Maiden Amy of tower braiden

Maiden Amy of tower braiden

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: November 13, 2018

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Submitted: November 13, 2018



Ride of earth hard, horse of seething mouth.

West to north and east to south,


I seek the tower of lost braiden for in its walls concealed amy, the maiden, her power sealed for all of time, from that tower I wish her bounds to sever, I submit never and challenge the climb.


Stairways to deathly falls and halls to trap a many they lead, 

For chains clink and doors rattle, of lost ghouls leading men to bleed.


Her silhouette from dungeon beneath guarded by a creature of plated armour and unsheathed teeth.


For this maiden I gladly take this task of which no one sent me nor did they ask.

My reasons are my own, for her pleasure is magical and well known,

for nothing else can cause mortal men to lose themselves from her breathy moan.


Through beasts I have walked, scholars of ancient texts I have talked to find this tower where she be chained and bound, for what pleasure will she bestow upon the man that has her found.

"Beware the beast" he said,  "like a god you can't hope to kill it, but rumour has it when beauty stares,

 rock forms magically and will seal it."


I took his warning and heeded it for it was all I had, many men had gone before and had returned out of their mind and quite mad.


I took the first hallway of castle brick and moss so slick, behind me dropping stones, what's that I hear, just some dark cloaked creature that moans.


Corridor of faded carpet of royal blood,

Not a sound here do I hear, not even a insect beneath my boots in the mud.


A chamber before me, what magic is this,

Torches lit on their own with cold winds sweeping in the dark mist. A room of old with paintings that layer the walls and it's her I see, the halls don't hide her, she is depicted here naked for all to see.


As beautiful as a goddess, in all images she wears not a single dress. Her breasts seem warm and inviting,

just to gaze upon them, 

I could fill a book with erotic writing.


Her valley lays open in the one above the fireplace. I imagine the sweetness that flows and the ecstasy that would be written on her alluring face. 


 Tremble do my fingers as they pass over where I would bath in her nectar and take her offering with gentle sips. I flow up and over her ample breasts I return to my face to calm my now quivering lips.


The growth I have felt for the maiden only spurs my hunger for release.

With burden I am given and a deep lust I am laden until ecstasy gives me peace.


The smallest painting I take from the wall and on it my eyes I place,

I burn with desire, for the maiden has cast aside her best woven lace.

To reveal that body once more, I adore, with weary eyes of redness and so sore,

Her naked body crafts cures and tonics of old lore,

to sustain me as I push on through a lion emblem door.


It's here I face my darkest fear, of claw and tooth, horn and tail with bodies of bone that once shed a tear,

for upon the beast the bravest of souls were lost, to acquire this maiden, to them it was well worth the cost.


It stirs,

 my scent on its lips, 

its eyes glimmer,  

its thorny tail whips, 

it steps forward on stone,

it drags its bloodied clawed tips. 

"Immortal beast of legend, prepare yourself this night,

For I have come for Amy, I aim to take her with just this I take to our fight."

The painting of the mistress I uncover and ready at my side,

The scholars words I hear I choose of them to abide.


No sword, bow or spear could plunge through its hide, as invincible as a god, the perfect guard to hold at the maidens side.

It growled, its eyes red like an ember,

"Stop." I say, "I said I aim to take her,

No more of men's flesh will you render, I give you a chance now, I offer you life, surrender."


It's choice made on stone forged with a step toward me,

"I'm sorry then" I say, "but you are to guard her but shes here to protect me."

It leaps like lighting but my hands are quick and keen this night.

I reveal the naked maiden in her painting, the beast stops, taken by the maidens sight.


Like a carved statue it's body hardens and becomes like rock,

for no beast can look upon this beauty and survive a single tick on the clock.


Winding my way to the towers keep,

My own spire begins to rise and from it my juices seep. 


The door holds a jewel embedded in deep with no way to remove it and unlock I almost break to knee and begin to weep.

I study the  jewel, it needs to be fed for years it had been starved,

Two small indentations like two beds lay side by side and carved.


Through heightened senses of lust and clouded lows of judgement,

I look to the painting of Amy and sight the eyes of passion and fulfilment.

Her eyes are magic gems that fall into my hand I waste no time no grain of sand, I place them inside the jewel,

 only to hear the murmured words, "fool."


Uneasiness flows in my body now cold blooded and all sense of arousal is no more fIooded. I creep in, the door creaks,

It opens slowly, through darkness I peek.

"Maiden Amy." I speak,

"I have come for you,

To free you,

Fear not, I'm not meek.

I will free your mind,

Of darkness,

Of bonds,

Of terror, are you here in this tower I took to find.


I heard a speaking of a word that chilled my core, through beasts and traps you now find me at your door."


A torch bursts to flicker in the corner of the room,

My mistress lights up floating there as if encased in an invisible tomb.

I run to her,

I gently shake,

I call for her to wake.

Her body is cold,

A chill through me does fold.


She may not be my mistress any longer, for this tower, for so long she did linger.

I call to her.

"Maiden, ahhh." I gasp, a mark on her arm, 

They tried an old witch spell,

to conjure flames from a well.


They tried to burn her,

My maiden Amy they tried to turn her.

It must have failed, I hope her ways still hold to her heart, I hope to receive her gift when her legs open and part.


She stirs, 

From slumber she does rise, 

"Cast of your bonds maiden,

Here I'll cut your ties."


"Do you know of me?

My past,

My quest to be,

Why I'm here for so many years past?"

She spoke,


My maiden of braiden

Your Amy of lust,

Of pure allure,

Of sweet nectar and ample bust."

I spoke.


"Then come to me my mortal knight,

Through beast you have come,

Through trap in darkness that betrays your sight,

Be him, to triumph, to receive, to be the one."


I wasted no time nor one little tick,

To be next to her, her presence, conjuring the hardness of my wick.

Her valley spoke warmth to my tower and taught it of lust.

Like rock and stone forming strength, but with a stroke she could break it and turn it to dust.


She intertwined her legs like spider to prey, I cared not the price, silver, gold, tell me what it costs and I will pay.

Her body pulsed and manoeuvred in a manner to give my release, once I fell inside her I wanted more, I didn't want her to cease.


Her nectar flowed and my sweet wine spilled in her cup so open.

My maiden beckoned for more, my body tired and weeped on edge of being broken.

She worked every piece of me over and over until I collapsed on the floor. Her body absorbed all I could part with, I lay there thinking no more. 


"You will stay with me and be all I want you to be,

You found me, to be with me, it's what you wanted so now you see."


I will remain here until I'm used up and feed her lust,

The beast wasn't the terror, it was her and her ample bust.

The beast wasn't evil, it showed pity on men that travelled here.

It would kill them, for freeing them of life it knew was better than being trapped here.

Slowly I will be drained and her lust will be quenched,

Then freedom for her, no longer trapped, no longer life that is fenced.

She will travel the land and sleep with all she can,

"Amy, my maiden, be merciful, please don't let your lust destroy man."

























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