Lust and Propriety

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take on a fake mate. But Hazeth Montcroix is a bit more than Winter expected and the fake mating may become real, no matter how Winter fights his feelings for Hazeth.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Part 1

a/n: After much consideration, we decided to make this immense arc its own side story. I’m quite tickled that we started with the Lust ... Read Chapter

Prologue: Part 2

The days that followed were just as busy and chaotic as the previous three days before them. Andyvion and all the other servants in the m... Read Chapter

Prologue: Part 3

WARNING: A bit of a spoiler down below for Lust and Chastity! --------- Yellow eyes narrowed as they looked at the clock on the w... Read Chapter

Penni and Renke

Pennicola blew his white-blond hair out of his eyes when no one was looking. He sat, back straight, hands in his lap. Proper. He really w... Read Chapter

The Kind Kings

Almost as soon as he crossed through the boundary with Kimset, Andyvion realized that he had overshot the jump. Instead of Peraza, they e... Read Chapter

Mission Accomplished

The following morning, Andyvion was dressed in some of Finian's warm clothes and mounted Kimset. "Send word when you arrive," Finian ... Read Chapter

The Agreement

When Elder Mason and Prince Winter finally arrived at the entrance, the gold-hued horn on the Nightmare's forehead began to glow as he sh... Read Chapter

Lonely Amshel

Winter stomped his foot with an undignified squeak, uncaring if he looked like an enraged five-year-old. The prince spun on his heel, his... Read Chapter


Amshel mewled and squirmed from his place on the floor. He couldn't leave now, not when things were really sparking up between them! ... Read Chapter


Prince Winter's face hurt from forcing the polite smile to stay on his face as person after person stopped him in the halls to wish him w... Read Chapter

From Trio to Quartet

After their awkward dinner, in which Hazeth had returned with Winter to eat while Andyvion and Tyr were already halfway into their desser... Read Chapter

The Little Lion

"He looked pretty into you. He didn't even try to make stupid excuses to Uncle Al, even though he was about to get punched out." "Yea... Read Chapter

A Recue Mission

Tyr and Andyvion made for quite the sight as the two of them rode their respective mounts and trekked across the snowy terrain of Peraza ... Read Chapter