Lust and Propriety

Lust and Propriety

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take on a fake mate. But Hazeth Montcroix is a bit more than Winter expected and the fake mating may become real, no matter how Winter fights his feelings for Hazeth.


Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take on a fake mate. But Hazeth Montcroix is a bit more than Winter expected and the fake mating may become real, no matter how Winter fights his feelings for Hazeth.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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a/n: After much consideration, we decided to make this immense arc its own side story. I’m quite tickled that we started with the Lust part of Lust and Propriety before the Propriety part this time. This is a sequel to the story Lust and Chastity, so there are slight spoilers, but nothing huge!




If someone were to have told Andyvion that he would one day find himself wearing a frilly maid's uniform and speaking in a feminine tone of voice for several months straight, he'd have asked them what kind of night flower they were sniffing.  To be fair, his last name was Liwa. The Liwas in Peraza came from a long line of skilled, well-paid house workers. They had style, grace, and pride.

Well, the majority of them had style, grace, and pride. Andyvion wasn't perfect, but he generally got the job done with minimal hassle. He scrubbed toilets, washed dirty sheets, and took the trash out without a shred of shame. He was raised to work hard, help others, and hide in plain sight. He generally tried to be nothing more than silent assistance in the background, especially if he was well-compensated for his work.

If there was one thing he couldn't complain about, it was that Duke- Correction, King Rathburn, paid everyone in his ostentatious manor well. However, according to many rumors and what Andy himself had seen, the Duke-damn, King...why was it taking him so long to adjust to calling him their King? He had taken over the manor months ago! The point was that just being in the presence of King Rathburn creeped the servants out.

"Oof!" Andy wheezed as he was finally able to place the heavy centerpiece onto a long table out in the courtyard of the immense estate.

The Du-King, the King was entertaining guests from other countries for some kind of proposition or another. Usually, the Unicorn didn't care about his king's plans. But, every last person in the manor had been working hard for the last three days to set up for the gathering.

Andy took a deep breath as his aquamarine eyes looked up at the sky. Barely a cloud up there, but it was certainly hot. He reached up behind him to pull his shoulder-length teal hair back into a ponytail, patted at the ruffles on the skirt of his beige maid uniform, and walked back inside to help the others bring out the china. The young Unicorn had been disguising himself as a female for the last several months. He had his reasons, but he certainly lamented not being able to simply wear pants and a shirt on hot days such as that one.

The hours flew by as everyone finished with the tables in the courtyard. But, there was still more work to do. Andy found himself biting his lower lip and walking with his legs a bit crossed as he realized that his bladder was full. They were all typically given healthy breaks between work, but that day was a busy and chaotic rush. He rushed over to set down his basket of towelettes on the corner of one of the tables and looked around. Everyone seemed to be focused on their individual tasks. Realizing that he was probably not going to get another break like this, the Unicorn rushed over to the edge of the woods.

Concealed by the trees, he found some bushes, and nearly wept in joy. Andy promptly hefted up his skirt, tugged the waistband of his boxers down and relieved himself.

"Freaking finally," He hissed out loud as the nearly endless stream continued to arc in front of him.

However, Andyvion wasn't as concealed as he'd thought. Two sets of matching amethyst eyes watched him from the trees.

"Oh my, well, that's a surprise," Nico giggled softly as he nudged his brother.

"A lovely surprise," Vincent added with a wide, wicked smile.

"I wonder why he dresses like a girl." Nico cocked his head to the side as he shamelessly watched the servant.

"I remember a few times you dressed in cute little skirts and frilly things," Vincent said with a leer as he slid a hand up his brother's warm thigh.

"And I remember that it was your idea and you enjoyed the show thoroughly," Nico retorted as he tossed his long violet curls over his shoulder.

"I did," Vincent admitted with a smile. "I'm enjoying this show, too." He nodded at Andy.

"Awwww," Nico pouted as the pretty cross-dressing Unicorn finished his business and fixed his clothing. "Looks like the show is over."

"Aren't you glad I saw the little maid squirming and thought to follow him?" Vincent asked.

Nico nodded enthusiastically and rewarded his brother with a kiss.

"He was adorable, bouncing around, and doing the potty dance!" Nico cooed. "He's sweet, too. He helped me get to Marjory that time when Dukie was too mean, and you were tied up all night." The Unicorn sighed wistfully. "I wish we could keep him. I like him, Vin."

"Hush. Don't sound so sad." Vincent wrapped an arm around his brother. "We can't keep him, but maybe we can play with him."

Nico clapped his hands in excitement, completely forgetting they were trying to be stealthy. Andyvion's aquamarine eyes snapped to their hiding spot on the thick branch of a tree. Nico squeaked, and the two men froze, as though that would keep the lovely servant from seeing them.

When he first heard the noise, Andy felt his stomach drop down to his feet. If he was caught and the person went and tattled to the King…he didn't even want to think about the consequences! He slowly approached the source of the sounds and didn't know whether to feel relieved or wary when he realized that it was Rathburn's favorite twins.

"Uh, h-hey, you wouldn't mind, you know, keeping this a secret? Especially from the king?" Andy pleaded with them, using his normal voice for the first time in months.

Vincent and Nico smiled identical smiles at each other before dropping out of the tree simultaneously. Andy jerked, expecting them to crash to the ground, but the duo seemed to glide more than fall. The soles of their boots contacted the ground gently. In moments, they were crowding into Andyvion's personal space, inspecting him closely.

"We would never tell on you to Dukie," Nico exclaimed as he hugged the servant's arm to his chest. The twin was taller than Andy and was the same height as Vincent. But, there was something about the Unicorn that made him seem smaller than them.

"Hmmm," Vincent ran a long finger across a ruffle, looking down at the petite nervous. "But, you'll have to do something for us, make it worth our while." He lifted a violet eyebrow and smirked.

Andy felt a blush burning his face as the twins came in too close for comfort. "Wh-" The Unicorn began, but stopped to clear his throat. "What kind of something are you talking about?" He asked.

Nico slung an arm around Andy's waist while Vincent threw his over the cute little Unicorn's shoulders.

"You have to be our friend!" they both demanded with wide grins.

Friends? That didn't sound too terrible. Who wouldn't want more friends? For a moment, Andyvion's mind drifted back to one of his closest long-distance friends. He wondered how Winter was doing. The Unicorn hadn't been able to go to Peraza, not since after the funeral.

"Fair enough." He conceded to the twins.

"Ooh, and you have to tell us everything about you!" Nico added.

"For example, why you're hiding your gender." Vincent slid a fingertip up Andyvion's arm until he reached a puffed sleeve. "Not that I'm complaining. You're adorable."

Nico nodded his agreement.

Though it wasn't possible, Andy could practically feel steam flowing out of his ears at that point.

"Well," He began. "The Du- I mean, the King prefers men...and though I'm not as lovely as either of you, my parents worried that I'd eventually end up in his bed. Or worse, his punishment chamber." He took a deep breath. "And, he seems to ignore women, especially if they're servants. So, I've been dressing and talking like a girl ever since."

The twins surrounded Andy in a hug, refusing to let go.

"Hush, you're beautiful," Vincent began.

"And Dukie will never get his nasty paws on you," Nico finished. "Not if we can help it." The younger twin's amethyst eyes flashed. "I'll cut off his fingers first."

"Um, I, er...thanks?" The Unicorn responded.

"You're very welcome," Nico told him happily.

"You smell nice," Vincent said at the same time while nuzzling behind the little maid's ear.

"That'd be the….uh, flowers! The flowers from the centerpiece arrangements on the tables." Andy insisted, refusing to admit to having a penchant for wearing a hint of flower oil on his person. It was bad enough that he had to act and dress as a woman day after day, but to actually like flower oil, too? He’d rather keep that part private. "And, speaking of which, I should get back to work."

"I want to smell," Nico demanded before pushing Andy's back against a tree and snuggling up to the servant's throat, sneaking his pink tongue out for a stolen lick. "And a tiny taste."

"That's not fair," Vincent grumped. "I didn't get a taste."

Andy felt some of the air escape his lungs at the movement, but he kept absolutely still. The twins were lovely creatures, he hadn't lied about that. But, they also reminded him of the tigers held in captivity in the zoos of the Earth dimension. Though he certainly didn't want to poke at any tigers, his body seemed to enjoy being their prey, as he began to stiffen in the very places he most desperately tried to keep hidden.

"I still-" He croaked incoherently. "W-work..."

"Everything is done by now," Vincent purred, licking his lips. "Don't go."

"Please, won't you stay?" Nico begged with puppy-dog eyes. "Just for a while?"

Andy bit his lower lip as he peered from one set of amethyst eyes to the other. "Maybe for just a t-tiny while, then." He agreed.

"Can we take him to the secret base?" Nico stage-whispered to his brother.

Vincent thought a moment and nodded. Nico clapped his hands happily and grabbed Andyvion, tossing the startled servant over his shoulder and racing into the trees with Vincent at his heels. Their soft-soled boots made no sound in the underbrush. No leaf crunched or twig snapped. Every step was swift and sure until it felt more like flying than running.

"Where are we going?" Andy asked quietly as he forced himself to remain as calm as possible.

They came to such a sudden stop it made Andy's head spin.

"Here," Nico told him as he set the servant on his feet.

"Our secret base," Vincent said seriously, making the silly words sound heavy and important.

Andy turned in a circle, eyes widening. They were in the middle of a lush glade. The surrounding trees were dense and thick, blocking any view of the space. Andy's eyebrows furrowed. He couldn't see any space between the trees where they could have possibly even entered from.

The twins had been forced into the Duke's harem many years before. They'd made the best they could of the situation. Having a place to escape had helped them deal with the Duke's arbitrary cruelties. They'd had years to coax the glade into suiting their needs. Careful management and magic had nudged the nature around them into comforts.

Plants and trees formed tables, seats, and even something that resembled a bed. Lovely flowers bloomed out of season, decorating the space and sharing their lovely fragrances. Everywhere Andyvion looked, there was something touched by the twins' magic. The servant had never seen such amazing displays of an affinity for nature magic.

The Unicorn approached one of the seats and patted it to ensure that it was solid before sitting down on it and holding a hand to his head. "I need to sit down." He admitted, feeling a tad overwhelmed. "This is just incredible!"

The twins' smiles were blinding. They'd never had the opportunity to show off their years of work to anyone. Happiness bubbled in their chests at Andy's words.

"Thank you!" They leaned their shoulders together, a perfect pair.

Andy was reaching out a hand to touch what looked like a table made of flowering vines. The twins frowned.

"Noooo," Vincent growled.

"Don't you dare," Nico said just as ominously.

The Unicorn froze in mid-motion. "Can't touch the table?" He asked in a squeaky tone of voice.

"Kimset, sit!" the twins shouted just as Andy was bumped from behind and sent sprawling onto the soft moss covering the ground.

The servant froze when he felt hot breath on the back of his neck. He slowly turned his head to find a massive beast looming over him. It was some sort of cat, but like nothing Andyvion had seen before. Its creamy fur was covered in sooty black spots of different sizes. The creature's head resembled a panther, but its ears were tall and pointed, like a lynx. The beast was massive, easily two or three times the size of a tiger. It had teeth to match. They were long, pointed, and perfectly white. They were also very close to Andy's face.

"Kimset, no!" Vincent scolded. "Naughty pard! Very naughty pard! We don't throw guests to the ground and jump on them!"

"We don't?" Nico asked quizzically.

"Alright, I suppose we do," Vincent admitted. "But, we ask first!"

Kimset seemed to be grinning down at Andy. The petite Unicorn thought it was all over when that mouth full of knives dipped down. Instead of being chomped, however, the pard flipped the Unicorn on his back and began vigorously licking the terrified servant. A deafening purr rumbled in the beast's chest. The cat flopped down on his tummy, covering Andy with his soft, warm body.

The Unicorn kept frozen still in the hopes that the frightening creature would tire of him as soon as possible. "N-nice beastie..." He murmured.

"Ugh, Kimset," Vincent shoved at the giant cat's shoulder, which didn't budge. Stop smooshing him and slobbering on him!"

"Yeah!" Nico yanked on the long tail. "We wanted to do that first!"

The cat turned and roared at Nico, long teeth bared. The pard hadn't appreciated the tail-pulling. The Unicorn sighed, unimpressed, reaching out to flick the tip of Kimset's nose.

"Don't you take that attitude with me, mister." Nico crossed his arms across his chest and glared at the beast, who could have probably eaten him in two bites.

Andyvion took the opportunity to roll away from the pard. He tugged off his lower apron and used it to try to wipe off the slobber. "Great," He drawled sarcastically. "Now I have to clean up before going back, as well."

"Now see what you've done?" Nico scolded the cat.

Kimset looked at Andy, his tufted ears drooping. He gave a startlingly kittenish mew and disappeared.

"I think Kimset likes you, Andy," Nico declared with a grin. "Oh dear, there are grass stains on your skirt."

"Poor thing," Vincent purred, advancing on the disheveled Unicorn. "He made a mess of you. We'll have to help set you to rights."

A shiver rolled down Andy's spine at the look on Vincent's face. He had forgotten that, between the twins and the pard, the twins were clearly far more dangerous. "I was just going to head back to wash up a bit..." He admitted.

"Oh no," Vincent said firmly, fighting a smirk. "It's our fault you got messy."

"We'll take responsibility for cleaning you up," Nico continued. "Now, just strip down to your sweet skin, and we'll take good care of you." Nico licked his lips.

"Down to my skin?" Andy all but squeaked. "But, it's just mostly my face!"

"But your cute little dress is in quite the state," Nico pointed out with a wink. "Off with it."

"Here, I'll help," Vincent added happily, reaching for the ruffled hem.

Before Andy knew it, he had been stripped down to his boxers. He rubbed both his arms and shivered despite the day being sunny and warm. "I never was too good at cleansing magic...always had to do everything by hand. Kind of sad, really, for a servant to be terrible at cleansing magic..." He babbled nervously.

"Hush," Vincent pulled a soft handkerchief from his pocket. "You're perfect."

He pulled Andyvion into his arms, warming him while he wiped his face. Whisper light kisses were pressed to each bit of cleaned skin.

"I know a nice Brownie in the next thicket. He'll have this clean in two shakes of a lamb's tail." Nico gathered up Andy's uniform and disappeared through what looked like a solid wall of trees. "Don't do anything too fun without me," he called over his shoulder.

"Uh, th-thank you," Andy responded as he tried not to squirm about while he was being cleaned.

"My pleasure," Vincent purred as he finished wiping the lovely servant's face.

The cloth dipped lower, slowly swiping down Andyvion's throat to his chest, an embroidered edge dragging across one pebbled nipple.

The Unicorn's breath hitched at the sensation, and he ended up hunching over slightly. "I, er, I think I'm a-all clean now." He pointed out.

Nico had reappeared, unnoticed by the uncomfortable servant. Andy squeaked when the younger twin whispered in his ear.

"You don't have to go back yet, do you? Your clothes will take a few minutes." Nico kissed Andy's bare shoulder. "Don't you want to stay and play with us?"

The violet-haired man behind him slipped past Andyvion to join his identical brother. The twins embraced, sharing a searing kiss, before releasing each other enough to create a bit of space between them, enough room for one petite Unicorn.

Andy's heart leaped to his throat in both shock and confused arousal at the sight. "I-" He whimpered before he took a moment to clear his throat. "I don't think that's allowed...nope." Though he folded his arms around himself in insecurity, a definite tent had already formed in his boxers.

"Not allowed?" Nico asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Ah, but you didn't say you don't want to," Vincent pointed out.

"Listen, gorgeous and proportionate as you both are, I still value my life." The Unicorn continued. "Which if the King finds out, let's face it, would be over in some kind of horrific way."

"You're worried about Dukie?" Nico scoffed.

"That won't be a problem." Vincent grew serious. "We've lasted longer in his harem than any other. Longer by years."

Nico hugged his brother and continued. "We've survived by doing absolutely anything he wants." His amethyst eyes wouldn't meet Andy's eyes. "But he gets bored...then he wants something more, always more."

Vincent petted his brother's soft purple curls. "Lately, he's been enjoying sharing us with his friends and acquaintances."

"Whoring us out, you mean." Nico scowled.

Vincent sighed and nodded. "But it means that, for us, Dukie's rules about fucking no one but him don't apply. He told us so, quite forcefully, when Coco expressed reservations about his plans."

Nico reached up and tentatively touched the arch of his cheekbone, as though reassuring himself it was whole and unbroken.

The teal-haired Unicorn felt himself frown as their conversation turned to darker subjects. "I don't think anyone could have survived as long as the both of you have. It's one of the reasons I dress like I do...I wouldn't survive there, either." Andy confessed. "I'm quite grateful he ignores all the women and me."

"It was smart of you," Nico praised, pulling himself out of his bitterness. "And you look really cute in a skirt."

"You look even cuter out of it." Vincent's eyes took in Andy's body, appreciation and desire evident from within them.

Andyvion hadn't even realized that his arms had peeled themselves away from his body while they were talking, leaving his chest open to perusal. "The whole, uh, skirt thing wasn't ever a choice. As for the rest of me, well..." He trailed off as he rubbed his arms in nervousness. "I'm average, I guess."

Each twin grabbed one of Andyvion's slender wrists and tugged him into their arms.

"Average?" Nico asked skeptically.

"You are much more than average," Vincent added.

"You're exquisite," Nico continued, running a hand down the servant's hip.

Unsure of where to place his hands, the Unicorn put a hand on a shoulder on each twin. "Ah, th-thanks?" He responded.

"Seriously, love, have you looked at yourself?" Nico asked.

Vincent stroked his fingers through the smaller unicorn's soft teal locks. "Such pretty hair." He tugged at the two small braids framing Andy's face.

"Your eyes are like the finest aquamarine gems." Nico nuzzled his nose to Andyvion's "Your lashes are lush, and the envy of any woman."

Vincent turned Andyvion's face to his. "Your crest is delicate and gorgeous. It's perfect for you." He kissed the mark on the servant's forehead which resembled the eye on the tip of a peacock's feather.

Nico stole Andy back. "Your dimples and beauty marks beg for kisses." He peppered the petite Unicorn's face with kisses.

"Hmmm," Vincent murmured. "I think what truly begs for kisses are those soft lips." Vincent leaned forward, giving Andyvion a chance to pull back from the kiss he offered.

Andy had been progressively turning into barely more than a puddle of goo with every word and touch from the two attractive men. He felt his face flame up when Vin came closer, but how could he possibly resist? With a sharp gasp, he tilted his head further and pressed his lips against the violet-haired beauty.

Vincent moaned, following Andy's cues, not wanting to scare him off. Nico whimpered, pressing himself to Andyvion's bare back, nibbling and kissing the smaller man's shoulders.

The teal Unicorn was in so much trouble. 'Little Andy' below announced to him that it was having the time of its life by leaking just a bit. Andyvion keened into Vin's mouth as his hand reached over to clutch one of Nico's hands.

"I want to keep him," Nico whined as his other hand began to explore Andyvion's smooth skin. He buried his nose in Andy's shoulder-length teal locks. His voice came out muffled. "He smells so good."

Shit shit shit, the shorter Unicorn thought to himself as he found himself all but dry-humping Vincent. "F-fuck," He hissed as he forced himself to stop. "Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me." Andy continued to mumble. "Celestials, I don't ever remember being this turned on in my life!"

"We like you turned on." Vincent's fingertips barely skimmed Andyvion's straining erection. "We want you," Vincent purred.

"Any way we can have you," Nico hummed in Andy's ear.

Andyvion was finally starting to realize what that phrase about being stuck between a rock and a hard place was all about. He was surprised that he hadn't jizzed himself already.

"Erm..." He coughed to clear his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a tiny little voice tried to remind him that he had to get back to work. But, 'Little Andy' had other plans. "I'm all in?"

"All in." Nico grinned, rubbing his own hardness against Andyvion's hip. "I like that."

"Ah, but, do you want to be all in us?" Vincent nibbled behind Andy's ear. "Shall we be all in you?" The violet Unicorn chuckled. "Or maybe a bit of both?"

"However you want," Andy whispered as he dropped his head back onto one of Nico's shoulders, his aquamarine eyes closing. He took a shuddering breath as the pleasure continued to build wedged between the two lovely young men.

The twins circled him, fingers skimming here and there. They herded Andyvion gently towards their makeshift bed. A soft sheet covered a thick cushion of leafy plants and moss. Two pairs of hands lowered Andy to the fabric. Vincent crawled in after him while Nico joined them with a giggle and a flop.

"I want your ass," Vincent growled from behind the teal-haired Unicorn.

The shorter man fought down a blush and only wiggled close enough to press his backside against the older twin.

"Wh-what about you?" He asked Nico softly as he reached out to touch a few strands of purple hair.

"I want whatever you want." Nico turned his head to kiss Andy's palm. "Do you want to bury yourself deep inside my ass while Vin takes you? Or I could take your sweet mouth while my brother fucks you nice and deep. Or maybe you'd like me to fuck Vin, shoving him inside you every time I thrust into him?"

Andy tugged Nico closer and gave him a heady kiss. "Turn around for me," He whispered against his lips as one of his hands slid down Nico's back to give one of his round cheeks a squeeze.

Nico made a happy little noise as he flipped over eagerly. Vincent kissed Andy's shoulder as he tugged down the last covering on the petite servant's body. Andyvion lightly bent his knees to help him take the boxers off the rest of the way and then urged Nico to tug off his own clothing. Without even thinking about it, he shifted into his faun form to retrieve some lubrication off his shaft and gently pressed it along Nico's puckered flesh. His fingers eased their way inside so softly that he worried if the amethyst-eyed Unicorn was ticklish.

Nico just moaned. He felt the pull to shift into a faun but resisted. He wanted to feel the delicious sting as the bigger faun cock entered and filled him. Some pain with his pleasure made everything better, more intense. Sometimes, it was only Vin who kept Nico from taking it too far.

Swallowing hard at the lovely sight, Andy continued to stretch as the pads of his fingers sought out Nico's sensitive spots. "I'm nowhere near as skilled as you both," He warned. "But, I'm not a complete brute."

Nico's amethyst eyes peeked over his shoulder at Andy.

"A little brutish is nice, though." His lip pulled into a little pout.

Vincent stroked the soft fur on Andyvion's lower half, marveling at the teal hue. He tugged open the ties on his pants, freeing himself. Once he popped free, he poked against Andy's warm lower back.

"Coco sometimes likes it rough." Vin explained as he rubbed his cockhead against Andy's smooth skin, smearing precum. "But he also doesn't mind gentle." His breath puffed against the smaller man's cheek as he whispered in Andyvion's ear. "So, you can fuck him however you want to, and he'll love it. Just give him a little bit of discomfort to get started, and he'll do anything you want, gladly."

The faun raised an eyebrow but didn't question it. "Alright then, hold on..." He urged as he pressed his lubricated shaft to Nico's entrance and worked his way inside. Even though he had prepared him, the breaching was a bit rough due to his larger, half-form shaft. When Andyvion was nearly all the way inside, a low moan fell from his lips. He gave Nico's shoulder a gentle nip as he grinded the rest of the way inside.

"Ahhhhh, so good," Nico moaned, shifting his ass back and forth to take the thick cock as deep as possible.

Andy's hand slid over Nico's lower stomach and then gently gave the purple Unicorn's member a gentle stroke. He pressed his thumb into the slit as he thrusted into the tight heat a few times. He raked his upper teeth down the side of the lovely man's neck and pressed a kiss to the skin at the base. Knowing that he probably wouldn't last very long, he looked back towards Vincent and motioned with his head to 'go on.'

Andy didn't think about where Vincent had gotten the lubricant from or when the violet Unicorn had slicked himself. As a faun, Andyvion could have easily taken Vincent's cock without lube, but with Vin nice and slick, he sank into the smaller Unicorn as though pulled inside.

The teal-haired Unicorn took in a sharp breath as he was entered and then shuddered at the pleasure of being surrounded by heat. "Celestials!" He keened and clutched Nico to him a bit tighter. Vincent patiently waited for Andy to adjust to him, but Nico was too impatient. He rolled his hips forward and back, whimpering at the teal faun's length and width.

Nico's movements caused Andy to rock back against Vincent. He ended up tightening around the older twin's shaft in surprise. "Ah, s-sorry!"

"Sorry?" Vincent thrust forward as Nico pushed back. "You feel amazing. So tight." He nibbled and licked Andy's throat. "So warm. Perfect."

Andy found himself grabbing tightly onto Nico's hip. He carefully began to thrust into the Unicorn's depths as he adjusted to being penetrated himself. For him, it felt like quite a feat. As the three of them found their rhythm, the pleasure began to take him over from head to hooves. His tail flicked after every other thrust and his horn began to glow.

"Fuck me," Nico whimpered.

"Shall we fuck him, Andy-love?' Vincent purred as he slid his hand forward to grip his twin's hip.

Vin shoved his hips forward hard, nailing Andy's sweet spot as he yanked his brother backwards to spear him deep on the teal faun's rigid cock.

Then he did it again.

"Hah!" Andy groaned as the pleasure kept on rising. He was already dripping inside Nico as they continued to rut. He had never been so hard before in all his life. It was almost painful. His heartbeat kicked up a few notches when he heard Nico let out a throaty moan.

Overcome by pleasure, Nico couldn't hold back from slipping into his faun form. The fur on his lower half was a deep, rich purple. A beautiful amethyst horn appeared where his crest of two downward pointing chevrons had been. His cock grew, dripping on the soft sheet beneath them.

Seeing his twin change pulled Vincent to shift as well, his length and thickness growing to fill Andy completely.

"Fuck!" Andyvion gasped as his muscles once again clamped down on Vincent's flesh in surprise.

He pressed his warm hand against Nico's stomach to steady himself for a moment, and then they all had to find their pace once more. The Unicorn reached over to stroke Nico's hybrid shaft with gusto as more groans and moans rose into the air.

Nico turned his head to kiss Andy as he felt himself begin to peak. The touch of the sweet little servant's hand sliding up and down his sensitized length coupled with the feel of Andyvion's thrusts were pushing the violet Unicorn over the edge. Their horns slid together as he moaned into Andy's mouth.

A sharp shock of pleasure passed through them both from that contact. Before he even realized what he was doing, Andy bent down to press his aqua-pearl horn against the back of Nico's neck as his free hand reached behind the back of Vincent's neck.

"Ah!" He keened as he felt his orgasm rolling over him. Though he usually felt himself come more fiercely from his shaft on the outside...that time, he felt the release striking him hard from within. "Oh fuck...I think you both just ruined me for anyone else..." He whimpered.

Vincent growled as Andy's body tightened around him. Pleasure spun through him, from where he was buried inside the pretty teal Unicorn all the way up to where the smaller man's hand held the back of his neck. His mouth opened, catching Andyvion where his neck met his shoulders. He bit down, growling, as he spurted deep inside Andy's warm depths. It was a struggle not to break the skin as he tasted his lover’s warm flesh. Instead, Vin sucked hard, raising a dark mark.

The twins slumped, utterly spent, as the glow of their horns lit the little, hidden glade.

"That was just..." Andy mused out loud as he gently raked Nico's hair aside. He froze in place at what he saw, however. Right in the center of the back of the purple-haired Unicorn's neck was the unmistakable eye of a peafowl feather that served as Andy’s forehead marking. "...oh, shit!” He gasped as he sat upright, wincing at the pain of the sudden movement. "Tell me I freaking didn't!" He reached over to swipe Vincent's hair aside to look at the back of his neck, where another perfect marking resided.

Nico peeked over Andy's shoulder. "You claimed him!"

Vincent's eyes widened, slapping a hand over the back of his neck. The skin didn't feel any different, but the touch sent tingles straight to his cock, threatening to bring it to life again.

"I-I claimed you, too." Andy pointed out as he carefully stroked the back of his knuckles along the back of Nico's neck. "Celestials! I didn't even realize when...I-I'm so sorry, you two." He rambled.

Nico ran his fingers over the back of his own neck, moaning softly as they stroked Andy's mating mark.

Nico looked at his brother with big puppy-dog eyes. "Does this mean..."

Vincent looked from Nico to Andyvion and back again before nodding. "We can keep him."

Nico sat up, throwing his arms into the air. "YAY!"

The violet Unicorn made a happy little squeal and tackled Andy onto the makeshift bed, barely avoiding putting out the smaller Unicorn's eye with his horn.

"Whoa!" Andy huffed as his back hit the bed once more. "W-wait, but it isn't finished yet! Don't the two of you have to mark me?" He pointed out. "Oh, b-but, it can't be anywhere that can be seen with my uniform on!" Masquerading as a female or not, if Rathburn ever saw the unmistakable chevrons that made up the twins' markings on his person, Andyvion would be killed on the spot.

The twins grinned at each other, putting their heads together.

"What do you like, little brother?" Vincent asked.

"Mmmm, his throat." The younger twin reached out to stroke Andy's neck. "It's long and lovely, like a swan." Nico sighed. "But that's too visible."

"I like his thighs." Vincent's fingers traced across Andy's warm skin. "But if his skirt flew up... That won't work."

"His ankles are lovely," Nico pointed out, reaching down to grab one of Andyvion's feet. The purple Unicorn pulled upward, sending Andy flat on his back.

Vincent grabbed the other foot, lifting it more carefully to examine it.

"They are perfect." Vin pressed a kiss to the delicate bone of Andy's ankle. "But if his socks slipped down..."

Nico pouted.

"Um...what about the top of my feet?" Andyvion suggested as he tried his best to hide the one part excitement, two parts panic that wreaked havoc in his stomach. The two handsome men were seriously considering marking him back. A part of him wondered if everything that happened was just a dream. But, another sharp spike of pain from a careless shift reminded him of the truth.

Nico frowned as Andy flinched in pain. He dropped the foot he was holding.

"Are you ouchie?" Nico demanded. "Where are you ouchie? Who hurt you? I'll tear out their innards and feed them to Kimset."

Andy blinked. ", I just moved a little too fast too soon. Your brother's not exactly 'small,' you know?" He snickered. "Neither of you are."

Nico slugged his brother in the shoulder with a snarl.

"You hurt our mate, you great beast!" Nico sounded completely incensed. "Look at how sweet and little he is." He cupped Andy's face in his hands, squishing Andyvion's cheeks and making his lips pucker out. "You have to be gentle!"

Vincent took Andy's hand, stroking it even as his brother continued causing his new mate to look rather like a surprised fish.

"Please, forgive me, Andyvion." Vincent's voice was like silk when he said Andy's name. "Will you still accept my mark?"

"I fromiff ahm fine*," Andy mumbled through his squished cheeks. He gently tugged Nico's hands down and spoke again. "I'm just fine. Are you kidding? Of course, I'll accept your marks!" He countered. "I just don't want to die a quick and immediate death, so..." He added as he waved his feet from side to side. "Feet."

Nico clapped his hands excitedly, completely distracted. "Top or bottom?" he asked his brother.

"Top," Vincent said confidently. "I want him to be able to see them easily if he wants to."

Nico beamed, laying his palm over the top of Andyvion's foot. Vincent mirrored him.

"May these marks..." Vincent began as his horn flared brighter and warm tingles bloomed where Vin touched.

"Always lead you back to our arms..." Nico continued as his own horn lit from within.

"And our hearts," Vincent finished with a smile.

They lifted their hands. Two sets of violet chevrons shimmered on the tops of Andy's feet as the mark settled into his skin. Nico's mark pointed down to Andyvion's toes, while Vincent's pointed up to his ankle.

Goo. Andyvion was a complete puddle of goo at that point. "Shit, maybe I am just dreaming...that's about the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me, let alone a set of brothers!" He admitted. "I don't even know how I can top that...I mean, jeez, I can't even calm down my heartbeat."

Nico laid his hand on Andy's chest. "Does it beat for us?" he asked shyly.

Andy blushed and nodded his head, unable to speak for that moment.

"You'll have us, forever," Vincent purred as he kissed Andyvion's cheek.

"And we'll never let anything happen to you," Nico added, kissing his other cheek.

"I love you, Andyvion."

"I love you, Andy."

Andyvion could almost feel the heat rising from his shoulders, neck, and face as he blushed even harder than before. "Love you both, too." He whispered.


*"I fromiff ahm fine"= I promise I’m fine.




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