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Status: In Progress

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Matt has been dating his girlfriend serene for a few years, knowing the permanent question of marriage approaches he just wants things to stay the way they are. One night at his local bar will throw him into a world of nightmares he won't believe.


Matt has been dating his girlfriend serene for a few years, knowing the permanent question of marriage approaches he just wants things to stay the way they are. One night at his local bar will throw him into a world of nightmares he won't believe.

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



The phone dropped to the floor with a soft dichhh sound accompanied by the moans and groans of Matt. He opened one eye maybe thinking what he just saw was a dream but the phone still remained lit almost starring at him while exposing the message not blinking not going away just looking straight at him as if drilling itself into his mind through his one opened eye.


He groaned again as the light faded from the screen, rolling his bed creaked, his hand rubbing his eyes as they began to focus and lock onto a spot on his roof. A single black spot about the size of a dollar coin perched itself somehow on his ceiling, not knowing how it got there he puzzled his mind as to why it was there and how it came to be starring at him now like his phone, the message.


"Ohhhh, we can't just be the way we are now, can we?" He muttered to himself awaiting a response from a person that would never come, not until it was directed and asked at that point in time, that point where lives would collide with each other possibly ruining two worlds with one question. It couldn't be stopped now he thought as the universe had propelled it toward him in an unsatisfying and disruptive way through the horrid beeping tone that was his message alert.


Matt had been dating serene for a few years and there was no question that he loved her, there was no quarrel in his mind about his love, no this was like a contract to him that would cement his feet encasing him and in his thoughts never allowing him to be free. He rolled searching the floor for his phone lighting up the screen it shone its brazenness onto his face sitting there still that message, that god damn message. It was from serene of course and it simply read.


Matt, we need to talk.


That was all, just those four words, we need to talk shot shards of ice down his spine into his feet cause he knew the question would come from those little words dancing on his screen awaiting a response. He thumbed back.


Sure, you free for lunch?


His thumb fought him on the way to the send button but he won out and a few seconds passed and the reply came whizzing back.


Triano's at one?


"Ohhh let's do it then."

Matt said out aloud as he text back


See you then.


He flopped back onto his bed returning to his observing of that spot that had intrigued him before. 

Matt's friends would say he lucked out massively with catching serene, very talented and very beautiful, she was a very successful marketing manager of her own company. Long chocolate brown hair that had curled on the ends with her eyes matching her hair with a hint of honey even peanut brown slicing through their deep set elongated shape. Her brows almost triangular whipping at the ends with tiny singular tufts spiking out.


She was of average height always wearing business wear and as Matt would always think covering up her insanely hot body.

She remained completely professional at work which explains her work attire with a hidden fire smouldering inside surfacing occasionally to fry Matt's ass for being stupid or to close a business deal. A complete package which again matt's friends would remind him she was so out of his playing field however she adored Matt and saw something inside him that no one else did which made her love him even more. 


Then Matt, who was handsome enough, black hair, kind of curly, early stubble constantly held at bay. Slim with a kind of goofiness to him and not too sure about himself, not a lot of self esteem to push him through certain situations which he always seemed to find himself in. He worked in a factory just clocking in and out day in day out not really going many places.


Triano's cafe was busy as usual, one of serene's and matt's favourite places to grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat.

Matt sat toward the back of the cafe in a booth flicking his thumb over his other backwards and forwards with an overlapping of nerves spilling through him coming to life in the form of sweat beads washing over his forehead.

He thought to himself.


Pull it together man, it may not be what you think, just ride this out. 

Oh shit, she's here, right this is it.



"Matt, how are you."

Followed by a tender peck on his rough face.


"Hey, I'm fine. How have you been?"


Serene took her seat ordering a coffee from the waitress whirling by their booth.


"I've been fine, I know it's been a couple days since I've been able to see you and I'm sorry. Work has been so crazy and it's no excuse but I just signed this amazing company to a deal that will surge our profits even more."

Serene looked up a bit embarrassed with her reason behind her absence lately.

Matt adjusted his shirt,

"It's cool, like cool, I know you got a lot of responsibility at work and you don't have a lot of time for me-"


Serene quickly raised a finger,

"Matt, you know that's not true. I feel bad enough about not being able to get to see you as much as I want, I do love you Matt, you know?"


"I know, I know, I love you too."

A blushing Matt said.



Serene sighed deeply.


Oh man, here it comes, my world, her world. Boom! Worlds will rip to pieces in seconds. He thought to himself not taking her eyes of hers.


"We do need to talk you know, you do know where I'm going with this? I'm sure you do, is it why you seem so distant lately?"

Serene seemed to question Matt.


Matt knew exactly what it had meant, the message this morning and that wasn't the first hint or the first message. He scrambled his head scouring for a reply that wouldn't end with him being reprimanded like a soldier fleeing his unit.


"Yeah, I'm sorry, for you know not being able to talk as much. I know I missed some calls and I always forget to reply to your texts."

He said quietly looking at the sandwich the waitress just plonked in front of him.


"I'm not mad Matthew."

Boom, there it was he thought as serene's voice trailed off echoing in his mind, his thoughts rambling on as she spoke.

Full name bomb right there dropped in public as well. This is bad, I need an exit strategy before this thing goes ass up.


"Are you listening Matt, did you even hear a word of what I just said?"

She made a clearly annoyed tapping noise with her index finger on the table.


"No, well I mean yeah, I'm listening."

Matt managed to spurt out.


"How much time are you spending at that bar Matt? What time have you been getting to sleep? I don't like you being there so much."

An annoyed serene said.


"Well I have gone a few times this week, you know just hanging out with the guys. Just a couple after work to wind down."


"That's fine but I'm worried about you ok,

Plus I wanted to ask you something.

Like, we have been together a while now Matt and I love you and I was thinking it's time we made a move. We kind of are just in this hole not moving anywhere. Marriage is a thing I have been thinking a lot about lately and eventually a family, something to think about don't you think?"

Serene leaned forward smoothing her hand over matt's hand.


There it was Matt thought,

The question asked pretty much in the form of a thought voiced to the whole of triano's cafe and to him.

Sure it wasn't asked but it was there popping it's little head out from behind the voices thought, almost waving like a shy friend asking if it's ok to come over.


"I don't have much time Matt, I need to be back at work. Think it over ok, we will have dinner Wednesday night?

I have to go, I love you."

Serene said pressing her lightly glazed lips to his. 



I love you too, dinner would be great."

Matt replied watching her turn walking out.


Matts head thumped onto the table.

Muffled words could be heard from his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, why can't we just stay the way we are now?

I need a drink."

He threw some notes on the table and walked out.




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