alphia corporation - chapter 2

alphia corporation - chapter 2 alphia corporation - chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


this is the first chapter of the loving and sexy experiences of sam and carrie at alphia corporation, a career path for sam ... and carrie.


this is the first chapter of the loving and sexy experiences of sam and carrie at alphia corporation, a career path for sam ... and carrie.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Alphia Corporation - Chapter 2

Author Chapter Note

Sam and Carrie have a conversation ... and a big decision to make.

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Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017




As soon as Carrie was able to collect her car, she rushed home. A mile or so away from home, before dealing with the babysitter and children's needs, she pulled over.

"I think that we need to talk, darling," she texted Sam. "Come home when you can. I love you."

Sam's response was immediate: "I love you too. Big decision to make. Just finishing up with Gary. Be home in an hour."

When she got home, she paid Sheila and thanked her for watching the children and spent the next hour spending time with Emily and Jack, getting dinner together and trying to relax.


Gary put several twenties on the table and followed Sam out of the restaurant.

"Listen Sam," he said. "Good luck. Whatever you and Carrie decide, I just want you to know that you are a good guy and you will succeed no matter what decision you make."

"Thank you, Gary, I appreciate that. Thank you." Sam held out his hand.

Gary hesitated momentarily but then shook Sam's hand. "Just there is one more thing."

"There's more?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Just to let you know that if you accept the promotion, Karen and I get a 'finder fee.' Until my anticipated elevation to Senior Executive next year, we four will be at the same level in the Arrangement ..."

"Except for the Finder Fee," Sam continued for his friend.

"Right. Except for that." Gary conceded. "Karen and I will be at your house next Saturday evening, ready for a good time."

"Karen will be coming, too?" Sam asked, hopefully.

"Yes, of course," Gary replied, "but don't get your hopes up. She is quite interested in Carrie."

"Whoa, that's hot," Sam said, with feeling.


When Sam walked in the door, Carrie was feeding their children. Jack was in his high chair and Carrie was working to convince him that it was a better plan to eat the carrots than to throw them around the room while shrieking with joy.

Emily was eating her dinner and giggling at Jack's antics.

"Hi sweetie," Sam said, giving his son a kiss on his head while moving to avoid the fistful of mashed carrots Jack evidently thought would go well with his father's suit.

"What a little nut," Sam laughed as he kissed his daughter.

"He is a handful," Carrie smiled. "It's a little early for their supper, but I thought that it would be best to get the kids down early."

"Yes, good plan," Sam said, reaching over and giving his wife's shoulder a squeeze.

Together they got the kids fed, bathed and in bed and two hours later they sat down to their own supper. Sam brought out a bottle of their best red wine and a couple of glasses.

He poured Carrie and himself a glass and raised his for a toast. "To us," he said. "With or without Alphia Corporation."

Carrie smiled. "I'll drink to that."

Sam started to say something and then stopped. "How should we talk about this?" he asked his wife.

Carrie shook her head. "We just ... talk," she replied. She put her hand on her husband's. "Honey, just relax. Your toast was right; we are going to be together for the rest of our lives, Alphia or no Alphia Corporation."

"Well, it's a bit more complicated than that," Sam protested gently. "I mean, I will be working with men who ..."

"It's not all that complicated from where I sit," Carrie said, interrupting her husband with a smile. "Really honey, we've dabbled in this type of thing before, and I think we both enjoyed ourselves. Just tell me what is on your mind."

"I love you," Sam said to his wife, and then he paused to take a breath: "I really like my job, and I love working for Alphia Corporation and the thought of you and the other wives being available to my superiors at the office is really exciting," Sam finished in a rush.

He looked into her eyes, expectant and a little nervous.

Carrie gave him a tinkling laugh and squeezed his hand for reassurance. "I know it is, darling," Carrie said, smiling at him. "You are my loving, sweet, horny and perverted husband."

Sam leaned forward and kissed her. "So that means ..."

"I am excited, anxious, scared, nervous and very, very wet," Carrie said, her eyes bright. "Which means that I am in, if you are, and it means that no matter what we decide you are going to get lucky tonight!"

Sam laughed with pleasure. "Awesome!"

They ate their dinner companionably for a few minutes. Carrie seemed calm and at ease while Sam's thoughts were bouncing around his brain.

"How can you be so calm, honey?" he asked his wife as he finished the last swallow of his wine. 

"Because," she said, giving him her most devilish grin and pausing for effect, "I already know how to suck a dick."

She gave a wicked little chuckle and squeezed Sam's hand across the table as the color drained from her husband's face. "I know that," Sam said, trying to smile, "and it might be wrong of me, but I am really turned on by the thought that my bosses get to enjoy your body, but ..."

Carrie smiled at her husband as his voice trailed off. "Yes?"

"But I am not eager to be with another man."

"Well, if we agree to do this, we will be company whores," Carrie said, "and in my experience in such a ... position, when I was the frat boy plaything on the harem cruise, it wasn't so much as 'being with' whoever I was with, it was me being a vessel for their pleasure. What I mean is there is not much of an emotional connection: you just get fucked and give head."

"That really doesn't help a whole lot," Sam said with a wry smile. His rock hard cock told another story.

Carrie gave her husband a knowing look. "I can tell that you are really excited about this opportunity."

"I am," Sam admitted, "even with the risks that I will have to satisfy another man."

"What do you think the executives and potential clients are going to want from me?" Carrie asked her husband, to set up a point.

"Everything," Sam said after a momentary pause, his voice husky with sexual tension.

"Exactly," Carrie said calmly. "I'm sure that I will be with other women, and I am going to have to give lots of blowjobs, and take many different men in my pussy and in my ass."

"Oh yeah," Sam said. "Definitely."

"Well, if we are going to do this, maybe it wouldn't be fair if I am the only one of us to take on ALL of the new responsibilities."

"I suppose you are right," Sam reluctantly admitted.

"Besides, I think that you'd look really sexy with a cock in your mouth," Carrie said with a wicked throaty chuckle.

Sam laughed. "OK, you win. If you are willing to do your part, I'm willing to do mine!"

"Then I guess we are a go," Carrie said happily.

She picked up her wine glass and raised it in a toast. "To us," she said, "and Alphia Corporation!"


"Oh Karen, I am so glad you called," Carrie said. "I just got the kids down for a nap. It's a perfect time to talk."

"Oh of course. We girls need to stick together," Karen said. "The Arrangement is very well thought out. It is important that you and Sam's first experience in the Arrangement is with a couple you are friendly with."

There was a brief pause. "It is still a little awkward, though. We ... I never thought of you and Gary ... that way," Carrie said hesitantly.

"I completely understand," Karen replied smoothly, "but we - all four of us - are whores, bought and paid for. Most of the senior executives and their friends are pleasant and attractive, and some Gary and I could be friends with under other circumstances. In fact, there are a couple of couples on the Senior Executive team with whom we are friends. We often socialize, but it IS sometimes awkward."

"I didn't know whether it was appropriate for me to call you, given this weekend coming up," Carrie said.

"Of course it is OK to call me," Karen replied. "The senior executives want all the junior executives and their wives ready for them, so it is expected that the more experienced of us make sure you know what to expect."


"We are all on the same level, except for this weekend when Gary and I will enjoy playing at being members of the senior team," Karen said.

"You can expect that when you and Sam are officially part of the Arrangement - which officially begins Friday - you will be called out A LOT as all the senior executives and board members are all eager to spread your legs and try you out," Karen continued. "It usually takes them a month or two before things settle down."

"Oh wow," Carrie breathed. "That is exciting ... and a bit intimidating."

"Oh piff," Karen said with a laugh. "They are going to be like a kid in a candy store! You will do fine. You might want to warn Sam, though, that for the first few weeks he will have to deal with a lot of evening child care because you might be out ... entertaining almost every night."

"Haha!" Carrie laughed in return. "That sounds great! I could use a break. He gets diaper duty and I get orgasms!"

The women laughed together.

"This weekend will be easy," Karen reassured Carrie and she could hear the smile in Karen's voice. "Gary is just so excited!"

Carrie giggled.

"Just remember to prepare Sam. He should abstain for at least a day in advance, because it is often easier for the husband to watch his wife with another man if he is excited, and it is usually a good idea for you to have him get you ready," Karen said. "I think this weekend will develop at a leisurely pace, but Gary might want to be inside you pretty much immediately and you should be ready for that."

"Ooohhh, me as an appetizer, bent over the kitchen counter?" Carrie joked with a laugh.

"Sounds tasty to me!" Karen agreed, joining in the laughter.


Sam looked up from his desk at the knock on his door. "Hey Gary," he said. "What's up?"

Gary stood in the doorway, dressed impeccably as usual. Carrie had told him that Karen was involved in the fashion industry, or had been before they were married. Karen probably purchased all of Gary's clothes because he always looked nappy.

"Listen. Something has come up, this weekend's plans have changed and we need to take a walk." He looked serious.

"What's going on?" Sam asked, worried, as he slipped his suit jacket on.

"There is quite a bit of high level business going on that you were not previously privy to before your promotion," Gary explained as he led them to the elevator bank.

"Hi Bob," Gary said to a team leader. "Get that report on my desk tomorrow, OK?"

"Errr, yes sir." Bob scurried away.

"Had to get him away from us," Gary muttered as the elevator arrived and the two junior executives stepped inside. Gary waited until he was sure they were alone in the elevator before continuing. "Alphia is in the process of negotiating the purchase of Roberts Media. You did not know it, but your research and report on our failure to recognize the value of the internet advertising technique you identified really opened a lot of eyes."

"Really?" Sam said, eyebrows raised. "Great!"

"Yeah. Great," Gary replied sourly, punching the button for the 17th floor. "Roberts owns the intellectual property rights to the technique you 'discovered.' Turns out that someone at Roberts thought of it a few years ago. They went and patented the thing but they evidently did not realize the value of what they own."

"I just don't understand how that is possible ..." Sam protested. "It's just obvious ..."

"Your business concept is just genius, Sam, don't sell yourself short," Gary interrupted. "Pretty much they've been running with it upstairs ever since I ran your memo up the flagpole. We have been summoned upstairs because Alphia is sending a team over to Roberts to lock this opportunity down before someone at Roberts realizes the gold mine that they're sitting on and triples their counteroffer ask price."

"No kidding?" Sam exclaimed, surprised and happy.

"No kidding," Gary replied. "They are sending Tom Parsons and Steve Borges from the senior executive level, and you and me as support. They need me because the project came out of my department and you because you are the wunderkind who came up with the initial idea. You know the nuts and bolts of this deal better than anyone."

"Wow!" Sam said. "When?"

"We fly to London Friday morning on the company jet, and we will work straight through Sunday night."

"I guess your plan for this weekend is off, then," Sam joked, trying to lighten Gary's seemingly inappropriately somber mood.

"Yeah, mine is," Gary replied sourly, "but the thing is Sam, Karen and Carrie are coming along."

"Wha --?"

"And they will both be working, too. You and Carrie are getting thrown in to the deep end, Sam, in every respect," Gary said as the elevator glided quietly to a stop at the Executive Suites level. "Our wives will be working and we are going to be underfoot all weekend. It is going to get a little crazy."

Sam gulped as an elegant older woman approached the open elevator doors. "Gentlemen, you are expected in the main room. Would you like some coffee?"

The men demurred the offer and followed the executive secretary down the hall and into a well-appointed conference room. Tom Parsons was already at the table, as was Steve Borges, head of sales, and another man whom Sam did not recognize. All three were comfortable in expensive, tailored suits and had an air of moneyed competence.

"Thank you, Carol," the third man said. "Please make sure we are not disturbed for any reason."

"Yes, Mr. Jones," came the reply as Carol left the room and closed the door behind her.

Donald Jones was the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Sam had never seen him in person before, but every employee at Alphia knew his name.

"Mr. Stevenson, you have risen the ranks here very quickly. I must say, I am impressed by your thinking and by the quality of your work," Mr. Jones said by way of introduction.

"And by your hot wife," Mr. Borges commented drily.

"Of course," Mr. Jones said easily. "Hot wives are our specialty here at Alphia. In fact, I believe that it was I who 'introduced' your lovely wife Susan to the Arrangement, was it not?"

"Yes sir, it was," Steve Borges replied, chastened.

"I believe that it was up at my summer home that I had Susan for the weekend. Many, many times. She was a delightfully anxious but ultimately very eager partner and she pleased me well, all weekend long," Mr. Jones replied, turning the knife a bit for the interruption. "And I do believe that I had a couple of old friends over who also got into the action. They fucked your Susan all over my house."

A reddened Mr. Borges subsided and Mr. Jones again spoke to Gary and Sam. "Tom and Steve are the negotiators and closers on this trip. You two are detail support. You need to make sure they understand everything about the technology," he said to Sam, "and you, Gary, need to give them a firm hand on the financial details."

Both the junior executives indicated their understanding.

"Gary, Sam, your wives will be attending as guests of both Tom and Steve. Generally, we take adjoining suites for the senior executives so they can party with and swap the women around," Mr. Jones continued. "You two will be sharing a room apart."

Gary nodded. This seemed to be no more than he expected, and so Sam followed his lead.

"Ok, good," Mr. Jones said. "Carrie and Karen are coming along on this trip to make sure that the closers on the deal are well-rested and satisfied. They will be at the sexual beck and call of the senior executives and neither of you are permitted to touch your wife, or yourself, without permission."

"Understood." Gary's voice sounded calm. Sam did not trust his, so he simply nodded. His insides were a knot of anxiety, fear and excitement. His cock was rock hard in his pants.

"And further, should the company have need of one of your wives to seduce an opposing negotiator or bribe a member of the Roberts team with a blowjob or other service, well, that is part of the junior executive and spouse job description."

He paused. "Understood?"

"Yes," Sam croaked, causing a swell of good-natured laughter fill the room. Mr. Roberts smiled at him.

"The first time can be quite the emotional roller coaster, son. I think ultimately both you and your Carrie will decide that you have made the right decision to continue with us at Alphia, but this weekend is going to be challenging for you and for your Carrie."


When Sam got home Thursday evening, he was jittery with a combination of excitement, anxiety and lust. The children were already asleep and Carrie met him at the door in a robe.

She offered up her face and he gave her a kiss that lasted almost a minute. "Phew," Carrie said, molding herself into his chest. "I'm so glad you are home."

"Me too.  I've been thinking of you all day," Sam replied, frowning in confusion as Carrie led her him by the hand to the bedroom. Sam could see that beneath the robe she was in heels and stockings.

"You didn't have a ... visitor here today, did you?" he asked, surprised by the excitement that rose through his chest and hardened his cock and because he thought that the first time she would be called out was this business trip.

"Yes, I did ..." Carrie responded before realizing what her husband meant. "Oh, no. Karen came over. She took me to the new mall downtown."

She looked up at her husband, still following her and still holding her hand. "I bought some things ... I kind of went through a lot of money," she said apologetically before opening the door and pulling Sam into the bedroom with her.

"Oh wow!" Sam breathed. On their bed were laid out four or five new and elegant lingerie sets, several pairs of sexy heels, stockings and a large assortment of feminine accessories and sundry. Everything was elegant, top shelf and clearly very expensive.

She pulled open her closet where three beautiful new gowns were hanging next two new business suits, skirts and expensive-looking blouses.

"Oh my God!" Sam said, his eyes huge. He fingered one long, elegant, dark red gown. "It's all ... beautiful."

He looked at his wife with a nervous expression. "How much did it all cost?" Sam asked the question, dreading the answer.

Carrie looked down at her feet, embarrassed. "Twenty thousand dollars," she admitted in a small voice.

"WHAT?" Sam exclaimed, shocked. "Holy shit! Oh my God!"

"Haha!" Carrie laughed, throwing her arms around her stunned husband. "Alphia paid for it all! Karen came by and picked me up. She brought the corporate Black Card! She said it was a a ‘Welcome to Alphia’ gift from Mr. Jones. It was AMAZING!!!!!"

"Huh?" Sam gobbled.

"Yeah, it was like Pretty Woman!" Carrie enthused. "Only without the pizza delivery to the dressing room." She giggled.

"Yeah," Sam said drily, recovered enough to join in the conversation. "A lot like Pretty Woman," and he leered at his wife.

Carrie giggled happily and gave her husband another quick kiss. "Did you know that Karen used to be a fashion model? You know, the tall ones that walk down the runway cat thing showing off clothes?"

"Really?" Sam said. "Makes sense. She is beautiful, and thin and nearly as tall as me."

"Yeah, she really is," Carrie enthused. "You know, she knows so much about fashion. I could never have picked these out without her. I really like her. I didn't think I would at first because she is so reserved or something when you first meet her, but she is really nice when you get to know her."

Sam smiled at his wife as she burbled happily along. In his mind, though, he hoped that this weekend he might see the beautiful and elegant Karen Burroughs naked and moaning as she was thoroughly fucked.

His cock stirred. He glanced guiltily at his wife. It would be exciting to see both these beautiful women working this weekend.

"What are you wearing?" he asked instead of voicing his secret thoughts.

Carrie grinned and dropped her robe. She gave a spin to reveal the transparent nightie that she had purchased for their wedding night worn over a top of a pair of high cut, elegant and barely there thong lingerie panties. With those and her elegant heels and thigh high stockings, Carrie was the most desirable woman that Sam had ever seen.

She gave a happy twirl. "You like?" she asked, striking a coquettish pose.

"Your wedding lingerie?" Sam asked, his eyes as large as saucers.

"The rest of the stuff is for working," Carrie said, "but I wanted to wear this tonight, just for you!"

"Only for working?" Sam looked a little hurt.

"Oh, honey, of course not!" Carrie immediately exclaimed, giving her husband a reassuring hug. "I just meant that Alphia bought these for me for when I am working."

"Oh, OK," Sam said, relieved and happy again.

"Who knows? You might see me in them this weekend!" Carrie exclaimed with a smoldering look. "Karen said you and Gary might be around while we are entertaining the senior executives! You just might see something you like."

"Oh, you are so hot. I love you so much," Sam said as he reached for his wife. They kissed passionately and she let him run his hands over her body. When he led her to their bed, though, she put a halt to the proceedings.

"Sorry honey," she said. "I am working tomorrow and I have to shut you down tonight. And no self help, either."

Sam groaned and Carrie giggled as she snuggled up to her husband. "This is going to be fun!"

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