Twilight calls

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Nat finds exploring her sexual side can invoke a sleeping side of her that's been waiting to get out.

I normally wouldn't kiss and tell, especially a story involving such sexual acts and to divulge such a sexy secret to a girlfriend of mine, well I never thought I would. My friend is an aspiring writer and has asked me to write her a sexual exploit of mine for her finals, she said she will write a story around the info I give her. She has chosen erotica as her field to write in.
To tell the truth I'm extremely shy with even the mention of the word sex sends my face into a showering field of strawberry embarrassment. I have been taking it easy for a few years after finishing school, I know that sounds lazy but I am looking at universities while I complete my fashion design course. Ha ha you see I'm not that lazy, I still am a very busy girl with my 23rd birthday around the corner I'm planning it to be a big blowout as it runs into my design graduation. My boyfriend David is the one planning everything as far as I know, he's a little bit older than me, 34........... Yep you sure heard me right...... But hey i love him, I think I do anyway. He's my first serious boyfriend and I'm still working out what love is I guess, he loves me as he's constantly worshipping the ground I walk on which is ok if your one of those girls that thrives on that but I've told him I don't need that kind of attention for him to hold onto me..... Maybe it's cause I'm younger and he thinks I'll leave if I get a younger buck from the herd taking an interest in me. So you know...... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't, I adore him and all he does for me. 
So I guess that's enough about me, as I write this I feel I should have typed it, my hand aches already ha, well I'm sure Jess won't use this last part, sorry Jess I'll move onto the section you need. I actually have  never written anything like this and to think of it I haven't done much writing at all so Jess I would like to say thanks, and your the reason why I'm writing this and why I've chosen to write this in a diary I bought the other day. I'll only give you the parts you need for your piece too so you don't have to wade through pages and pages of my life.
Well here I go, my name is Natalie, I'm 22....... boy this is kind of intimidating, where to start...... I guess for the sexual story I have it was about 6 months after I started dating David. Jess keep in mind you know a lot of the things about me and David and A LOT about what happens between the sheets with us however this is a doozie of a bed tale.
Mine and David's sex life as you know was great, amazing, I mean he was a lot more experienced than me and I guess you could say he taught me things about my body that kept me up many nights quivering and shaking to his every command. So skipping ahead doing the amount of study I had to complete, I was online a lot and Facebook seemed to be a common frequent for me.
Anyway friend requests from randoms annoy me and I flick them off as soon as I see them, always guys crawling through friends of friends pages finding girls who they drool over then try to friend them in the hopes of them being the next girl to inspect their sheets and other things.
So this William Anderson private messages me saying he's in the same group as me, some design group blah blah blah usual compliments I've come to receive from guys hunting Facebook for their next conquest.
What can I say, I was bored and thought I would humour him for a while......4 hours straight online reading notes and notes on design tends to drain a bit on my mind.
He was not bad looking in his profile and of course after a couple mins chatting more offers of pics flooded my inbox. Although he didn't offer any nude pics which generally after 10 mins guys are dropping their pants to give you a look at their penis asking the question hard or soft babe whether you want to see it or not. 
His pics he sent through backed up his profile pic, at least he wasn't a pretender. It was around 2 hours that went by and I actually enjoyed the conversation. We talked about design which he was very informative about, he had a girlfriend and like me was looking for a uni to attend and he had just turned 23. Over the next few days we continued to talk, even swapping numbers and talking late at night. It wasn't anything like that, until something happened that put things in play that I couldn't stop. I never thought I would have done this ever especially having a boyfriend but it started so innocently, I had a major design assignment due and I needed advice on a garment which of course William turned out to be the best person to ask. 
I set up a Skype call to him and stood back with the dress draped over me, to give him a look at the dress and thoughts he had about it.
'Hard to tell just hanging on you Nat.' David said clearly angling at something.
Could you possibly try it on?'
There it was, it did take him a while but he's definitely got a guys mind, but maybe I should cut him some slack...... It's not like he asked to watch me change on camera and I do need to know.
'Ummm sure' I hesitantly said back.
'Be one sec, don't go anywhere.'
I stood out of the lenses view and stripped quickly, I bent over to grab the dress but was not fully aware that my generous bum would push its way back on camera. It's not a huge bum but I'm curvy so it found its way back on camera like a sun slowly rising on the horizon. I do love my bum.
Apparently will did as well as I was bent over I heard a faint 'ahh God.' From the monitor.
I dressed and looked back at the screen, 
'Sorry, did you say something.' 
I said curiously.
'No, well, yes, ok ur ass popped back onto the camera when you bent over before and I kind of saw it and ok I'll be honest, WOW, you have a damn fine ass!'
Will seemed very enthusiastic leaning forward.
'Ohhh, well, I'm not here to show you my ass  and don't think you should be looking at it, we both have partners right.'
I said glaring at him.
'Yep, sure, my apologies, I just noticed that's all.' Will seemed to whimper like a scolded puppy looking to the floor.
I know, maybe I was a bit harsh but God it's my bum and David I'm sure wouldn't like that, apart from the fact he doesn't even know I'm talking to this guy. I should tell him actually, no point hiding it.
I pushed the thoughts from my head and looked back up to will.
'Ok what do you think?' I paraded the dress around my room a little showing it off.
'Yep, better, can see it clearly. The lines define better that way, I would go with that one nat.' Will commented still sounding like he had been rejected by a model.
'Great, thanks. Umm'
Will cut me off.
'Call you tonight?' He asked.
'Ok sure, about 8:30, I'll be in bed winding down so good time to catch me.' I said smiling.
'Great talk to you then.'
Will's screen logged off.
So a bit awkward, however I got the advice I needed and who cares if he saw my ass, at least he thought it was some top class ass I laughed. I picked up my phone and called David,
'Hello my lady.' He answered so excitedly every time and always put a smile on my face.
'Hey you.' I replied. 'Ok so I hope you don't mind but I have been meaning to tell you something and I just want to tell you now.....but it's not a big deal so that's why it's continually been forgotten.' I kind of hesitated and was nervous and still unsure why as I had not done anything wrong.
'So I have been talking to another student that does design and he's been helping me with things. It's a guy but please it's just professional and there's nothing going on but I though I should tell you.' I blurted out, it felt like a lifetime saying that short sentence to David not knowing his reaction.
'Ohhh ok, well that's cool if he's helping you. It's nothing I can help you with?' David seemed kind of defensive and with good reason from his point of view.
'Well, yes and I will ask your opinion when I see you babe. Just I didn't want to bother you at work and plus you kind of will want to see this in person if you catch me.' I said trying my best to put a seductive swing on it.
'Ahhh yes, that does sound very interesting baby. If it's any kind of clothes modelling I'm very keen to watch your runway performance like anytime you know that. I love you babe.' He said.
My heart felt like it sank a little as those words rang through my ear. The guilt of what happened remained even though I was innocent so I ignored it.
'I love you dave,' I said. 'Oh and tonight come up to the bedroom when you get home, I'll be in bed, I need you to see something.' I whispered into the phone.
'Sure babe, that sounds great. I finish at 7:30 so I should be home at around 8:15.' He replied.'see you then.'
He hung up the phone.
Now I was very nervous and all cause of that will thing and I wanted to make it up to dave and give him a night of hot sex but in my mind, it made it out like cause I wanted to do that for him, it was like I had done something wrong with will.
Well I told dave and that's the most important thing, there's nothing going on and I hope he's cool with it.
My head sometimes is just a mass of fluff I'm sure, living in there must be hell ha ha I laughed my silliness off and went back to study.
I cooked a quick dinner, 2 min noodles, yep as quick as it gets. It was around 8 and dave would be home shortly, I ran upstairs and frantically roamed through my wardrobe, the section of my wardrobe I named jess's corner as every thing in that part was added or recommended by the loverly Jess. From memory I think I had crotchets panties for easy access apparently Jess tells me is a must. An assortment of coloured panties, see through, frills, g-strings like a rainbow made of panties. Many bras, some I think are jess's that found their way in there. Ok this next part I think I would die of embarrassment to if David saw these, a suction cup dildo, jess's number 2 on her pleasure giving list, sticking it to the wall and sliding my pussy on it is something not to be missed im told, although have never tried it out, still in the box ha, something called a rabbit vibe, which again still in the box and again........Jess, number 1 for her. I found the one thing I have always wanted to put on again as I wore it once for a whole day just lounging around the house, its silky material felt amazing on my body, my chiffon ruffle baby doll gown. I had bought it only due to jess's influence again as she was the sex expert.  I must admit it's transparent coconut white colour looked amazing and my light brown nipples peeked through forming little mountains peaks. I gave a little twirl in front of the mirror spinning the frills around me. I starred at the rabbit vibe in its box and took a deep breath and opened it, I had never used one and thought tonight I wanted to show David. I will push my boundaries for him and give him a show. I opened the box and its little rabbit like ears pointed toward me as if to say I'm here for you, use me for your pleasure, ha ha I smirked a little as a little bunnies voice spoke inside my head.
So I removed my panties from under my baby doll lingerie and lay on the bed, reached for some batteries ideally located in my top drawer thank you Jess. 
I flicked around with the settings, it seemed simple enough, I turned the base and a low hum and vibration emitted from the vibe, turning slowly to the right a little more cranked that little rabbit up and it's ears definitely looked like they could please my ever growing curious pussy. I raised one knee and placed it to the side then the other leg I kinked it to the side giving me a nice area to explore in. I figured dave will come home, hopefully come in as I'm mid orgasm and join me or maybe pre orgasm to finish me ha ha I smiled at that thought.
It was kind of weird to me, I mean I had masturbated before, enough to know what is what but not with a toy, kind of made me nervous as it hummed its way along its journey from my nipples to my thighs.
I bit my lip as it washed dangerously close to its target sweeping an arrangement of feelings through me centring at my gratification hub. I had not even brushed that close yet and twinges of excitement electrified my core. I teased myself drawing lines from my outer thigh over around my knee turning north toward my pussy but diverting as I closed in then repeating the cycle every time edging closer and closer where my new bunny look alike could greet my welcoming lips, I could feel them as they called to be touched and caressed but my mind screamed not yet, trust will enjoy it more if I starve you off your greedy satisfaction. I buzzed past under my thigh feeling the vibrations curl inward resting just inches from my anus, shivering jolts internally shot through me. My tongue seemed to want control as it swirled left and right every direction the vibe took as if it attempted to steer it back to its rabbit burrow. It became quite clear now that it was mind versus body, my thighs flexed pushing my ass up as it skimmed another lap past, my fingers grasped it harder aiming it back to the task at hand. My back pushed down forcing my thighs to open signalling my mind that this was a gift it needed to give permission to receive. I could now feel my lips becoming coated in my nectar as it trickled down pooling on my sheets. I allowed one finger to peel the top of my lips as it found my clit beginning a slow repeating circuit with a few light taps at the end of each few laps. The light smacking of my finger tip on my pussy with the now humming bunny hopping closer than ever before to its hole buzzed my senses through the roof. Those little ears tilted as the shaft dipped inside me pushing in easily as the now honey soaked walls enveloped all it was given. I twitched as the delightful little fellow tinkered with my bean, shocking it with vibrations of bliss. I held it there as its length slipped in to its limit and the charming little ears flicked and ticked all the right boxes, as I pulled it out then slowly entered again I was emerged in pleasure gasping with my teeth finding my lips again this time gripping hard on my lower lip as I entered another 4 to 5 times quickly then the sixth I ran the tip around my lips spreading my honey up and down my valley as the calls of my wanting pussy were heard I held back more making it beg me for pleasure. 
I already could feel my head becoming light and knew I wouldn't last long at this pace. 
My phone lit up and grinding itself along the dresser top as it rang startling me.
I fumbled for my phone and attempting to turn the rabbit off at the same time.
I didn't even have time to see who was calling and assumed it was dave, as he should be home soon.
Very flushed and feeling a bit embarrassed with my actions I reluctantly answered.
But this voice that replied was not dave, it was will, as he said,
'Hey you.'
I checked the time, 8:30 right when I told him to ring it had completely slipped my mind.
'Ahhh hi hi.' I said
'Hi Nat, how are you? Wait, ummmmm before I go on, can I just say how sorry I am about earlier and I shouldn't have said anything about ur butt.' 
'Hi,' I said again lost in my head.
'Its totally fine, it was more my fault really, I didn't mean to do it and I kind of over reacted a little. I was pretty embarrassed that's all really.' I replied.
'Really? So we are cool?' Will asked eagerly.
'Yep, it's ok.' I said.
'Well I just wanted to catch you before you went to sleep, you up for a chat? Just quickly or if your tired, not at all?' Will asked.
'Ummmmm we can sure, I guess'
'Your busy, it's ok. You weren't with dave were you, please don't tell me you picked up when you were doing it ha ha' will joked.
'Very funny, and no I was not having sex.' I firmly said.
'Shame then.' Will said seemingly testing the waters he edged so close to earlier that morning.
Well he's trying very slowly to wear you down, and as horny as I am now I should just hang up on him.
It's just nice to have had another guy check me out and say how hot my butt was as wrong as that is. Funny thing is I now actually wanted to know if he thought it was hot.
'Nat? You there?' Will asked.
God what do I do. Just ask him.
I cleared my throat. 'Sorry yep ummm I'm here, will this will sound weird and I know you have a girlfriend and I don't want to make things weird between us and anybody else but I was thinking that this morning you know when I was showing you the dress and asking your opinion that well umm you know when.'
Will jumped in, 'Nat your rambling, just talk to me, what's up?' A kind of calmness poured through the phone.
'You actually think my butt is hot?' I threw the words out of my mouth as quickly as I could. 
'Like its fine, you said you did and all but you could have been just being nice and I just thought to ask.'
Will again bounced in. 'Nat, your ass is hot and very tap worthy, like holy shit, the image is still stamped in my head. The curves.' Will stopped.
I had no idea what to say. 
My mind was blank except for one thing, an urge to come filled me, I was not sure why it manifested so quickly in my head.
Was it from the flurry of hot ass compliments I just received from a guy who wasn't my boyfriend invoking that wild instinctive urge to put myself on display like an animal to mate. Was it cause I was so horny already and was lying in a large wet patch of my own juice taunting me to finish the job.
Was I a bad girlfriend for thinking these things and also a small part of me was open for any suggestion that this guy might throw out there.
Was it all normal that all women go through these predicaments and it's just my time to be tested.
I felt incredibly guilty and I had not done anything yet apart from listen to my heads random yet interesting ideas about getting off while I was on the phone to this guy.
I eventually satisfied my mind by thinking of it as just a phone call which may lead to something happening over the phone and it's not like his hard erection was going to be in me, it's just phone sex....... Wasn't it.....
An incredibly exciting feeling rushed through me as I leaned further and further toward the idea of doing this.
'Nat, Nat, are you there.' Will said.
'Ahhhhh, yep, still here'
'What's up, you seem to be going a little strange, did I go too far telling you about your fine ass?' Will's voice only excited me more.
I was on the edge as I was extremely worked up now and still very wet.
'Will' I said.
'Yeah, what's up Nat?'
'Is your cock hard right now thinking about my ass?' I swallowed after I said that almost frightened of the response. This was very foreign ground to me and I had no idea what was about to happen.
'What, ha ha well I don't know what to say.' Will seemed amused and very interested.
'Well it's simple, is your cock hard thinking about my ass wagging in front of you?' I said almost smacking my forehead after I heard those words come from my mouth, wagging what, am I a dog, oh god stupid. I couldn't believe the words leaving my mouth, i continued increasing in filthy terms the more I spoke to will.
'I think it's hard, thick and wanting to be stroked now over my ass gliding just above your dripping tip, I know you want to feel my moist centre roll over ur head over the ripples and onto the shaft feeling the veins pulse as I continue to slide down you until your have filled me to your hilt.' I was amazed at what I was saying but as I said more and more it was like well to be honest my inner slut emerged and I didn't know I had one.
'Oh well, your right! I wanted to feel that tight pussy when I first started talking to you, I want it wrapped around my dick now! I want you!' Will became more firm, I thought by now his cock would be stretching out his pants trying to call to my wanting nectar centre. 
'So,'I said. 'Do something about it, pull your pants down. Wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it for me. Tell me how good it feels. I want you to shoot ur load for me.
I heard will start to breathe heavy as I imagined he would be running his hand up and down his dick teasing his head with his thumb when he reached the top then gripping it tight pulling it down hard.
'Mmmmmmmm yes pull it! Harder! I want to hear your pre cum as you whack it hard.' I moaned.
My fingers had started dancing over my pussy and working their way inside.
'Ohhh will FUCK ME!' I screamed into his ear. As I said it my legs widened as if instinct took over and my body had reacted to my voice believing it was about to be entered my another mans cock. I had not even thought about that this might be a little bit wrong I just worked my pussy, hard rubbing and firm smacking above my pussy lips became a routine as I listened to  wills breathing as I could only imagine he had quickened his pace and his hand would have taken on some of the flashes power as it would be a blur to the naked eye feverishly handling his cock bringing it to the edge of pleasure. My moans only encouraged him
As every time I did I'm sure I heard his hand smack his stomach on the way back down from a hard stroke.
As my inner slut commanded me to continue this act of pure guilty pleasure, I thought I heard the front door shut downstairs and that's when it hit me like a train.
'Fuck!' I said.
'Yes baby, yes, talk filthy to me!' Will said thinking I was taking to him.
It was well after 8:30 and dave had just walked in. I wanted to stop but my pussy ached and pulsed me to continue. I heard dave coming up the stairs like I had told him to, thinking he would be walking into a peep show featuring me. Without thinking I let out a moan, I felt like I wanted to be caught, I moaned again as will was set off gasping and moaning with me with a loud fuck me Nat in between groans.
My mind seemed to be overloaded with ecstasy as its choices were clearly clouded as I heard the door opening i spread my legs as wide as I could manage letting out a moan loud enough to alert the dog next door,  with a chain reaction of dogs in the neighbourhood barking to one another and my moaning, dave walked in and stopped dead staring at me. Motionless, seemingly empty, his face, kind of kinked to the left trying to fathom the chain of events that led him to this point.
I started to think I may have not thought this through but when he walked over and a smile slowly curled over his face and his hand moved down to his quickly growing dick. He knew exactly what I was doing and from all signs I was receiving he was ready to play. He rubbed, looked to be hard on the outside of his pants slapping his cock up and down as his other hand reached for my breasts and stroked them up and down drawing semi circles over my little hard nipples. I continued to talk to will, telling him to fuck me, fill me with his creamy load.
Dave was naked in a flash still standing rolling his hand over his hardened tip drawing a line of pre cum down his length with his finger.
My mind blew a fuse as now being a girl who never would do this has all of a sudden had a switch flipped and now I have two guys well kind of, still both were stroking their cocks for me, over me, wanting to be inside my garden to bring me to orgasm.
I took my hand away from my hungry pussy and beckoned dave to enter me. My eyes grew wide as he placed himself between my legs slowly sliding his body up to my stomach grinding his long thick dick over me leaving a trail of pre cum.
I said not a word to will what was happening as he continued to pleasure his shaft over my moans on the other end of the phone.
I looked deep into dave's eyes and said 
'Will, slide inside me now, I need to feel you.'
'I'm in you baby, am I hard and long enough for you.' He said.
Dave knew exactly what I wanted to do.
He took on the role of will so I could imagine will being deep in my pussy fucking me hard.
'Oh fuck will. Fuck me now! Harder.' I moaned louder as dave listened to my commands and allowed me to imagine it was will fucking me.
'Suck my nipples will, I said starring directly at dave. He did so immediately while his dick still moved inside me, in and out. Deep strokes filled my pussy.
I could feel my orgasm building, it felt like a huge rush flowed inside me.
I could still hear will banging on his dick,
'Oh Nat! I'm about to come.' Will screamed down the phone.
'Kiss me will,' I said as dave moved in pashing me, nibbling on my bottom lip.
'Slam me will!' Dave pumped hard with all his strength. Will groaned on the phone and yelled he was blowing his thick cream.
'That's it.' Inside me please will I need it.'
I raised my knees and held them up so dave could fully push his length all the way in and pound my slutty little pussy.
I moaned louder and louder,
'Now fill me will, I'm coming.'
Dave increased his speed, the bed rocked as he pumped with all he had. I could see the stress on his face as his arms pulsed with muscles holding him above me thrusting hard. He looked up to the ceiling and pushed in deep and I knew he was releasing inside me, as he pumped I started to shake and quiver as my body readied for the most intense orgasm I have ever had.
We all came together although will didn't know about the third party that helped me out.
I had never come like that before and it turned out dave was into that sort of thing and it all turned out ok, we regularly ring will but he now knows and he is extremely turned on by the whole thing but that's a story for another time.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Well, that is one helluva story. Very erotic and climatic. The build was strong and full of sexual tension that rose up fast. I even got nervous when Dave entered the room. I'm definitely glad he was good with it because it was crazy hot! I loved this hot little story;)

Thu, March 16th, 2017 4:33pm


Quite an amazing Hobby! I could be the will on the phone to something like that! That would be a pretty amazing call!

Mon, August 27th, 2018 9:33pm

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