Realms of desire

Realms of desire Realms of desire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 07, 2019

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Submitted: January 07, 2019





That tall dark haired stranger that rides with you everyday in the elevator on the way up to your apartment.

The younger smoking hot fit guy, tanned and toned, surfboard under arm that passes you most mornings on your way to work. The barista with the glasses hiding his superman body with his Clark Kent disguise that artistically folds the frothed milk into a heart shape for your morning coffee.


It could be anyone of these guys or possibly more that weave their way into a woman's mind while her husband pushes her to orgasm.


The question, do women fantasise about other men when they are in a relationship?

We can almost confidently say men would but for a woman this might be totally different so I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on this.


To start, a few more questions need to be asked.


Is it wrong for a woman to do this when as stated it's almost certain men do it.

Therefore how could it be wrong without having a double standard attached to it.

While she's with her man, is it so wrong for her to be imagining captain jack sparrow swinging in wanting to board her and take her to new heights on that peak of pleasures. Could it be seen as wrong if while imagining the very charming captain jack it takes her orgasm to a whole new level of intensity?


Would her partner in this sexual situation mind her imagining another man if it helps her orgasm that much more? Some may as even though they can see their partner moaning and enjoying every minute of the sex they are having it could be seen as a form of cheating as she may not cum that hard when she's only thinking of him.

Does that make the man selfish for not wanting her to have the most intense orgasm she can have providing he knows about her wild imagination fleeing with the captain and conquering the vast seas while he ravishes her between cannon launches. (Sorry, that will be the last pirate reference). 


That raises another question, should she open up that part of her and express her desire to want to imagine being pleasured by another man. This then pushes forward if she feels open and safe enough to express this how far would she want it to go in regards to becoming more adventurous if the fantasy eventually fades and starts to become dull to her.

Movie stars and people that aren't easily accessible would make the Male more comfortable but what if she wants to imagine one of the above available men who are more real, able to be conversed with, able to be touched or feel a warm embrace.


All the above questions have valid points and issues that could arise stapled to them, so let's get into it, dust off these files, open them up and shed some light on the somewhat awkward subject matter.

So is it wrong for a woman to do this?

I would like to throw my vote in for no,

I believe a fantasy for her should be explored to a certain point, of course you would want your partner thinking of you while you explore their body and do all you can to make them quiver to a lashing of your tongue or a deep thrust sending them over the edge but if it's a sometimes thing, then I can't see anything wrong with that.


However let's jump ahead a little and display this next question clearly for all to see. What if it's not a out of reach fantasy like the above mentioned candidates....

What then? Is this something to be explored carefully walking a knifes edge as the slightest piece of trust that's misplaced or a splash of jealousy could send a relationship heading for the reef. This one I don't think I would want a partner of mine to play out, some I'm sure  might disagree as they may see it as a very exciting way to watch their other drip for another bringing them to fantasy island arriving with a huge smile and being very willing to partake in all activities.


I believe this would come down to what your comfortable with and trust would be the lock that would never need to be opened with this one or I wouldn't hold much hope for the relationship If this rule was broken.


Jumping back...... do women do what men do? Do they picture another? just every now and again just for that extra cream on top of their already amazingly chocolate covered ice cream? Again this would come down to the individual but I think women do and why not, a virtual roll in the hay with another I think might actually be beneficial at times but in moderation.


Should the woman tell her partner of her desire?


It would depend on the couple I would think, some might like the thrill of it all where others might prefer to keep it a secret from their man and enjoy their luxurious romp in their head while still bring pleasured by their lover. Now does my last sentence make it ok for her not to tell him? She's just expressing herself but through him and isn't that ok?


What about the guy? Her lover, if she was open with him and revealed her dirty dance. Should he be open and allow her to reach that plateau shaking all the way there knowing that she might cum harder this way or would something like this be too much to handle? He still gets to pleasure her, he still gets to watch her enjoy what he has, he still gets to share with her that moment of ecstasy..... however part of the moment belongs to the guy in the fantasy and if he's not comfortable with that than she may need to keep it to herself.


A very tricky subject to cover I believe as answers open up more questions and it comes down to slot if personal choice and understanding from both parties and being totally comfortable with each other and that trust. Well I'm still baffled on the whole thing really so if you have a thought, let me know? I hope some light got thrown on this naughtiness. 


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