I could go for coffee

I could go for coffee I could go for coffee

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Submitted: December 08, 2018

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Submitted: December 08, 2018



I hadn't seen you in a while so it didn't take much convincing when I saw a message from you to come up and say hi, maybe get a coffee, we can catch up. I knew you and I thought a coffee would just be a coffee but I still wanted something extra and I kind of hoped you had other ideas as well which pushed itself hard into my wanting cock on the drive to your house. We had always been great friends even after we broke up and I always had that lingering thought of I need another shot at your fine body. 


The space in my pants grew smaller the closer I got to your place with seemingly every sexual situation buzzing through my mind bringing that familiar pre cum to the tip of my cock now flowing onto my red boxers. Thoughts jumped lanes onto what you might be wearing. I always liked that sleek looking black dress with white coloured roses peppering it but then you always looked incredible in the doorway of your bathroom nude as I lay watching you from the bed. To me the way you walked and flicked your hips was like you would be dancing  your way over to me, possibly a pre show feast, gorging on you my eyes still couldn't draw in enough of your body.


I found my hand pushing my car into park as I looked up to find myself outside your house, in somewhat a blissful mirage that played in my head of your naked body a small part of my brain found the ability to auto pilot my way to your house.

Every step up your driveway thudded an extra inch of thickness to my throbbing partner now forming a very recognisable shape in my jeans. I didn't really mind in the hopes that our friendly meet would turn studio 54 within seconds. With a quick adjustment I moved my eager length to the side where he had a little more room to grow and raised my hand to knock.


The door swung open before I could lay a beat on it revealing your deep eyes that locked with mine sending a shock to the tip of my cock which seemed to release more pre cum. I stepped forward into a very warm hug, my senses wildly treating themselves to all you were, your smell enraged my iron hard dick as if it was caged banging and pounding on its material prison begging for release. My eyes widened as your black dress with the white roses flowed over your body falling so beautifully over your perfect boobs racing down over your firm rounded ass. Your hair now coloured blonde, I always took pleasure rowing my fingers through your dark hair but your now lighter curls increased my need for you as feelings and urges frolicked through me needing fulfilment. I can recall I couldn't even bring forth speech at that point, your hair looked amazing and I was lost to its waves and beauty.


A small gulp from nerves possibly but more pure enchantment from your goddess like form ran down my throat. I remember it clearly, you said.

"So, hi, I love the complementary starring but you are closing in on 2 minutes." 

Then you laughed, that laugh as pretty as I remember.

I followed you in and then I found my voice saying.

"Your hair looks great, I like it, you just, you know you look great."


You turned so slowly in my mind smiling thanking me.

Then it felt like my world quaked and rocked at the same time as you moved in so close to my lips with yours just hovering there, I could feel a warmth like your lips were quivering wanting to move that inch closer to embrace mine.

You stopped within that inch and looked up at my eyes and I will never forget how beautiful and sexy you looked right then, a clear wanting in your eyes, they formed beautiful daggers that pierced my eyes with a sexual song my cock now waltzed to. 

You said.

"I kind of wanted something more from you."

With your hand gripping me through my jeans I pushed onto your hand wanting you to squeeze harder.

You leaned in to my ear and your next breath called to my want like never before.

"Take me!"

Left your lips and swelled through my head unleashing the whole mornings caged lust for you. I turned you around moving in to your ass, oh that ass welcomed me to slip between it and rest while fingers unzipped your dress letting it tumble down your body lifting the curtain on your fine black lingerie as it went.


A thin black string embedded itself in your ass defining it as I followed your body around as I turned you unclipping your bra tossing it to the side, your firm nipples nudged at the cooler air being whipped to life as my tongue rounded one tickling the tip moving onto the next but this time biting so gently moving a moan from your mouth. My lips drove further down turning you once more I placed kisses over your deliciously rounded bum continuing to turn you again until my mouth found itself urging access to your pussy.


I could feel the warmth from it, it too caged a lust, a need to be crushed. It's scent quickly billowed into my nostrils turning on my ravenous instincts to take my prey. I could see your hands rolling over you breasts as I worked your black g off your hips folding it down your legs as you lifted one kicking it across the floor. I captured your ass with my hands first grabbing it roughly leading another loud moan from you signalling me ahead I slapped ur cheek firmly with a distinct fleshy smack echoed through your house.

You looked down at me with the same instincts I drew from instructing another smack across your lightly pink marked cheek. My hands diligently worked over you leaving not an inch of your body from your ass to your now wet pussy untouched. I now looked up to you almost as if I had to worship you, the goddess that looked down upon me, all I could do, all I wanted to do was obey you as my mouth sucked deep into your lips filling it with your sweet juices I sorely needed. I could feel your body jolt and jump as my tongue ran those tender wet lines of your heated lips only stopping every couple of seconds to feast on your little throbbing bud that called for more pleasure with every passing.


I could almost feel the next wave roll over you as my finger travelled behind gently finding your ass pushing on it with a circled rub while I continued tasting your sweet nectar. Your hands tussled through my hair binding your fingers to my strands gripping them it seemed as each wave washed over you. I dove my tongue deeper writing my own love language over your walls and as you deciphered its meaning it caused tremors of pleasure spilling through you. 


"You need to fuck me."

Was all I heard under the hard wrapping off your legs around my head. Your heavenly curves spun you over to the small carpet in the lounge room where you lay and waited for me. Your legs parting slightly a little more with every step I took towards you with not a second did your dirty sexual gaze free me from my waltz of pure want. I could feel how much pre cum layered my jeans as I walked towards you, a mix of my lust and urges thrown together to paint my way into your valley. I stood in front of you, your eyes only growing with a taint, a taint only cured by my essence, all I could want you driven into my cock as it would fill and please you. Your hands normally so tender and gentle threw off their persona and ripped my cock free, within a second it soaked up your tongue as you lapped at it, drinking my juice from one side then the other with not a drop missed you swallowed my head down fast, you slid so deep I pushed inside your mouth more as your lips rolled over my thick veins. Back up, my vision stammered, the curves of your lips moulded around my fat hood drawing in more of my cum you sucked hard on the tip. I could feel so many sensations, they all shook my body, your mouth knew it's way around my cock but this time it was like you were possessed with only sex and filthy thoughts wanting to be played out. You pushed me down to the floor squatting above me, your pussy lips brushing over my cock as it struggled to reach inside of you. Our sex filled desires fell onto each other as you placed my quivering cock between your pussy and began to grind up and down sliding up onto my stomach then back down lathering your body in my pre cum, it spilled from my cock leaving a perfect slick surface for you to run over. One more slide back and I felt your heated cunt catch my hard dick, with your hips using a bit of salsa dance you worked your way onto my cock allowing it to slip into your valley to my balls. You held it there for a moment looking at me panting in a deep sexual way like my length had taken your breath as it now pulsed inside your pussy. Your hands placed down my chest as you pushed yourself up resting them on my abs I could feel you push down as you rose up then back down giving your cunt a long deep thrust of my cock. Your breasts sat so perfectly as they bobbed a little with every rise and fall, your moans gaining in frequency and volume with each time I pushed another inch inside.


The instincts I had felt earlier rose from inside again forcing me to roll over so I was on top.

You welcomed me back in as you opened your legs so wide, our passion had mixed an aroma so sweet fire had taken me over and I burned for you.

My cock plunged in you hard and deep causing you to scream for more. My rhythm matched yours, I would thrust in bouncing you a little then as I drove back in my hardened cock would  catch you on your way back down from my boost propelling you up again sending your ohhhh's into the air. The sound of pure fuck smashed into the walls of your house with all your moaning filling it to the brim with pure lust. Your body was trembling and I could feel your pussy tightening around my cock gripping it, forcing it to that point that you craved so much, the release that would flood your urges and satisfy the aching pussy throbbing between your legs. I felt you shake and jump as a loud.

"Fuck yes." 

Left your lips. Your eyes rolled as I took in your ultimate moment of ecstasy which pushed me to pump you with all I had to keep your pleasure wheel spinning. I knew I only had a few seconds left so I held onto your hips and pushed deep in you thrusting as hard and fast as I could, you screamed louder and louder with every pulse I plunged inside your wet cunt. I felt it surging up through my dick and then my arms barely held me up as it left me spilling into your pussy, allowing it to taste what it had missed for so long. 


I will always remember that day.

The message,

When I pulled up,

When you opened the door,

Then the storm of lust that swirled through your house that left us both smiling looking up at your ceiling for about an hour. 

We never did get that coffee.

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