Rachel's Ascension

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Beautification story about a girl who becomes a goddess...

At the doctor’s office, Rachel watched as the nurse measured her height. 4’10”. Still. Would she ever grow any taller? She was a senior in high school now and despairing that she would never make it even to the 5’ mark.

Rachel sighed as the nurse had her get on the scale. 81 lbs. Tiny.

Rachel was lost in thought for the remainder of her check-up. Her brother Chad was pretty small for a guy, too, but at least he had a genius-level IQ! Rachel was an average student at best. Combine that with her below-average body, and you got a below-average person. What she wouldn’t give to be bigger, to be better, to be beautiful…


When Rachel arrived back at home, she decided to pay a visit to her brother.

“Chad, you have to help me! I’m freaking tiny. I’m going to finish high school in nine months without ever having gone on a single date! Can’t you use that genius sciency brain of yours to get me over the five-foot mark? Maybe let me grow some breasts? You know, like an estrogen pill or something to give me the puberty I never really had?” Rachel gushed to Chad’s surprised expression.

“Whoa! Slow down, Rach! You want me to do what now?” Chad said. Chad was fond of his sister. They had always gotten along. He knew that she wasn’t happy with her petite frame or plain features. He was willing to help her, but he had never considered trying to do what she was asking. The wheels of his powerful mind began to turn as she spoke again.

“I want you to make me beautiful and sexy and tall and amazing!” Rachel said, a lifetime’s worth of dreams and desires about her duckling-self becoming a swan pouring out of her in one empassioned plea to her brother.

“Okay! Got it now!” Chad said. “Let me see what I can do.”

Rachel’s furrowed brow relaxed. She jumped up then hugged her brother in excitement.

“Oh my God, Chad! Thank you so much for trying. Even if it doesn’t work, it means a lot!”

For the next three weeks, each night Chad came home, he spent the entire evening at his home chemistry set, trying to come up with a way to give his sister what she wanted.

Finally, he was fairly certain he had something that would help her. He was a little reluctant to simply give it to her—usually drugs took years of testing before they received FDA approval. But the ingredients in his formula were simple and natural, not really able to do much harm. The formula was a cocktail of herbal ingredients and natural hormones and neurotransmitters. It shouldn’t do anything beyond activate certain brain chemicals and hormone levels…

When he came over to Rachel’s room, with a test tube in hand, her eyes lit up.

“Is that it? Will that make me better?” she asked.

“Here’s hoping…” Chad said.

He gave her the test tube, and she drank it down eagerly, rolling her tongue over her lips to get every last drop.

Chad watched as Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head, then closed. Her breasts bulged from virtually non-existent to small lemon-sized lumps under her shirt. Her legs lengthened until the hem of her pants came to lower calf. The hips swelled, filling her children-sized jeans to nearly busting.

Wow! This formula was working far faster than he had envisioned! As Rachel’s eyes fluttered back open, they locked onto his.

“Oh my God, Chad! That felt incredible!”

“Well, you look incredible too,” Chad said, motioning toward the mirror.

Rachel walked over the mirror and stared, open-mouthed at what she saw. She was still fairly small, but she looked cute for the first time in her life. Her eyes seemed a little bigger, her eyelashes longer, the shape of her face, more feminine.

Her gaze traveled to her small breasts, and she cupped them in her hands.

“Wow!” she said simply, too entranced by the exploration of her new body to say any more.

Rachel raised the hem of her shirt to see a sleek, flat stomach with just a hint of muscle tone. She ran her hand along the smooth flesh. It felt firm, toned.

Her eyes traveled down her wider hips and longer legs, noticing how much the hem had risen above her ankles.

“I must be over five feet now!” Rachel giggled in excitement. She turned back to Chad and hugged him.

“Thank you so much, Chad! You are the best brother ever…” Tears welled in her eyes as she expressed her gratitude to her younger brother.

“Just promise me that you’ll dress conservatively for a while, Rach, so that people don’t notice so many changes all at once…”

“Of course! You got it,” Rachel said, squeezing him harder.


For the next couple of weeks, Chad noticed that Rachel wore loose-fitting sweaters and pants to mask her improved body.

Until the date of the homecoming dance was set and posted around school. When he ran into her in the school’s halls that day, he spotted her… in a crop tank and skinny jeans!

“Rachel? What the hell! I thought you were going to hide your body for a while!”

"I did hide it for a while, Scott, but I’m tired of hiding! What good is having a better body if I can never show it, Chad?" Rachel said.

"I went to the gym with Amanda and Caley," Rachel continued, "and they noticed the new me when I was changing in the locker room... I couldn't help it. I had to tell them. They knew that it was too much to be a growth spurt."

"WHAT!!?!" Chad raised his voice.

"Shhhh...quiet down, Chad!" said Rachel. "People will hear you!"

Chad fumed but forced himself to lower his voice.

"Rachel, we need to tell them not to say anything. I didn't come up with the serum to give to everyone in the world! I was just trying to help you!" he said.

"I know, Chad. I'm sorry. They caught me off guard, and I didn't know what to say, so it just kind of came out." Rachel said apologetically. Then, her expression changed. "If it helps at all, I think Amanda is into you. Just think... you could give her some serum, and she could be your hottie girlfriend," she said slyly.

"And if you give me a little more, you could get a preview..." Rachel said with a glint in her eye.

Rachel's words tempted Chad. More than she knew. As he headed home, he thought about Amanda. She was short and flat-chested but had a cute face. If he used the serum.... hmm...

As Chad was dumping his backpack on the kitchen table, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, Amanda and Caley, Rachel’s friends, were both standing there looking faintly nervous.

“Hi, Chad!” they both said at the same time, to their mutual embarrassment.

“Hi,” Chad said. “Listen, why don’t you both come to my room, so we can talk?”

As they walked into his room, their eyes were immediately drawn to the flask of blue liquid on his desk.

“Is that it?” Amanda asked. “Is that the serum that Rachel was talking about?”

“Yes, it is, but…” Chad started.

“You have to give it to me, Chad. You don’t know what it’s like being 4’11”. I’ve been picked on and bullied and I have always, always, always wanted to be tall and beautiful. Please, Chad, please…” Amanda said in a rush.

Chad stood there, stunned by Amanda’s passionate plea. “Well, Amanda…” he began again.

“Chad,” Amanda interrupted. “You don’t know how I have felt as I watched everyone grow taller and curvier while Rachel, Caley, and I never really did. We had resigned ourselves to miss out on homecoming, on prom, on dating, on anyone wanting us. When we saw what you did for Rachel, it gave us something that we haven’t had for the last couple of years… hope!”

“Homecoming is coming up in a couple of weeks. I want to go with someone. I want to dress up. I want to be pretty. I want to be desired. Please, Chad. You don’t know what this means to us. To me.” Amanda implored.

“Rachel!” Amanda exclaimed, her attention turning to her friend. “We were just asking Chad…”

“If you could have some of his serum, I bet,” said Rachel. “I know. I kind of suggested it.”

“Rachel,” Amanda began again. “We aren’t trying to take it from you…” she paused. “Wait… what?”

“I suggested it.” Rachel said. “I want you guys to have what I am going to have: the chance to finish high school on our terms.”

Rachel walked over to Chad. “Chad, I love you so much for this opportunity. I want you to make us the hottest girls in the school. I want to experience what Veronica and Lexi and the other cheerleaders experience. I want to be the envy of all of them. I want them to wish they were me, like I’ve wished I were them all this time. I don’t want to put them down. I just want a chance to be them this year.”

Rachel looked over at Amanda. “Amanda thinks you’re cute, even though you’re only 15. She admires your intellect and your good heart.”

Amanda blushed and looked away.

Rachel continued, “She would be beyond grateful if you did this for her.”

“Alright already!” Chad exclaimed. “I will give each of you a dose. Then, we’ll see. This blue one is a slightly different formula than the original, so it should work even better. There are only three doses in it, so I’ll have to make more after that, anyway.”

With that, Chad removed the stopper from the flask and poured a dose into a cup, handing it to his sister.
As she waited, he poured Caley’s dose, then finally, Amanda’s. Amanda still couldn’t meet his eyes. As he tried to think of something to say to Amanda, Chad noticed Rachel starting to transform.

“This feels different than last time.” Rachel clutched her stomach and fell to Chad’s bed. “More intense… ughh.”

As they watched, Rachel started to add sexy, toned muscle to her frame. Her shoulders and arms toned up, not to where they were bulky but shapely and defined. As she writhed on his bed, Chad caught glimpses of her tightening abs becoming slightly visible under her smooth, flawless skin. Her legs added more inches packed with shapely muscle.

As Rachel’s squirming began to slow, Chad could see that her breasts had probably gained another cup size as well.

Caley cried out, and his attention swiveled to her. She was looking at the mirror, looking at her new clearer complexion and slightly prettier face. Her body didn’t seem much different to him, though. As he tried to examine it more thoroughly under her clothes, he heard a thud.

Amanda had collapsed to the ground behind his bed. He could only see her face from his angle, but it was changing quickly. Her cheekbones rose and became more pronounced, her eyes enlarging and taking on a sexy slant. Her eyelashes grew longer and bolder. Her lips inflated to a delicious pout. Her hair, from dull dishwater blond to a shining lustrous mane of platinum silk.

As Chad stared in awe, Amanda’s face transformed from cute… to pretty… to beautiful… to gorgeous… to angelic. She was responding to the serum better than Rachel had and far better than Caley had.

As her eyes fluttered open, she rose to her feet and stepped away from the bed.

She was taller, probably about the same as his sister’s new height of 5’8”. Her baggy T-shirt was still covering her torso, though the chest looked tight. As his gaze fell to her long legs, he saw that her jeans had split and slipped off. Sexy, toned hips that strained her bikini underwear to the limit led his eyes to her sinuous, slender thighs. As his eyes continued their descent, he took in her sculpted calves, tapering to thin ankles, feet still in her shoes.

Gulping, Chad watched her mouth-watering form run over to his floor-length mirror and pull her T-shirt over her head. Her bra had split in the back and was draped over two heavy, rounded breasts, barely covering her nipples. Sexy, slim muscle defined her back, shoulders, and arms. Sleek, carved abs cobbled her stomach.

Amanda was easily the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Admiring her new supermodel form in the mirror, tears welled up in Amanda’s eyes. Turning, she saw Chad’s stunned expression. She skipped over to him with her long, slender legs and pressed her lips to his.

She pulled back to see Chad’s awed expression before passionately embracing him and kissing him hungrily again.

Chad was beyond stunned. This turn of events was beyond anything he had expected, and he was still trying to wrap his mind around what was happening. As Amanda’s tongue swirled around his, he eventually pulled away in order to breathe.

“Wow! Amanda… wha?” Chad stammered, his eyes searching hers.

“Thank you, Chad! Thank you so much.” Amanda said, huskily. “This is beyond anything I ever imagined.”

Then, Amanda seemed to remember her near-nakedness, zipping over to the bed and putting her T-shirt back on and slipping out of the remnants of her A-cup bra. Her pants were not wearable, however, so she strode over to Chad’s dresser, found a pair of sweats and looked over to Chad expectantly.

Chad, however, was too distracted to catch her nonverbal question. His mind whirled to explain what he had just witnessed. Why had Amanda responded so well to the serum? Why had Caley not responded? Amanda was so passionate about wanting to become more beautiful… did that have something to do with it? Caley hadn’t said much, so maybe there was something to that?

No, that didn’t seem very scientifically plausible. Something in her DNA? The serum did contain a DNA-altering retrovirus, which, in addition to the hormonal changes it induced, was the foundation of how it functioned. Maybe the DNA sequences that it altered were more effective with some women than others? He had to find out. He might be able to use that to make the serum even more effective.

“Chad? Could I borrow these?” Amanda finally said, noticing Chad’s distant look.

Chad startled. “Wha… oh… yes, of course.”

Amanda put the sweatpants on, hips stretching the fabric to the limit and legs coming to about mid-calf.

Rachel watched Amanda as she donned the sweatpants. “Chad, how is Amanda so beautiful? I mean, I’ve had several doses of the serum, and she is prettier than me in just one dose!”

“I don’t know.” Chad responded. “I was kind of wondering that myself. It must have something to do with her DNA… or maybe her hormone levels at the moment of ingestion…” he trailed off, lost in thought again.

“I guess I’ll just need another dose to catch up.” Rachel said, eyes still glued to Amanda’s sleek, sexy body.

Rachel shook her head slightly, seeming to break out of her trance. “While Chad works on the next batch of serum, let’s go shopping! I can’t wait to see how some new clothes will look on this new, even sexier body!!”

Amanda glanced down at her ill-fitting T-shift and too small sweatpants and nodded her agreement. “Absolutely! Let’s go!”

Caley stood quietly in the corner, expression alternating between dejectedness and envy as she looked at Rachel and Amanda’s tall, svelte bodies. “I think I’ll pass. I didn’t change enough to need new clothes.”

Amanda’s expression quickly shifted to concern. “I’m so sorry, Caley. I just got so excited… I didn’t even think about what you must be feeling…”

Rachel rose from the bed and hugged Caley. “Sorry, Cay. You do look prettier. We’ll just get you more of the serum. So what if it takes more doses? In the end, you’ll be gorgeous. You’ll see.”

Caley broke the hug eyes welling with tears. Not saying anything, she left Chad’s room.

After a moment of looking at the door after Caley left, Rachel turned to Amanda. “I feel bad, but she is prettier. We’ll make sure she’s the next one to get a dose. Maybe two. Right, Chad?”

“Yeah,” Chad said, still lost in thought.

With that, Rachel and Amanda walked out the door, their excitement and giggles starting to build as they thought about all the outfits that they could try out on their new, beautiful bodies.

Caley ran from Rachel’s house, tears streaming down her cheeks. On one hand, she was happy to be a bit prettier, but on the other hand, after seeing how utterly gorgeous Amanda and Rachel were, she felt disappointed, envious, and jealous. Why do they get to be so much prettier than me, she thought. Even my friends are leaving me behind.

As Caley searched her feelings, she decided that this was the real core of her sadness. She felt lonely, helpless, and left behind.

When she got home, she ran to her room and shut the door. She needed to think.

She thought about what her favorite teacher, Mr. Matthews, would tell her. Action defeats helplessness, so take action!

So how could she take action? What had Chad said? Something about DNA and something about hormones. Well, she couldn’t do anything about her DNA, but she could do something about hormones. She grabbed her phone and googled “female hormones.”

As the web sites came up, she clicked the first article. Estrogen is the primary female hormone, she read in the very first sentence. Pulling up her search bar again, she typed in “estrogen supplements.” It looked like she could get these at the drug store over the counter. Great! Action defeats helplessness… thank you, Mr. Matthews!

Excited, she wiped away her tears, hopped onto her bike and rode to the drug store.

Searching the shelves, she found what she was looking for and went to the checkout. The man at the checkout looked surprised and said “Usually these are for menopausal women, but you’re just a kid! Are these for your mom?”

“First, I’m eighteen. I just look young. And it’s none of your business what they are for!” Caley said feistily.

“Okay, okay!” said the man, thinking that maybe it was to help her with her emotional control!

Dropping the bottle of pills into her backpack, she hopped back onto her bike and rode back to Rachel’s house.

As Chad answered the door, he told her, “Rachel went to the mall with Amanda. She’s probably still there if you want to join her.”

“Actually, I was hoping to see you,” said Caley. “Are you working on another batch of the serum?”

“Just finished it, actually,” Chad said.

“Perfect! I want to try an experiment…” Caley said.

“Okay. What did you have in mind?” Chad asked.

“You said that the serum might have worked so well on Amanda because of her DNA, right?” Caley asked.

“Right…” Chad said.

“But you also said something about hormones…” Caley said, looking hopefully into Chad’s eyes.

“Yes, that could be it too. The serum has both a DNA-altering component and a hormone amplifier.” Chad said.

“Well, I went to the drug store and got these,” Caley said, pulling the bottle of pills from her backpack. “They’re estrogen pills. I was thinking that maybe if I take some of these before using the serum, it might work better on me.”

Chad thought for a moment.

“That… might… just… work,” he said slowly, rubbing his chin.

With that, Chad led Caley back to his room, where a new batch of his blue serum sat in a flask on his desk.

Caley looked at the flask eagerly, then pulled out her bottle of estrogen. She looked at the back. The instructions said to take two pills. “It says to take two pills,” she told Chad. “Maybe I’ll take more, just to make sure…”

“Caley, let’s just stick with the normal dose for now,” Chad said. “This is already introducing an unknown variable into the equation. Let’s not do anything even crazier than what we’re already doing here.”

Looking up at Chad, she said, “Alright, fine. I’ll be right back.”

Caley went downstairs, poured a glass of water, and downed two pills. Pausing, her lips formed a sly smile. She dumped another handful of pills into her hand and downed them two at a time.

Walking back up the stairs, Caley practically trembled in anticipation.

As Chad reached for the flask to pour her a glass, Caley snatched the flask first, and downed the whole thing before smiling like the Cheshire cat.

As Caley stood there, smiling, she began to feel strange. Her chest began to tingle. Then her hips. Then her arms, her legs, her face. Then a feeling of ecstasy erupted throughout her body. Falling backward onto the bed, she writhed as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.

Chad looked on in amazement as Caley’s legs stretched longer and longer, packing on feminine muscle. Her breasts strained her tight sweater, tears formed along each side. Caley’s swelling hips split the seams of her jeans, the tears traveling further and further down her legs as she grew. In discomfort, she reached back and unhooked the clasp of her A-cup bra in the midst of her orgasmic pleasure.

Caley’s nose shifted, cheekbones becoming more prominent, lips swelling, eyes enlarging. Her face and body were already breathtaking, easily Amanda’s equal, but the changes were not slowing down yet.

As Caley bucked into the most intense orgasm yet, Chad’s draw dropped wide open. Caley’s beauty was beyond anything he could have imagined. Thick, lustrous chestnut hair framed her impossibly perfect face. Huge, firm breasts swelled from under the remnants of her sweater, now more of a crop top with open sides. Her abs were beyond defined, carved into a perfect 8-pack. Her arms swelled ever-so-slightly with a dancer’s lean physique. Her rounded, muscular hips and butt sent Chad’s desire into overdrive, as he imagined plunging himself into them. Her legs were perfection itself, long, slender, and sculpted.

Caley purred as she came down from the best orgasm of her life. Her eyes fluttered open, flashing ridiculously long eyelashes, as her large blue eyes came to rest on Chad’s.

Caley’s sensual, red lips opened. “I think it worked.” Her voice was seductive and husky, stoking Chad’s desire.

Chad was completely spellbound, his attention rapt to every detail of her sublime face and voluptuous body.

Caley slowly stretched, her lithe, graceful movements causing Chad’s eyes to pop out of his head.

Rising slowly and deliberately, every movement like that of a ballerina, Caley pressed her body to Chad’s in the most sensual embrace of his life. As her full breasts and supple hips pressed into his body, Chad couldn’t contain himself anymore, bucking into the strongest orgasm of his life.

Caley luscious lips formed a wide smile. “I take it, you like the new me,” she whispered, voice dripping sex.

Chad nodded, unable to speak.

Caley pulled away, not bothering to find anything to cover her exposed body beneath the torn, cropped sweater aside from her stretched, threadbare knickers, and walked out the door.

As Caley walked out the door, sauntering down the sidewalk half-clothed, she thought about what she wanted to do next. Her heart was exploding with joy – she had made Chad cum with a mere friendly hug. She hadn’t even looked at herself yet, but she somehow knew that she was beyond sexy. In fact, she could sense the desire of the men that were driving by on the street, jaws hanging open.

Caley felt a sense of confidence that she had never had. She just knew that she could have any man that she wanted. I can’t wait to see what I look like, but I also kind of like waiting. It’s like trying to decide whether to open your presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning. she thought to herself.

As she strode confidently, long legs covering the distance quickly, she noticed a beachwear store ahead. Stepping into the store, Caley looked around. The cashier, a cheerleader named Veronica from her high school, noticed her, eyes widening in shock. This was the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen. This woman put the most gorgeous models and actresses to absolute shame! What was she doing here? …And why was she wearing a torn crop-sweater and panties?

Caley sauntered to the bikinis, grabbed a DD-cup top and bottom, along with a sarong and a mesh crop top. On her way to the changing room, she snagged a pair of flip-flops from a rack as well. Slipping the bottoms over her lithe hips and pushing her large breasts into the cups of the top, she then tied on the sarong and slid the top over her full chest and turned to the mirror.

Oh. My. God. Caley turned from side to side, admiring a body that would have made Helen of Troy envious. I am so frigging beautiful that it’s hard even for me to look away.

I can’t wait to show Rachel and Amanda now; they won’t know what hit them! she thought.

Paying the shocked cheerleader Veronica, Caley ran her hands along her athletic, sexy frame remembering with the purest joy how she looked in her revealing beachwear. She was so happy and so grateful. She really needed to thank Chad properly… and Mr. Matthews.

It was Mr. Matthews who had given her the advice that took her from despair to perfection. It was he who had taught her how to turn from helplessness to action. She wanted to thank him too! Mr. Matthews was an attractive, single, thirty-year-old guy too. A sly smile formed on her puffy lips. Maybe I can think of a really good way to thank him, she thought.

Pulling out her phone, Caley looked up Mr. Matthews address online. It wasn’t even very far from here! She took off at a bring walk, her long, smooth, muscled legs good for more than just looks.

As she rang the doorbell, she bit her lower lip, bouncing slightly in excitement. She had never had the body to be able to seduce anyone before, let alone one of her teachers. But now, with her stratospheric level of beauty, she was game to try… and pretty sure that she would succeed.

Mr. Matthews opened the door and stood face-to-face with the most beautiful woman alive. She had to be. Her thin eyebrows arched above large, sparking blue eyes. Her cheekbones were prominent, her nose small and perfect. Her naturally red lips made him lick his own, unconsciously.

A long, graceful neck led to full, ripe breasts that pressed her crop top to its limit. Her bare shoulders and upper arms were the perfect balance of athletic muscle and femininity. Her bare stomach was defined by smooth, chiseled abs. Her hips swelled out in firm, supple perfection. Her sarong left her right leg bare, showing off its shapely, slim flawlessness.

As his gaze again rose to meet her mischievous eyes, she stepped forward and kissed him deeply on the lips. His eyes widened in astonishment.

“Hi, Mr. Matthews,” Caley spoke, breathily, releasing the kiss. “I hope that you don’t mind. I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Besides, I owe you that and a lot more,” she continued. “Since I wouldn’t have this…” she motioned downward along her body. “Without you.”

“I know that it might be a little difficult to recognize me, but I’m Caley.”

“Caley?” questioned Mr. Matthews. “How…?”

“I was tired of being small and mousy and dull and… and… I wanted to be pretty! Then, Rachel’s brother Chad invented this serum, and gave it to her. And she got more beautiful. And then Amanda took it and became even more beautiful. But when I took it, I didn’t really change. But then I remembered what you said to me. About taking action when you’re feeling helpless. And it worked! And I became beautiful. Even more beautiful than my friends.” Caley blurted out in a torrent of enthusiasm and gratitude, losing her seductively entrancing demeanor for the moment.

“Are you all right?” Mr. Matthews asked, easing into teacher-mode now that he realized he was dealing with a needy student, not his fantasy woman.

“Of course I am. Don’t I look alright to you?” Caley asked, further allowing the enchantment of her fit, attractive teacher to fade.

“Caley, I am glad that you’re grateful, and that you took my advice to heart.” Mr. Matthews lectured, now in full teacher mode. “But you’re my student and kissing me isn’t a way to express yourself.”

“But Mr. Matthews, I want to do so much more than kiss you,” said Caley, her eyes sparkling with desire.

“Now, Caley. Let’s talk about this at school. It’s really not appropriate for you to be here at my house.”

“But I am eighteen! I can do what I want!” cried Caley, sensing Mr. Matthews slipping away from her.

“Caley. I’m not exactly sure what is going on, and how you changed so much, but I can’t do this with you right now. As beautiful as you are, and as much as I might be attracted to you, that’s just… not who I am. I’m sorry.”

With that, he closed the door.

Caley stood there, shocked, stunned, and hurt. Here she was, maybe the most beautiful woman in the world. And she still couldn’t have what she wanted. Tears began to stream down her face. It’s not fair, she thought. It’s so not fair.

Then, thinking again of Mr. Matthews’ words, she decided. Action. Sadness this time, turned to anger. A burning anger. She. Would. Have. What. She. Wanted.

Caley composed herself and started walking, her beautiful features hardening. It’s time to see Chad again, she thought.

As she walked, her anger at being rejected burned into smoldering fire in the pit of her stomach. She would get her revenge. She would grow so beautiful, so unbelievably sexy that no man could resist her. She would grow so devastatingly gorgeous that no woman could resist her. A sinister smile accompanied the thought, as she imagined seducing even her friends with ease. …And she had a plan for just how to do it.


Fifteen minutes later, Chad was opening the door for her again, his breath catching again at the incredible beauty she possessed.

“Chad… Chad, my incredibly handsome Chad,” Caley purred in her sexiest, sultriest voice. “I want more serum, and I want you,” she whispered into his ear while tracing a fingernail on his shirt, a dangerous glint in her eye.

“Uh…okay.” Chad stammered, not knowing what to say. He had just finished another batch of serum, but this was getting ridiculous. He was, however, a teenage boy. And teenage boys were particularly susceptible to seduction by insanely hot girls.

Caley had no trouble with Chad as she had with Mr. Matthews, taking his hand and leading him back to his room.

“So… I was thinking. If hormone pills can have an effect on the serum, maybe other things that create hormones could help as well.” Caley turned her large eyes back to Chad’s.

Caley’s doe-eyed smoldering intensity made Chad’s member spring to attention.

“Things like… making love.” She continued.

“What do you think, Chad? Would you like to make love to the most beautiful woman that you’ve ever seen while she becomes even sexier?” Caley’s eyes took a dark, sexy look as she tilted her chin down slightly, hand snaking out to grasp the latest flask of serum.

“Not to mention that I still have all those estrogen pills in my system…” she said, voice dropping to a husky rasp.

Chad gulped audibly, unable to speak.

Caley sauntered to Chad’s nightstand and set down the serum, strolling around behind Chad’s frozen form, trailing a perfectly manicured nail along his shoulder to his back.

“I could be a goddess, formed in your arms…” she whispered into his ear from behind, emphasizing the word “goddess.”

“I could be your goddess… your creation…” she continued.

Chad came hard at the thought. My God, she was sexy, he thought.

Caley rubbed her firm hips against his, and his cock didn’t even soften, pushing into her as she slid her body around his until they were face-to-face, bodies pressed together.

Caley pulled her crop top over her head, unhurried. She deliberately reached behind her to unclasp her bikini top, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her mouth-watering breasts to him for the first time before pressing them back to his chest.

Next, she worked her long fingers purposefully to untie her sarong. Her hands moving to each side of her hips, she pushed the fabric of her bikini bottoms, one side at a time, one inch at a time, until they finished their strained descent over her perfect posterior and fell to the floor.

Caley raised her hand, palm to Chad’s chest and gave a slight push, unbalancing him and causing him to fall on his back to the bed.

Caley straddled Chad, her long legs folding to each side of his thighs. Her hips brought her sex over his member, and they both gasped. She slowly, methodically, lowered herself onto him before coming back up. As she began to move into a rhythm, heartbeat quickening, she reached over for the flask and drank it all down.

A moment later, it started. Chad could feel her body tremble. With the massive amount of hormones flooding Caley’s body, he had no idea what to expect from the serum, except that he was pretty sure that it was going to be spectacular. This was the greatest day of his life, as pleasure coursed through him.

“Hhnnnn…” cried Caley, her body tensing from the pain/pleasure.

Then she screamed. It was overwhelming… The sensation… My God… My Goddess… Her eyes closed.

Orgasms started to rock her, one after the other.

Her back arched.

She moaned.

She cried out.

Her eyes fluttered back open, finding Chad’s.

“It’s happening. Oh God, Chad… it’s happening…”

Chad watched as her face changed for the third time that day. It was angelic before. Now… now, it was beyond angelic. It was beyond human. It was transcendent. He couldn’t imagine more beauty. He couldn’t imagine her level of beauty even as he watched it form before his very eyes. His heart leaped as her insanely long, bold eyelashes fluttered open to reveal painfully gorgeous azure eyes. Her eyes glowed with desire, with passion, with lust.

Her large, firm breasts swelled, pushing outward as her back arched. The curvaceous swells sending spasms of pleasure to his very core.

Her chiseled abs clenched as her latest orgasm hit her, showing every muscle, the hard curve of her obliques, her Adonis belt clearly defined.

Caley’s hips gripped his member with unbelievable intensity, as Chad’s vision began to dim, blackness closing in from the edges of his vision. She’s too much for me, he thought.

Caley’s legs grew longer and even more sensual, her thighs packed with dense, feminine muscle, striations appearing and disappearing as she came over and over. Her small, dainty feet… Her delicious toes… Chad passed out as he came, crying out Caley’s name.

Chad’s cry brought Caley back from the pain/pleasure that had consumed her utterly. Animal lust permeated her being.

She was sex incarnate.

She was a goddess.

The Goddess of Beauty.

The Goddess of Sex.

Looking down at Chad’s limp form, she cocked her head to the side, then looked toward the mirror.

Perfection. She saw perfection. Beyond perfection, really. Every part of her was superhumanly beautiful.

She had the perfect hourglass shape. The perfect toned physique. Perfect legs. Perfect ass. Perfect breasts. Perfect.

Rising from Chad, back to her feet, she moved with superhuman grace. Her every movement a masterpiece of carnal art. She trailed a perfectly manicured fingernail along Chad’s leg, as she silently thanked him again.

Sweeping up her garments from the floor, the new goddess tried to clothe herself once more. She struggled into the bikini top, it’s DD-cups insufficient to the task of holding her breasts, making it look like a too-small push up bra. She discarded the crop top. There was no way that was going to fit – it had been tight before!

She inched the bottoms up her legs to her hips, threads straining to nearly breaking before she managed to pull them up to her waist.

She walked over the mirror again, admiring herself again, a darkly satisfied expression on her beyond-flawless face. No man can resist me now. she thought, knowing it with certainty. I wonder about women…

At that moment, Chad’s door burst open, and Rachel and Amanda walked in, hands full of shopping bags. They both stopped suddenly, bags falling to the floor as complete and utter shock graced their beautiful features.

“You like?” Caley asked, her honied voice carrying a sensuality that washed over her friends like an ocean wave, sending shudders of desire through them.
“Cay… Caley…? Is that you?” rasped Rachel timidly.

Rachel’s eyes and Amanda’s eyes were glued to the vision of femininity before them, unable to look away.

Amanda bit her lower lip. “My God, Caley… what have you done?” she said, lust evident on her alluring face.

“It’s Goddess, actually. As in… what I’ve become.” Caley replied, perfect, brilliant teeth displayed in a room-brightening smile. “But enough about me? What’d you get?”

Neither Rachel, nor Amanda could think. Thoughts of kissing her turgescent lips completely consumed Rachel’s mind. Visions of licking Caley’s pristine skin filled Amanda’s. Caley’s question went unanswered.

Caley’s smile widened as she saw how her super-angelic visage ensorcelled her friends. She took a step toward them, pheromones rolling off her unbelievable body in waves.

A drop of drool slipped from Rachel’s full lips.

Caley took another deliberate step toward them, bathing them in her luminous elegance.

Amanda finally moved, rushing toward Caley, hormones raging inside her. Amanda wrapped her arms around Caley, trying to touch as much of herself as she could to Caley’s stunning body. Amanda’s lips reached up to Caley’s, and a moan escaped her lips as her muscles clenched in ecstasy. “Hmmmm…”

Amanda’s desire spiked as she pressed herself against Caley’s perfection. She kissed Caley hungrily, Caley responding in kind. She wanted Caley sooo much. She wanted to bask in her ultimate beauty. Be part of it.

Rachel followed Amanda’s lead pressing into Caley’s other side, orgasming as their bodies touched. Pleasure overwhelmed her.

Caley stroked their hair, Amanda’s with the long, delicate fingers of her left hand, and Rachel’s with those of her right. Multiple orgasms coursed through each of them at her touch. The goddess lay them each on Chad’s bed next to him, both of them senseless and shuddering from their repeated orgasms.

I should probably cover up a bit. Can’t have everyone doing that to me as a walk by, now can I? Caley said to herself, pleased at the effect she had on her sexy friends.

My face can make me the ultimate seductress. she thought. Showing so much skin is not even fair to them. I need to figure out how to dial back the pheromones too. She poked through the bags of clothes that Amanda and Rachel had brought from the mall, pulling out a few things that looked stretchy enough to try on her ultra-bombshell body.

Let’s see Mr. Matthews resist me now… she thought, her ravishing lips taking on a sexy pout.

Caley settled on a slinky, red dress, barely able to pull it on over the firm swells of her superhumanly-proportioned frame.

As Caley rang Mr. Matthews’ doorbell, she felt a sudden pang of fear. What if he still didn’t like her? No, she thought. She should be beyond this type of insecurity now. I mean… just look at her! Supermodels would cry in despair looking at her…

She put on her best coquettish expression as the door began to open, and Mr. Matthews’ pants bulged the moment that sex goddess Caley came into view.

“Hello, Mr. Matthews.” she breathed, leveling him with a come-hither look as she cocked an uber-luscious hip. “Got time for me now?”

He came. Hard.

Caley slinked toward him, pressing her perfectly formed breasts into his hard chest, eliciting a whimper from a still-quivering Mr. Matthews.

He came again.

Caley cocked her head slightly, extravagantly thick chocolate hair cascading over her shoulder. Her luxuriant eyelashes closed as she moved her plump, ruby lips toward his masculine lips. She found them, sucking his lower lip between her soft, pillowy lips.

He came again. Twice.

Caley slowly pulled her head back, huge, radiant blue eyes opening gradually.

As her mesmerizing eyes locked onto his, Mr. Matthews’ heart palpitated wildly. Good lord, he thought. How can anyone be this impossibly sexy?

As if in answer, Caley brought her perfect, manicured hands to his chest and pushed him back into his house, using her svelte, slim leg to tap it closed behind her.

Caley’s smoldering gaze never leaving his wide eyes, Caley intertwined her arms around his hard body again unbuckling his belt. “I know that you thought that you didn’t want me before. I know that you thought that me being here, me kissing you was inappropriate. But I am a woman, not a girl. A woman who happens to be the sexiest, most desirable, most delectable specimen of femininity ever to walk the face of the earth, you can make an exception, can’t you?” Caley intoned, her dulcet, captivating voice sending shivers through Mr. Matthews to his core.

Completely blown away by her unimaginably sensual magnetism, Mr. Matthews’ body wrested control from his helpless, desire-saturated brain. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her impossibly sexy body into his own. His pants dropped as he pulled apart Caley’s dress from the neckline, before lifting her against the inside of the closed door and thrusting into her with animal passion. Her firm, lithe body felt strong, her clenching sex firing pulses of inhuman pleasure through his muscled torso. Her legs squeezed his hips with surprising strength as she gasped and arched in pleasure of her own.

Orgasm after orgasm wracked his overwhelmed body until his muscled biceps gave out, and she slid down to the floor. His knees wobbled and collapsed, a pleasure-induced coma overtaking him.

Caley looked down at her lean, muscled teacher on the floor while she stretched her thin, toned arms above her head and rose to her toes. God, this body feels good. she thought. Too bad there isn't a man... or woman... that can keep up with me now...

She walked gracefully into Mr. Matthews’ bedroom, pulling a button-down shirt from his closet and draping it over her hypersexy, athletic torso and leaving her exquisite legs bare. She pranced back out to where Mr. Matthews lay before the front door and hefted his 180 lb. body up. It was surprisingly easy, and she carried him to his bed and gently laid him down.

Wow! I guess these firm, feminine muscles aren’t just for show. thought Caley. I guess it would be appropriate for a superhuman goddess of beauty to be superhumanly strong as well. Maybe superhumanly smart would be appropriate for a goddess too. A little more beauty never hurt either. Hmmmm… I’ll just have to convince Chad to make some new serum. Shouldn’t be a problem… I can be pretty convincing…” Caley’s sly grin was back. She licked her perfect lips.

Chad awoke on his bed, thoughts groggy and unfocused. What just happened? he thought.

As Chad sat up, Rachel and Amanda began to stir to either side.

"What was that?" Rachel questioned, trying to wrap her mind around her encounter with Caley. "What happened to Caley?"

Chad answered sheepishly. "She sorta figured out how to make the potion more effective using estrogen, and... (gulp) ...um ...sex. I should have never let her...."

He shook his head. "...she was was just so persuasive. I couldn't help it!"

Rachel's eyes widened. "Oh my God! Chad, she's out of control. We have to stop her - who knows what she'll do. I just wanted us to have a wonderful high school experience! This is getting out of hand!"

Chad's brilliant mind raced. "First, let's get to school. I'll use the lab there. She's bound to come back here at some point, and if she gets here while we're still here, we won't be able to do anything!"

With that, Chad, Amanda, and Rachel gathered up their things and headed to school. As they passed the drug store, Chad paused. "Let me get a few things here first..."

After Chad made a few purchases, they continued on to the chemistry lab at school. Chad pulled up a stool and got to work.

“What are you going to do, Chad?” Rachel asked.

“The only way that I can think of to stop her at this point is to make someone even more of a god or goddess than she is. It has to be someone that won’t let the power corrupt them.” Chad replied.

He continued. “Rachel, I don’t think that I could do it. Just being with Caley was so intoxicating that I helped her even more. I don’t think that I can resist temptation like that. Do you think you or Amanda could?”

Rachel turned, thinking. “Let me talk to Amanda. We’ll figure something out.”

As Chad worked frantically, Rachel walked over to Amanda, who was lost in thought, looking out the window. “Rachel, I just want to be a cheerleader! I want to be tall and beautiful. I want to have a boyfriend and go to dances. Why did Caley go so far?”

Rachel replied, “I don’t know, ‘Mand. She has always had her little obsessions… like her crush on Mr. Matthews.”

Rachel thought for a moment. “’Mand, I don’t want you to have to do this. I want you to be a cheerleader. I want you to go on regular dates… heck, you can date my brother if you really want to!” She gave a sly smile.

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Amanda’s full lips. “But what will you do, Rachel? What will your life be like?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to be taller and sexier… I’ll just be getting my wish magnified a bit!”

A few minutes later, Chad exclaimed “Done! Okay, I’m ready… who’s getting the serum?”

Rachel stepped toward him, steeling herself. “I am.”

“Sure you can handle this, sis?” Chad asked with trepidation.

“Yes.” She said with confidence… and just a hint of hesitation.

“Alright. This serum has hormones already added to make it more effective. It has estrogen and progesterone. Since Caley is probably pretty strong due to the muscle density features that I put in to muscle tone and firmness, I increased those effects in this version of the serum as well. I think that it will let you surpass her in pretty much every way… but it’s difficult to measure these things exactly…” Chad said.

“Let’s do this!” Rachel said.

“Wait!” Chad replied urgently. “Amanda and I won’t be able to be too close to you once you’ve taken this. You know what it did to you and Amanda when you were around Caley!”

Chad grabbed the fire blanket from the wall and a half dozen hanging lab coats, handing them to her. “You need to cover up, so that people can’t see you. Amanda and I will lock ourselves in the back office, so that we aren’t close to you either.”

“Good thinking, Chad,” said Rachel.

Rachel dug into her bag of clothes from the mall and pulled out her yoga top and pants, pulling them onto her gorgeous 5’8” body. As Chad and Amanda locked themselves into the office, she grabbed the flask and gulped it down.

From the office, Chad and Amanda heard Rachel’s moans of pleasure. Then, her screams of pleasure. As the seconds passed, her voice, even when just moaning and crying out began to become hypnotic. Chad frantically pulled open the drawers in the office, feeling Rachel’s voice drawing him toward her with growing attraction, tempting him to open the office door and go to her.

“What are doing?” Amanda asked, stepping involuntarily toward the door, drawn by the mere sound of Rachel’s voice.

“Looking for… these!” he cried victoriously, pulling a box of earplugs from the drawer and stuffing them quickly into his ears.

As Rachel’s cries evolved into Siren’s song, Amanda placed her hand on the doorknob and began to turn, consumed with desire from her dulcet voice alone.

Chad crashed shoulder-first into the door to keep it closed, then stuffed earplugs into Amanda’s ears as well.

She immediately released the handle and hugged him thankfully.

A few minutes later, Rachel’s cries ceased. After a few more minutes for good measure, Chad withdrew his earplugs, motioning for Amanda to do the same.

“I hope this works,” said Chad.

“It will. Because you are brilliant.” Amanda said, beaming at him with a beautiful smile. “Thanks for saving me.”

“No problem,” Chad said, blushing.

Amanda’s expression suddenly shifted, her beautiful features looking timid, as if a thought had just occurred to her. “Now that you’ve been with a goddess, would you settle for a high school cheerleader?” she asked.

Chad looked at her, gaze traveling her supermodel form from her long, slender legs to her flat, defined waist to the full breasts straining her tight dress. Then, his eyes met hers, and his face broke out in a crooked grin.

As Caley contemplated how to expand her goddesshood, she glanced over at Mr. Matthews. Was he bigger than he was a few minutes ago? Her uber-perfect 6'0" body had been as tall as his when she had looked him straight in the eye at the door. She could swear that his feet reached to the end of the bed before, but now they dangled over the end by a couple of inches. As her gaze roamed up his body, she tried to remember if he had looked so muscular, so defined before they had sex.

I wonder if… she thought to herself, when suddenly the door flew open.

“I knew you’d be here!” Rachel exclaimed, shrugging off the blanket and lab coats she had used to cover herself. Her voice a symphony of desire that made all who heard it want her with an indescribable need.

Caley’s eyes were riveted to the new Rachel. Her every thought, her every feeling, her entire being drawn to Rachel like a moth to flame.

If Caley was a goddess, Rachel was an ultra-goddess. She was a supernova of beauty. Her 7’ body crackled with the absolute power of desire. To see her was to need her. The radiance of her hyper-beauty was a palpable entity, invading every corner of the room.

Rachel’s face was so heavenly, so supreme, it was as if a choir of angels began to hum quietly as Caley gazed upon it. Her breasts were enormous and still seemed to be swelling outward into perfect spheres of flesh. The swells of her muscled arms made Caley ache with longing to have them around her. Rachel’s curves flowed into a tiny waist, her ultra-chiseled abs hinting at superhuman strength and power.

Rachel’s hips were the epitome of femininity, triggering the strongest orgasm of Caley’s life as she took them in. Squeezing her eyes slightly open as the intense please hit her in waves, she couldn’t help but try to absorb the view of the rest of Rachel’s uber-goddess body.

Her legs were never-ending, sinuous works of art. Visions of them wrapping around her flashed through Caley’s mind like a strobe light.

Rachel was beauty. Rachel was sex. She was bathed in it. She was part of it. She was all of it.

Caley rushed toward Rachel, her mind and body consumed by the succulent sensations of rapture that the mere sight of Rachel’s body blasted through her.

Then, Caley touched her. Her world exploded in ecstasy. The ultra-goddess wrapped the goddess in her arms and spoke again. Her velvet voice like a symphony of sex, “It’s okay, Cay. I’ll take care of you.”

Lost in orgasmic pleasure, body quivering with impossible desire, Caley went limp in Rachel’s arms.

Mr. Matthews slowly awoke, eyes blinking as they opened. What had just happened? Caley… Something about Caley… oh yes!... OH NO!!!

He sat bolt upright as the memories of the urgent, passionate lovemaking came back to him. Then, he felt something… a presence. It was… overwhelming. He turned his head and saw. Her.

The Ultra-Goddess of Beauty stood in his entryway with Caley in Her arms. His body spasmed in pleasure as a looked at Her, causing him to fall off the bed.

Continuing to spasm as shockwaves of rapture crashed through him, he began to crawl toward Her. He had to be near Her. He had to worship Her. He had to please Her.

As Mr. Matthews neared, Rachel gently lay Caley on the floor, taking care not to bump her head.

She kneeled as he pulled himself along the floor toward her. It was so sweet that he wanted to be near her, she thought, deciding to bless him.

Rachel gently took hold of Mr. Matthews head with Her long, slender ultra-perfect fingers and moved it toward her sex. He quivered in beyond-pleasure at her touch. Then, his tongue reached into Her, and his vision began to dim.

Rachel gasped in pleasure as Mr. Matthews swirled his tongue inside Her, struggling to maintain consciousness in his over-stimulated, ecstasy-addled state. As She came, he felt a surge of strength, of hyper-desire flow into him before he blacked out, his already hard body packing on more lean muscle. His handsome face becoming heartbreaking.


Rachel, basking in the afterglow of Her first Ultra-Goddess orgasm, thought about how to proceed. She was too much for them. She was too much for everyone, even Caley, the Goddess. And that was no fun. She wanted to be able to be with her friends, with her brother, who had done this for her. She needed to be able to control her radiant ultra-sex appeal. How could she gain that control? Maybe more serum? She pondered… it seemed antithetical, but then, what did she have to lose?

Rachel kneeled next to Caley, touching her shoulder, with one super-sexy, perfectly manicured fingernail. Caley began to squirm in a half-conscious fit of desire, as Rachel whispered “Go to the high school chemistry lab, and bring me the rest of the serum.”

As Rachel spoke, Caley quivered in multiple orgasms from Rachel’s ultra-mellifluous voice, but the message made it into her mind.

Rachel covered herself in blanket and lab coats again, picking Caley up, and walked to the school.

Rachel, not wanting to risk running into Her brother and Amanda and send them into a pleasure-riddled stupor, carefully lay Caley outside the door to the school and hid around the corner. She didn’t want to overwhelm Caley again either!

As Caley regained consciousness, Rachel’s ultra-lyric voice echoed through her mind, sending a shiver through her, yet again. She needed to find that serum!

As Caley entered the lab, she spotted two more flasks of liquid on the counter. Grabbing one, she thought I should take it myself then Rachel, Rachel would never leave me behind then. She will love me, like I love Her. Caley startled at that thought. She loved Rachel? She DID love Rachel! While unexpected, the realization warmed her. Rachel was a good, caring person. She was a good match for Caley, insecure goddess that she was.

Caley lifted the flask to her lips, then stopped. She should give the serum to Rachel. Rachel had asked for it, and she could please Rachel by giving it to her. The thought of pleasing the Ultra-Goddess sent Caley into another gasping fit of intense pleasure, nearly causing her to drop the flask.

It was decided then, she would bring the flask back to Rachel. Somehow, she knew where Rachel was outside the school, Her Presence guiding Caley with its promise of ecstasy.

As Caley approached Rachel’s beyond hyper-sexy form, she squinted, fighting the ripples of radiant sensuality to get close to Her as her heart fluttered at the sight of Her Ultra-Goddess.

Rachel took the serum from Caley’s hand, and drank deeply.

Rachel’s Orgasmic Cry a moment later washed over the neighborhood like a tsunami. Everyone who heard It, fell to the floor in rapture. The grass grew greener, more vibrant. The trees creaked as they grew taller, healthier. Even the trees and houses within the range of Her Cry looked cleaner, shinier, newer.

As Her Unutterably Mind-Blowing Beauty swelled beyond imagination, a Vortex of Sexuality surrounded Her. Caley was blown 50 feet away by its staggering force, where she lay, unmoving.

Then, Her Vortex subsided as Rachel’s Fingers arched in effort. Her Carnal Luminescence drawing back within Her.

Rachel yelped in joy, causing a brief wave of Rapture to blast from her as she momentarily lost control again, resulting in another brief surge in beauty to her surroundings.

Oops! She thought. I’ll have to watch that. I still don’t know My Own Power.

She giggled in delight, taking care not to release Her True Voice.

Rachel shrank Her Super-Ultra-Goddess form to merely ultra-supermodel proportions, taking care that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for everyone, but still sexy beyond any human female to ever walk the face of the earth. No need to overdo it, She thought of Her Beauty clamp down.

Rachel curled Her delectable index finger, and Caley was healed. She curled her other index finger, and Caley’s beauty seemed to diminish until it fell slightly below her own current level. Can’t have Caley looking better than the new Aphrodite, now can I, Rachel thought with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

Rachel walked over to Caley, taking her hand in Hers, and lifted her from the ground effortlessly.

On Monday, as Mr. Matthews walked into the classroom, all of the female students tittered. He looked like an Abercrombie model on steroids. His smooth, muscled frame, stretching the sleeves and chest of his button-up shirt to the straining point. Amanda, sitting at her desk in the back, smooth, sexy legs crossed, gazed wide-eyed at Mr. Matthews’ virile new appearance.

“Hello, class,” he said, in a deep, masculine voice that sent shivers down Amanda’s spine.

She had had fun making out with Chad over the weekend, teasing him with tantalizing glimpses of her luscious body whenever she could. She liked Chad a lot… but damn… Mr. Matthews was HOT. Her thoughts drifted to what it would be like if she… No! She shouldn’t think that way!

Her gaze, however, was gradually drawn back to Mr. Matthews, and his firm, manly lips as she couldn’t stop her mind from wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

The girls spent the class fidgeting, crossing and re-crossing their legs as they imaged the things that they wanted their strapping teacher to do to them.


“Uh oh,” Rachel intoned as She felt Amanda’s desire for Mr. Matthews. She seemed to be able to sense desire in Her near vicinity as well as desire toward Her acolytes—Mr. Matthews and Caley. “I think that I might have accidentally messed up Chad’s love life.”

Pondering solutions until afternoon, She came to a decision and curled her index finger and gave a sly smile.


Chad, just arriving at Amanda’s house, rang the doorbell. As she answered, he felt a rush of strength, vitality, and vigor. His biceps bulged, his chest packing on pounds of muscle, his abs pumped up in carved relief on his stomach. His legs added diamond-hard muscle, and he grew taller, passing the 6’ mark and leaving it behind.

Amanda, stunned at her suddenly older, manlier boyfriend’s jacked physique, licked her lips before grabbing him and pulling him through the doorway. Leaping on him, she wrapped her long, luscious legs around his hips and began kissing him hungrily.

Chad easily carried her weight to her bedroom, kicking the door closed behind him, lowering her back to the bed, he watched with surprise as Amanda’s supermodel physique kicked it up a notch further. Her blonde mane gained volume and vibrancy. Her eyelashes, closed in passion, became bolder, longer. Her wet lips swelled. Her breasts filled out, her stomach gained definition, her legs lengthened with shapely feminine muscle, her hips stretched.

Chad dropped on her in animal passion, thrusting into her again and again. Amanda’s cries became increasingly urgent, as she bucked and writhed, completely lost in passion.

They came together, exhausted. Their eyes opened, each person’s adoring gaze locked on the other’s, love expressed to each other without words.

Rachel smiled.

Submitted: December 24, 2019

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