That delight

That delight That delight

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



You feel his cock growing, no sign of slowing, the pulsing and hardening of his tip, u felt it the moment your hand started working his zip.


With every stroke at the top you pause,

With a glaze eyed look,

Like a lion with prey in its claws.


Then like a wave that soft sensation,

It brushes your lips,

A shiver still but different from when you accept his penetration.


Your tongue lightly flicks, back and forth as a pendulum would and clock ticks.

Then in sequence that next delight,

You feel and taste it, that first drop, a third sense doesn't escape your sight.


As you push up and down your tightened grip,

A slow stream emerges,

More sweet elixir coats and welcomes  your bottom lip.


Your breasts exposed, you guide him to your flesh fields.

Nipples seem to call,

They lust for all what his iron cock yields.


Your breasts now bathed in his sticky lotion, with a continued motion.

Your lips quiver and fantasise,

You pull him in as your senses explode and rise.


As you glide him in, you feel him all,

Every crease, vein and ripple,

Your eyes hungry, wanting to maul.


His stiff shaft is layered by your mouth as you suck at the tip harder each run.

A tongue roll and swirl over,

Your in control, dirty filthy feelings,

U take your time, make him wait to cum.


You work his dome with tongue and lips,

He groans and pushes it further in with a thrust from his hips.

Pace quickens in your grip, your hand meets your mouth as you suck, lick followed by hand whips.


His hands on his head as he lays back,

A hand on your tits, a squeeze,

He gazes at your impressive cum covered rack.


You slide all over his dick as your mouth soaks up his liquid and your hand moves quick.

You jack him hard, strong,

A slow one then a fast quick followed by a long.


His cock now covered as you desperately not waste one drop.

This feels so good, exciting,

You want more, you never want to stop.


Your sweet nectar, you can feel it, panties are washed in your tide of lust.

One last stroke,

He's going to blow, hard, one last suck,

You want him to cum, he must.


His moan fills the air as his eruption is intense.

You worked his cock hard just for a treat,

Your mind races as you think, what can I try next when we meet.






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