Hunters price

Hunters price

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018





This short story is placed before the events involving saristin the witch, it follows the night before Hobin and awoken plan to attack a troll nest which then leads them head on into a battle with their most powerful enemy they have ever faced. A prequel to give a tiny look into the past of our two warriors and the love they share.

Awoken and myself give you The eve of the witch. We hope you enjoy, this story leads into our story hunters price, if u like this, check out the full story, you can find it posted under awokens name, it's nearing completion with the next instalment coming soon, thanks all, enjoy 




The fire cracked throwing brightly coloured embers illuminating the ground around it as flames licked and tossed a thin stream of grey smoke into the air. 

A rather expensive looking sword lay sheathed a few feet away accompanied by a belt filled with small very sharp throwing knives and a pair of thick well worn leather boots. The littering of various items continued, a finely linked chain mail vest, tightly woven leather braces and very worn leather armour, a woman's undergarments lay strewn through the small camp with a well made bow laying next to a rock.

Silence fell heavy over the small camp apart from the small interruptions of pieces of kindling calling as out they toasted in the flames however they were joined by slight murmurings only a few feet away from the campfire. 


Two figures could be seen tussling as the fire would light up their bodies every now and again with a well shot ember in their direction. The man's hand trailed down the women's arm then back up rolling under her breast forcing a slight pant from her lips slicing into the night air. His hand was rough and strong, markings and small scars traced up his arm. He drove on cupping the other breast rubbing over the nipple as it stiffened under the moons light, he softly nestled his bottom lip under it and the top lay just over it as he gently kissed it caressing down capturing her whole breast. Her breath was short and sharp with anticipation of his hand and its exploration, her left leg rose a little with the right bending forming an opening the man slid between still nibbling and sucking her firm breasts.


He lifted his head burying his stare directly into her beautiful eyes closing in kissing her lips then locking back on her eyes as he moved slowly down her body gently making contact with his mouth between her tits then belly button not taking his eyes off hers. He stopped just above her heated mound seemingly taking in her sweet aroma as his eyes fluttered he drew a breath his eyes now striking a hungry look at her. She sighed heavily throwing her head back raising her knees allowing his hard shaft to travel between her thighs and lightly flick over her waiting pussy.


A slight smile ran over his lips as she arched her back, her need to be fucked grew as she glanced down at him.

"Hobin, ahhhhh, stop your teasing and fuck me will you!"

She smiled again tossing her head back panting heavier now as she felt him move inside her, at last she could feel every inch of his iron hard cock throbbing in her covering her walls in his lather as she tightened her pussy welcoming and swallowing all she could handle.


Her left hand being thrown off the warm make shift bedding landed on the hard earth, it clawed and moved the dirt as Hobin thrusted as if she tried to hold herself still with every pump of his cock her full breasts bounced up releasing her calls of ecstasy into the sky begging him to go deeper and harder.


"Ohhh fuck me hobin! 


Right there, fuck me!"

She lifted herself up onto her elbows to view her powerful swordsman pushing deep inside her pussy, her eyes captured his powerful body, his arms flowed curving over large biceps toned and hardened. Light scars lashed his body with some large trench like wounds crafting a network of scars down his chest. his eyes still locked onto hers filled with a passion and a love so strong the gods would envy it.


"Take it my baroness, feel every part of me inside you! 

Ahh, come on take it all."

Hobin grunted still pumping her and with every thrust awokens eyes flicked and blurred as she fell into a world of ultimate pleasure where it felt like her body was rising like a tide and her senses were alive with a burning so strong there was no other feeling like it. 


The swordsman moved up over her breasts forcing her to lay back down, his muscular arms pulsing  as thick veins ran up and down, his muscles burned as he held himself up giving awoken long deep thrusts now driving his cock to his balls as they slapped her bare ass. 

"Oh fuck! 



I'm cuming!"

Awoken screamed as she thrashed about in her euphoric sense trembling as her body shook with pleasure.


"Ahh, ahh."

Hobin withdrew panting heavily with awoken.

She lay there looking so beautiful, he still couldn't take his eyes off her.


The baroness pulled part of a sheet covering her smooth body rolling over very satisfied.

"You can't keep me up like this Hobin, you know we have a hard day tomorrow but I'll let it slide if you perform like that."

She said with her eyes closed smiling.


"Ha ha your a funny one aren't you." The swordsman fell onto her pulling at the blanket attempting to wrestle it from her.


"Get off, I need my sleep."

Awoken said playfully trying not to laugh.

"Ok, you want it? Take it."

The baroness yelled at Hobin as she let go off the sheet sending him flying backwards just as a horrific screech broke through the air with a blade glistening under the moons light buried itself into the dirt right where Hobin had been.


Another screech pierced awokens ears as another figure emerged from the thick wooded area behind them.

It leapt into the air landing next to the baroness dividing her and Hobin as the first creature turned to the swordsman blade in hand waving it.


"Kill them!!!!"

The creature squealed to the other as it fumbled in its belt for a small shiny dagger producing it and pouncing at the baroness who frantically grabbed one of the thick boots next to her deflecting the blade throwing the creature off balance.

The first lunged at Hobin slicing only the air as two then three strikes narrowly missed him as he danced left then right avoiding the blade.


Awokens bare body rolled forward through the camp, her hand grasping for hobins sword, she snagged the strap flicking it across the ground towards the swordsman. Hobin seemed a little awkward as he twisted around another attack from the creature while his package bounced along for the ride.

"Not ideal."

He yelled to awoken flicking the blade up with his foot unsheathing it with a satisfying shhhhtttt sound followed by a sharp smile falling over his lips.


The creature chanced a strike again at Hobin as he deflected it sliding his blade down towards his attackers hands slamming the hilt down breaking the grip on his enemies blade forcing him to drop it. The swordsman slid left as the assailant threw a clawed hand outward almost skimming over Hobins face, the swordsman bobbed back up spinning cleaving the head of the creature in front of him, the bloodied head rolled along the ground.


"Drop, weapon, now!"

The second creature hissed in its best attempt to speak.


Hobin looked up to see awoken being held around her neck by the second creature behind her, his blade indenting in the side of her neck. His fury rose in his body, he didn't doubt his ability to take down his foe but needed to take things slowly to ensure the safety of his lady.


"I wouldn't friend, not If you want to live."

Hobin called to the creature.

Awokens expression did not waver, it remained as cold a blade, no fear would wash over her. She remained strong looking to her swordsman who laid down his sword holding his hands in the air.


"You stupid humans, you no clothes on,

I kill this female then you,

You hunt us, we hunt you, you lay down."

The creature pushed forward into the light of the fire forcing awoken with him. It's face now visible to Hobin, it was a goblin.


"Just take it easy."

Hobin slowly moved to the ground on his knees with his hands beside him in the dirt.

"We are not hunting you, you have attacked us, I'm giving you the chance to live, to walk away now. I wont ask again."

The goblin seemed undeterred by the swordsmans threat.


The goblin wrote a evil little smirk across his face with his small lips and chuckled a little. The swordsman slowly curled his fingers around the loose dirt while the goblin began to drag the blade down awokens neck continuing to laugh and mock the swordsman naked and defenceless on the ground. 

"You had your chance."

Hobin whispered as his hand cupped the dirt slinging it directly into the goblins eyes  sending him backwards a few steps rubbing his eyes screeching desperately swinging the knife blindly plunging it and slicing nothing but the night air around him. Awoken turned raising her leg and slammed a solid kick to the goblins chest knocking him to the ground. 



The swordsmans voice could be heard behind as she whirled back to him eyeing her bow as it sailed through the air, an arrow already notched. The goblin got to his feet clearing his eyes only to see for a split second the metal tip of an arrow slicing the air as it sped its way toward him, a dense thud as the arrow lodged itself right between its eyes throwing the goblin to the ground, it lay dead.


"Are you alright?"

Hobin ran to her side picking up a sheet encasing her in it, he quickly dressed.



The baroness rubbed her hand over her neck where the blade had been pushed in.

"Show me."

Hobin checked over her.


"It will be alright, what's their story?"

Awoken threw her clothes on then knelt beside the goblin she had killed looking for any clues for the attack.


"My guess."

Hobin announced

" scouts."


"For who?"

Awoken looked to him puzzled.


"I think the trolls....."


"Wait, how?

You mean the trolls we are going after at first light? But.... no one knows we are on this job for the tavern. 


Awoken ruffled through a carry bag on the goblin. She flipped through some loose papers.


The swordsman finished tightening his boots and sheathed his sword.

Well, it could be coincidence these two stumbled upon us on a scouting mission, as you know trolls normally keep to themselves, you know, they live in their family groups. However some have found it easier to enlist the help of goblins as scouts, for protection, they are a lot smaller, faster than any lumbering fat troll. They are alot more likely to alert the trolls of any danger such as hunters looking for them without being seen. In return the trolls take them in, shelter, food, two way deal. Not bad if your a goblin.


"Oh I see."

The baroness unfolded a larger piece of paper.


"What is it."

Hobin knelt beside her looking over the scrawled note.

"Maybe not." 

Awoken said.

Some of the writing was barely legible but Hobin could still make it out.


Two humans

Male-sword man, dan erous 

Female- trained in use of bow, dangerous

Use ca tion 

Kill both and you wil be rewar ed.


"Hobin, were we marked?"

The baroness spoke in shock.


"Can't be......

I mean, how........

The only way this is possible is if a human organised this. 

But why?"

Hobin seemed puzzled by the bounty note.


"So if these two weren't scouts for the trolls, who the fuck hired them to take us out?"

The swordsman glanced up at the moon that had begun silently sinking below the mountains.

"It will be first light in a couple of hours, we need to plan our next move."


"Well.... the trolls are probably east, so get our gear ready now and make a move th-"

Hobin broke in,

"No, I mean.... we call it, cut our losses now and head back to the tavern.

Awoken looked confused.


We have a contract Hobin, the innocents in that small town are relying on us to help them."


"Who will help us awoken!"

Hobin seemed angry and shouted. For too long had they travelled these deathly roads and too many Occassion had his baroness been put in harms way.





Some piss backwater farmers and townsfolk?

No, no, we are on our own in this fight.

We go from contract to contract killing these creatures that appear more everyday that passes, stronger and in larger numbers, at this rate rasir will be totally swallowed by these hordes by the summer."


"Why are you talking like this."

Awoken tried to look at Hobin but he turned his head down. Her powerful swordsman, a natural warrior, through battles so bloody, so horrible he stood always to the end, but he would always carry a burden to defend the one he had loved for so long, he would fight to his last breath to protect her.



Look at me."

She reached out to his hand.

The swordsman pushed her hand away.

He turned but not in anger, his task to protect her grew with every battle.

"I can't lose you awoken!

I won't let it happen, we can't keep this up forever, our time will come when the creature we are up against will be too strong and powerful and we will die."

Hobin turned and faced the mountains where the moon continued to sink lower.


Awokens mood changed as her frustration set in and her voice bore into Hobin.

"This doesn't sound like the great swordsman I fell in love with, he's not a coward! He's not afraid of death.

He will help anyone that needs it!"

The swordsman shook his head in disbelief as awoken continued, she walked around and stood in front of him.

"I love you and I know your not a fool to take such an easy way out!"

Hobin grabbed her arms and held them tight and shouted.

"I'm not afraid of these creatures,

I care not for their strikes to cause me death.

You don't get it even after all these years, 

I can't lose you!

I won't let that happen!" Hobin shouted loudly.

"You mean more than anything in the world and I won't watch you die doing this."

The swordsman fell to one knee and buried his head in his hand.

The baroness knelt beside him lifting his head.

"Look at me."

Her voice softened and a calmness rose over her.

"I didn't get dragged into this because of you, I chose to do this with you.

We chose to travel what's left of this world and hunt the things that threaten the innocents, that drive fear into their lives, we do this for the people who can't protect themselves Hobin!

You remember don't you?

When we were kids, the moment we decided we weren't going to watch anymore people die to these creatures.

One of them had us pinned in the barn, we were both scared stupid. We sealed the door with that wood block remember?"

Awoken stared into the swordsmans eyes and continued as Hobin sat and listened to his baroness.


"We thought we had it fooled and then it came through the window knocking you down then turning and coming for me, I scrambled on my back scared out of my mind thinking you were dead and I was next, to be killed by this thing filled with so much hatred for humans that it would even hunt and kill children. It had me backed against a wall and I tell you Hobin I knew not what else to do, i never told you about this but I accepted at that moment right there that my time was up and I would see you again soon so I shouldn't be afraid cause I would see you again. I was nine Hobin, a child should never have to feel that and then as I shielded my face as that creature reared up ready to slash me. saved me, that horrid scream from the beast as you impaled it on that pitchfork I will never forget and I will never forget that it was you that bought the light back to our side that day, and as you helped me up you said-"


"No more"

Hobin said softly looking at awoken.


"Yeah, no more, no more will we sit by and let this happen to our family, friends, to anyone. We chose this, we were handed a chance that day to take this world back.

You remember? We started training the next day with wooden swords we made from old oak branches, we were chosen to do something Hobin, I don't know if the gods gave you the strength that day to fight back but we were given a chance to turn the battle and take back what is ours, what we hold dear, we need to fight.

Your not going to lose me,

I'm not going anywhere."

Awoken smiled slightly "and besides I'm not  going to get killed and let some barmaid whore touch that beautiful equipment you have down there." Her hand brushed over his worn pants.

Hobin smiled.


"I'm sorry,

It's just I love you, that day, that creature knocked me out, when I came to, I thought I had lost you. I didn't know what was going on or where I was, my head was pounding and then as my eyes cleared I saw you and that creature. I didn't think I saw the pitchfork and I ran at it, I had to save you."

Hobin trembled as he spoke.


"I love you, that won't change, we do this together, we free this world together me and you to the end." Awoken said.

The swordsman stood, helping awoken to her feet.

"Well I guess the pay ain't that bad either right."

Hobin laughed.


"Right, there's my warrior he he, I think he lost his way for a second but I'm glad he's back.

The baroness leaned into Hobin and kissed him softly as they embraced each other.

"So, out next move my swordsman?"

Awoken looked into his eyes. Hobin could try to go against his baroness but with those beautiful eyes almost glowing pouring a deepness of love into him he would forever give in to her.


"Fine, we do the tavern contract for the troll nest at first light and report back to tras and collect our coin but after we need to talk about how much more of this work we can take and who the fuck tried to kill us cause it wasn't some fool goblins that's for sure. If for some reason we have a bounty on our heads I won't to know who and why?"

Hobin said.


Awoken laughed.

"What's funny."

Hobin looked to her.

"You my love, you know as well as I do you can't give this up, you are here because you care for the innocents and you want this world to go back to the way it was before the great trees started dying.

You also can't do without me and will follow me wherever my hot little ass goes."

Awoken smiled and laughed as she threw her bum from side to side walking towards the camp.


"Oh is that right?

Let's just get ready, we want to take the trolls early and by surprise, we both know how lethal they can be."

Hobin called after her.


"Well, come on, let's go."

Awoken said.

The warriors began readying their equipment as the last rays off the moon were swept under the mountain.






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