A Christmas Gift (The Short Story)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two lovers explore sex and find that three is the perfect crowd for them.

I have been toying with the idea of having an extra bed partner for a while now, I'm not really sure how my boyfriend will take it though. I'm also not sure if I want a male or female third party. Being bi-curious, it doesn't matter much to me but to him, I'm guessing he won't want a guy unless.. Well, I don't know. I've finally decided what to do, I'm going to have both. Christmas Day we'll have a girl & soon after that a guy.. I hope Eddie has no problem with it, more especially the "other guy" aspect.. -----


*Days Later*



 "Eddie? About Threesomes.. Would you prefer it with a guy or a woman? Or doesn't it matter?"

Lightly chuckling he replies "I'd prefer it with a woman but I'd try it with a man even though" he looks at me and growls, making my insides squirm happily "you're mine."


I roll onto him and lay on his chest, pressing kisses on the side of his neck, his shoulders and finally an inviting kiss on his mouth. He kisses me back and as always, his kisses set my senses on fire making his every touch, tongue stroke, groping and spanking more acute causing a burning desire that pools in my belly.


Barely pulling back I whisper against his lips "so if I told you I've arranged two threesomes for Christmas, would you be mad?"

He stills immediately and pushes me off of him. Incredulously and possibly a tad mad he almost yells "You WHAT?"

"Well.. I organised 2 threesomes as a Christmas gift..". I blush at having said it out loud & then pout, knowing that he normally forgives me any blunders when I do. He glares at me angrily but the anger doesn't quite reach his eyes so I reckon he's not that mad, just faking it. He tells me, no, more like orders me to get onto the floor on all fours. I do so and he just looks at my nude body for a moment- my wide shoulders, big breasts, small waist & wide hips.

"Miss Khan, I am very disappointed in you." With that he comes and stands behind me, grabbing my ass cheeks roughly he kneads them. Already I can feel my arousal juices over coating my insides.

"You have failed to inform me of your doings, Miss Khan and for that you must be punished. Do you understand me?" Without waiting for my reply he jerks my ass upward so that it looks as if its being offered to him and he spanks it, making me yelp in pleasure. When I don't answer him, he spanks me again "Do you understand me?" I mumble a reply of "Yes sir" while he rubs my red ass. I hear a chuckle before being picked up off of the floor and put onto the bed, face first. He pulls me downwards so that my core is at the edge of the bed, bending my legs and then spreading them he slips his manhood into me, its long, thick and ready for action. "Not a sound out of you until I cum." He commands which only makes me want to moan, he's so sexy when he's takes control. "Yes sir" and with that he proceeds to pump into me while holding my calves, the position I'm in causes me to feel every ridge and bump of his manhood, biting my lip I try and hold in my moans; he hears my harsh breathing and increases the pace. It takes all of my willpower to not scream.. He let's go of one of my calves and plays with my ass, sometimes kneading, other times slapping. He thrusts in deeply and holds it there as my insides wrap around him and squeeze him lovingly, I move my hips as I feel no sign of him moving to take me over the edge that I'm on, in this position my movement's are restricted so I can't really push myself over the edge so I slide my hand under me and rub my little pleasure button, I almost moan but I bite my lip hard to keep it from escaping; he starts moving at that moment and I close my eyes, trying so damned hard not to moan or say anything as the pleasure builds and builds.


Finally, I peak and my climax cascades through my entire body, the feeling only intensifies when Eddie continues thrusting through my orgasm. Biting my pillow to stifle my moans I ball the sheets in my fists.. And then Eddie moans.. "Fuck. Baby!" He doesn't cum though. Instead he makes me cum twice more which is a pleasurable hell since I can't scream before he himself cums. He pulls out of me and I whimper at the loss of his filling length. Dipping his finger between my folds he scoops up our cum and comes to the side of the bed. "Suck" he orders and I do so, I suck all our juices off before letting go and looking at him.


Chuckling he looks at me. "So you arranged a threesome, my cum princess?" Rolling me over a bit he lays next to me.

"I did, you MajesDick person. I wanted it to be a surprise but my big mouth can't keep anything from you".

We lay there in bed, talking about everything and nothing until we fall asleep in each others arms.



*Christmas Day*


Christmas Morning had Eddie up bright and early. He planned to go get some charcoal at the garage and then he would come home, have a few friends over or maybe just stay in and watch movies with Naz. Throwing on some clothes he kisses his girl's sleeping head and whispers that he'll be back soon. She mumbles some vague reply and turns over. As soon as he leaves the house, she turns over, wide awake and lays listening for the sound of his leaving car. Once he's left she gets her phone and dials.



My excitement is palpable as I dial "Hey! Aleska? He's just left! I'm gonna leave the door unlocked while I get changed, just come in! Yeah? Okay. No problem!" I practically sprinted to the front door, unlocked everything and went back to the room where I proceeded to brush my hair and do my make up. Nothing too extravagant but enough to give a sultry look. I'd just finished with my make up and I was kneeling with my ass up in the air as I searched for the box with the Teddy I'd bought specially for today when I felt my buns being squeezed.


Laughing I got up. "Hi there, Leski" "Naz! You horny little slut! Does Eddie know what you're going to do??" She said in that rich spanish accent

".. Well.. He knows I planned a threesome, he just doesn't know for when." Chuckling, I pulled out the box and started putting on the Teddy. A Black and Red bodice with a single zip down the front. Then I slipped on a garter belt and suspenders to hold the matching stockings, next were the bright red "fuck me" heeled pumps. Just as I stood up I heard the car pull into the drive way. With a wink I put on a black silk gown & left Aleska in the bedroom and went to the front door to welcome Eddie. I got to the door just as Eddie was about to take out the charcoal.

"Baby? You'd better put ALL of that back and come inside quickly. I have something to tell you" I said hurriedly, almost alarmed thereby causing him to be slightly alarmed.


"Naz? What is it?" "Just come in!" As he leaves everything in the car and comes inside I loosen my gown. He steps in and I close the door, letting the gown fall. I smile as I see his eyes greedily take in my body. Taking his hand I lead him to the bedroom where Aleska is sitting, her black hair loose, legs spread open wide as she sits there, massaging her breasts through the navy blue sheer negligee she's wearing. Her voice is husky with arousal -


"I thought you'd never come and I'd have to finish without you" and with that she stands up and starts to fondle my ass while I step in and Kiss Eddie hungrily before pulling away and murmuring "Merry Christmas my love". Aleska tears me from him and we start making out passionately, he sees our tongues dance, our hands groping and grabbing flesh or hair. Aleska knocks me onto the bed and calls him to kiss me, still slightly dumbstruck he comes and starts kissing me while Aleska takes off my stockings, garter belt and suspenders; kissing everywhere she touches. Slowly Aleska unhooks the suspenders, kissing the bare skin lightly while leaving an odd scratch here and there on my inner thigh. Then she rolls down my stockings and kisses her way to my ankles with sloppy kisses, then licks her way up to my triangle, kissing it through the material causing me to moan into Eddie's mouth and pull him closer so that his lips crash against and crush mine. My own hands wander until I come to his rising manhood. I squeeze it when I find it before unzipping his jeans, unbuttoning it and then pulling his little friend (that is in no way, shape or form little) out. I stroke his entire length, using my thumb to sometimes rub the head. Aleska stops kissing my nether regions, stands up and laughingly tells Eddie to move. Giving her a somewhat dirty look he moves away, taking his length with him to the foot side of the bed. Pouting at him, I sit up and grin. Still holding his gaze "Leski? Do you think we should get him naked, play with him and before he cums, leave him and make him watch us play?" It looks to me as if Eddie wants to pounce onto me and show me he's the boss but before he can move I get off of the bed and together with Aleska we push him onto the bed.


Standing by him, Aleska and I have a conversation, almost as if he's not there.


"Gorgeous, isn't he, Leski?"

With a rather dreamy and lustful look, Aleska replies "very gorgeous, you're a lucky girl... Especially his size. I want to taste him"

"Oh, you'll taste him, Leski." With a grin "he's sweet and squirts out a lot of cum"


Suddenly we're both quiet as we notice Eddie holding his length and jerking off slowly. I pull Aleska to me and I kiss her hungrily before kissing Eddie, letting him taste us. "You be a good boy now baby." With that I smother his neck and face with kisses while I unbutton his shirt, as I unbutton I move down and do the same to his chest, tonguing his nipples and then biting down gently has him groaning under me. Meanwhile, Aleska yanks his shoes and socks off, then she moves upwards and kisses what's exposed by his opened jeans. For a minute I stop and watch her lick and kiss his length before kissing the thighs, then pulling the pants down and then kissing until his ankles. Eddie is pretty Hard already so I wink at Aleska and she takes him into her mouth, taking him into the depths of her throat and losing him there in the moist warmth, as soon as she feels that he's ready to cum she pulls away. I push Eddie to one side of the bed and I make Aleska lay on the other side, then I mount her and start taking her negligee off, kissing the bare skin with feather light kisses; I notice Eddie sit up as he watches us. I help Aleska take her top off before kissing her, she tastes like Aleska and Eddie's precum. I take Aleska's C cup breasts in my hands and pretend to weigh them as I figure out which one I'm going to suck. Starting with the right, my left hand massages the left. Sucking on Aleska's nipples has her moaning and cradling my head against her. I smooch my way down to Alexa's honey pot, pulling her panties to the side I start muffing her, my ass stuck in the air as I do. Eddie strokes himself and then suddenly comes up behind me, he picks me up roughly and throws me onto the bed, growling in frustration he pulls down the zipper of my Teddy and undresses me totally. He spreads my legs and spanks my pussy with two fingers before ordering me to "muff her till she screams", I happily oblige, his dominant nature turning me on. I spread Alexa's legs and stick my tongue into her wetness when bam! Eddie slams into me, making me yelp in pleasure. He keeps his thrusts slow and steady as I muff Aleska; licking her slit, probing her hole with my tongue and then flicking my tongue over her pleasure button has her moaning and holding my head against her pussy. The more she moans, the faster Eddie thrusts into me. The room fills with our moans, groans and the slapping sound of flesh as Eddie pounds into me.


Aleska's body tightens and then she cums, coating my face with her cum. I moan loudly, Eddie continues pounding and I can feel him grow as he gets ready to cum, I can feel my own climax building, Aleska gets up and kisses me, licking her cum off of my face before she kneels on the side of the bed and plays with my clit while Eddie pounds into me. Its too much and I cum, screaming out in-coherently; at the same time Eddie cums in me and stills while shooting his seed deep into me. The three of us lay on the bed, panting from our orgasms. I giggle as I kiss first Aleska and then Eddie. "I loved it" I tell them. "Oh, but we're not even nearly done, Naz" pipes Aleska who then grins as she sees Eddie's glistening shaft start to stir again. Aleska moves to Eddie's shaft and starts sucking vigorously, she comes up and licks the tip of his head. I bend down and kiss Eddie, whispering against his lips "suck my cunt" to which he growls "bring it to me!". I kneel above his face and he hungrily pulls me down, attacking my pussy with his spade tongue, I moan and watch Aleska impale herself on Eddie's dick, we move forward and start making out, moaning in each others mouths. Before long, we're all cumming again. We carry on throughout the day until we're exhausted.


All three of us get into the shower after having orgasmed so much we hurt and we wash each other, Eddie takes special care of us by pushing his fingers into us and "cleaning" out the cum which somehow had us humping his hand and cumming in the shower.. Stepping out we help each other dress before going to the Lounge.

Submitted: December 29, 2014

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