And Then It Was Cold

And Then It Was Cold

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Advanced Studies for Illustrious Elite (ASIE) University is home to Evelyn and Jason. Here they are taught of the world's finances, governments, religions, and military strategies. But, here they also learn what true love really is and are presented with obstacles that will test this love.


Advanced Studies for Illustrious Elite (ASIE) University is home to Evelyn and Jason. Here they are taught of the world's finances, governments, religions, and military strategies. But, here they also learn what true love really is and are presented with obstacles that will test this love.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Cat

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Advanced Studies for Illustrious Elite (ASIE) University is home to Evelyn and Jason. Here they are taught of the world's finances, governments, religions, and military strategies. But, here they also learn what true love really is and are presented with obstacles that will test this love.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 06, 2012



Chapter One: The Cat

It was so cold outside; she had to go get him! But... How? The doors leading outside the school were closed shut for the night and even if they weren't, how was she going to get outside and back without being noticed? There really was no way! But the snow was falling harder now and the wind…

"Momo" Evelyn’s voice came out in a barely herd whisper.

Momo was Evelyn’s cat, he'd gotten lost a few days back. Wayne kept teasing Evelyn about him drowning in the lake, until Jason had yelled at him for telling Evie such a thing, since it made her cry nonstop. But then, of course, Evelyn yelled at Jason for defending her, telling him it was his fault in the first place. How was it his fault she didn't know, but it did the job at shutting him off.

But now, there was Momo outside, in the middle of the now frozen gardens. How had he gotten there? Why was he there? Was he… dying?

At that moment the entry to the common room sprang open and in came Jason and Don, and dragging his feet behind them, came Wayne. They were laughing, but as soon as they spotted Evelyn their smiles faded. Evelyn glanced at them quickly and then looked back out the window…back at the barely visible Momo.

"Come on, Hughes!" said Don putting his hand on Evelyn’s shoulder. "He's been gone for a whole week now."

"Leave me alone will you?" Evelyn whispered back, Don dropped his hand, with a hint of pity on his blue eyes.

"I'm sure your Mimi is floating off dead somewhere anyway" said Wayne with a smile.

Jason sent him a threatening stare and Don slapped him across the head. I could feel the anger flowing in me.

"Please. Leave. Me. Alone!" Evelyn’s cheeks burned with anger.

They all stared at her, and slowly walked away but not before Jason whispered "Sorry, Evelyn"

He couldn’t bear looking at her like this. She kept staring out the window, biting her lip. Even now with tears in her eyes, her skin pale and sad expression, she was the most beautiful and angelic being he’d ever seen. He would give anything to have her smile, and not just smile but smile at him. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to see her smile up at him as he entered her...

'How? How? How?’ Evelyn felt someone shift behind her, which made her turn. 'Jason! Not now!' How could he go on with his flirting at a time like this? Although, Evelyn had to admit she always turned to putting every time he talked to her, and it was getting harder to say no every time.

"Hey, Hughes," he started, with that serious voice that always made her heart jump. "I'm really sorry for what Wayne said, he didn't mean it"

"Sure he didn't." she answered quietly. "Now, please-"

"I know, leave you alone. I'm sure he'll turn up soon."

Evelyn turned to him and met his eyes, they seemed almost lost, but why? He turned to leave but suddenly it hit her. "Cox!" she said suddenly. "How do you go outside the school without getting caught? I mean, it's three o'clock in the morning and you just got here with two other people, how did you do it?"

"Why, Evelyn," he said with what now seemed a hint of a smile. A cute smile…No! No cute smile! Momo's outside! This is not the time to think of his very cute- "Why would you like to know that? Planning to sneak out at this hour?" he continued "And coming from the daughter of the highest ranked general in the country? Shame, shame, Hughes"

"Oh, shut up, would you?" Evelyn replied with a tone of annoyance turning towards the window again. "He's out there."

Jason walked over to her and looked out the window; He smells nice…No! He does not! And there, in the distance among the white snow, he spotted the black dot that was Momo.

"You want to go get him?" He questioned, already knowing the answer.

All Evelyn could do was nod. Why can't I even look at him in the eye? He smiled at her, grabbed her hand, he’s so warm. She thought immediately. He started walking in the direction from which he had come in from, with her in tow.

"Cox, you can let go of my hand now!"

"Evie, Evie, Evie" he said with a mocking smile and spoke as if trying to make a three-year-old understand "You don’t know the way, the halls are dark and we could get separated."

Evelyn raised an eyebrow and Jason' smile disappeared "well, I had to try!" and again that smile. Evelyn had to smile herself. Why am I feeling this? I'm supposed to think him annoying and frustrating... but I feel like I want to melt every time he looks at me.

Quietly, they walked through the dark school halls, Jason leading the way and Evelyn staying close behind. She hadn’t expected it to be this dark. She couldn’t even see past the shape of Jason in front of her and to be perfectly honest, she didn’t know where she was. They had gone past the Science hall turned left, followed by another left, and a right, and a left and… or wait! Was that a right? Jason, however, maneuvered through the halls expertly. By now, she was also regretting letting go of his hand, not only because following him in the dark was a harder task than one might think, but being so close to him like this was making her dizzy. He smelled of so good…

Jason stopped suddenly making Evelyn run into him. "Co-" Evelyn started to complain but he suddenly covered her mouth with his hand, placed his other hand around her waist and dragged her to the side of the hall.

They heard voices, they couldn't make out the words but they seemed to be coming closer. And suddenly they stopped and there was only silence. That is silence, if you don't count the rapid beating of their hearts, as Evelyn leaned her back against Jason’ strong chest. And then slowly, trying not to make a sounds Jason pulled Evelyn into the nearest classroom. He opened the door slightly and pushed her through and then followed in himself. They continued in silence for a while longer, unmoving, their eyes slowly adjusting to the moonlight illuminating the classroom.

Evelyn couldn't bear it anymore. "Cox, they're gone" her voice came out in a harsh whisper that seemed so loud among the darkness. "No, they'll come back through here." He said in the same hushed whisper.

He peaked out the door again, and waited. Slowly he turned to her. Her lost eyes staring at him, "God, you're beautiful" he whispered. Slowly he reached his hand to touch her face, his thumb caressing her full lips followed by her cheeks. Such a minimal touch made him so hard, he could picture her looking like this, standing before him naked and willing, and wanting.

Evelyn swallowed hard, staring at him, her breathing becoming more difficult and fast by the second. Evelyn closed her eyes slightly as he ran his fingers through her hair, his touch and his smell were so intoxicating. Jason never leaving his eyes from her face, if only…

'No! I'm not supposed to fall for this cocky, prankster! He doesn't mean any of it! He only wants me because…because…I…said…no...’ Screamed Evelyn’s insides.

"Jason…" She whispered, looking up at him. "I can't do this" he was so close to her now.

'How am I still breathing?' she wondered.

To her surprise he only smiled, "You do realize this is the first time you've said my name?" his eyes burning into hers. Again silence.

"Evelyn, let me say this now," not only was his touch and smell intoxicating but so was his voice now. "I might not be so brave to say it again"

Evelyn started backing up, never leaving his eyes, yet he came closer with every step she took, until she came against the wall.

"I love you.” Silence, she stared up him eyes wide open. “I love you more than the breaking world. You might've not noticed but I'd give my life for you, Evie" His hands were now against the wall behind her, leaving no where for her to go. "I love you so much, it hurts" his voice was quiet, sincere…loving.

Evelyn closed her eyes and lowered her face. I love you too! I love you!

Jason raised her head gently with his hand under her chin. "Evelyn, I want to protect you, love you, hold you, and be with you always!" his hand now on the back of her neck, his face so close to hers now. Evelyn felt as if she could just melt in his arms now, and forget about everything! Yet that nasty voice in her head kept screaming 'NO! He's playing! He doesn't mean it! He just wants you in his bed!'

Evelyn shook her head lightly and tried to move away, but he blocked her."Let me prove it to you, Evelyn, let me show you what I can give" and gently he kissed her forehead, followed by her cheek and then slowly but, oh so passionately, he kissed her lips.

Evelyn couldn’t move, but what a sweet sensation she felt from that simple touch of his lips against hers. His lips caressing hers, gently, adoring. His arms were around her now, running his hands gently through her back, pushing her against him. She could feel the strength of her chest against her. His tongue teasing her lips, trying, hoping she’d accept him. And suddenly, she did. Her arms slowly wrapped around his neck, her fingers running through his soft, black hair. Her mouth opened and his tongue plundered her mouth, tasting her, coaxing her.

Jason pulled her closer to him, he was so hard, Evelyn could feel his erection on her belly. He felt to so good, so perfect. She wondered what he would taste like…

His touch was so gentle but so intoxicating, yet firm and controlled. She wanted to pull him into her, but more she was pushing into him. Jason left her mouth to kissed her neck, and gently tug at her ear. Evelyn felt exasperated, she was holding on to him for dear life, wanting him inside her, like she’d never wanted anyone before.

Evelyn wanted to scream, she felt a frenzy she hadn’t felt before. Not only did she want to rip his clothes off to pieces so she may touch his skin, but she also wanted to yell out how much she loved him. As Jason continued lavishing on her neck, his hand moved to her breast. Evelyn’s eyes flew open, but as Jason continued to kiss her and his hand probed and massaged her breast expertly, her eyes shut and she let out a soft moan.

Jason kissed her intensely, capturing her moan in his mouth. “Evie” he said in hoarsely whisper. Evelyn didn’t want to let go. She didn’t want him to stop. She needed this, she need him.

"I told you, that door was locked!" came a male voice from outside.

Evelyn jumped and pushed away from Jason immediately, her heart thumping rapidly against her chest.

"Sowwy!" answered a female voice "I diwin't kno!"

"Would you stop talking like a 3-year old" snapped the first voice as they walked hurriedly away.

Jason peaked out the door, they were alone again.

"Ev-" Jason started, a smile playing on his handsome face, but Evelyn cut him off "This isn't right" and walked out of the classroom, leaving Jason behind. She started down the dark hall, but Jason caught her wrist and pulled her back.

"What do you mean 'this isn't right'?" a hint of concern in his face, his voice shaky.

Evelyn stared up at him, she could feel the tears coming. 'Can't you see I'm scared, Jason? “We… we have to- to go get Momo.” Said Evelyn pleading with a shaky voice, and walked away again.

"Evelyn, wait!" yelled Jason behind her, she didn't stop, she kept walking until she heard footsteps next to her. Turning she saw Jason, Evelyn tried sneaking a few glances at him. She could tell he was angry. His face was set, serious and cold. They walked in silence until they reached the great big doors that led outside.

From his pocket he pulled out a mechanism that resembled a pen, kneeled to the door and proceeded to pick the lock. Evelyn wanted to make a witty comment about the richest student in ASIE Academy knowing how to pick a lock, but after what had just transpired between them she kept her mouth shut.

“It’s going to be cold, stay close to me.” He ordered.

‘Please hold my hand’ she wanted to say.

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