Tonics and bitters

Tonics and bitters

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: November 21, 2018

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Submitted: November 21, 2018





The chair creaked as mr Wilson sat taking off his hat placing it in his lap staring with a concerned look as the old doctor rummaging in his desk.


"Well, doctor tress? Do you know how to help my Annie?"

His voice cracked and trembled.

"It's getting worse, I can't be seeing her like this no more, tell me you have a tonic, an idea of warding this off her?"

Mr Wilson lowered his head.

"I have taken her to three different physicians and they have given her all manner of brew and herb, with nothing breaking this thing, you gotta know something. Please doc, you gotta?"

Wilson had raised his head again once more looking at doc tress.


The doctor continued searching through cupboards and draws all over his office muttering to himself.

"It started out with just plain simple things doc, being light of the head, then hot spells, she can't sleep, fainting, sometimes she won't eat  and to worse things like her mood or behaviour like things. Urges doc like you know what I'm saying the urges and not being able to be satisfied, chasing after attention from the fellas at the bars in town like it's not ladylike behaviour. I married a lady not a wanderer of the street you can flip a few silver coins at and be given company for the night."

Mr Wilson stood up now,

"Doc, come now, you gotta speak, you gotta know something to help my Annie, something that will be getting her through this."


The doctor stopped and looked up, his hand had pulled a piece of paper out of a draw. He carefully unfolded it, adjusting his glasses making out the scrawled writing.


"Mr Wilson, I have been a physician a long time and seen many things, some that you wouldn't want to see again, some more happier times. Its almost the 19th century and there are some truly wicked things out there that we can't cure and many more we don't understand. Your Annie falls into the case of total bewilderment, her tests are fine, she seems healthy, it doesn't need to be all hopeless though. I'm going to send you to a colleague who specialises in cases like this."

Doctor tress collected some paperwork binding it together with a paper clip.

i hear he's quite good with a quirky personality. I will arrange everything, your train leaves at seven tomorrow morning, please do not be late and don't worry, doctor strat is very gifted.

Good luck me Wilson."


Very puzzled Wilson took the papers from doctor tress and left his office.




The Train puffed into the town of pados valley at eight am on a Thursday morning.

The whistle blew and steam billowed from the undercarriage.

A conductor loudly announced "last stop,

Pados valley,

Collect your belongings and exit to the left side please,

Thank you."


Mr Wilson and Annie filed out with a few passengers onto the platform.

"The doctor will fix you up Annie, I know it."

"Like the last four, Thomas, maybe they can't cure me, I mean they say I'm fine with not any serious ailment."

Annie seemed confident in her self diagnosis.


Thomas raised his voice pushing her into a small hallway.

"You ain't fine! What about the urges Annie,

That's the biggest thing here ain't it?

It's not the lady thing to be doing, you ain't no whore Annie, your not and I won't be seeing you like this no more. Doctor strat will cure you I just know it."

Thomas calmed himself and let Annie go.

"Please, we have a coach to catch Annie, come on."

Mr Wilson led his lady on out to the coaches.


It was a short coach ride to the Main Street of pados valley where the office of doctor strat was between a run down general store and a old but nice enough looking hotel. The town much like any other town lay itself on a street of dirt with coaches leaving their trails and horses pushing their hooves into the mud as their riders bounced on by, a few of these cowboys tilted their hats to Annie with a confident "ma'am" as they rode by. Thomas glared as mean as he could at the men on horseback attempting to steal his Annie away from him. They continued on and made their way to doctor strats office where they were amazed at the line leading out of the building and into the street but what startled Thomas more was that all the patients were women. The door opened and a fine looking lady emerged looking quite happy and care free, she nodded and greeted a few women and started walking towards Thomas and Annie who had taken their place at the end of the line.


She stopped and starred at Annie who seemed embarrassed and looked to the muddy earth that made up the street.

"Hey there, now look here."

The strange women put her hand under Annie's chin and lifted her head so she could see her eyes.

"Now, don't you worry my dear, I have been coming here for a month now and I tell you that good doctor in there will give you everything you need. I promise you.

She will be fine sir, I have to go."

The women smiled, turned and walked down the street.


Another lady exited the doctors office then a short time later another and another as the line moved and eventually came to Thomas and Annie who had been waiting at least two hours now. It was almost eleven and the sun had begun to forge its work into the muddy streets baking the torn up mud into hardened cakes of dirt. A very attractive assistant walked up to Thomas explaining to him he would have to wait in the lounge area while the doctor saw to his woman. He didn't protest too much and agreed kissing his wife on the cheek before sitting down and burying his head into a fresh paper that had been sitting on the table.


Annie seemed quite nervous as she was lead to the main office of doctor strat.

The assistant opened the door and showed Annie inside asking her to take a seat and the doctor would be in to see her in a moment. A short time passed and the door opened revealing the doctor.

"Well, another fine lady I see.

Tell me my dear, what troubles you?"

Doctor strat said with a pinch of showmanship like he was getting ready to start some kind of a show.


Annie was cut off.

"Wait, wait, wait, my apologies my good lady, I'm doctor strat, healer of things that trouble the fine woman off the world these days. I am a fully qualified doctor although I have been taken down another path as it were with my methods now becoming not as traditional as regular doctors."

He paraded up and down his office arms swinging as he spoke.

 "I am however are a marvel of medicine and I can guarantee you that you will walk out of here feeling a sense of relief and satisfaction that no other doctor can give you." 

The doctor looked to Annie seemingly wanting some sort of praise for the show he had just put on.


"Ok, so my lady what can I do for you?

Or better yet may I suggest why you are here?"


Annie who was rather red in the face nodded politely.


"So, let me see, stress levels high?

Of course, feeling flush I would say?

Fainting, insomnia, irritability.

He looked to his clipboard.


He leaned in close to her.

"Are you having any urges?

Without putting you through the embarrassment of explaining my dear, you know, urges of the wanting kind?

Do you find yourself wanting to explore other regions of other men when this is looked down upon by so many considering you are a married woman."


Annie nodded again.

"It's just I feel I need it."

She looked up and gained the courage to speak.

"I feel so anxious and tired and yes stressed I guess and then these feelings of wanting strangers is bubbling up inside of me everyday that passes filling me, I can feel it rising and it and it well it's like I'm drowning and I need to......... just yell or something."

She stopped speaking and seemed a little exhausted blurting out her troubles in one hit.


"Ok, ok, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"

The doctor yelled to the roof.

"I'm going to cure you Annie, it's a procedure where you will feel so much better after and I encourage you to return for future treatments to hold off these urges you are getting.

Sound ok to you?"

He asked.


"Why, yes, my husband will be so happy if this works."


"It will my dear, it will,

Jump up on the bed just here and lay back for me."

Annie did as the doctor asked.

"Good, good, good, now Annie my methods are unique and I ask that you trust me and anything I ask of you because I can guarantee you will be on the road to feeling one hundred percent better after our session today."


Annie nodded.

"I trust you doctor."


"Ok, let's begin, lay back and close your eyes and relax fully my dear, I need to slide my hands up onto your thighs."

The doctor slipped a hand up onto Annie's thigh making her jump.

"Ahh what are you doing?

Annie asked anxiously.


"My dear, you need to relax and let me continue the procedure ok?

I'm telling you this will work miracles on you ok?

May I continue?"


Annie still seemed confused but nodded and lay back down.

The doctors hand sliced even higher up on her thigh this time making Annie move a little as her mind wondered what was dr strat doing but she tried to remain calm and do what was asked of her.

He continued circling her thigh just running his dexterous fingertips up and down and with every run he edged closer to her most private parts. She shivered and tried not to move but his hand was almost there. Annie's mind raced, this can't be a procedure, it's not right she thought.


"Your doing fine Annie, I know it's different but this is what you need."

The doctor reassured her.

This relaxed her again but she still felt this to be very strange as only her husband should ever have his hands down there, well at the moment these urges she was getting she wanted even strangers to touch her there so she allowed the doctor to continue and as he continued she felt her legs parting a little and that same urge growing inside of her wanting to burst just as she had felt when wanting to flirt with strangers at the bar in her town.


She could feel her fires warming and her pussy swelling as he now began rubbing directly on her pulsing mound.

Her fires roared into an all out blaze as she wanted more peeling her legs apart as she thrusted onto the doctors fingers trying to capture them and give her the attention she so badly wanted. Her soft moans brought the doctor to look up at her as he slipped her under garments down baring her pleasure centre.

"Feel good doesn't it?

Let go Annie."

Doctor strat whispered as his fingers worked over her throbbing pussy.

A finger gently flicked through her wet valley as another circled her pounding clit before she felt his fingers push inside her reaching deeper before drawing back out and returning with a faster pump.


Annie laid back not feeling very much like a lady but was lost in ecstasy as the doctor had began working her harder and faster making her nice little ass bounce as his fingers continued sliding inside her soaked pussy only stopping for a second while her juices were applied to her clit forcing shivers up her body. She gasped and let a louder moan free into the air followed by another, she quickly covered her mouth as her body rocked on his fingers and she couldn't help but moan loud as she could feel herself reaching orgasm.


"Oh more please! I need it!"

Annie yelled as the doctor increase his speed Sebring Annie into dizzying heights as she moaned with pleasure. She reached that point where she knew she was so close, she opened her legs wider and gasped loudly as she came hard.

She panted heavily as the doctor gently rubbed over her pussy a few more times causing her to convulse a little with how tender it now was.


"Ohhh that was........


Annie could only muster those few words.


"I told you Annie, that's all we needed to do for you for this visit. I recommend you come back again in two weeks for the same treatment to keep your stress levels under control. All of the other symptoms should subside now but if you don't regularly come see me, it will build up again. You can get up and dress yourself."

The doctor seemed so casual about what he had done to her, Annie still seemed bewildered about what just happened even though she did feel so much better.

After sitting for a minute she got dressed and walked to the door.


"So, you say come back in two weeks to have this done again?"

Annie asked.


"Yes, I'll see you then.


The doctor walked her to the waiting area where Thomas stood up to see how Annie was. 


"You must be Thomas?

I'm doctor strat,

So we are all finished and Annie just needs to come back in two weeks for another treatment and then we will see from there but she should be a lot better now."


Thomas  looked puzzled.

"Really, that's amazing, thank you so much doctor strat."

Thomas shook his hand.


"That's ok, that's what I'm here for,

Now I'll see you in two weeks, bye."

The doctor called as he returned to his office. Thomas paid the assistant and they walked outside back towards the coaches.


"Annie, you really feel better?"

Thomas asked.


"Yes, I feel great."


"I'm so relieved, what did he do?"

He asked.


"Just a little treatment to relieve stress and that, it's really quite amazing."

Annie said smiling.

Thomas and Annie made their way to the coach then back to their home town and Annie returned two weeks later for her second treatment and the word about doctor strat continued to grow. The demand got so high for his treatment that it led to him inventing the very first dildo for women to use at home and relieve their stress which became a very popular thing and now we have a wide variety of toys and things just to add that spice or just for fun.


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