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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Each chapter is a separate story in my naked time traveler's adventure. My traveler is surprised when she arrives in a church service NAKED. She takes 2 lovers there and another after running through streets. Her husband is still in the Louvre and unaware she left.


Each chapter is a separate story in my naked time traveler's adventure.
My traveler is surprised when she arrives in a church service NAKED. She takes 2 lovers there and another after running through streets. Her husband is still in the Louvre and unaware she left.


Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018





Ted and I were finally in Paris and visiting the Louvre in celebration of my risky yet successful brain surgery four months ago. I had a large mass zapped by radio surgery. The mass was squeezing my right amygdala which I was told plays a role in the association of time and places with emotional properties. It also seemed to be causing vivid hallucinations of a libidinous nature. I was going to miss some of those . . . After my fourth clean checkup, I was cleared to fly, so here we are!

We were in a group of tourists taking an overview of the famous museum. In the dim light, the classic artworks glowed in the warm, safe lights. "Tari . . . TARI where are you?" I barely heard my sweet, sexy man calling to me. I was engrossed in a large painting of an old church; it was oddly mesmerizing. There was a tiny figure of a nude woman in the foreground who seemed out of place and fleeing the church. The caption said it was Saint Patrick's Basilica. Before I finished reading the location and date, I felt an irresistible sneeze coming on. Quickly, I reviewed my options to squelch the embarrassing sneeze. I heard of squeezing the fleshy part of my left palm just below my thumb. That didn't work. The pre-sneeze built and filled my chest leaving me a second to react.

A friend insisted that causing some distracting pain, like the palm squeeze, would sidestep other pains AND sneezes. She said the best way was to pinch, skin on skin, something sensitive - like my clit! I wasn't going to do THAT in the Louvre! As I took a deep breath before an explosive sneeze, I chose to thrust my hand into my bra and squeeze my left nipple - hard! "Oh Ted, Ted, I'm going to . . . to . . . ahhh"

I think the nipple squeeze worked on a small scale. Instead of a blustery, window-rattling sneeze, I recovered from a genteel little "a-choo" and happily opened my eyes. Something was amiss! I was still in a crowd of people, but was standing in the back of a church. I gulped and froze. Nothing moved but my eyes as I surveyed my surroundings. Three handsome strangers were on my right, several couples on my left and a young child stood before me. Only the three men noticed my sudden appearance. An icy shiver passed thru my ankles and sent goosies all the way to my chin. That's when I looked down and saw I was absolutely, totally, stark freaking naked! WTF!

I was still pinching my left nipple, but quickly covered my mouth to suppress a gasp of shock. The congregation of two hundred plus was standing and singing some psalm and didn't notice my presence so I began backing out. That's when I noticed the doors to the Nave were open and the small crowd in there was staring at my naked ass and legs. I bumped into several people who stopped singing and stared. The sudden bubble of silence spread in all directions as people turned to check why the loud dissonance ceased. Unsure where to go, I fluttered haphazardly thru the Nave until I felt an arm grab me.

One of the trio from the back of the church pulled me to a side door in the Nave. We entered an empty clearing at the foot of a stairway that lead up to the church balcony and another fifty people. Still holding my arm, his gaze was fixed on my oscillating C-cups. "Thanks for saving me. I am Tari and I have to ask, WHERE am I? Why is everyone in church on a Tuesday?"

"Happy to help one of God's miracles, eh. You know, YOU are what I was praying for! Your lovely nude body is obviously a work of God and I pray it is truly in His image. Je m'appelle Abe and you are in mass in Montreal because it is Dimanche, Sunday the sixth, not Tuesday. You are very confused, eh?" I stared and wondered which of us was insane. How could I be a continent and two days away? My watch, jewelry and even my navel ring were gone! Maybe this was a lingering post-op effect? Was all this another hallucination? If it is, then there's no harm in enjoying every second of it. But, if it's not . . .? "Perhaps the feeling in my little head is a message from God? I don't want to oppose His divine direction, eh."

I wondered what he meant until he released my arm and removed his shirt. Panic flashed thru me, but quickly dispersed when I saw his breathtakingly chiseled chest and well-sculptured abs. He dropped his slacks and briefs. His thickly veined shaft pointed directly at my navel and brandished its God made, enormous beauty. Tentatively, I reached for it and wrapped as much of my hand around it as would fit. It pulsed in my gentle touch. I pushed the foreskin back until his gleaming bishop popped from its protection, maroon and lustrous, it expanded in my grip. As I slid my astonished hand down his shaft and back up, he cupped and weighed each tit before twisting and pulling my sensitive nipples. "Tari, it's time for us to do God's work, eh?"

This stranger gently pushed me to my knees on his slacks as he guided his long, thick tool past my navel, up my abs, between my heavy tits to my chin and finally, my hungry lips. They parted for his God-sent glory and he parked his bishop on my tongue. It was sweet, salty and delicious since his Cowper's was already slipping over its head. "I want you to take all of me deep into your throat and drink all of my godly fluids, for THAT is of my body." I caught the nearly sacrilegious reference, smiled and took it as the clever pun I hope he intended.

As he swung his hips closer, I heard the balcony group begin another hymn. He saw my furtive glances and told me not to worry since we still had about twenty minutes before the mass ended. I reached for his heavy sac and tugged his balls forward as I sucked him deeper. He moaned as my tongue swirled around his shaft and felt his thick veins. There was something unique about the hard yet spongy feel of his cock in my mouth. It felt velvety, not like umm, Ted's? Oh God, did I just forget my husband's name?

Abe pressed deeper in my mouth and yet his wide bishop found its way into my throat. With little help, it inched its advance until I had to gulp. That gulp happily drew two more inches into me. This was so much bigger than Ted's and yet so much easier to swallow. Why was I so easily, willingly swallowing a stranger's cock when I rarely obliged my husband? I backed him out so I could take a deep breath and quickly swallowed him most of the way. One more gulp and a swallow and I felt his pubes against my lips. I felt proud that I could take God's magnificent and huge tool so deeply into me. Abe sighed loudly when he parked his cock as far as it could go. After a brief and quiet pause, he began slowly pulling out enough to let me breathe then forcefully shoved his love stick to full depth. He held my head as he began earnestly face fucking me, and for the first time in my life, I didn't mind.

My nipples became painfully hard, my belly craved his Godly seed and, as I rubbed my clit, I felt it was rigid and wet from my own arousal. Was I now a tramp? Ohh, he feels so good I . . . I . . . have to have . . . no . . . I can't say it, I won't. I'll just enjoy the moment and THEN sort all this out. My thoughts were gladly interrupted by Abe's speedy thrusts, his bishop swelling in my throat and his balls contracting. I never noticed so much detail before. He clenched; I gulped; I felt his sperm rush thru his cock and fire directly into my belly. Three, four deep spurts filled my gut then three more, weaker, spurts dribbled into my mouth, lips and chin as his withdrew his barely shrunken cock.

I licked my lips and was surprised at how tasty his emission was. As I licked my teeth and mouth, I reached for his receding cock and lapped it. I savored every drop of his cum and yearned for more. What has become of me!? As I kissed his Godly bishop and sat back on my heels, the door opened and one of the other handsome young men entered. "What did I miss, Abe?"

Since my hand was still on Abe's semi hard cock and it was two inches from my gooey face, he knew exactly what he'd missed. "Hi, Dan. I just delivered God's liquid manna directly into her belly. She's very good at deep sucking cock and loves the taste. Why don't you come up front and give her a try, eh? I'll move behind her."

"Whoa! What am I, a HO to be passed around? Are you going to ask ME?" Dan stripped off everything in seconds, even before his cock was stiff. I had the pleasure of watching it grow longer, thicker and harder and forgot my objections. It was slightly thinner than Abe's, but just as long. My evil mind informed me that he would be even easier to swallow. Who was I to argue with me?

I trapped his cock between my ear and my shoulder and just enjoyed its twitching and warmth. His moan said he enjoyed it too. He had no foreskin to withdraw, and my fingers touched when they wrapped around it and pulled it to my mouth. I went onto all fours to lewdly project my bare ass at Abe. As Dan's cock found a home on my tongue, I felt Abe slither between my knees and push his nose between my swollen lips. He latched onto my hips and slowly lapped from my taint to my clit - slow enough to warm each spot he touched. I moaned on the cock that was already five inches into my throat. My vibrations made Dan groan so loudly I feared he'd drown out the singing and further expose us. God, I'm so sorry for doing this in your sacred home. I'll confess this . . . ahh, when?

Abe had a masterful tongue! It licked around my outer then inner lips as it sucked up my overflowing juices. He moaned in appreciation and I swallowed more cock. Abe nudged my strained clit and immediately pressed his nose gently against its side. Before I could react, I felt his finger curve into my love hole and slide along my floor and up the sides of my extended clit. I began to shudder and he wrapped his hot tongue around my pearly nubbin and sucked cool air around it. The combination made me explode on his face, in smothered screams, and nearly bite the tasty cock that was face fucking me.

Two, then three fingers penetrated my pussy. The stretching felt . . . heavenly. I felt Abe slip one finger from my holy hole and slide it toward my dirty hole. I wondered if . . . yes, it found and circled my puckered hole, rubbed and stretched it before slipping the first joint inside my rear. Nothing had ever before gone INTO that dark hole and I was extremely surprised, and pleased. I barely noticed that Abe's fist was slamming against my rear hole, but when I did, I knew all of his finger was in my anus yet all I felt were the sparks as his slippery finger stretched my sphincter. It felt amazing, invigorating and somehow relaxing.

Abe lapped my pussy one more time before rolling out from under me. That dirty, slippery finger was still in my ass and it spun deliciously as he got up. I felt his huge, stiff cock slide up my thigh and slap my swollen labia. Abe pivoted his hips so his staff caressed my clit then pressed it against my lips as his other hand continued to pummel my asshole. Then it happened!

He slid his tool thru my labia until I felt it begin to escape. Abruptly, he lifted its helm a touch and reversed directions. Fortunately, he paused with just an inch or so inside my pussy. I gasped and he pulled away then sank three inches in me. The sudden spreading of my love hole burned for a second then felt like a hearth fire expanding and warming me with sparks shooting deeper inside. I felt so full and heady. When Abe slammed his pubes against my ass, I knew all of his twelve-inch stick was in my snatch. After a brief pause, I felt him surge and begin pulling nearly all of his glorious cock out, then in, to the hilt. I felt my cheeks crushed, felt his finger slammed in my ass and I began to shudder again. This was so different from sex with Ted, even if not better.

A lusty, shameful thought erupted in my head - all this overwhelming lust was playing out amid a very large crowd of religious people just a door away in God's sacred house. I'd never had sex in a public space before and the risk and thrill of getting caught HERE made all this even more forbidden . . . and exhilarating!

My last mindful thought was to push my finger into Dan's ass and vibrate it as I hoped to strike his prostate. Apparently, I found it. He roared, twitched and shoved his pubes against my nose as his cock twitched, pulsed and guided his sperm into my belly to join Abe's. As he unloaded his tasty goo into me, it pushed me beyond my control and I shook wildly, screamed a smothered, guttural scream onto Dan's cock and spasmed in a dizzying orgasm. Unawares, my spasms crushed Abe's huge cock and trapped it inside me. The pressure and surprise made Abe erupt with us and he filled my nasty snatch with spurt after spurt of his unguarded sperm.

We all collapsed on the floor and rested for several minutes - Abe's finger was motionless in my ass, his cock slowly shrank, but its withdrawal made me convulse with every inch of shrinkage and Dan's cock was just two inches into my mouth so I could alternately gasp air and lick his divine spear clean. While still breathing raggedly, we heard the priest announce the end of the mass. In seconds the upstairs crowd would come down and see three naked people worshiping God in a plebeian, if crude manor.

After grabbing their clothes and scrambling for the outer door, I pulled them to a stop. "We can't be seen leaving the church naked! Hel . . . heck, I don't even have any. Help me!" Footsteps on the stairs prompted faster thoughts. The Nave door opened and the third handsome young man popped in and stared, stunned at his naked friends and the naked woman between them.

He too asked, "What did I miss? Far too much, apparently!" Abe tossed me his red briefs to wear. He said it was legal in Montreal for everyone, meaning women now, to be shirtless so I didn't need to cover my tits. Both men pulled on their slacks and we all ran into the street topless with the new guy, Mark. Even if they were truthful, it was MY tits exposed to everyone! We did get a few stares as we ran hand-in-hand thru the streets. My tits rebounding freely in the bright sun felt so taboo that I was getting aroused again. The fact that Abe's briefs were four sizes too big and kept slipping off forced me to pull one hand free to yank them up and keep covering my bared ass. Mark ran behind us and got a great view of my bare, jiggling ass and tits. It MUST have seemed just a little suspicious that I didn't have shoes or a shirt and my 'panty' was far too big. I tried very hard not to see the laughing peepers. "Where are we going?"

Abe said he lived just two blocks away and we should go hide there for a while. The sooner we got off the hot streets, the better for me and my sizzling feet. When we got to Abe's place, we had to wait at the front door while he searched for his keys. As I looked nervously around, I licked my mouth and teeth to find some sticky, tasty spunk waiting to remind me of our discretions. Finally inside, we three blasphemers whooped and threw our hands up. In a second, all our clothes fell off.

My oversized, wet briefs caught at my crotch, fell inside-out, and I delighted in letting everyone see Abe's cum ooze out of me. Since the boys hadn't taken the time to zip up, their slacks had nothing to hold them up and they fell to the floor. Once they kicked them off and let their semi hard cocks fly, I made a little show of peeling the sodden briefs to my knees then high stepping out of them so they could see my pussy open and drain down my leg. "Anyone want to lick me clean? After all, I licked two cocks clean within the hour."

Mark volunteered, "I guess I missed a lot then. OK, I'll lick up the overflow spunk as long as I get to slurp directly from the beautiful, hot pussy it's in. Then I want a chance to make a direct deposit and replace it. Agreed?"

I said, "OK, but you have to get as naked as the rest of us and *I* want to strip you!" Of course he agreed and I only opened two buttons before savagely pulling his shirt over his head. As he kicked off his shoes, I released his belt, fastener and zipper. Feeling incredibly randy and coquettish, I turned him so my back was to the others and bent only at my waist. I desperately wanted to expose my most private sanctum to my lovers and watch their cocks swell and fully stiffen in praise of my wet, swollen and dripping cunt. I don't know if I ever used that word, but it seemed the right time and circumstances.

Mark wasted no time, putting me quickly on my back on the kitchen table, my heels on the edge next to my ass. Before my arms could even support me, he was on his knees with his skillful tongue swirling up my sticky thighs then around and deep in my pussy. The last thing I noticed before I left my body was my rapidly accelerating breathing. Suddenly, I felt light headed and nearly disassociated from my body. As I floated up and away from the table, I could see that his tongue was as long as it felt. It flicked my lips, my clit, lightly as a snake might, then suddenly thrust firmly deep inside my burning pussy.

I watched as Mark swallowed his friends' cum and reveled in the warm, firm feel of his wonderful tongue deep inside me. He used it to lick and suck my rugae then abruptly thrust across my G-spot. I saw and felt myself scream in orgasm and leaped to the ceiling before harshly returning to my body with a THUMP. It was only after my vision cleared that I became aware of the stiff cock in my throat.

Abe pulled out to let me breathe while Mark stared stupefied at my throbbing, gasping cunt. Even before we caught our breaths, Mark pulled me to my feet and lay on the floor as he guided me to rest on his hips. His malcontent prick ever stiff, he pulled me to squat over it, facing him. He thrust up into me once, twice, before I began counter thrusting. Very soon, I was dropping hard onto his hips, his cock, slamming my wet labia against him. With each slap and squish, I felt his cock reach deeper, farther into me. My incredibly well exercised kegels were no match for his powerful thrusts, but added to my steep arousal.

I thought I felt a hand on my back pushing my tits closer to Mark's impatient mouth. He sucked a nipple then tugged it with his teeth. The hand on my back briefly stilled my humping, but the finger rubbing and teasing my rosebud was a surprise. Dan's finger found its winding way into my rectum and was quickly and happily joined by another. Stretching my rear hole got me gasping again, but I couldn't ignore the motionless cock still in my pussy. The fingers pulling out of my ass was exquisite torment and were quickly replaced with a lubricated, cold cock.

Dan took three thrusts before I felt his groin slam against my cheeks and his rod begin rapidly stuffing my rear. I gasped as Mark copied his rhythm in my sucking snatch - first matching then complementing Dan's pattern. The next time I gasped, another stiff cock, Abe's, slipped into my mouth. With all three holes filled, I found myself shifting focus to each hole and shortly felt all three sensations as one dizzying crescendo. I hummed my passion onto Abe's cock as all three began grunting and slamming inside me.

Thankfully, Abe was first to cum and he sprayed his seed directly into my belly so I could breathe again. As he withdrew, his last two spurts covered my palate and cheeks. The remnants in my mouth tasted of salt, fennel and vanilla, the most savory, unusual and delicious flavored cum I'd ever experienced. As I tried licking his cock clean, Dan and Mark filled my other holes with their thick, hot cum. Their heat and shudders pushed me beyond my own shuddering, shrieking orgasm and I rolled off Mark and onto the floor, gasping in delirium.

When we caught our breaths, I considered how I would return home and explain all this to my dear husband. How could he possibly understand and accept what's happened to me? Before my pulse returned to normal, Mark positioned his soggy cock near my mouth. In my arousal, it smelled temptingly of mixed cum, his and mine. The intoxicating aroma bewitched my horny mouth and I quickly sucked it all the way in. I licked around his crown and shaft, licked his balls and carefully sucked them.

His curly pubes tickled my nose as I relished his stiffening weiner. Though I loved our flavors on him, I felt the tickling urge to sneeze. Unfortunately, he was pressing my face firmly against his bush and I was terrified I'd harm his skillful sausage or even bite it off. Reacting quickly, I pinched my nipple hard as I . . . I "Ahhh . . .

...choo!" sneezed and was abruptly back in the Louvre! "Oh my . . . What the . . .?" I looked down to see I was as fully dressed as I was hours ago, with all my jewelry, and standing next to Ted in the dim light of the Louvre. Was my face still covered in jizz? Was my pussy, ass and belly still full of their cum? I wasn't sure and didn't know if hubby noticed my absence.

"Bless you!" he said. "I hope you aren't getting a chill in Paris." Little did he know! I was still facing the church painting and noticed it was different. Arm in arm with my innocent, ignorant husband, I finally noticed the difference. The nude figure in the church painting was gone. Did I do that? I thought it best not to mention that.

Did this mean I might have brought back an STD, DNA or even become pregnant? What must my three young lovers think happened to me? My heart raced, AGAIN, as I silently, somberly wondered what I did, why and how all that will change my life.


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