Rapture of nite

Rapture of nite Rapture of nite

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: November 06, 2018

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Submitted: November 06, 2018





The hunger grows inside me,

It burns, I need love to cure me.

One side handsome, the other horned and twisted.

I need it now, I cant resist it.


You come with the night,

Never in the light, 

only when darkness fills these halls I stalk

A soft voice parades my ear as you talk.


Seduction wields its sorcery,

 or is it you that commands the alluring forces compelling me.


Your body quivers as you relinquish your control,

Giving in to the rawness of my hood, the length of my pole.


You slowly allow yourself to stretch over your prize,

Your eyes grow full as it continues to fill you with its size, so thick with a dense throb and pulse burying deeper inside,

One hand claws my chest, the other, clasps what it can enduring the divide.


A heavy longing sigh,

A breath full of wanting,

A heart beat, it quickens 

you tighten and ride high.


My hood you frequent, tongue and lips,

It's smooth, swollen and firm, a lacquer of your nectar layered with my cum that drips.


You engulf my well travelled pole,

A lick

A suck

A motion up then down 

Then you take it whole.


Your entrance glistens and gleams and calls to my beast.

It answers as it plunges and devours your offering, your feast.


The night you bought has awakened a hunger deep within,

Take my sin,

Grasp it,

Fuck it!

Pound it!

Let your core absorb what I give,

Take it deep within.


I disappear endlessly, 

I pound you relentlessly,

You want more!

You scream and yell to call me your fucking whore!


Our bodies intertwine,

Streams flow down your ass,

You need it,

You crave it,

Your mine!


It always ends the same way,

Your exhausted, satisfied, but you have kept my hunger at bay.


I'm half man, half beast,

Cursed with the hunger

I seek a woman's love,

On it at night I need to feast.


The night brings you to serve me,

Satisfy and unburden me,

Fulfil my needs and yours too.

You need me and I need you.


We will meet night after night,

Until a cure might free me,

You are the nights watcher,

It's your task to fulfil and fuck me.






















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