abruptly disconnected and the two junior men looked at each other across the suddenly silent speaker phone.

"Damnit!" Sam said with feeling.

"Agreed." Gary said. "I don't know how to deal with the internal compensation contracts at Roberts, whatever they are. What are we supposed to do?"

They looked helplessly at each other. "I'll make a few calls, Sam. See if I can get some of the other departments to work on it."

Gary picked up the phone and Sam sighed as he returned to writing up fake technology white papers to insert into the business documents Steve and Tom would use as props during the negotiation the next day.

After another ninety minutes of work and consultations with legal and human resources back at Alphia headquarters Sam and Gary concluded that if there was a way to get the job done, they were not going to figure it out.

Frustrated in more ways than one, Sam put six hard miles on one of the hotel treadmills and then returned to the room to get ready.

Refraining from self-help during his shower was one of the most challenging things he had ever endured. He could not keep his mind from erotic fantasies involving his Carrie with Karen and multiple eager and aggressive men.

At nine thirty, the two more or less willing cuckolds appeared anxiously at the executives' empty suites exactly on time and took in the layout of the lavish arrangements. Whatever might have gone on in the rooms with their wives any evidence of it was no longer in existence as the professional and discrete housekeeping staff had been through all the rooms.

Gary and Sam uncomfortably wandered about the suites in a state of nervous, randy anxiety.

"Just to let you know," Gary said, "Steve Borges has a really big dick. Karen really enjoys fucking him now, but it took her a while to get used to it."

Sam looked at Gary with big eyes. "Seriously?"

"I don't know what difference it makes now," Gary said, "considering that Carrie has probably already had to take it, but ... just so you know."

Sam did not know what to say to that so he turned to the bar in the corner of the main room of the suite.

The subordinates were pouring themselves a couple of stiff ones when they heard the door to the suite open.

Sam was simultaneously relieved and stunned at Carrie's appearance. That red dress was absolutely dramatic on her and the large diamond opening in the front exposed the inner slope off her obviously braless breasts.  As she walked in to the room holding Karen's hand, her tits moved with an erotic liquid motion. She was flushed, and radiant, and almost painfully sexy.

Carrie flashed him a bright, dimpled smile and his heart leapt.

Karen was in an outstanding little black dress, heels and a single strand of pearls around her neck. She looked like the million dollar whore that she was.

Sam glanced at Gary.  Karen looked stunning, but Gary was staring at Carrie's tits. It was obvious to everyone that Gary was jonesing for his friend's wife.

“Make Carrie and me a fresh round of drinks,” Mr. Borges ordered Sam with a satisfied smile, coming up to Carrie and putting his arm possessively around her waist and nuzzling her neck.  Sam tried not to react to his boss’s display of dominance as he took the drink order but he could not miss Carrie's embarrassed look as Mr. Borges reached around with his other hand and casually fondled her breasts in front of her husband.

Sam could see Gary talking with Mr. Parsons.  Karen, Gary's wife, had her hand on Mr. Parsons' arm as the three chatted.  They all three seemed comfortable with the fact that Gary's wife was a company whore for the weekend.

Or one of the whores.

“Single malt, neat,” Mr. Borges said, bringing Sam's attention back to his own predicament.  Steve Borges' eyes glittered with malicious pleasure as he saw Sam give his wife an embarrassed look.

“Um … white wine please, honey,” Carrie said to her husband.

The hot and bothered junior men glanced at each other as they puttered around at the minibar, filling the drinks orders.  By the time the cuckolds got the drinks together, the two couples were talking in a small group.  Mr. Parsons said something and Karen nodded as Carrie blushed.  The wives swapped, Karen presenting herself to Mr. Borges and Carrie moved toward Tom Parsons.

Sam brought Mr. Borges his drink and he took it absently as he murmured in Karen Burroughs' ear.  She smiled and nodded at Mr. Borges and smiled a thanks to her husband as Gary brought her a gin and tonic.

“Tell me about how you got along with your tasks today, gentlemen,” Tom Parsons said to Gary and Sam as Sam brought Carrie her glass of wine.

“Um, well sir, we got through the numbers on the sales side of the deal, and they look really good, from our perspective,” Sam said, grateful to be talking about something business related.

"And we got the tech proposal in a pretty good final draft," Gary added.

“How far did you get on analyzing the executive employment contracts?” Mr. Parsons asked, “We really need to get that nailed down before we get too deep into the negotiations.”

“We couldn't figure out a way to …” Gary trailed off as the superiors looked at both he and Sam with angry disappointment.

“What?” Mr. Borges exclaimed. “That is the most important part of this deal!”

He was going to continue, but Tom Parsons stopped him with a raised hand. “Steve, they have time tonight to get it done.  I expect they had a hard … ahem, ahh, a difficult time fully concentrating on the task at hand?”

Sam blushed.  After a moment, Gary nodded.

Mr. Parsons gave them an understanding look. “Well, you had every reason to be. Your wife is very beautiful, Sam.  Steve fucked her several times earlier today, and I made Karen service me again, Gary.  She was, as usual, willing and eager and her sweet mouth and tight pussy pleased me well.”

The cuckolds could not keep their eyes off of their slut wives.  Their dicks were rock hard.

Sizing up the tension in the room, Karen looked at Carrie. "Why don't we girls go into the other room and freshen up? That way the guys can join us when they are ready."

Sam noticed that the term ‘guys’ was intentionally vague.

"No. We party out here," Steve Borges said, still plainly irritated by Sam and Gary's failure. "Freshen up, and then both of you get back here, ready to go."

Four sets of male eyes followed the two wives as they disappeared into the boudoir.

“Sam, after they return, I am going to enjoy your wife and Steve is going to fuck Karen,” Tom Parsons said to his subordinates as the wives disappeared down the hall.  He took off his suit coat and hung it carefully in a hanger on a hook in the wall. “I was going to give you the option to stay or go back to your rooms, but because you did not get the work done you are going to have to stay and watch.  You will have to work through the night after, but that’s just the way it is.”

Sam was excited and humiliated by the situation. “OK, sir.”


As the ladies walked down the hallway to the room that had been set aside as their boudoir, the girls could hear Mr. Parsons tell their husbands that they would have to stay and watch the next round of fucking.  Carrie turned to Karen, her eyes wide.

“Get used to it,” Karen said absently, opening the drawer in which she had put her lingerie, “Sam is going to have to watch you put out for a lot of men while you are both part of the Arrangement.  Gary sometimes has a difficult time with it, but usually he likes watching me get fucked.”

“But they sounded really angry,” Carrie said.

Karen shrugged. “That’s business.” She looked over at Carrie who had stopped in the middle of the room, looking unsure of herself.

“Carrie, listen.  Tom and Steve are going to fuck both of us in front of Gary and Sam,” Karen said. “It happens all the time, especially with Steve Borges.  He loves that dominance kind of thing.  But you don’t have to take it … lying down.” Karen grinned at Carrie, her double entendre intentional.

“But …” Carrie said, laughing a little at Karen.

“Well, sometimes you do have to take it lying down,” Karen said, laughing as she turned back to her lingerie drawer, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with the situation.”

Holding up a bra and pantie set, she examined it and tossed it aside and dived back into her drawer before noticing Carrie.

“Get going, girl! We have a show to put on!”

“Oh, right! Sorry,” Carrie laughed excitedly, opening her closet and opening her box of sexy underthings. “This is going to be fun!”

Carrie helped Karen unzip her form fitting, sexy little black dress and Karen helped Carrie when her dress got caught up in her hair.  Karen quickly selected a red and white tiny bra and thong panty set.  With her firm abdominal muscles and lean and sexy arms and legs, she looked like a high class call girl, except for the engagement ring and wedding band on her finger.

They added.

Carrie looked over at the older woman as she wrapped a black sarong around her waist. “You look … oh my God!” Carrie said. “I can assure you that my husband’s eyes are going to bounce out of his skull when he sees you.  You just look so beautiful,” Carrie gushed, a bit intimidated.

Karen checking herself in the mirror. “I am thirty seven, sweetie, and my days as an ingénue are behind me.  You are in your prime, and we are going to show you off!”

Karen went over to Carrie and took shook her head at Carrie’s choice. “No. We need something to show off your tits,” she said, peering at Carrie with a professional eye. “Your boobs are just magnificent.  Big enough to be a bit more than a handful, but not so big that gravity is going to play a role for a long, long time.”

In the end, she a light blue outfit for Carrie with skimpy panties and a spaghetti strap camisole with a golden chain around her waist.

Carrie stood in front of the full length mirror, and Karen stood behind her working her long, straight blonde hair into a ponytail.  “Our husbands are going to be suffering tonight,” Karen said with a grin around the bobby pin in her teeth. “You look absolutely delectable.”

Carrie giggled guiltily. “I was really mean to Sam last night,” she admitted sheepishly. “I didn’t know that he was going to be just tortured like this.”

Karen glanced at Carrie over her shoulder in the mirror, her face a frown of amused curiosity. “What did you do?” she snorted, shaking her head.

Carrie blushed a little, now feeling bad about what had been so much fun. “I put on a pair of these sexy panties under my see through wedding night nightie, and then I snuggled up to him all night.”

“Oh my God!” Karen laughed, her attention now on Carrie entirely. “Really? Haha! He is going to be in absolute agony out there.”

“I also let him play with me and I sucked him a little,” Carrie admitted in a small voice, “but I didn’t let him cum.  And now I feel really bad about it.”

Karen laughed to herself, shaking her head, still with the bobby pin in her teeth.  She removed it to put it into her hair to help hold her together. “You are bad. That’s really funny.”

Carrie looked sheepish.

“Don’t worry about it, honey.  Nothing to do about it now, and it’s nothing that you cannot make up to him later,” Karen said. “I really like fucking all the executives and the odd prospect, but the sex with my husband when I am not working? That is just incredible. You are going to have a fun weekend and, if Sam is anything like Gary, he is going to chase you around the house the whole week.”

The women exchanged happy, excited grins. “That sounds like fun!” Carrie said.

After fixing Carrie’s hair, she pulled her heavier, wavy dark hair back.  She stood back and looked at Carrie one last time.  “I thought that maybe a skirt would work with that, but you look like such a slut in just your panties and that certainly works for tonight!”

Carrie giggled and turned around to give her friend a hug.  Karen hugged her back and gave her a kiss to which Carrie eagerly responded, instantly opening her mouth to accept Karen’s probing tongue.

Carrie whined in complaint when Karen broke the kiss after only a few moments. “That’s a good start,” she said, patting the smaller woman on the cheek, “I hope you are into women Carrie, because unless the two senior executives pounce on us immediately, I am so going to fuck you out there.”

Carrie smiled shyly up at Karen. “Sounds fun to me.”

“Excellent,” Karen said, picking up her iPod and fiddling through it for the right music, “let’s go.”


Both senior managers casually stripped down as they awaited the return of the junior men's wives.

As the women were off preparing themselves, Tom explained why the termination clauses of the agreement were of special importance while he and Steve Borges finished undressing.

“Given our particular corporate … benefits … we need to be absolutely sure which senior executives of the target company we have to take on.  Our preference is to let them all go at the time of purchase, but if we cannot, search for as many out clauses as you can find.  Do your best, because whoever we have to keep on after the purchase will be part of the senior management and he will have full access to you and your wife under the Arrangement for the next several years.”

“I – I’ll do my best,” Sam promised.

"Carrie is taking to this slut role like she was born for it," Steve Borges said, dropping his suit pants and boxers to the floor and pulling on his big cock. He was clearly pleased to brag to Sam and Gary about his conquest of their wives.

He kicked his clothes out of the way. "As soon as we got here, I announced that I needed a blowjob, and Carrie dropped down and onto my dick like she was starving," Mr. Borges laughed. "The bellhop's eyes just about popped out of his head!"

"I showed him a $100 and asked if he wanted the tip or for Karen to blow him," Mr. Parsons chimed in. "He wisely chose the blowjob. Karen swallowed his load like a champ!"

Those words were hanging in the air when the wives returned to the soft sound of a sultry Lil’ Zane’s Anywhere.

Sam's penis, already aching from the excitement of the last twenty four hours and the absence of relief, hardened even more as his wife walked into the room, hand in hand with Karen.

Karen strutted into the room, her long, sexy legs rising up and into the sarong which wrapped just around her hips which revealed much more than it concealed.  As she strutted along, one foot in front of another, Sam realized that his adolescent fantasy of fucking a fashion model at lingerie show was about to come true … for Steve Borges and Tom Parsons.

He let out an involuntary groan and but for Carrie quickly flashing him another nervous excited smile, everyone was too engrossed in the scene to notice.  Four sets of hungry male eyes surveyed the two slutty wives, and four cocks rose to greet the sight of the women.  Steve and Tom were nude and brazenly stroked their erections as they watched the two wives, the husbands behind them entirely but temporarily forgotten.

Carrie herself, almost a half a foot shorter than Gary’s wife, walked in to the room nervously.  Her angelic face was bright with excitement and anxiety.  Her breasts, moving sexily beneath her camisole, attracted the eye of every man.

The wives walked directly towards the two senior executives, but halfway into the room Karen dropped Carrie’s hand, and spun on herself slowly, her hands in her hair, lifting her locks so that her upper back and the nape of her neck was visible.  She shot a smoldering look at her husband over her shoulder before sliding her eyes over to Mr. Borges and Mr. Parsons.

As she completed her sultry turn she looked right at the senior executives. “I would like to present Carrie Stevenson, a beautiful and sexy little submissive slut on her first assignment.” She turned halfway and held her hands out as if a gameshow hostess presenting the prizewinner his prize.

Which, at least for Mr. Parsons and Mr. Borges’ purposes, she was.

With the raising of one elegant hand, she forestalled the actions by the eager and randy senior executives. “With your permission, gentlemen, I would like to unwrap and present your prizes for the weekend,” and she made a motion that included Carrie and herself, “before you exercise your rights upon us.”

Without waiting for a response, she pulled a willing Carrie into her arms and covered her mouth with a passionate, toe-curling, open-mouthed kiss.  The men could see the beautiful women, their tongues entwined, hands in each other’s hair, kissing passionately.

When Karen broke the kiss, touching Carrie’s cheek in a gentle and sexy gesture, she turned so that she was in silhouette to the men, and lifting her long dark locks out of the way, presented her back to Carrie.  Carrie reached forward and with trembling fingers, unclasped Karen’s brassiere which immediately loosened.

Turning away from the men, Mrs. Burroughs shrugged out of her bra and casually tossed it off to one side before turning and coming face forward to the men, behind Carrie, her hands on Carrie’s shoulders before sliding them down across the front of her camisole, over Carrie’s breasts and down to the blonde wife’s firm belly.

Sam and Gary were rubbing their achingly hard cocks through their trousers, their frustration and lust so absolutely evident in their hungry, needy stares that Karen almost felt sorry for them.  She was careful in her turn back to face the men to give them only a flash of her nipples.  She could see Sam moving his head as she turned, hoping to get a better glance and she smiled to herself.  “Keep ‘em waiting for as long as you can, girl, because soon you will lose what little control you have and he will see everything, and probably a lot more than he is likely prepared for,” she said to herself, moistening at the thought.

She kissed Carrie’s neck as she slowly began pulling Carrie’s camisole top up and up … and up.  Carrie obediently raised her hands but Karen slowed down as the thin cloth reached the lower slope of Carrie’s breasts and the men erupted in complaint.

Smiling, she ripped the camisole up and over the shorter woman’s head, Carrie’s firm breasts jiggling delightfully as they were freed from the limited confines of her top.  Karen tossed the top carelessly away where it landed, unnoticed, across the back of a chair.

Covering her own breasts with one lean and feminine arm, she stepped out from behind Carrie.  The men, especially Sam, objected and she smiled, making eye contact with Steve and Tom as she slowly lowered her arm and exposed herself to their hungry eyes, turning as she did to take Carrie’s face in her hands again.

Carrie almost leapt into Karen’s embrace, her breasts bobbing wonderfully, and the slut wives kissed again, this time with a greater sense of passion and urgency.  Karen pulled Carrie’s hand to one of her breasts, smaller than Carrie’s and tipped with a darker areola.  Carrie reddened cutely as she fondled her friend for the first time.

Karen broke the kiss and leant down to take one of Carrie’s nipples in her mouth and Carrie gasped, taking Karen’s head in her hands and pulling her to her chest.  The men chuckled at Carrie’s reaction, and Carrie reddened again but quickly lost her sense of embarrassment as Karen sucked one nipple while fondling her other breast.

Sam had never seen anything so erotic in his entire life.  His balls were boiling and he was ready to burst just by watching.  He could not believe that he was going to have to watch this unfolding scene without relief.  Gary, even with his experience in the Arrangement – which at the moment Sam both loved and hated in equal passionate measure – was likewise transfixed by the images the women were burning into his brain.  His hand was rubbing his cock through his pants, a violation of the rules but one that was clearly forgiven for the moment, or at least went unnoticed.

Karen pulled Carrie back up to a kiss, but then broke the kiss again and pulled Carrie’s head down to her own breasts.  The men, and Karen albeit from different perspectives, were treated to the image of beautiful, delectable, blonde Carrie Stevenson, tentatively kissing and licking Karen’s beautiful tits, sucking on one nipple and then the other, emboldened by the moans she was eliciting from Gary’s wife.

With a gentle hand under her chin, Karen reluctantly pulled Carrie’s face up to hers and gave her another kiss.  The men could see the women talking quietly for a moment, and then Carrie nodded, looking down as her delicate and beautiful hands set about working the knot on Karen’s sarong.  Standing in silhouette, with the gentle light behind the two women, Carrie’s brow slightly furrowed in concentration, the breasts of the two women moving beautifully in response to the slight motion of their bodies, the slut wives were beyond sexy, beyond beautiful.

The senior executives were on a knife’s edge of a wonderful decision; take these beautiful women now, and slake their need in and upon their beautiful bodies, or let this wondrous moment build, knowing that whatever happened and however long it took, they still got to do whatever they damn well pleased with the gorgeous wives of the awestruck, frustrated and steamingly jealous junior executive husbands.

With a delightful wobble of Carrie’s breasts, she got the knot undone with a sharp tug on the cloth and Karen’s sarong fell away in her hands.  Karen’s lovely hip, concealed now by the single, thin strap of her panties was revealed in all its erotic loveliness.  Carrie reached up and hung the sarong around Karen’s neck where it hung down strategically, but failed to conceal her breasts for long because with her gentle movements it swayed to reveal one breast or the other which highlighted even more her nakedness.

Taking Carrie’s hand, she turned the younger woman until she faced away from the group of randy, needy males.  The ladies, each in their thong panties, stood in front of the men and allowed their eyes to roam across the shapely, firm arms and backs of the wives, and to trace the contours of their curves down to their flared hips and toned legs.  At a look from Karen, Carrie slowly bent over, her legs lightly parted, and moved her hands back to her hips and her panties.

Karen matched her movements and together, each looking over her shoulder, the slut wives slowly pulled down her last shred of dignity, each exposing herself to all the men.  Carrie looked Sam in the eye, love and lust competing in both of their gazes.

Karen locked eyes with Mr. Borges, as she knew that she was soon to be claimed by him and his big dick.

Turning, the ladies faced the men, the total nudity of the wives making them appear appealingly vulnerable.

Karen allowed the moment to build and then turned to Carrie.  Taking her by the hand, Karen pulled Carrie down and onto the carpeted floor.  Hesitating, eager but confused as to what her partner wanted, Carrie lay on the floor, her lustful eyes wide as Karen lay on top of her, her soft hands parting Carrie’s legs to allow Karen to assume the dominant role in the missionary position.

Carrie gasped at the soft hands on the tender flesh of her inner thighs, but parted her legs after only a moment’s hesitation and reached up her slender arms to her partner, wondering at this partner’s oh so soft skin and tender touches.  Karen kissed Carrie who responded eagerly, relaxing and opening her legs further as Karen lay on top of her.  Karen kissed her and then began working downward, now at Carrie’s neck, and now down to the top of her breasts.

Sam’s wife moaned and put a hand on Karen’s head, evidently to encourage the further southern trajectory of Karen’s soft hands and questing mouth.  Karen knelt up to free a hand, her breasts brushing Carrie’s tummy, as she nuzzled at Carrie’s nipples.  As Carrie responded with a gasp of pleasure, Karen let her free hand slide down Carrie’s taut belly and into the cleft between her legs.

The men could see Karen Burroughs, her anus and clearly wet pussy fully exposed as she gently explored Carrie with her gentle fingers.  Carrie, beneath Karen, spread her legs even more and stiffened up before relaxing and moaning at the gentle touch and penetration.  The men moved around to watch as Karen slid a manicured finger into Carrie’s vagina, and then another, and Carrie moaned, now pushing Karen’s head down, and down, and down.

Karen eagerly kissed her way down Carrie’s belly, and moved her body down until she was between Carrie’s thighs, and looking up at the eager and sexy woman she was about to taste.  She kissed Carrie’s inner thighs, and then her lower belly, and the blonde woman whined and tried to pull Karen’s face into her pussy.

Karen chuckled, and taking up the sarong, forgotten by Carrie, lifted it and carefully draped it across Carrie’s face, over her eyes.  Carrie, surprised by the sudden loss of her vision, moaned in surprise and lust and then cried out in pleasure as Karen, finally, brought her mouth down to Carrie’s pussy and sucked on her clitoris.

Carrie, already on edge simply by reason of the situation, the previous orgasms Steve Jorges and his huge cock had provided and because Karen was an incredibly sexy and delicious lover, allowed her inability to see the waiting, eager and hard males around her to let herself give herself over to her pleasure.  She threw back her head, arched her back and whined and mewed as she pulled Karen’s mouth into her pussy.

Carrie had enjoyed cunnilingus before but Karen Burroughs was an artist.  Her fingers were delicate and soft and yet deliciously firm in all the right places inside her vagina.  Karen’s mouth provided just the right amount of wet suction while her tongue simultaneously gently strummed Carrie’s clitoris.  Carrie thrashed, groaned, whined and then came.  Her orgasm was intense and furious, and her back arched as her thighs clenched and her heels pressed against the floor.

Her release lasted for over a minute and when she came back to reality, the sarong had been removed from her face and Karen was sitting next to her, stroking her hair. “Oh … my … God,” Carrie moaned. “That – that – was …”

“A lot of fun,” Gary’s wife said, smiling down at her.

“That was the sexiest, hottest scene I have ever seen,” Mr. Parsons said, his voice raspy, his cock achingly hard.  He stroked himself openly and without any embarrassment.

“Yeah,” Mr. Borges agreed, “but its past time for you two hot sluts to get to work on us.” He was red faced with desire, and his massive cock was hard and leaking precum.

Karen pulled a shaky Carrie gently to her feet and helped her steady herself.  Carrie, red faced and flushed from her orgasm, took Karen’s hand in her own and gave her a kiss.  Looking up at Karen, she looked at Karen’s hand and slowly brought it to her mouth, sucking Karen’s fingers into her mouth.

She smiled up at Karen. “I taste nice,” and gave a wicked giggle.

Karen gave her young friend another kiss and nodded her agreement before turning, and catching Sam’s eye, presented his wife to Mr. Parsons for his pleasure.

Mr. Parsons, also fully naked, grabbed Carrie and pulled her into his body for a hungry, lusty, tongue thrashing kiss.  His hands roamed over Sam’s wife and Mr. Parsons’ hard penis, trapped between their bodies, pressed up against Carrie’s tummy.  Sam watched as his wife willingly gave herself entirely over to this near stranger, her mouth open to his tongue, and the responsive kiss almost as desperately needy as his.

Sam saw Gary enjoy himself, his eyes lingering over his Carrie's tits, her neatly trimmed pussy and her firm, heart-shaped ass.

Gary gave Sam a tight smile and he flushed, but gave a sickly smile in return.

Karen Burroughs who had seemingly been in control of the situation gave a squawk of surprise and objection as Mr. Borges grabbed her arm with one powerful hand and roughly pulled her into his body.  He pulled her around into him so that they were facing the same direction, the junior executive husbands before them, her slender, feminine frame wrapped in his arms and trapped against his larger, heavier masculine body.  He ran a hand possessively over her breasts, roughly pinched her nipples, and he pushed one hand down her belly and into the soft, lightly furred dark haired cleft between her legs.

She yelped in surprise but quieted and spread her legs for his easy access to her pussy when he growled into her ear.  Her mouth opened in an expression of pleasure as he dominated her with his mind and strong body.  He stuck his tongue in her ear as he pushed his fingers into her vagina and she shuddered as his thumb flicked her clitoris.

“I love how you walk around, tall and gorgeous, like you own the world,” he said in her ear, but looking directly at Gary, “but right now you are mine to play with and use.”

He kissed her neck, hard, and she moaned with pleasure and reached a delicate hand up to his face. “You like it when I turn the tables on you and make you my submissive slut, don’t you?” Steve Borges asked, still trapping her into his larger body, his huge, hard cock pressing in her back.

“Y – yes,” she moaned, “I do. Take me! Tell me what this submissive slut can do for you.”

Over Karen’s shoulder, Mr. Borges shot her husband a maniacally happy, lusty and malicious grin as he grasped her by the shoulders, spun her around, pushed her down to her knees and fed her his large and hard penis into her mouth.

Mr. Parsons broke the kiss with Carrie. Still fondling her breasts, he spoke to her: "Mrs. Stevenson, get on your knees in front of me. We were going to discuss business with your husband and I want my dick in your mouth while we talk."

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