When the Lightning Strikes

When the Lightning Strikes

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Katherine has a major fear of thunderstorms. What will Dean, her boyfriend, do to conquer her fear?


Katherine has a major fear of thunderstorms. What will Dean, her boyfriend, do to conquer her fear?


Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



Ever since I was a little girl I have been terrified of thunder storms, especially ones that have lightning along with them. Lightning had struck the apartment building I had been living in at the time && it put a big hole in the wall as well as caused a power outage. Ever since then they have majorly terrified me. 

My boyfriend, Dean, knows about my fear && is sweet enough to try && help me over come it. I will be forever grateful that he understands my fear && doesn't make fun of me for it. My past boyfriends had all either thought me childish or just made fun of me when it would storm outside. Not my Dean. He always makes sure that he has me distracted or tries to do something to make me less afraid. Alas to no avail his trials have all failed. 

A soft kiss to my neck brought me out of my thoughts. I turned to look behind me to see Dean with my favorite crooked smile on his face. He came && sat on the sofa && pulled my plus sized body onto his lap. I rested my head on his chest burying my face in the crook of his neck breathing in his scrumptious scent. I relaxed even further into him when he began to play with my hair. 

"What have you been up to today baby?"

"Not much, watched a little tv, read for a bit, && I wrote for a bit. I had caught a little on the weather for tonight. They're calling for 60% chance there will be a storm tonight. I for one am hoping that the 40% takes mercy on me."

Dean chuckled && kissed my forehead. "I know baby. Wanna watch a movie?"

I nodded my head. "What shall we watch? Nothing scary please."

"Wanna watch The Lion King? We can have a Disney marathon today."

I squealed with happiness. He always knew how to make me happy. Not to mention the way to my heart; through Disney movies. 

Dean kissed my lips && gently removed me from his lap. A moment later he returned with my favorite Scooby Doo blanket. Once he had me wrapped up in it he picked me up && carried me bridal style to our movie room. 

He placed me on the sofa so that he could put the movie in. Once the movie was in the dvd player he went over to our mini concession stand && began popping some popcorn. When he came back he had with him a huge ass bowl of popcorn a coke for him && a diet dr. Pepper for me. I think it's safe to say that I have best boyfriend in the world. 

Throughout the entire movie we quoted it. I love this movie so much. It's my all time favorite Disney movie. Like he promised we had a Disney marathon until late afternoon. 

By the time four o'clock rolled around it was beginning to grow dark && cloudy. I groaned. I was not looking forward to the coming storm. 

Dean pulled me closer to him && kissed my temple. "It's gonna be okay baby girl. I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere. Like always we'll whether this storm together."

I smiled at my amazing boyfriend. I turned around in his arms so that my back was facing the movie screen. I kissed him passionately, putting my entire being into that one kiss. I pulled away so that we could breathe. "You are hands down the best boyfriend I have ever had. Not only do you deal with my raging insecurities you put up with my fear of thunder storms. You make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the whole world. You give me the confidence I need to hold my head high everyday. I love you so much Dean that sometimes it hurts. You are my other half, my everything, my world. I honestly don't know what I would do without you in my life. You understand in ways no one else has. Not only do I love you more than anything in the entire world, I appreciate everything you have ever done for me. It means the world to me that you put up with my fear of storms. No other guy has ever done for me what you do."

Dean had tears in his eyes after my little speech. "I love you more than my own life. You make me a better person. Knowing that I'm the one who gets to put a smile on your face && be there for you no matter what brings me great joy. Honestly, I find it a little adorable that you have a fear of thunder storms. It just gives me an excuse to hold you tightly to me && never let you go but then again I don't need a reason to do that. I don't know what I would do without you either baby girl. My life would cease to have a meaning. Wi-" Dean's words were cut off by a thunderous clap so loud it shook the house. 

I immediately curled up into a ball against Dean. I couldn't help the whimper that escaped. 

"I gotcha baby girl. Nothing will ever harm you while I'm around. Your safe baby, I promise. You wanna go cuddle in bed to get your mind off of things?"

Wordlessly I nodded. I couldn't, I was too frightened. So Dean got up off the couch && proceeded to pick me && carry me to our bedroom. 

Our king sized four poster bed when entering the room was on the left side of the room across from the floor to wall windows. Dean placed me gently on the bed && closed our thick curtains so I wouldn't be able to see the storm. He came back over to the bed && pulled me to him. He began to play with my hair && sing my favorite song "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes. It didn't take long for me to relax, even if it was just a little bit. By the end of the song I was fast asleep. 

I was startled awake by the sound of a thunderous clap so powerful it caused the power to go out. My second greatest fear, the dark. I woke Dean up so that he could go get some candles. 

After a few minutes he finally found them. As he was lighting them it gave the room a romantic atmosphere. When I looked at Dean it made him all the more beautiful. It still amazed me that a man like him is with a girl like me. Girls like me don't usually get happy endings, let alone manage to capture the attention of an Adonis. 

"You look even sexier in the candle light.” I blushed at his words. Another thunderous clap. As always my reaction is to cower in fear. Instead of coming to my side immediately like he usually does he sauntered his way to me with a hungry look in his eyes. I never look away when he looked at me like that.

Dean began to crawl up the bed. When he reached my legs he spread them && continued on his way up my body. When his hips were aligned with mine he kissed me with such passion it almost took my breath away. Soon he was trailing kisses down to my neck. It didn't take him long to reach my sweet spot. He was definitely gonna leave a hickey there; not that I care really. 

While he was marking his territory his hands were roaming around my body && finally settled underneath my cami right bellow my bra covered breasts. He moved his hands so that they were cupping my 40D sized breasts && began massaging them through the material of my bra. A moan began to form in my throat. When he squeezed them a moan was let loose. 

Dean's lips began trailing down the rest of the way to my chest once he was satisfied with his new mark. He kissed the tops of my breasts before removing my cami to give him better access to his favorite toys. Before I knew it he had set them free. Now he could really play with his toys. His lips enveloped around my left nipple. He suckled at it for a moment until he took the bud between his teeth && lightly tugged on it. I loved when he did that. Once he was done with the ministrations on my left breast he moved onto the right breast. 

Dean moved his lips down the length of my protruding stomach to the waist band of my shorts. He pulled them down along with my underwear. He pushed my legs farther apart to get a better view of his prize. Every time he looked at me down south he always held this look of absolute hunger, as if he had not eaten a meal in centuries.

“Please baby. I wanna feel your sensual mouth on me. Please I need you to eat my pussy.” I told him in such desperation. He never failed to make feel like I had a waterfall in my panties. Just one touch && I was pooling in my panties.

Just hearing the desperation in my voice he complied with my wishes. His mouth was on my nether regions before I could even take a breath. His mouth felt so good. He lapped at me as if he was dehydrated. He took my love button into his mouth && sucked very hard. It felt so good that I placed my hands upon his head that I could push him closer to my body.  He knew how to love me good.

Dean took my legs && placed them upon his shoulders then he placed them up under my ass && brought me even closer to his blessed mouth. I moaned out when he started to love my opening with his tongue. I began to thrust my hips in time with his tongue. It felt even better when he curled his tongue inside of me to try && hit that one magical spot.

When he removed his tongue I immediately whimpered. “Baby!” I whined.

“I want you to come for me baby girl. I wanna drink up those delicious juices. I’m thirsty, so give me a little something to drink. Oh baby girl I am gonna suck this scrumptious pussy dry baby.” With that he placed his mouth on my opening && began sucking. It drove me absolutely insane when he did that, god he knew how much I loved it.

“Oh baby, you’re sucking is so amazing. I love the way you suck my pussy. I’m so close so get ready baby.” He began sucking at my love whole even harder to get my juices to flow into his mouth. Not too much longer before I fully came undone && was spilling into his awaiting mouth.

Once he had cleaned me up of all my love liquid he began to kiss his way back up my body && finally my lips. I never cared for the tasted of my own juices but when coupled with his lips I didn’t mind.

“You taste so good baby girl. I could eat you for the rest of my life && never be truly satisfied.” Just then a loud clap of thunder resounded throughout the bedroom. I couldn’t but jump in his embrace. Wordlessly Dean removed his clothing. “For every strike I will pound into you. I want you to only think && feel me.” He got back in between my legs && rubbed the tip of his love stick against my love button. I moaned like a whore in heat. I loved && hated when he did that. Damn tease.

Like promised when there was a strike of lightening hit he slammed into my body. He then pulled out completely && went back to rubbing my nub. For three hours this was the process. He had perfect timing, every time the lightning struck he slammed into me while just rubbing my love button with his love stick. With his final thrust I came harder than I had ever before. I do believe this is the best sex that we have ever had.

Lying in bed after the most amazing, mind blowing sex we have ever had I couldn’t help but feel safe. There was a thunder storm going on but honestly I was too nicely fucked to even care. I paid no mind to the storm going on outside, the only thing I paid any mind to was my amazing boyfriend underneath me. I was content with just resting my head on his chest while tracing random shapes && words on his skin. I think finally Dean helped me with my fear of thunder storms. Now every time there is one I will either think of the amazing sex I just had or I will want to recreate this amazing moment. I don’t see Dean having any complaints. Strangely, I found myself looking forward to the next storm && hoping that there would be another one tomorrow night.


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