The Dreamer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Meet Walt. His love life becomes complicated as dreams of the women in it become real.

I focused my eyes on Leah’s small breasts, and they began to grow. Slowly at first, then faster. Leah’s eyes grew wide as I stared. She must feel it. I guess that makes sense. Let’s see. They should be fuller. Her left one is a little higher than the right. Let’s even them up. Better.

Leah’s a soccer player on my co-ed rec team, so I’d better not make them too big. She won’t be able to play as well. I’m thinking some C-cups will do nicely. I make them inflate to that size, making sure that they are firm and riding high on her chest. Satisfied, I stop adjusting them.

My alarm went off.

That was such a weird dream. It was like I had the power to change reality. And I had used it to make the breasts of the prettiest girl on the soccer team bigger and nicer. I’ve had worse dreams, I guess. Yeah, as I think about it, this one was a pretty good dream. I’ll take that over my deadline-driven nightmares any day.

I got ready to go to work.


That evening, after work, I arrived at the match a few minutes late. Rush hour traffic in Portland was getting pretty bad these days. As I ran toward the field, I saw Leah out there. She really was a good-looking girl. I’d asked her out once, but she had politely declined. Couldn’t blame her. I was decent looking and had a decent job, but I wasn’t much above average on either count. Leah looked a little like Alex Morgan. Thinner, maybe. And just as little up top. But she was out of my league.

Usually I was a starter, but since I was late to the match, I was riding the bench today. Rick ran over, gassed, and asked for a sub. There were three of us. I looked to Jerry and George, but they nodded to me. I ran in for Rick.

The ball came my way a moment later. I controlled it, then passed it to a streaking Leah, behind the defender. She tapped it twice, lining up a shot. Then…. she shot! GOAL! She scored! We killed the last few minutes of the game, winning 1-0.

The team went to the bar after the game and drank our customary victory shots of Jägermeister. A few beers later, I was nicely buzzed. I zoned out a bit, looking at beautiful Leah, my gaze drifting to her chest. If only I could really make her breasts bigger as I had in the dream…

Then it happened. Just like the dream. They grew.

I watched as Leah's bumps swelled to grapefruits under her shirt. She must have noticed because she looked down in surprise as it was happening. As soon as it stopped, she looked up and looked around. No one else had seemed to notice--at least not yet. She caught me looking right at her, however. I quickly averted my eyes, but I was fairly certain it was too late. She had seen me. I got up and went to the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom, Leah was looking right at me. She rose from her seat and intercepted me on my way back to mine.

"Walt, could we have a word?" Leah asked, grabbing my arm.

"Sure... I guess so," I said.

She guided me outside the pub by the arm, took me about twenty feet from the entrance, then turned to face me.

"Walt, did you notice something when you were looking at me a few minutes ago?" Leah asked, crossing her arms under her larger boobs.

"What?!? No! What do you mean?" I said, stumbling over me words in my haste to deny.

Leah cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. She said nothing.

"Okay, okay. I noticed that your breasts got a little bigger. It must be that time of the month, right?" I said. Sometimes, I'm not all that smooth. This was one of those times.

"That time of the...!" Leah looked surprised. Then annoyed. She smacked me on the arm. "Men!" she said in exasperation.

"Walt, this is clearly not normal. Women's breasts don't grow by two inches within minutes even at that time of the month," she said in a huff.

"Okay, okay," I decided she deserved to hear the truth. I'm a terrible liar anyway. "I had a dream last night that your breasts grew. Then, at the pub, it happened! I don't know anything beyond that. I didn't do it. I just sort of had a premonition of it or something."

Leah clearly hadn't expected that. She opened her mouth. Then shut it again, thinking. Finally, she said, "So you had a premonition? Have you ever had any other premonitions before?"

"No. I don't think so anyway," I said.

Leah considered for another moment. Then, she bit her lower lip and leaned toward me conspiratorially. "Do you dream about me a lot? What else happened in the dream?"

"I... No! I mean... nothing else... happened," my face flushed with embarrassment. I was flustered enough around pretty girls. I hadn't really understood the full ramifications of telling her about my dream. Story of my life--not realizing ramifications, not the other thing.

Leah looked slightly disappointed. She seemed as if she wanted to say something else, but then thought better of it.

"Well, okay then, let's go back inside."

We went back in and sat down in our seats again, joining the rest of the team. I noticed, however, that she kept looking at me off and on the rest of the evening.

When I finally got home that night, I was tired from alcohol and exertion. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Then I had another dream.

This time, it was Elina. Elina was cute, maybe, but not pretty as was Leah. She was smaller than Leah by a couple of inches as well. Not much in the way of curves either. She did have a lithe, fit body, however, as soccer players generally did.

We were in the middle of a match, but I just stood there. I stared at her unselfconsciously, She grew taller, more muscular. Feminine muscle became visible as her legs became leaner, more defined, slightly larger. Then her arms. I somehow knew that this was happening all over her body. She was becoming stronger, faster, more powerful. If she had been a house cat before, now she was a panther, coiled muscles ready to spring.

The ball came at me. I woke up.

As I rose in my bed, I wondered if this would come true, like the last one had. We didn't have a match today, but we did on Thursday. I couldn't wait.


It was Thursday. I hadn't dreamed since Tuesday night when I had imagined Elina growing, or if I had, I didn't remember the dreams. I was on time for this one, taking the field at the beginning of the match as I usually did. I couldn't help but notice how good Leah looked with those new swells under her jersey. She smiled at me as she noticed me looking. Man! I really needed to get better at hiding my glances!

I spotted Elina, but she looked the same. In the dream, though, she had changed while I looked at her during the game. We would see in the next 90 minutes!

The match didn't start well. I played midfield. They had a really good striker, and he kept getting past me without difficulty. The third time he blew by me on the outside, he also got past our defender and angled a shot high and away from our keeper for a goal. We were down 0-1.

A few minutes later, the same guy came around me to the inside to get an unchallenged shot from the top of the box. Another goal. 0-2.

At the start of the second half, this guy was coming at me again. This time I managed to strip the ball from him with a sliding tackle and get it to Elina. As I rose to my feet, I stared at her. I realized right away that it was exactly as it had been in my dream. I watched her as ten, maybe fifteen pounds of muscle grew on her frame. She was cut, powerful, fast, strong. She began to streak to the goal, but her strokes to dribble the ball in front of her were more powerful than she expected. She lost control of the ball to a defender who cleared it right at me.

I wish I could say it was a header, but the ball hit me directly in the forehead as I continued to stare at Elina and knocked me over. Their striker got the ball and slipped past our defense one more time to make it 0-3.

I got up and glanced over to Leah. She was looking back and forth from me to Elina, eyes wide. I was pretty sure that she had noticed what had happened. Elina didn't really seem to, however.

Leah tapped the ball back to me when play resumed. I pass it back to her. Noticing Elina, now incredibly fast, making a run on goal, Leah lobbed the ball over their midfielders, hitting Elina in stride. She rocketed a shot past their keeper for a goal! It was 1-3 now.

After the other team came at us, I managed to strip their striker of the ball again and find Elina with a pass. She took the ball the length of the field by herself and scored again. 2-3.

On our next possession, Leah, who used to be our best scorer (I was sure that Elina was now), put a ball in the back of the net to tie it up at 3-3.

Their striker beat me a fourth time as they possessed the ball from the circle. This time, however, his shot glanced off the crossbar for a goal kick.

We managed to get the ball to their end as the minutes remaining in the game dwindled. Elina's shot ricocheted off the hip of one of their defenders, the girl rubbing her hip in pain where the ball had struck her. On the ensuing corner kick, Elina jumped several inches above everyone else and headed it in for the game winner. We had come back and won 4-3!!

The team crowded around Elina, slapping her high fives, patting her on the back, and hugging her. She had been the hero, scoring a hat trick. A couple of people told her that her new workout routine must really be paying off, but Elina shrugged it off. She still didn't seem to pick up on the extra lean muscle she had gained. She probably would tonight when she showered, I thought.

After the match, at the pub, Leah sat next to me. She whispered into my ear, "Did you dream of Elina last night?"

"No," I said. "It was two nights ago."

Leah's eyes sparkled.

A bit later, I rose and excused myself to use the restroom. After I entered, as I went to set the lock behind me, the door burst open. It was Leah! She locked it behind her.

"What are you...?" I started, honestly confused about this unexpected turn of events.

As my mind tried to come to grips with what was happening, Leah said, "I can't have you making all the other girls better than me, now can I? Let me give you something to dream about..."

She kissed me. Hard. Passionately. My lord, did her lips taste good. Even after the match, too, she smelled of flowers on a spring day. Her new breasts pressed against my chest, and my dick sprang to attention.

Just as it was beginning to get really interesting, though, she stopped. With a smile and a wink, she unlocked the door and darted out of the bathroom.

As much as I wanted to, I didn't dream of Leah that night. Or the next.

On Saturday mornings, our team usually practiced for a couple of hours. Practices were fairly informal affairs, so people straggled in around 10 AM. I hadn't done much on Friday night, so I was on time today. My social life was a little lacking other than my friends from soccer, and we had had matches on Monday and Thursday last week, going out after each to celebrate the victories.

When I jogged onto the field, Leah was already there. She noticed me, smiled, and jogged over to meet me.

"So did you dream of me, Walter?" she said with a wink. "Am I about to change today?"

"Actually, I don't think I dreamed at all the last couple of nights..." I started, apologetically.

"What?!?" Leah said, her smile turning to a frown. "Why not?"

"Well, it's not like I can control this thing!" I huffed. It wasn't the right thing to say. Her frown turned into a scowl.

"So you want another kiss, is that it? You're holding me hostage now that you know that I want you to make me stronger, fitter, sexier, and..." Leah stopped herself and blushed. I don't think she meant to say that much.

"Um, Leah, believe me, I wouldn't mind seeing you even sexier, not that you're not sexy enough already," I said, relieved that I had thought to mention that last part. Girls like those sorts of compliments, right?

Leah's face softened a little. "When you changed me and when you changed Elina before, you sort of stared at us. Can you try it right now? Starting, I mean. Concentrate. Let's see if it works."

"Well, okay..." I said uncertainly. I began to stare at her well-formed boobs. If Leah was giving me the go-ahead to ogle her, I was going to take full advantage. I started to think about their nice shape, their nice size for her athletic frame... and I began to become aroused.

Leah stood there, tapping her foot, looking down occasionally at her own chest. Nothing, however, was happening. Eventually, she became impatient. "Okay, that's enough."

"So apparently that doesn't work. You've got to dream it." Leah looked torn, conflicted about something. She took a step toward me, then stopped herself. "Let's get back to practicing," she finally said, then turned back to the field.

For the rest of practice, Leah went at it really hard. She was trying to keep up with Elina. She couldn't. Elina was now an incredible player, talented enough to try out for the city's women's professional team, the Portland Thorns, maybe. I wasn't sure if she was quite good enough to make it, but she sure looked ready when I saw her in practice.

At noon, when we wrapped up our practice, Leah came over to the sideline, gasping for air. She collapsed on the sideline, lying on her back, arms and legs outstretched, new breasts prominent. I enjoyed the view.

Leah huffed and puffed for a good minute before she managed to control her breathing. She looked at me and said, "Why couldn't you have made me the soccer superstar. Elina is so freaking good now. I can't keep up with her!"

"Well, you never know. Maybe I'll have a dream tonight," I said.

Leah got that twinkle back in her eye, but she said nothing. She rose to her feet, looked hesitant, then jogged away to her car.

I sighed and did the same.

That night, I dreamed again.

We had this mousy administrative assistant at work. Her name was Rachel. She was nice, and once she found out that I liked Star Wars, she liked to keep me up to date on all the latest rumors and such about the upcoming movie. I think she had a bit of a crush on me, because she seemed to go out of her way to talk to me whenever she noticed that I wasn't busy.

My dream over the weekend was of her.

Rachel came over as I set down my latte and removed my jacket. "Happy Monday!" she said. She always seemed to be in a good mood. Truth be told, she had a great personality, and I wouldn't mind dating her... if she weren't so homely.

"How was your weekend?" she asked.

"It was alright. I dreamed of you last night!" I said. Wait! Had I just said that? Damn! I really needed to think more before I just said stuff. That was going to give her the wrong idea... well, unless the dream came true... then, it might be a very good idea...

Rachel blushed crimson. She seemed to stumble over her words a bit, then she zipped back over to her cubicle.

I looked over to her cube as she sat there, staring at her screen, apparently in thought. Then, the dream kicked in. I stared as her body burgeoned with curves. Her hips widened, her breasts grew a few cup sizes, her waist remained slim. Heck, it may have slimmed even further. Her legs seems to grow more shapely inside of her leggings. I saw the reflection of her face in the window of her cubicle. It was definitely prettier than it had been a moment ago!

Rachel shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She seemed to notice that something was happening. He saw her expression of shock in the cubicle window as she looked down and saw her D-cups? on her chest. She pulled her cardigan around her large chest and hustled away from her desk. Probably to the restroom, I'd wager.

She didn't come back the rest of the morning. After lunch, I wandered over to her neighbor and asked where Rachel had gone. He cube-mate told me she hadn't been feeling well and had gone home for the day. That's too bad. I would have liked to have gotten a better view of her new appearance.

That night, we had a soccer match. To my disappointment, Leah wasn't there. She had texted everyone and said that she had a family emergency and wasn't able to be there. Elina was there, however, and she was awesome, putting five goals in the back of the net for a 5-1 victory!

At the pub to celebrate another victory, she sat next to me.The conversation turned to dreaming. Had Leah talked to her? She didn't seem to be giving me any knowing looks or pointed comments, so I didn't think so. It was probably coincidence. Just before we wrapped up and went home however, she told those of us in the conversation that she had read that people dreamed every night. They just didn't always remember their dreams. That had caught my attention.

I woke up the next morning without having dreamed. I thought back to Elina's comment, though. Maybe I had, and I just didn't know it...

Rachel's stringy brown hair, dull brown eyes, and curveless, short body were a thing of the past.

Rachel slipped up to my desk as I arrived at work on Tuesday, a beautiful smile on her face. She was still short at around 5'2" probably, but her hair was full, wavy, and chestnut. Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement. Her face had gone from horsey right past average and cute to pretty. Actually, I would probably give her beautiful, not just pretty, now that she was smiling. I was right about her chest having expanded to D-cups. They looked huge on her petite body! She wore a skirt today with no tights or pantyhose, and her legs looked lean and toned. Her ass pushed the fabric of the skirt out nicely. I wondered idly what her abs looked like. I had no doubt that they were nice, just like the rest of her body now.

She actually seemed more shy than normal, as we engaged in our normal morning banter, which was odd. I would have thought the beauty boost would give her more self-confidence than less. Then, I found out why.

"...So I was wondering if you wanted to see that Star Wars movie this Friday. It's coming out this weekend, and I already have two tickets..." She blushed. Man, she was so cute! Did I want to go out with her? Hell, yeah! She was fun to be around, and she looked great. What was there to think about?

"Absolutely!" I said. My enthusiastic response made her smile broadly. She looked a little relieved and more comfortable.

"Great! Wanna pick me up for dinner beforehand?" she ventured, her confidence growing.

"You bet. How about 6:00?" I said.

"See you then, Walter..." she winked. She was getting the pretty girl thing down fast!

"See you then," I said.

Wow! I was so looking forward to Friday now...

No dreams since the one about Rachel, unfortunately. I wondered if Leah would be mad at me today. If she wasn't even at the match today.

Elina was warming up, looking as strong and fast as ever. I didn't see Leah yet... Wait! There she was. She looked businesslike as she jogged onto the field. She chatted with a couple of others on the team, but didn't say anything to me or even look in my direction. Great.

The match started, and Elina scored within the first 10 minutes to make it 1-0. The next time we possessed the ball, Leah streaked down the field, dodging defenders. I stared. She began to gain muscle and definition, just as Elina had. She put on at least as much muscle, probably a little more. It looked great on her. She had been fit and beautiful before--now she looked as if she put 4 hours a day in at the gym. She looked like a beautiful fitness model. Her speed increased. She flew around the final defender and buried a shot in the net so hard that the goal keeper looked scared to get in front of it. 2-0!

Leah looked down and seemed to notice that her legs were longer, leaner. Striations appeared with every step as she jogged back to our side of the field. She looked up and found my eyes, giving me a radiant smile along with a wink. She looked incredibly happy.

If Elina had been playing at close to a professional level, Leah could easily have started for Portland's pro women's team. She dodged and darted, placing the ball with ease. Scoring with ease. She looked like Lionel Messi out there. The combination of Leah and Elina completely overwhelmed the other team. We won 10-0.

After the match, as I threw my things into my gym bag, Leah walked right up to me and kissed me on the lips. In front of everyone. She felt amazing. Her back felt firm with muscle. Her hips, the same. Her breasts, though, were soft and felt so good against my chest. My body tingled with the sensation from breasts and lips.

She finally let me come up for air. "I'm glad I'm your dream girl again..." she said with a wink.

The rest of the team ooo'd and ahhhh'd. Tim made a smooching sound.

I was disappointed when Leah hadn't shown at the pub after the match, but Elina told me she was still dealing with some family stuff and couldn't make it. I had wanted to check out her new fitness model build. Oh well. There was alway Saturday at practice.

That night, as I went to bed, I thought about the events of the day. I realized that I didn't remember having that dream about Leah! I thought back to what Elina had said about dreams happening whether we remembered them or not. I wondered what else I might dream into reality without even being aware of it. I couldn't wait to find out. Then, I fell asleep.

On Friday morning, I watched Rachel walk away from me with interest. Well, I watched her well-formed ass, to be more specific. She had gushed about the new movie that we were going to watch and tried to pry the secret of where we were going for dinner beforehand out of me. I had held firm, however, mostly because I didn't know yet. I needed to make a reservation!

As I turned to my computer to make a reservation at a nice restaurant online, my phone buzzed. I had received a text. It was Leah!

"Hi, dreamer! Wondered if you wanted to go to dinner with me tonight? If you're lucky, you might find out what this new body of mine can do... ;)"

Holy shit! Leah wanted to go out with me! God, I had dreamed about that for so long! I mean, not premonition-dreamed, but just metaphorically-speaking regular-dreamed. Daydreamed, I guess. You know what I mean.

Leah. Leah! But Rachel! Shit! Shit! Shit! Should I cancel the date with Rachel? Tell Leah I couldn't go? What should I do?

I considered. I really liked Rachel, and she was definitely pretty now, despite her 5'2" height. Leah was more like 5'6" and incredibly athletic now. She was pretty too, and I had wanted to go out with her for so long. Leah had a certain sensuality about her. But Rachel was so easy to talk to. I agonized over what to do.

I didn't necessarily have to choose right now, I supposed. I mean, we were talking about first dates here. It wasn't like I was in a committed long-term relationship or anything. I still couldn't believe I'd gone from dateless with nothing on the horizon to having two beautiful girls interested in me! I just couldn't decide who I wanted more. So, keep the options open it was.

I texted Leah back.

"Can't do tonight, but how about tomorrow? I can't wait to check the new body out."

I was about to hit send and hope that this didn't screw up my chance with her, when I had another thought. Leah loved the idea of becoming better, stronger, more beautiful. Something like that. So let's throw that in there. I added one more sentence to my text.

"Can't do tonight, but how about tomorrow? I can't wait to check the new body out. Especially after Saturday's practice..."

I sent it. Then had second thoughts. What if I didn't dream anything tonight? What if nothing happened? Well, I would just have to deal with it. The text was sent now. My phone buzzed with her reply.

"Awww :( Making me wait, huh? Okay, Saturday it is..."

I practically shot out of my chair with excitement. I had pulled it off! I was seeing Rachel tonight, and Leah on Saturday.


That night, I took Rachel to a nice Italian place. She wore a low-cut dress, and her décolletage left me drooling. The date went wonderfully, the conversation was natural and easy flowing. She was fun to be with. We both enjoyed the movie as well. She gushed about how much she had loved it--and our date--afterward. We shared a chaste kiss at the end, and she skipped back up to her apartment, throwing me a last look with a dazzling smile as I turned to walk back to my car. This date was going to be hard to top. Maybe I should just call it off with Leah and focus on Rachel.

Then, soccer practice came Saturday morning...

Leah greeted me with a smile on Saturday. I rolled in a little bit late after my wonderful date with Rachel. I didn't remember dreaming last night, though I remembered that this didn't necessarily mean that nothing would happen today. It just meant that I didn't know what, if anything, would. I thought about killing the date tonight with Leah.

Leah looked so good, with her athletic form, her new breasts, her beautiful face. She had the whole "mysterious, sexy" thing going for her that Rachel was just too straightforward and eager to achieve. Bottom line--I just couldn't kill the date. I just couldn't bring myself to end what I'd wanted for so long with Leah before it had even begun.

We began to practice, and she put that body to work. This time it was Elina that was gasping for breath and trying to keep up with Leah! None of the rest of us were all that close to those two. When we did our four laps around the field in the middle of practice, those two lapped us. Leah very nearly lapped the rest of us twice!

I stared at Leah. It happened. As she was making a play on the ball, her legs grew longer. She tripped and fell, landing hands first, then swelling breasts second. She looked confused as she lay on the ground, then realization seemed to dawn on her face--a face which was rapidly making the move from beautiful to flat-out gorgeous. She instantly looked up at me. When she noticed me staring, she gave her most beatific smile yet. It was knee-weakening! Wow!

Then, she got up and used the two extra inches of leg to catch up to the play and score. She jogged back, looking as much like a fashion model now as a fitness model. She shot me a smoldering gaze, and I had to jog off the field for some water--and to hide my growing erection.

At the end of practice, she came up to me and gave me a passionate kiss, drawing cheers from the rest of the team. After the kiss, she smiled, leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Thanks! I'll make sure you get a good view of the new bod at dinner tonight. See you at 7:00..."

She pulled back, bit her luscious lower lip in a mischievous expression, then turned and jogged off.

Tim, one of the other guys on the team, smacked me on the arm and said, "You lucky dog!"

I pulled up in front of Leah's apartment building a few minutes early, so I waited in the car. Leah really, really seemed to love improving. I couldn't believe she had gone from not wanting anything to do with me (outside of friendship), to kissing me publicly in front of the team before we had even gone on a proper date! She was already a beautiful girl, had been before any of this started. I wondered idly why she wanted so badly to be better than she already was. Normally, I would have imagined that someone small and plain--like Rachel used to be--would have that kind of burning desire to be prettier, taller, and stronger. But it certainly seemed like Leah was enjoying it even more than Rachel was.

I glanced at the clock in my car and saw that it was 6:59. Time to see Leah. I burst of excitement zipped through me as I wondered what she would be wearing.

I walked up to the door of the complex, found her apartment number in the directory and buzzed on their old-fashioned intercom system.

Leah's voice crackled over the tinny speaker. "Yes?"

"It's Walt!" I shouted into the intercom, not sure whether I would be heard if I spoke in a normal voice.

"Hi, Walt! I'll be right down..." Leah replied.

A few minutes later, she came down, and the normal first-date butterflies in my stomach turned into eagles. My jaw dropped so fast I was afraid it might have come unhinged.

I was used to seeing Leah at soccer, hair in a ponytail, soccer jersey on, face makeup-free... and she looked great that way! Seeing her in a sexy cocktail dress, hair done, makeup perfectly applied... she was breathtaking. Her light brown hair was done up in a French bun. Her eyes were smoky and suggestive with bold eyeliner and charcoal eye shadow. Her lips were an audacious ruby red, matching the color of her dress and shoes. Her dress was strapless, and, while it didn't show much cleavage, it pushed her now-significant breasts into shapely swells under the taut fabric, commanding my eyes to look in their direction. From there, the dress narrowed to cling to her athletic waist. I had never seen her abs, but the way the dress hugged into her midsection, I could tell they were tight and firm. Her hips pressed the dress outward in delicious curves that my eyes traced from hip to nearly to knee when the dress came to an end. It left just a sliver of tantalizing, tanned thigh before putting her toned calves on display with three-inch heels.

Beautiful, athletic, soccer Leah had transformed into sultry, sexy, model Leah. She looked elegant and hypnotic. God, was I a lucky man!

"You can breathe now," said Leah with a playful, crooked smile, clearly pleased with my reaction.

"Are you sure? Because you're breathtaking!" I said.

"Har, har, Mr. Cheeseball Pickup Line." she said with a light punch to my arm, soccer Leah showing through a bit. "Now where are you taking me for dinner on this fine evening, sir." she said, batting her eyes as she shifted from soccer mode to mock-prim-and-proper mode.

"We shall be dining at a fine French establishment. If you would but follow me, miss," I said, playing along.

I took her to the restaurant, and we spoke and laughed over wine and excellent food over the course of the evening. As the evening wore on, I realized that I was enjoying Leah’s company every bit as much as Rachel’s. It was different, not quite as comfortable as talking with Rachel, but not at all uncomfortable either. She was just more… dynamic. More risky somehow. I was not quite as comfortable, but conversation still flowed easily. There was just an underlying sexual tension there with Leah that wasn’t the same with Rachel, as beautiful as she now was. The date with Rachel was somewhat like being with one of the guys—just a very pretty "guy". The date with Leah left no doubt that I was with a woman.

When we arrived back at her place, she invited me upstairs. The butterflies were back in my stomach… in a serious way!

She unlocked the door, and walked in. Before I noticed anyone else in the room, Leah’s expression turned to one of shock, and she said, “Veronica! What are you doing here?”

Leah quickly regained her composure, her expression turning icy. She turned to me, and said, “Walt. Meet my sister.”

I turned my attention from Leah to look.

When I looked at Veronica, I had a much better understanding of Leah.

Veronica was young, and Veronica was gorgeous. Her eyes were the clearest blue I’d ever seen. And her body? Awesome! Even with Leah’s recent improvements, her sister had her outclassed. Her ripe figure and elegant curves belonged on a magazine cover!

Leah bit her lip in concern as her eyes shifted back and forth between Veronica and me. Was she worried about losing me to her sister? Or that her sister would seduce me? Or that I would think her sister was more beautiful than her... um, I might be guilty on that count.

I was picking up the vibe that Leah was accustomed to losing some sort of competition with her sister. The confident, sexy girl that I had just hit it off with on our first date (and whom I was pretty sure was going to go to at least second base with me this evening until this happened, damn it!) now seemed nervous and unsure of herself.

Veronica, on the other hand, seemed as confident and as sure of herself as could be. She strode over to me and offered her hand, which I shook.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Walt.”

“Likewise, Veronica,” I said, trying hard not to seem too interested in this girl under Leah’s nervous gaze.

“Would you like to come to my birthday party tomorrow? I’m turning eighteen...” Veronica said, a glint of mischief in her eye.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I fired a questioning glance over to Leah, who seemed lost in thought. Leah gave no helpful indication as to what my best course of action was.

“Um... sure, I guess so,” I said. I couldn’t help it! It’s hard to say no to a pretty girl.

“Great! I can’t wait to see you there...” Veronica said with a quick smoldering glance and a wink. Man! This girl had the sexy seductress act down! Was this where Leah got it from? Was Leah where Veronica got it from?

Veronica turned to Leah and said, “See you tomorrow, sis. Don’t forget my birthday present!” Her eyes flashed to me as she said that. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know what that meant. Or maybe I did!

Once Veronica closed the door behind her, Leah scolded me. “Why did you tell her you would come to her party?”

“Well, I mean... I didn’t know what to say!” I defended myself.

Leah looked angry, though I had a feeling that I wasn’t its actual cause. I just happened to be the one here right now to take the brunt of it.

“Well, then, I guess that I’ll see you tomorrow at her party then, won’t I?” Leah walked over to her door and opened it. It was clear that she was ready for me to leave.

I did.

And our date had gone so well...until Veronica had happened. Shit!

As I drove home, I thought about Leah and her sister. Should I bail out on Veronica’s birthday party? Go to it? Evidently, Leah would be there. Maybe I could go there, apologize to Leah, and ignore Veronica. That would be easier said than done. Veronica was sooo hot! But Leah was the girl that I had a chance with. Veronica wasn’t. Besides, Veronica was barely 18! I had enjoyed Leah’s company on our date, and couldn’t wait for that display of her new body that she’d been dangling like a carrot in front of me for the last couple of days.

…Or I could scrap the whole complicated situation with the sisters and just focus on Rachel. She was fun to be with and attractive now. That would definitely be the easier path. Of course, I’d be going to soccer three days a week to be with Leah, who would probably hate my guts.

I turned the options over and over in my mind, until I finally decided what to do. I wasn’t ready to give up on Leah. I was just too attracted to her. She was fun and sexy and tempting, and this whole sister competition thing was too intriguing to just walk away. I wasn’t prepared to let go of Rachel either. I needed to keep things going with both of them until I could really make a final decision on who I wanted most. I had also committed to go to the party, and I kept my promises. If I said I would go, I would go. I would do my best to ignore Veronica and apologize to Leah. I would patch things up. If the whole thing went to hell, then my decision would be made for me, and Rachel it was!

Relieved at having come to a decision, I slept. I didn’t dream—at least, not that I remembered.


I arrived at Veronica’s party on Sunday afternoon. It was quite an event! Clearly, Leah and Veronica’s parents were well-to-do. The house was a borderline mansion, there were folding tables and chairs setup in the back yard, a band was playing covers of the latest pop hits, and there was a catering company serving hors d’oeuvres.

I wandered through the back yard, searching for Leah. I was fairly certain that my presence caught Veronica’s attention, but she was in the middle of a conversation with friends, and I made every effort to avoid looking at her.

I finally saw Leah. She was talking to a middle-aged woman and man. Her parents, maybe? I began to walk toward her. As she noticed me, a slight scowl formed on her features. So much for letting bygones be bygones. Hopefully, my apology would help.

I waited patiently until the middle-aged couple walked away from her. She walked over to me.

“So, I see that you showed after all,” Leah said, crossly.

“Hey—if I say I’m coming, I’m coming,” I said, “but I’m just here to see you.”

Her eyes looked slightly hopeful at my comment, but her scowl remained. Did she really think that I just came here to check out her sister? Well, I mean, I wouldn’t mind, but I wasn’t a complete horndog. I was after Leah, not Veronica. I needed to make sure that she knew it. Why was Leah so much this way? She must have lost a boyfriend to her sister before? It was the only explanation I could think of, anyway. Eventually, I would try to pry that story out of her. Today, however, was not going to be that day. I thought about asking why Leah’s sister was at her apartment but thought better of that too.

“Look, I’m sorry about yesterday. I was just kind of caught off guard by your sister being at your apartment. I wasn’t sure what to say when she invited me, so I said yes. I thought about canceling last night, but I hate doing that when I say I’m going to come. Besides, I knew you would be here, and I wanted to see you.”

Leah’s expression began to soften.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to upset you at all. I thought that accepting an invitation to come to meet your family and seeing you again might make you happy. If I had known that you didn’t want me to, I never would have accepted.”

Leah’s eyes began to become a little glassy.

“I thought that our date was perfect yesterday, and I just want to forget about this little hiccup in things, if you’re willing, and move forward. I…”

Leah cut my off with a hug. Then, she gave me a quick kiss. “Apology accepted. I’m sorry. I know that you’re probably confused, and I’m sorry too. It’s just that my sister and I have a… history.” She wiped a tear away from her left eye after she released the hug.

“Leah, would you mind helping me with something?” came a voice from the house.

“Sure!” Leah said, giving me an apologetic look, then walking back toward the house.

As Leah disappeared into the sliding door of the house, I felt a soft flesh press graze my left arm. I turned. It was Veronica. She was standing extremely close to me, the side of her large right breast touching my arm tantalizingly. My gaze shot back from her full breast to her large, beautiful eyes. God, she was so gorgeous, probably the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in person. Once my brain finished processing, I jumped back, afraid Leah would see us together.

“Hi, handsome!” Veronica said. “You’re cuter than most of Leah’s boyfriends.”

I sincerely doubted that were true, but I certainly didn’t mind a compliement from a beautiful girl. “Veronica, look, I don’t think that Leah would like…”

“…me talking to you. You’re right. She wouldn’t like it at all. I’ve stolen every boyfriend she’s had since I was 13 and she was 17. It’s like a game we play,” she interrupted.

She stepped into me again, brushing her breasts just close enough to my chest to send charges of sensual electricity straight to my rapidly rising erection.

She lowered her voice to a throaty whisper. “And I’m very good at our game…”

“I’m in Milan next week for fashion week all week, but when I get back, I intend to play for keeps…” Veronica said.

She gave me a wink of her long lashes, then smiled like the Cheshire cat, and skipped away to rejoin her friends.

I gulped. This girl was all kinds of hot. All kinds of sexy. All kinds of trouble.

I suddenly remembered Leah and glanced furtively around. I saw the sliding door of the house open, and Leah came out, finding me with her eyes and smiling. I let out a breath. Thank, goodness! She hadn’t seen that exchange between Veronica and me.

Leah came over and nudged me with her shoulder. “Let’s get something to eat.”

The rest of the party was relatively uneventful, though I did notice that Leah avoided introducing me to her parents. I wouldn’t really expect her to after just one date, and I wasn’t offended at all—meeting the parents is always awkward—but I did notice it.

Leah gave me a chaste kiss before I left, but I was certain that I had patched things up. At least until her sister came back to town at the end of the week. But I would have to deal with that whole situation then. For now, I was back to being in good graces with both Leah and Rachel. Relieved at how well the day had gone, I went home.

I wondered if I would have another dream tonight, and if I did, who would I dream of…

I dreamed of Rachel. We were making out, and her breasts were growing under my touch. It was the hottest dream to date, and I was sporting serious morning wood.

I got up and wiped the sweat off my brow with a towel in the bathroom. These dreams were growing more intense!

Today, I would see Rachel for the first time since our date, and I would see Leah at tonight’s soccer match. I couldn’t decide which I was looking forward to more.

Rachel was already in the office when I arrived. She looked uncertain whether to kiss me or hug me, probably not sure how I felt about PDA, but I went straight to her and hugged her. I know that girls really love the whole PDA thing, so I went for it.

It was clearly the right call. She was beaming when we released the hug.

“How was the rest of your weekend, handsome?” Rachel said, the final word a bit out of character for her. She was growing bolder as she grew accustomed to her new beauty, I noticed.

“It was alright, gorgeous. It would have been better if you were with me…” I said with a wink. With all of my recent dating, I guess I was getting better at the flirting thing too!

“Funny you mention that. I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place and watch a movie tonight…” she said, a bit uncertainly. I guess her confidence hadn’t completely caught up to her beauty yet.

“I would love to, but I actually have a soccer match tonight. If we win, we usually go out for drinks after too.” I gave an apologetic shrug. “Rain check?”

“How about I just meet you after the match at the bar? Maybe you can show me off to your teammates,” she said with a sly smile.

“I’m not sure…” I started, but my boss had approached behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“We’ve got a bit of an issue, Walt, and I need you to get on this right away,” he said.

I spent the rest of my day on a company emergency. I won’t bore you with the details, but it sucked. I never had a chance to speak with Rachel the remainder of the day.

I missed the entire first half of the soccer match too, but I subbed in during the second half, long enough to watch Elina score once and Leah score twice in our 7-2 win.

After the match, Leah jogged up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. She definitely didn’t have a problem with PDA and did not lack for the confidence to express it! There was tongue in that kiss!

“Where were you, lover boy?” she asked, referring to my late arrival.

“I was tied up at work. Sorry,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Work, work, work. Any time for play tonight?” she asked, the spark of hopeful excitement decorating her beautiful face.

“I’d love to…” I said. I think she noticed my sudden eagerness because she smiled.

“My place. After our victory drinks,” she said.

“Sounds perfect…” I said, leaning in for another kiss.

The team went to the bar and downed our usual shots of Jäger. I sat next to Leah, and she leaned into me, her arm draped around my back and on my right shoulder, breasts pressed into my left arm. If this body language were any indication, I was in for a gooood night tonight.

Tim informed me that it was my turn to go to the bar and get the next round for the group, so I reluctantly untangled myself from Leah and strode toward the counter of the bar. As I walked I heard the telltale jingle of the bell above the door and looked over.

Holy fuck! It was Rachel.

Rachel spotted me and waved. My expression probably didn't look happy to see her, so I forced my mouth into a smile. She approached... oh how I hoped Leah wasn't looking my way. I glanced back to check, ready to cringe.

Leah wasn't looking... yet! Thank God! I caught Tim's eyes just as Rachel threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. His eyes went wide.

I could see him mouth "What the fuck?" to me with his shocked expression. I shrugged, as much as I was able with Rachel wrapped around me, attached to my lips. The wheels were visibly turning in Tim's head.

Leah's head began to turn toward me. Tim grabbed her hand and turned her toward him instead, saying something that apparently had her attention.

I relaxed. I owed Tim a beer. Hell, I owed Tim ten beers... which I was sure he would collect at the earliest opportunity.

When Rachel released me, I said, "It's hot in here. Mind if we get some air?" I walked her outside--and, more importantly, out of Leah's visual range.

"What are you doing here?" I said, "Not that I'm not incredibly happy to see you!" I added. I knew I was startled off my game when I began speaking in double negatives.

"Well, you told me once before where you hang out after your matches, and since we didn't really have a chance to finish talking today, I decided to just come down and meet you here!" Rachel shrugged, smiling up at me.

"...And I'm so glad you did!" I hoped that sounded genuine... and that she didn't detect the slight bit of tension that I knew was in my voice. "But I was actually just about to leave. Are you still up for that movie at your place tonight?"

"Well, sure!" she looked slightly confused but still happy.

"Great! How about you head back to your place and get everything started, and I'll just pop back in and tell everyone goodbye! I'll be right behind you..." I said.

"Okay!" she said as I gave her a goodbye peck on the cheek.

"See you soon..." I said.

Rachel turned, jumped into her car, which was parallel-parked immediately in front of the bar, and drove off. My shoulders slumped, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and, instantly tense again, whirled.

"Leah!" I said, and I kissed her immediately. Leah stiffened in surprise, then melted against me, enjoying the kiss.

When we pulled apart, she asked, "Why are you out here?" She looked around as if trying to determine whether someone was out here with me.

"I just needed some air. It was feeling stuffy in there," I said.

"I'll show you some air," Leah said with a wink before devouring my mouth with hers. God, was she ever a great kisser!

When we finished, our mouths still within an inch of each other, I said, "I definitely saw some air. I think that I felt some tonsils and maybe the interior of a lung in there somewhere too."

Leah laughed, and I put my arm around her, walking her back into the bar.

As we walked back to our seats, I told Leah, "We had a bit of an emergency at work today, Leah." That much was true. "And I just got a text from my boss saying that he needs me to get a couple of things done from home tonight. I know we were planning to spend the rest of the evening together, but I don't think I can. It's why I was frustrated and had to get some air. I'm so sorry, but could I make it up to you tomorrow?" Okay, so I lied. I'm not proud of it. But I knew that I wanted to be with one of these two ladies, and I still didn't know which one... In the grand scheme of things, one little white lie wasn't so bad, was it?

"Well, that's too bad. Yeah, I guess so," Leah made an exaggerated frown, turning out her lower lip.

"But you'll have to make it up to me?" she gave me a sly smile and a wink.

"That's a promise," I said.

I wished everyone goodbye, quietly told Tim, "I owe you one, brother." Then, I gave Leah a hug and a kiss and went back to my car, zipping to Rachel's place as fast as I could.


When Rachel answered the door, she was in an over-sized men's t-shirt. It left her sexy legs bare to upper thigh, and her breasts made pleasant swells in the soft cotton. She looked both coquettish and nervous, as if she were trying to look sexy but too nervous to quite pull it off. This is what I loved about Rachel. She was so cute, getting used to her new sexy appearance and everything. Leah could give her some lessons on the proper way to pull off this whole seductive thing, but I really liked Rachel's genuineness, her innocence, her lack of guile. That last thought sent a pang of guilt through me as I remembered my deception at the bar. I really needed to decide between these girls soon. It wasn't fair to them if I didn't.

I hugged Rachel and gave her a long kiss.

"I love the look," I said in a soft, low voice. She blushed.

I grabbed her butt through the t-shirt, and she slapped my hand away. "You are evil!" she said in mock outrage.

"Does that mean you have to punish me?" I said with a wink. Her blush intensified. It was so fun to tease her like this.

"Absolutely," she said, trying to play along, clearly not accustomed to banter like this. "Why don't you lie down on the couch--the movie's ready there anyway--and I'll decide on your punishment."

"Yes, ma'am," I said and did as I was told.

Rachel went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of popcorn, setting it on the coffee table next to the couch. She climbed onto the couch, on top of me.

"Suffocation," she said, her voice becoming slightly husky, "that's what I decided on for your punishment..."

She kissed me harder than she ever had before. My hands, still for a moment, as she caught me off-guard, finally found the sides of her torso and began to run along her sides, feeling side-boob along the way. My eyes shot open as I stared...

This was my dream!

Her breasts swelled another inch or two, pushing into me. Her lips became softer as our kiss continued, becoming increasingly urgent and passionate. My hands trailed down to her hips, feeling as they filled out further in sensual firmness. The greatest changes were in her legs, which added six inches of tanned, toned flesh and gave her height comparable to Leah's. My hands roamed their silken length, as my arousal escalated.

Rachel ended the kiss to let out a moan.

"Oh God," she breathed, clearly aroused as well, nipples tenting her t-shirt. The changes in her body clearly magnified her desire, and she was practically panting.

"Walt, do you have a condom? I think I want to... you know," she said, clearly ready to give into her passion, her desire.

She was gorgeous. Finally an even match with Leah. Not as athletic and toned, but clearly more buxom. I really wanted to do this with her.

But I couldn't. I was stringing along two ladies. Two gorgeous, wonderful women. It was one thing to be just dating casually. It was another to take our relationship to another level before I had decided. I couldn't do this. Not unless she was the one... but I wasn't sure of that yet.

My decision might have been different if I were with Leah, but this was Rachel. Cute, innocent Rachel. I couldn't do this to her. Not if it could mean breaking her heart later.

"Fuck! I can't believe I didn't bring a condom!" I lied for the second time today.

"I know I should probably have one here too, but I just don't normally..." she trailed off, embarrassed to say any more.

I kissed her on the forehead, my hand moving lightly to the back of her head. "It's fine, Rachel. It's probably a little early in our relationship for this anyway. You know what they say... everything happens for a reason."

She looked disappointed--and a little relieved--as we settled down to watch the movie. I put my arm around her, and she snuggled up against me, legs tucked under her. I kept sneaking glances at her even fuller breasts and long, luscious legs.

I wondered again how I had gotten so incredibly lucky to have shot with a woman like her...

As I awoke the next morning in my bed, I knew I had had a dream. The wisps of the dream evaded the grasp of my memory, however, and I couldn't hold on to what it had been. By the time I was conscious enough to really think about it, it eluded me. The dream was gone.

At work, I was still dealing with the fallout from the emergency of the previous day, so I didn't have much time to interact with Rachel, but she shot me a dazzling smile each time I passed her desk, which I returned. I'm not sure whether she noticed, but male eyes followed her as she walked past, now that she was taller and looked like she could make a decent living as an Instagram model.

I was still working when she left for the day, giving me a wink as she walked by, but seeing that my boss was at my desk talking with me.

I needed to turn my attention to Leah. I had bailed out on her the previous night when Rachel had shown up at the bar unexpectedly, and I wanted to make it up to her tonight. So I texted her.

"Still pretty hammered at work (still here now), but would like to get together tonight. Maybe I could bring pizza and a glass of wine to your place?

"I'm staying at my parents' place this week, but you're welcome to come over. Pizza and wine sounds great. Come in the guest cottage."

When I had been at Leah's parents' house for Veronica's birthday party, I had noticed the "guest cottage" across the back yard, so I knew what she was talking about, at least. I wasn't used to mansions with guest houses--my family, growing up, had not even had a guest room, let alone house! A pull-out sofa was what we had available for guests. I was grateful for her family's guest house, though, as it would allow us a bit more privacy.

I wrapped up the work that I needed to do today, ordered pizza for pick-up online, and went to the grocery store for the wine. Once I had picked up everything and driven to Leah's parents' house, I tucked the wine and flowers I had bought under one arm and balanced the pizza precariously in that hand. I used the other to knock before catching the pizza, just as it began to fall. Leah opened the door to see me wobbling an unbalanced pizza box with one had and trying desperately to maintain my grip on both wine and flowers in the other. Her eyes widened, and she grabbed the pizza box to help me.

"Well, that was nearly a disaster," Leah said with a smile and a wink.

"Kinda like my work right now!" I said, grateful for her help. I walked in the door and took off my shoes. The place was elegant, but comfortable, not cold as many modern homes tended to feel. Dark wood and deep reds in the trim and decor helped to balance the bright, harsh white of the walls and floors.

Leah looked gorgeous. She had clearly prepared for my visit, with light makeup accentuating her amazing features. She wore one of those tight, form-fitting sweaters that both covered everything and showed everything. Her athletic, muscular legs and ass stretched incredibly tight black faux leather pants into extremely pleasant shapes that my eyes eagerly drank in.

She set the pizza down on the dining room table, where two candles flickered warm light over her lovely features, then came back to the kitchen to me. I suddenly regretted my choice of meal. Pizza was probably more of a Rachel thing than a Leah thing. Judging by this house, she was probably more accustomed to steak and lobster, but I knew her from her tenacious, down-to-earth soccer personality. I was still trying to understand the wealthy, privileged family side of her.

As she came back to the kitchen, I set down my phone on the counter to hand her the flowers. She accepted them, smelled them and thanked me, finding a vase to put them in water, while I looked for a wine opener.

She seemed perfectly content with the pizza and pleased with the grocery store flowers I had given her, however. She may be accustomed to the trappings of wealth, she didn't really strike me that way. It was almost as if the beautiful house and grounds were new to her too, not what she was really used to. I was very curious and decided to ask about it.

"Leah, I had no idea that your family was so wealthy! Your parents' home is amazing! And a private guest house for us to spend the evening in? I'm not used to this kind of thing! Don't take this the wrong way, but you always seemed so down to earth, not like other rich girls I've known... and that's a compliment!" I hoped that she wasn't offended, but I was very curious.

"Yeah, this isn't really what I'm used to. I'm enjoying it, but it really isn't how we grew up. My sister..." Leah stopped, mouth turning to a frown.

"Yes?" I said, prompting her to continue.

"My sister got a modeling contract four years ago, and that paid for all of this," she said, not looking at all happy any more.

"Your sister is a model?" As I asked it, I realized that it made sense. She had mentioned something about being in Milan for fashion week this week. I just hadn't really thought about it before, thinking it was some sort of rich person thing.

"Yes! She was discovered and signed a huge contract with this major modeling company. Since she's a minor, mom and dad have control of the money, and she wanted them to use it to buy this place, so they did." Leah's voice was sarcastic, her expression hard.

"Wow! that's cool!" I said, trying to think of how to assuage her obvious jealousy of Veronica. "Have you thought about becoming a model yourself? You're more beautiful than any model I've ever seen..."

This was the right thing to say. Her full lips spread into a smile, and the candle light danced in her eyes. her faux leather pants creaked as she walked toward me. She embraced me and gave me a long, slow kiss.

"Sometimes you're such a guy, Walt, but sometimes you can be so sweet," she said. I thought about responding, but decided against it, enjoying the kiss instead. Occasionally, I knew when to shut up.

At that moment, my phone, which I had set on the counter, buzzed. I picked it up and held it where we could both see. I didn't recognize the number, but when Leah looked down, her face twisted in anger. She began to walk aggressively toward me. I began to back up.

As Leah's face blazed with rage, it grew even more beautiful. Her eyes were becoming truly mesmerizing, but her burgeoning breasts were able to pull my gaze from them. She looked beautiful and terrible, her ascending beauty and explosive temper combining to give her the aura of an avenging angel. I was awed by her changed, confused by her reaction, and caught off guard by its vehemence.

Before I could properly appreciate the rest of the changes to her body, I realized that she had been walking me right out the door and that I was now outside. The door slammed in my face!

What the hell?

The ding of a new voicemail came from my phone, and I looked down at the screen as I tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

I held the phone to my ear and listened to the voicemail. It was Veronica.

"Hi there, Walter. I'm bored over here in Milan, and I was just thinking of you. I'm thinking of all kinds of things that we could do together. We'll have so much fun together, Walter. I can hardly wait. See you soon..."

Fuck! Things with Leah surely didn't come easily. Veronica always seemed to pop up just in time to mess everything up between Leah and me.

On Wednesday, I was again consumed with work, Rachel's looks in my direction became more frequent and more intense throughout the day, as she was unable to get to me with the constant stream of people and meetings of the day.

Thursday was much the same, except when I excused myself from a meeting to go to the restroom.

As I walked past a dark conference room on my way to the restroom, a pair of hands shot out and pulled me inside. The door closed behind me. Lips found mine in the darkness. I breathed in, recognizing the floral smell. It was Rachel.

When the passionate kiss finally ended, I said, "Fancy meeting a nice girl like you in a place like this..."

Our lips still slightly touching, I felt hers turn into a smile. "Well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! You've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to get time with my man."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Hopefully this craziness will be wrapped up by the end of the week..." I said.

"Well, it better be," she said in a pouting voice. "Because I have plans for us this Friday night." Our faces were so close together than I could feel the brush of her long eyelashes against my face as she winked in the darkness.

"Another movie?" I said.

"Maybe as the appetizer... but I think that I'm ready for the main course this time." She gave me one more long, passionate kiss, her voluptuous breasts pressing into me in the darkness. I could feel her nipples hardening, poking into me. I could feel my cock rising. I'm sure she could too.

"My place. Seven. Don't be late..." With that, Rachel slipped out of the room.

I remained in there for a few more moments, trying to let my erection subside before I walked back out of the room.


Thursday night, I was again late to the soccer match, having been tied up at work again. I watched Leah's entrancing form that looked as if a Victoria's Secret model went a little overboard on her workouts and dropped all of her body fat except in her breasts. I considered further. Okay, maybe her breasts were a size too big to be a Victoria's Secret model too. She was so incredibly sexy.

It was too bad that she seemed to be going out of her way to avoid looking at me.

As I subbed in for the second half, Tim told me, "You are the luckiest man ever, my friend." He gave me a pound, and I smiled nervously.

Leah's expression was cold and clinical through the whole match as she dispatched the defenders that continued to come at her. We crushed the opposing team again, the combination of Elina and Leah insurmountable as they combined for six goals tonight. After the victory, Leah jogged off the field, eyes straight ahead, never once giving me an opportunity to talk to her.

I went to the bar aftward, but Leah wasn't there. I kept Tim supplied in alcohol for the night, making good on the debt I owed him for his aid on Monday night.

On Thursday night, I dreamed of Veronica. This dream was different. I couldn't see her, but I knew something was happening to her. I felt frustrated but aroused. Very aroused. I woke up sweating and feeling nervous. My member was harder than I could ever remember it feeling. I wasn't sure why, and I was a bit alarmed at this dream. It felt more like a nightmare than the pure pleasure of any of the previous dreams. But it wasn't quite a nightmare either.

I heard my phone buzz on my nightstand. I reached over and unlocked it. It was a text. From Veronica's number. A picture with no words. Two lush, ruby lips were pressed together in a kiss that filled the entire frame of the photo. Shit! This girl was trouble. Soooo much trouble, I thought. No wonder she always breaks up Leah's relationships...

I went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face, and looked at myself in the mirror. It was Friday morning, and I had a feeling that my life was about to get even more complicated.

At work, Friday was every bit as busy as the rest of the week had been. Unsure of whether I'd be working late, I instant messaged Rachel and lined up our next date for Saturday night.

At least I didn't have to worry about lining up dates around my time with Leah right now. She wasn't speaking to me after that call from her sister during our last date. I wish I did, though. Leah's body looked absolutely incredible at soccer yesterday. What I wouldn't give to touch...

"Walt! Are you paying attention?" my boss said, looking right at me. Shit! How long had I been zoned out thinking of Leah?

Unsure whether I should try to pretend I'd heard what he said, I finally decided to go with honesty. "I'm sorry, boss. I was zoned out."

He gave me a glare and repeated himself. This time I forced myself to pay attention to the balding man rather than the lush curves of Leah's... Stop that! Pay attention to the ugly little man! I told myself.


My decision to move my date with Rachel from Friday to Saturday proved wise, as we worked until nearly 8:00 PM to wrap up the terms of the nearly imploded deal. I rolled up the sleeves on my shirt, wrinkled and crinkled from a day of huddling around conference tables and pouring over figures. Hopefully this would be the end of this deal. I was ready to wrap this project up!

Too tired to cook for myself, I stopped at my usual takeout place for some Chinese. I thanked the cashier and tipped her, then placed the steaming paper bag in my car and drove home. I put my key in the lock of my apartment door and turned. A smell alerted me to something out of the ordinary before anything else could.

It was floral. Feminine. It smelled really good. Like, really good.

As the door creaked open, my eyes scanned my living room. They didn't scan for long, however, stopping abruptly at the seductively smoldering silhouette on the couch. Lit by the neon colors of the storefronts outside the window, sleek, sexy curves flowed to a full, ebony mane and ruby lips that smirked in a suggestive semi-smile. My knees went weak.

It was Veronica. She was even more beautiful than she had been last weekend. Far more beautiful...

“Well you’ve certainly been busy,” Veronica purred as she rose from the couch.

“I have no idea that my plan would work so well. You have a very active imagination. I’m so glad I made you the dreamer…” Veronica said, her sensual model’s gait was like that of a panther, languid and predatory. It was simultaneously casual and menacing.

She smiled a hungry smile.

God, she was gorgeous. I had thought Leah a match for her beauty yesterday, but I had never been so wrong. I willed my mind to think about something other than seductively flowing curves, legs than wouldn’t qui… STOP THAT!

What had she said about the dreams? She made me the dreamer? She had said something like that with those perfect, luscious, scarlet lips… STOP! THINK! What did that mean? That meant that she was responsible for the dreams that had so improved Rachel and Leah’s looks? Why would she want that so much? She seemed to be in competition with her sister. Why make Leah tougher competition?

Veronica was to him now, lightly touching her delicious body to his. She smelled so good. Her scent alone was irresistible. The light touch of her breasts against my chest, her nipples… all thoughts about anything but her slipped out of my mind like water through a colander.

Veronica’s lips brushed his in the lightest of kisses, tantalizing. My simmering desire began to smolder with raging heat as this insanely attractive girl stoked its flames with gallons of erotic fuel. I desperately tried to resist, knowing that if I gave in, it would end all hope with Leah.

I could feel the movement of her lips as she smiled a like the Cheshire cat. “Such a fighter,” she said in a husky voice. “Most men melt into desperate lumps of need before I can even touch them.”

“But I’m glad. Because I like touching you,” Veronica said, dragging a perfectly manicured fingernail along the side of my arm. I shivered with desire, trying not to break. God, how I wanted her right now.

Veronica cocked her head coquettishly, and stepped into me. Her breathtaking breasts swelled into me as she breathed in, her nipples sending tingles of sensation through me like an electric current. My rising member became steel.

I tried to think of anything else, to try to resist her suggestive body, her enchanting dark eyes, but my need for her was mounting.

“I like kissing you,” she said. Her lips pushed forward, their pillowy softness feeling as heavenly as they looked. Her kissing was suddenly torrid, I felt her teeth clench my lower lip. It hurt. It was ecstasy.

Her tongue undulated along my lips before it found my tongue, swirling and dancing into my mouth, its touch titillating.

“I like having you,” she finished, her lips pausing mid-kiss but still close enough for me to feel their full, slick surface against my own as she formed the words. She resumed her assault on my mouth, but began a slow gyration of her hips, grinding into mine. I was aching for her now, desperate with desire. I would do anything to have her. My resolve was gone. All that was left was want, need.

Somehow my pants were off. Lost in her hypnotic touch, her luminous eyes, I didn’t even realize that had happened... I guess. The way things were happening, it was almost like I was in a dream...

Wait! Was this a dream? Pants didn't suddenly disappear like that in real life. As I kissed Veronica, I glanced to the floor. Were they down there? I didn't see them anywhere!

My brain began to engage again, now that I understood that I was dreaming--despite the raging of hormones flowing through me from the erotic touch of Veronica's irresistible body.

She had said something about making me the dreamer, right? I tried to bring my mind back to that thought. If I were dreaming right now, then maybe she was using me to make herself more beautiful. Maybe the benefits to Rachel and Leah were just unintended consequences of my own desires? That seemed reasonable. But what should I do about it? If this dream were any indication, then Veronica was going to be so gorgeous as to be overwhelming to any man (and maybe a decent percentage of women). She would have incredible sexual power... and this might not even be the end! What if I dreamed about her again? What if I dreamed that she could control anyone with her hungry lips, prodigious breasts, endless legs... STOP IT!

If I started going down that path, I was just going to make Veronica even more beautiful, more powerful. Same thing, I thought, momentarily musing.

Okay, so Veronica's big rival was Leah. If I made Leah even more beautiful than Veronica, would that stop her? Would that stop the dreaming?

I wasn't sure, but I decided that I would rather take my chances making Leah more beautiful than Veronica. At least Leah wasn't as manipulative and power hungry as her younger sister...

I turned my thoughts to Leah, my original crush. I imagined her exploding with beauty. I thought of Veronica's soft, full breasts pressing against him and imagined that Leah's were that and more, expanding into feminine perfection. I thought of Veronica's tender lips, hungrily consuming my own, then made Leah's even sweeter and more supple. I thought of Veronica's rounded hips, pressing against mine with forceful exuberance, and I thought of Leah's athletic body and made it stronger, her hips curvier--even more dynamic than Veronica's. I felt Veronica's sexy, sinuous legs snaking against my own, and I made Leah's even longer, shapelier, sleeker.

I saw Leah in my mind's eye and imagined her as the one against me, the one all over me in passion. I could barely contain myself, but somehow I managed. My God, she was a sight to behold. If Helen of Troy was beautiful enough to start a war over, Leah could inspire a nuclear holocaust. Had I overdone it? I didn't really care. I wanted so badly to see her like this.

Then, something strange happened. I was still in the dream for the moment, and despite just having elevated Leah to goddess-like beauty, my thoughts turned instead to Rachel. I thought of her as the breathtaking beauty she now was. I thought of her down-to-earth attitude, her comfortable banter, her wholesome brand of sexiness. In spite of the seductive power of the dueling temptress-sisters Leah and Veronica, I was even more drawn to Rachel.

I grinned in my dream as I thought about her geeky enthusiasm and her increasing confidence with her new beauty. My heart swelled as I thought of her, and I knew, for the first time, in the middle of a ridiculously hot make-out session with Veronica, after just imagining Leah a sexual goddess, that I was in love with Rachel.

Go figure!

I didn't even want to change her any more. She was already so beautiful, so fun to be with, such a good person, that I just didn't have a desire to do it. I just wanted to be with her.

On the verge of climax with Veronica, I felt my desire for her outrageously sexy body wane. I needed to wake up, to get to Rachel, to tell her I loved her. The thought consumed me.

Veronica, in my dream, pulled back, noticing my sudden drop in enthusiasm. She cocked an eyebrow and gave me a confused look.

Then I woke up.

I awoke in my bed in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

I jumped up and ran to the living room. Veronica wasn't there. I rubbed the back of his head, ruffling my hair. Okay, it really had been just a dream. Glancing down, I realized I was naked. With that realization came another. It was cold in here. Really cold. I walked back to my bedroom and sat on my bed.

Okay, what should I do now? I knew the answer as soon as I asked the question. Find Rachel. I needed to get to Rachel, to tell her.

Then I looked down at my naked, sweaty body and shivered.

Okay, so maybe a shower and some clothes first. Then, Rachel.

I entered the bathroom and started a hot shower, looking forward to warming up in the steamy torrent of morning water as I thought about what I would say. I practiced my speech to Rachel, my profession of love.

After my shower, I put on my clothes and combed my hair. I left my house, and headed to Rachel's.

I pounded on her door, running my speech through my mind one more time. After a minute, I heard footsteps come to the apartment door and saw the peephole darken. Then, I heard the sound of the door chain sliding and the deadbolt unlatching. The door opened.

Rachel was there--gorgeous, sexy, awesome Rachel. Her eyes were half-open in the groggy haze of a 3:00 AM awakening, and she was in the middle of a yawn.

I forgot my speech, took her in my arms, and kissed her passionately. She stiffened, then relaxed and kissed me hungrily back.

I walked her to her bedroom, our mouths and bodies locked together the entire time. We made love. At 3:00 AM. Our bodies making more clear to each other how we felt than words ever could.

When we finished, I said simply, "I love you."

"I love you too," she said.

My arms pulled her delicious curves tightly against my body, and I smiled as she kissed me.


A month later, as I went the coffee maker to make Rachel and I some coffee, I looked at the headline as I opened the news app on my phone.

"Supremely Beautiful Sisters Take Modeling World by Storm, Compete for Sexiest Social Media Star!"

I smiled, got up, and kissed my beautiful Rachel as she walked into the kitchen.

Thank God I had chosen her.

Submitted: December 24, 2019

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