Alpha Love

Alpha Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


There is no greater love than having the love of an alpha


There is no greater love than having the love of an alpha


Submitted: October 03, 2013

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Submitted: October 03, 2013



I hated going into town. All I ever saw were mated couples. You would think that me being a twenty-two year old she-wolf I would have found happiness with a mate of my own but alas that is not the case. Ever since I turned sixteen I have been waiting && hoping for a mate. A he-wolf had yet to claim me as his. I've assumed that because I wasn't like most she-wolves I wouldn't be getting a happy ending to my story. 

I had hoped that by moving to another pack with my older brother I would find my mate, possibly. Hell I haven't even met the alpha && he has allowed Sam && I to become members of his pack three months ago, well me rather since Sam was automatically a member due to his mate, Kassandra, being a member. 

Upon entering my desired destination I sighed. What's the point of being a wolf if you're not attractive && like every other wolf? To explain, I don't have the werewolf metabolism (I'm probably the only fat werewolf you will ever meet) && my wolf is the size of an English Bulldog (I'm the smallest she-wolf && wolf in general there is) so yeah; my life sucks. Another sigh. 

So I went to the store to get all my necessities as well as some food to cook for dinner. I was thinking about making my momma's fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, && homemade biscuits. My tummy began rumbling at the thought of the meal I was gonna prepare for dinner. Once done I headed back home. I didn't like spending too much time in public; I hated all the judgmental stares I received or the ones filled with pity. It may be a new town && a new pack but the reactions were all the same. Just like in our old pack Sam was my only friend. Don't get me wrong Kassandra is a great woman but I hate the look of pity on her face every time she looks at me. 

When I got home I put all my purchases away in their designated places. Since it was only noon I decided to go to the studio && dance for a while. I may be a big girl but I am very flexible && I can dance. 

While I was at the studio I had a feeling of being watched. When I had finished my dance I heard clapping. Turning around I spotted the alpha's baby sister, Lea, was clapping her little hands. I had met the five year old on a couple of occasions && she was the sweet little girl I had ever met. So I took a bow && it made her giggle. 

"Thank you Miss Lea for being my audience. I am so glad that you enjoyed my dance. You were my inspiration."

Her big hazel eyes widened as well as her smile when I told her that the dance was inspired by her, which wasn't a lie. She reminded me of myself when I was her age && during a time when my parents were still alive. Granted the dance had a sad side to it but still she was my inspiration for it. 

"Really? That was the most beautifulest dance I had ever seen!"

Just then the former luna, Jane, came in && I bowed my head in respect. She looked at me with such distaste I could almost feel && touch it. She didn't like that I was a plus sized wolf or Hispanic. Nor did she like the fact that I was unmated. In her eyes it meant that I would be after her son. Yes because, I want to go after a man I have never met let alone ever seen. 

"Momma! Izzy told me that I inspired her dance! It was so amazing!" Lea beamed up at her mother. 

Jane's eyes softened when they turned to her young daughter. "Did she now sweetheart? That was awfully sweet of her. It's time for us to go pumpkin. Hunter is supposed to get back from his trip soon." The former luna turned to me. "Miss Cruz." With that she gently grabbed her daughter by the wrist to lead her out but not before she broke loose to run && hug me. 

"Thank you Izzy, it was a really lovely dance." Then the child was off with her multiple personalitied mother. 

I went && changed back into my regular clothes && headed home. 

Half way home I decided I would go for a run in wolf form. I haven't let my wolf out for a few weeks so I could feel her getting restless. I changed my course && headed for the forest. I hid behind a big enough tree && stripped out of my clothes. I put them in my dance bag before shifting.

After about fifteen minutes an interesting scent wafted into my nose. It smelt like mint && rain, odd combination but strangely it smelt heavenly. 

Not long after the scent was in my nose did I hear a growl behind me. I froze. I began to feel frightened. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other wolf coming towards me. When he was in front of me I was able to get a good look. I could tell that it was a he-wolf that was a hell of a lot bigger than my pup sized wolf. The he-wolf was just like me in color except in reverse, I was a jet back wolf with dark grey tipped ears && paws so that makes him a dark gray wolf with black tipped ears && paws. By the amount of power emitting off of him I knew immediately that he was the alpha. I bared my neck in submission, showing I meant no harm. Assuming by the angry look on his face he thinks I'm a rogue. 

*Alpha please don't harm me. I was just letting my wolf out for a bit.*

Alpha Dean stopped growling at me && cocked his head to the side in confusion. *You're part of my pack? I don't recognize your scrumptious sent.* I blushed at his words. I don't think he realized what came out of his mouth, still I took the compliment. 

*You allowed me to join your pack along with my brother whose mate is your third in command's sister.*

*What's your name wolf?*

*Isabelle Cruz alpha. My brother calls me Isa while your sister calls me Izzy.*

*Very well Miss Cruz.* For some reason being called Miss Cruz by him hurt. 

When he went to walk by me our fur touched causing sparks to burst throughout my body. Mate. When I looked into his eyes I knew it was true. 

We stood staring at each other for a few minutes. 

I heard him sigh in my head. *Look Miss Cruz...* I bowed my head so that he wouldn't see the tears forming in my eyes. I had always feared that my mate would reject me, if I had ever found him that is. *I'm sorry Miss Cruz but I can't accept you, at least not right now. Maybe when you've reached the legal age we can be together then. It would make me feel more comfortable && I wouldn't feel like I wasn't pressuring you into anything. I mean being luna at sixteen is a lot of responsibility so I think we should wait.*

I lifted my head to look at my mate. *You think I'm sixteen?*

My mate cocked his head again. *Aren't you?*

*No alpha I'm not sixteen. I'm older than that. I'm older than the legal age, I'm twenty-two alpha.* I could see the relief in his eyes.

*You look so much like a pup.* 

I sighed. *Yes, I'm very tiny for a wolf. People are constantly mistaking me for a pup when I'm in wolf form. There are quite a few abnormal things about me. So please if want me to give you another reason to reject me let me know && I can give you one, but do it quick.*

He remained silent for a moment. *Why would you think I would need you to give me a reason to reject you when not only could I come up with my own reason, but I don't really need one. Do you not want a mate?*

I whimpered slightly at the angry look in his eyes. *It's not that I don't want you alpha I do, it's just that my entire life I was told that I would never have a mate. That I would be mateless because mine doesn't exist.*

*Obviously I do exist! You're a she-wolf aren't you?* He barked into my head. I whimpered at the force of his fury. It reminded me of my previous alpha. So I did what I did best when I didn't want to be used by my former alpha, I ran like hell. 

I could hear Alpha Dean growling at me. Before I knew it he had caught up to me && had tackled me to the ground. I tried to get out from underneath him but he just bit into my shoulder, not hard enough to break the skin just in warning. I let out a whimper. 

*Why did you run from me? Don't you know you're not supposed to run from an alpha?*

I whimpered once again. *I-I'm sorry. I won't do it again just please don't hurt me too bad.* By this time I was visibly shaking. Alpha Dean noticed just how terrified I was && eased up his weight on me some, he still has me pinned to the ground but without as much force as before. 

*I'm not gonna hurt you, I would never hurt my mate. What made you think I was gonna hurt you?*

*My former alpha, Alpha Grey, whenever he was angry would use me to his advantage. He would always tell me that since I was mateless && unlovable it would 't matter if he took me over his desk or not.*

My mate growled. It caused me to whimper again. What surprised me was when he began licking my fur to try && calm me down. Sure enough it worked. I stopped trembling && soon he began to make me feel pleasures unknown to me. 

*He had no right to touch nor take what is mine. You baby are mine.* He began rubbing his body against mine making sure that his scent was all over me as a warning to other he-wolves that I was his && not to be messed with. The more rubbed the more I wanted him. 

Was I ready to willingly give myself to my mate? I wasn't sure. My body sure was ready. He let out a husky growl once he scented my arousal. 

*You smell delicious baby girl. Mmm, you smell good enough to eat.* My body shivered with desire. 

*Alpha?* My voice full of lust. 

*Call me Hunter baby girl. But I do love how sexy alpha sounds coming from your mouth.*

*Hunter do you plan on mating with me* He stopped licking && rubbing his body against mine. 

*Do you want to baby girl? If you're not ready then we can wait. I don't mind waiting until you're ready.*

*I don't know if I am. I mean my body is but I don't know if I am. Does that make sense?*

*It does baby. We can wait if you want. Can I ask you something? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. When was the last time he took you?*

*Three months ago today, so the day my brother && left.*

*Can you do something for me baby? Can you shift for me?*

I hesitated. Not only did I not want him to see my body I didn't want him to see my scars either. It was abnormal for a wolf to scar since we healed so rapidly. Another abnormality that I didn't want him to see but because he is my mate I shifted. His huge wolf body still covered my naked plus sized one. When he moved to sit in front of me to get a better look at my body on instinct I covered myself by trying to arrange my body in a fetal position. He growled at me. 

He growled furiously upon seeing the words carved on back, courtesy of my old pack. There were words like whore, slut, unlovable, worthless, whale, fat, freak, && mateless. 

*Who did this to you?* Hunter growled out. He may still have been in wolf form but since he accepted me as his mate we were able to still communicate. Advantage of being mates with an alpha. Disadvantage, kind of at times, my side of the conversation was spoken out loud. 

"My former pack. They hated me because I was different."

He growled once again. *There is nothing wrong you, you're perfect the way you are. Why didn't your brother stop them or was he in on it too?*

"Sam never knew. He already had enough on his plate to have worry about me more than he ready did. He worked three jobs to keep us clothed, feed, && sheltered. You'll think differently of me when you see my eyes. You won't think I'm so perfect then."

*What could be wrong with your eyes? Turn around && let me see belle.* I smiled slightly at the new nickname && complied. 

I waited for the rejection to come. Unlike my wolf’s vibrate green eyes mine were a violet color && very cat like; I don't have a pupil I have a slit. So I pretty much have cat eyes. No one knows why.

*You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.* His words shocked me. 

"You're not gonna reject me..." 

Hunter's wolf gave me a look like really? *No Belle I'm not. I would never reject what was made specifically for me.*

The biggest smile graced my face. I couldn't help myself as I ran && hugged Hunter. Not a moment later did I realize that I was still naked. I watched as his wolfy eyes trailed my naked body. It turned me on as he lick his lips in lust. 

*Lay down for me baby girl.*

I did as I was told. Once I was on the ground Hunter's huge body stood over top mine. His head leaned down && licked my left breast. I let out a huge moan. Feeling his rough tongue on me was heavenly. He liked the sound I made so he did it again && again. I was amazed when he took the nipple into his mouth to suck on. Once he was satisfied with the attention he gave my breast he moved on to the other doing the same. Thank the moon goddess that we were out in the forest so that no one could hear my extremely loud moans. If his tongue was this amazing on my breasts I can only imagine how heavenly it would feel in other places, if you get my drift. 

As if hearing the trail of my thoughts Hunter began nuzzling his face down my body. When he reached the most sensitive part of me he growled in approval. *You smell appetizing. Do you mind if I taste you baby girl?*

All I could do was whimper out a please. 

He grinned a wolfy grin at me. *Spread those amazing legs for me baby girl. Those scrumptious looking lips too*

I spread my legs then my lips. He licked his lips again at the sight of my soaked opening. He dove right in lapping at my heated core. It felt so amazing. I almost hit my climax when he got his wolfy tongue inside of me. His tongue was long enough to hit just the magic spot. The entire time my moans && screams of utmost pleasure could be heard throughout the whole forest. I wouldn't be surprises if anyone outside the forest could hear me. 

I was just about to reach my climax when Hunter stopped. I whined. *Belle do you want me to mark you now or wait till we officially mate? It's up to you.*

"Do you want to mark me as yours? Would you mind being tied to me && only me?"

*I have waited for you for eight years. There is no one else in this world I would want other than you. You were the one chosen to be my mate && I wouldn't exchange you for the world. Hell I haven't even slept with any other she-wolf. I was saving myself for my mate, for you.*

"I wish I was able to save myself you, I had every intention of doing so..."

*Don't think about that baby girl. It's not your fault your last alpha was a monster. So will you let me mark you now && do the public mark when we officially mate? I just need to make my claim somehow.*

I nodded my head yes. That was all I could do. I didn't deserve an amazing mate such as Hunter but the moon goddess blessed me with him. 

Hunter got back to work pleasuring me. He gave me the most earth shattering orgasm I have ever had. It was so powerful I could seeing stars. He lapped at me getting all my spilling juices. Soon he was bringing me to another orgasm. Like the first time he stopped but this time he licked his way to my left hip && bit me leaving his mark thus causing me to have another earth shattering orgasm. This time I did pass out from the intensity of his pleasurable tongue.


When I awoke I shocked at how warm && comfy I was. I opened my eyes to see a bare chiseled chest. My eyes trailed up to see the most beautiful face I had ever seen. My mate was an Adonis. I trailed my eyes down to see his lower half was boxer-brief clad. Trailing lower to strong thunder thighs && amazing legs. I looked at myself && saw he had put one of his button up shirts on me. I was shocked that it fit me! The sexy bastard left me without underwear as well! I will get him for this. 

Focusing my eyes back on his face I noticed that he had a shaved head but it looked sexy on him. He had facial hair, I loved facial hair on a man. He had a scar in between his eyebrows. I wonder what the story behind that scar was. He had another one on his left eyebrow. So I wasn't the only wolf with scars. That made me feel a little better about myself. The closer I looked I could see freckles cover the base of his nose && the tops of his cheeks. He the bushiest eyebrows I had ever seen, it made me wonder if he was somehow related to the Grinch. I giggled at that thought. My giggling caused him to stir. His strong arms tightened around my plus sized waist. 

"What's so funny my beautiful Belle?" Oh sweet moon goddess his voice sounded much sexier in human form. I almost orgasmed at the sound of his voice. He then groaned. "If you don't want me to make love to right this instant I suggest you tone down that heavenly scented arousal of yours."

I don't know what came over me but I began rubbing my lower half against his. "What if I want you to make love to me?" Hunter let out a moan that made me wetter than I already was. 

Finally he opened his eyes. They were the most beautiful hazel eyes I had ever seen. I was getting so lost in them. I could already see his love for me as well as desire && lust. 

Continuing with my boldness I pushed against him so that I was straddling him. I could feel how well-endowed my mate was. My core was right on his boxer-brief covered cock. It felt good. I gently rocked my hips causing us both to let out soft moans. Hunter put hands on my hips to try && hold me still. 

"Baby girl I'm serious. If you don't want to officially mate please stop teasing me." My mate managed to get out. 

"Oh but you feel so good against my bare pussy alpha." Where the hell did that come from? Looks like my mate brings out my inner slut. 

Hunter bucked his hips up making his endowment rub harder against my core. Damn that felt good. "Oh you are naughty my baby girl. I like those dirty words." He bucked into me again. "I wanna hear more dirty words come from that pretty mouth of yours." He growled out. 

I smirked down at my gorgeous mate. I leaned down so my lips were touching his ear. "It felt so amazing having your wolf's tongue in my pussy. You really know how I like my pussy eaten. I can't wait to feel your mouth on my aching && soaking pussy. I know it's gonna feel just as amazing to have your cock inside of me, pounding me into submission." I felt the vibration of his growl all the way to my heated core. "You like that baby? Do you feel how wet I am for you? Can your cock feel how much my pussy is weeping for it?"

Without warning Hunter flipped over with him still in between my legs but with my wrists raised above my head. His eyes were jet black. His wolf had come out to play. 

"Don't tease me little kitten if you don't plan on mating."

I pouted playfully. "What if I want your hard cock pounding into my dripping wet pussy until you fill me to hilt with your cum? What if after you've filled up my pussy I wanna clean your cock with my mouth && have you hard again just so I can watch you come all over my pussy, drenching me inside && out with your cum." I wrapped my legs around Hunter's waist cause our lower halves to rub together creating more friction. "That my darlin' is somethin' I want. Right. Now." I managed to break one wrist free && get it down his boxer-briefs, grasping his erect member. Hunter let out a gasp upon contact. 

I pulled him out of his undergarments && began stroking him. His face contorted into one of pleasure. "Such a big boy. Does my hand feel good baby? You gonna be a good mate && give me exactly what I want?"

Hunter's eyes opened, not the eyes of his wolf but still dark with lust && desire. "Are you sure this is what you want Belle? I don't want to make you do anything you don't wanna do && not because I really want to."

My face went from seductive && playful to serious in no time. "I'm sure Hunter. I know you would never force anything upon me let alone your body. I know you're not him. I want you Hunter, so much that it literally hurts. I am seriously aching for you to be inside of me." 

He needed no more words of encouragement. He let go of my wrist && ripped open his shirt, what used to be his shirt I should say. Taking my hand off his erection I removed the shirt, what was left of it. He was quick to remove his underwear. He repositioned himself between my legs. "Before I make love to my beautiful mate I am going to kiss her until she can't breathe. I haven't kissed her yet && I really want to." I was a little nervous. He would be my first kiss. 

Hunter lowered his lips to mine. He gave me the most passionate first kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck && my legs around his waist. I wanted to keep kissing him, not caring if we mated or not. I just wanted to continue to feel his lips on mine. 

After making out for a good while I began rocking my hips against his erection. Hunter broke the kiss to let out a groan. "Okay I get it baby girl. One pounding coming up." He grabbed a hold of his member && positioned himself at my entrance. Being the amazing mate that he is he entered me slowly so that I could adjust to big cock. He was a lot bigger than my former alpha. My walls were tight around him. It was slightly painful, I felt as if I was losing my virginity all over again. The difference is that this time it's with my mate && he is being so gentle with me, for now at least. Once he was completely buried inside of me he stopped his movements. "Tell me when to move baby girl. I don't want to cause you more pain." It was a moment before I thrusted my hips up to get him to move. At first he moved slowly but gradually sped up his pace until it was to my satisfaction. Just like I wanted he pounded me into submission. The headboard was banging against the wall so loudly I was surprised no one tried to come in && check to make sure everything was okay. Although, I was glad no one did. 

I could tell Hunter was reaching his end when he began sucking && licking the top of my left breast where he would place my other mark. Soon my mate was filling me to the brim with his seed, so much so it was gushing out of me. Once again he gave me an earth shattering orgasm but thankfully this time I didn't pass out. 

Hunter pulled out of me causing me to whimper && laid down next to me. He pulled me to him && I rested my head on his sweaty chest. We needed a moment to catch our breathes. Hunter kissed my forehead lovingly. "That was the most amazing experience baby girl. I am so glad that I waited for you. There will never be anyone else who will ever be able to satisfy me like you can. So my naughty mate, where have you been hiding this vixen?"

I hid my face in the crook of his neck. I was suddenly embarrassed for my behavior earlier. 

"What's wrong baby girl? Do you regret it...? Was I not good?" 

I whimpered at how sad && vulnerable my mate sounded. "I could never regret the love was just made. It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better first time with my mate. I just don't know what came over me. I'm not usually so... Slutty && dirty. You... you make me feel beautiful && desirable, even if I am fat && covered in scars."

Hunter's wolf growled in anger. "You baby girl are not fat! Yes, you have extra meat on your bones but that does not make you fat! You have the most sexiest curves I have ever seen. If I ever hear you referring to yourself as fat again you will be punished. As for your scars they may be malicious words but on you they are beautiful. They are what make you who you are. I won't stand to hear you think or say anything negatively about yourself. If I do you will be punished. Am I understood?"

"Yes, Alpha." 

His face softened. "Baby girl you don't have to constantly call me
Alpha. It makes me feel like I am inferior to you. You're my equal. The only time you are allowed to address me as alpha is when we are having intimate fun. Okay baby?"

I nodded my head before placing it back on his chest. Listening to his heart beat I fell into a deep sleep. 


When I awoke I felt around the sheets for the warmth of my mate I was saddened to only find coldness. I sat up in bed pulling the sheet up my body to cover up my nudity in case someone walked in. I felt freezing without Hunter's warmth. 

Just as I was about to remove the sheet to find my clothes the door opened. I held the sheet tighter to me. I was so happy to see my mate. He was in a fresh clean pair of boxer-briefs && he was carrying a tray. 

When he looked up && saw me looking at him he blushed. The alpha of the Silver Moon Pack was blushing all because I caught him bringing me breakfast in bed. My mate was too adorable. 

"Are you blushing Mr. Alpha?" I couldn't hide the smirk on my face. 

"I wanted to surprise my beautiful mate with breakfast in bed. So forgive me for being a little flustered that you caught me." Hunter spoke as he sat next to me placing the tray over my lap. 

On the tray were two half blueberry-half chocolate chip waffles. Some eggs && bacon as well as some cinnamon rolls. For beverages there was a glass of orange juice as well as a cup of joe, black just the way I like it. I couldn't forget about the beautiful white rose that accompanied everything on the tray.
I was speechless, breathless. This was the most amazingly sweet gesture any guy had ever done for me. Judging by what looks like dried batter on next to his lips I'm gonna assume that he made all of this for me && it's my favorite breakfast foods no less. 

"Is there something wrong? I can make you something else if you would like..." Hunter spoke out in a rush when he noticed my watery eyes. 

I shook my head no. "It's perfect Hunter. How-how did you know all my favorites?"

"I called your brother...He's quite the intimidating guy. I can tell that you mean the world to him. It makes me happy to know that you have a protective brother like him."

My mouth fell open in shock. Again I was speechless. "Thank you for breakfast. It means the world to me that you would go as far as contacting my older brother to find things out. I really couldn't have for a sweeter mate." I couldn't help leaning to my left side && kiss him in appreciation. 

After a moment we broke away && began eating the delicious meal he had prepared. I swear that his food was orgasm worthy it was that good. While munching on a piece of bacon I had a thought.

"Where is everyone? I mean I know that we were... loud... last night && yet no one came in to make sure we were alright. I'm not complaining that no one did I'm just shocked no one came to ask what the ruckus was..." It was my turn to blush. Thankfully Hunter decided not to comment on it, this time.

"My room is sound proof. I knew that one day I would be bringing my luna && only my luna in here && I wanted to make sure that we would not be disturbed in any form so when the pack house was remodeled I had them make my room sound proof as well as any room that belongs to mates that choose to live here in the pack house."

My mouth formed an "o". "That makes sense. I am glad you had the room sound proofed otherwise I would have been very embarrassed if someone had walked in on us." Hunter smiled && kissed my forehead && we went back to eating in a comfortable silence. 

Never did I would ever think I would ever find mate or any type of love. Who would have thought my mate was an alpha && would have alpha love? I sure as hell didn't && I couldn't be happier.


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