That girl is mine

That girl is mine That girl is mine

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



I noticed a couple poems about that guy is mine and thought I would throw one out but hey that girl is mine. 


That girl is mine



She's mine, without me she fades from this time line,

I carry her, support her in all, plus Come on man I'm mighty fine.


I'm telling you you can't keep her locked away,

You lost her, it's over, to my hand she falls and to sway.


One taste of what I can muster through storms of hail and storms of thunder,


Has her open, waiting for the tide to rise, to her pussy I lay sunder.


I see your there gripping onto what you had and it's all about to crumble,


I serve her my length, she swallows, inside her deep, her mouth, no room but to mumble.


I have had her every which way, in ways you can't hope to achieve,


I have her soaked and cuming, watch the videos I edited if you don't believe.


On her knees sucking my cock to legs spread wide behind her head,


Her body shook and shivered from my hardened cock, her bouncing upon me broke the bed.


I have had her poking and prodding herself on the phone to me while you lay passed out.


She didn't keep quiet, she screamed loud all she wanted was to receive a load from my spout.


Her pussy has lay open to me so many times, my thick pole looks for no relief,


Pounding her again and again is what she loves, it's her new religion and belief.


I tell you this because it's time you knew your out, it's over, I have won.


Just remember I even fucked her in ass and believe me you never did and never made her cum.






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