Anatomy And Fine Dining

Anatomy And Fine Dining Anatomy And Fine Dining

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A blind date exceeds exhibitionists' expectations & relations in a restaurant and beyond. They face one more big challenge.


A blind date exceeds exhibitionists' expectations & relations in a restaurant and beyond. They face one more big challenge.


Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



Anatomy and Fine Dining?

While sitting at the upscale bar in a fine restaurant, I wondered how big a mistake this was. What's the worst that can happen - an early night and web surfing back home? A beautiful black woman came in and looked around. I forgot to ask about race. I tried to catch her eye and flaunted my emerald green "It's ME" scarf. She looked past me and I looked through her classy outfit. Just as I imagined my tongue lapping into her dark gash and pink vestibule, she lit up and greeted her actual date. Merde!

Minutes later, a tall, slim, barely tanned woman hung up her coat but retained her emerald green scarf that sharply contrasted with her deep blue dress. When she saw me, she gave me a half smile, hung her scarf, and meandered toward me. She didn't seem happy to be here either. We were in for a great night! Whoopee! As she approached, I saw a familiar shoulder gait with sexy swiveling hips above a very long slit from high calf to just inches below her groin. Her sexy, toned leg fascinated as it peeked in and out from her dress.

"Hi. I hope you're Al!" She said brightly. I stood and nodded as I waved my scarf ends at her. She pointed back to hers and smiled a surprisingly warm smile. "They told me you were 'OK' looking and I'm glad they lied." She winked.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, you know. They told me you were ugly and needed a mercy date then they bribed me to meet you." She smacked my arm and faux blustered. "You KNOW that's not true, but they lied about you too. Regardless, you know you're hot and I agree. Let's sit at the bar until our table's ready." I held the armless, leather quilted stool for her to mount and watched her legs open as she did.

"Well thanks. Are you staring up my dress? See anything you like?"

"Yes, I am and yes I do. I love how toned and svelte your legs look... " and cheekily added " ... and I can't wait to get better acquainted with them. They also said you were a tomboy and hated pc speech. Is that right or should I slow my roll?" Here was her chance to end the date before we got too deep into it and save me $100+ bucks for a wasted night.

"What else did they warn you about, I wonder? Your directness is refreshing, but you're not fooling me." She smiled her wry smile. "I'm pressing you too for an excuse for an early night. So far, you're out of luck and stuck with me. Anytime you feel the need, feel free to tell me you want to end it early. I'm enjoying you so far, even letting you look up my dress isn't bothering me!"

"Hmm ... you are an interesting bird. OK. I'll stick it out a few minutes longer. Have you ever had such an honest first date, blind or not? As a tomboy, you probably had a few adventures and got a few scars. Anything interesting you can share?"

"Maybe, but first I want to know WHAT you're planning to stick OUT and what you think you're going to do with it!" Hmm, a funny bone! She smiled and winked seductively at me. She pushed her slit skirt off her leg exposing a very attractive thigh. "See this scar above my knee? Umm, LOWER, you perv!" She winked again.

"That ragged scar is just below where my leg broke when I tried surfing a stairway. A loose nail ripped open the skin and left me with that nice souvenir." Pushing my advantage, I stroked gently across the scar, pretending to evaluate it while blatantly fondling her thigh.

"Interesting. I have a big scar on my right leg also. Here, just below my knee." I pulled up my pants as I offered her my leg. "Comb the hair aside until you can see the two by half inch scar. I didn't get stitches and you can feel how smooth and bald the scar is. I'll FILL you in later with what I'm hoping to stick out, IF, you're very lucky." She 'harrumped' my comment and looked, stone faced, up at my groin as she fondled my scar at my obvious invitation that countered her subtle one. Her touch made my upper slacks surge.

"Well, don't plan on getting too lucky tonight. I'm not especially shy, or afraid of, uhh, being FILLED in, but other things excite me more." I wondered what that meant. We traded scar stories, I: a small, deep burn; cuts around a vein; a toe broken in a motorcycle accident; a knife stab in my hand; my broken arm and one I left for last. She: broken ribs, fingers, hand and arm cuts. "There's one more large one, but I can't show you ... not here anyway- exhibitionist or not." She pointed at her groin. I didn't miss the subtext or self description.

"Ohh, I too have a large one; one that you've been staring at, yet not seeing since it IS hidden. I'll show you mine if you promise to show me yours." I dared her to prove herself. I whispered, "I've already seen your pretty, blue, girly panties and so have a few people near us." Surprisingly, she merely arched an eyebrow at that. Maybe I could press her unshyness?

"I know what you saw. But the scar I mean is at the top of my inner leg, beyond my sex. We ALL have legs, what's the big deal if everyone sees mine even here?"

"I'll second that. But, you're describing the top of your femoral artery. Rupturing that is near certain death. Let's take a look; open up." Before she could say no, I added, "I expect you are healed, but I want to see it. Unless you are too shy?" Challenge accepted; she lifted her chin defiantly and opened her legs. "Lift your butt a second so I can see it."

Tina looked around then pushed up and off the stool and I slid her dress up nearly a foot until her blue panty waist was exposed in the dim yet focused lights. I put my hands on both knees and gently opened them wider. She accepted my dare. Her shadowy slit created a hint of camel toe that pulled my eyes to it. Was it swelling a bit? When I pushed her lovely, toned leg over the side of the stool, I saw a hint of a coarse scar so, naturally, I pretended I didn't and pet and slid up her other leg.

When my fingers dug into the leg juncture, I pulled some vulva skin out of her panty and she froze at my boldness. My knuckles leaned on then stroked her labia; she closed her eyes and sighed. I slowly glided across her swelling lips as I pressed on them. Then I benignly pulled her other labium until it was half exposed in the dim light.

I rotated the flesh of her muscular thigh for a thorough view of her groin. "All I see now is beauty and perfection and this well healed mark that seems to be nearly an inch away from your femoral artery. You were very lucky. How did this happen? I'm also glad your vulva wasn't torn."

"Jeez! Me too! That's my clit you're stroking now!" She breathed deeply, moaned quietly, but didn't object. "How did we get HERE so soon? I don't put out easily and don't allow third base access so quickly." She reached out and boldly clamped onto my groin, easily targeting my stiff, obvious dick. I managed not to lurch at her sudden touch. As she squeezed it and I scraped up and down her swollen labia, she added "Isn't it odd how easily we 'connected' over scars? I'm so oddly comfortable with you and never do THIS on a first date - certainly not in public."

"Yes. I feel like I've known you for ages." We were suddenly aware of the hostess standing just two feet away, biting her lip and staring wide eyed at Tina squeezing and scraping my dick as I stroked her sex. As she continued to silently watch our unabated mutual, public masturbation, she began to stoke her right breast and pinch her nipple. We watched her arousal grow and her face flush for some time; neither of us wanted to back off our mutual, unspoken dare.

"Ahh, hhexcuse, ahh me. Your table is ready whenever you are." Suddenly aware she had forced open two new buttons when she moved her hand into her bra to rub her bare breast, she dropped her hand to her side and stepped back. She continued to watch us until we finally stopped rubbing each other and allowed her to guide us to a secluded, tall-backed booth. Her open blouse was trapped around, and exposed all of, one pastel blue C-cup. "Your server will be withhh you shhortly." She gasped and left.

Tina raised and held her skirt as she slid past the dense, starched, white tablecloth and I slid next to her. The server, holding the table away from the bench, got an eyeful of blue panty and a wink from naughty Tina. His eyes never left her groin as he reset the table and positioned the menus. After enunciating "My name is Mark and -I- will happily be your server tonight." He left with a broad smile,

"Where were we? Here, at your mons?" Pushing her dress and legs open, I slowly ran my hand up her shapely thigh until it collided with her mons veneris. She latched onto my still tumescent tool and gently stroked it.

"You've seen mine; now I want to see yours. I mean your scar of course!" She grinned in her awkward, wry smile and started to unzip me. I didn't stop her.

"Then you're looking in the wrong place." It was fun watching her disappointed pout. "You can remove your hand from my fly and look closely at my eyebrows ... No, the other one. Comb it down. The small scar you see is about 1/20th of the whole scar hidden behind my whole brow. It was split wide open, hung down and blocked my eye. I'll share that long story with you another time."

With her dress split open above her hips, and her leaning toward me, I pushed her panty across her labia and into the far leg seam, exposing her puffy pussy in the light. She closed her eyes, sighed, and leaned back. Johnny ... Mark on the spot had a better view than I did. I watched him as I ran a finger, then two, between Tina's labia then deeper into her slippery snatch and called him over to move the table a foot away from us. "Mark is getting a better look at your -filled- pussy than I am, so I guess we don't need to tip him tonight!"

Tina unfastened my slacks and snaked her hand into my open fly and boxers. Her small hand twirled around my thick, throbbing cock and teased me without exposing me - yet. "Let's see how shy YOU are now. Time for a little tit-for-tat, though you haven't paid Tina's Tiny Titties much attention. Why is that? Hmmm?"

"I actually did notice the girls, but honestly your gorgeous legs and teasing twat took my eyes prisoners. I want a better look at your vulva, mons, labia, C & G spots and I want to taste this noisy, wet pussy."

"Mmm, you say the nicest things. I hate to disappoint, but the girls are even smaller than they now look. My bra is padded and stuffed so its B cup should be an A." She reached into her tomboy bra and pulled her 'cutlets' out and slapped them on the table. The bra collapsed and one cup was fully exposed. My free hand unclipped her strapless bra and I pulled it off through the modest V opening. Mark quietly whistled when I laid it on the table next to the 'cutlets'.

I had a full, well lit view of her tiny left tit and I was sure Mark was gifted with her right one. My fingers noisily plunged into her and released her intoxicating aroma. Tina fished my aching cock into the light and slowly, but deeply stroked it firmly. That's when I saw our hostess peeping at us around Mark, her eyes locked on my tall, naked cock. "Your tits may be small, but they are nicely rounded and that nipple! Mmmwahhh!" She finally blushed.

A busboy approached with a basket of warm bread sticks. His eyes flittered between her teeny tits and exposed pussy. He backed away slowly with his mouth drooping. "Let's give them a wilder show, if you're up for it. Let's remove this," pointing at her panty.

After extracting my soggy, seduced digits, I teased Tina with an offer of her own nectar, but deprived her and licked them clean instead then teased our peepers with my audible delight in their lingering flavor. I grabbed both sides of her panty waist and worked it over her small, firm, round ass, down her legs and off.

I made a show of sniffing the large wet area on the gusset then licking and sucking it before laying it, neatly spread out, on the table too. I heard a triple groan from our watchers. When I slid her panty off, I finally got a clear, close view of her plumped pussy and mons. I liked her inverted pyramid topiary and noted a blue tat nearly hidden by it. That could wait for future scrutiny. Meanwhile, my fingers found their comfort deep in her canal.

"Umm, we're about out of clothes to remove, from me. All I'm wearing now is the dress and shoes!" She groaned each time I pushed her clit aside. "You like exposing my cunt to strangers? Though you aren't far removed from being naked either. I like that you used clinical, polite terms for my genitals and am impressed that you know them. Mmm, how about a pop quiz? Each correct answer gets a kiss on your dick, umm penis. Three right answers and I'll suck you into my throat right here while they all watch. OK?"

I readily agreed and insisted that I touch and shift the part she named. Though I had fewer parts to offer, I countered with my own quiz. "OK. Start with my labia minora."

"I'm already beyond your inner lips, but here they are." She ooood and conceded then bent and kissed my shaft. "Glans Penis!"

"You mean your bishop." She licked the clear fluid escaping my tip. "Glans Clitoris!"

"Though I can barely see it from here, it's the exposed tip of your clit." She extracted and kissed my balls and I didn't object to the missed target.

"You obviously know where my C spot is," I gave it a nudge, "ughh, where's my Graffenberg? Careful."

I split my fingers around her G and alternated pressing on each side to slowly build her arousal. She gasped slowly, deeply until I had her breathing raggedly and finally nudged her G-spot just firmly enough to toss her over the edge. She barely contained a shriek; her arms and legs stiffened as she began shuddering, escalating until her whole body shook unrestrained. I slowed my attack.

"Ohhh, I-I feel dizzy; in a good way, in a way I don't remember... " I resumed my G stimulation and, since I timed it just right, she immediately convulsed wildly. The hostess had her big, shapely tit out and was biting her nipple; the guys were rubbing their hidden shafts. When the hostess groaned behind them, the guys soaked their slacks and ran off. "I-I'm not hungry -for food- any longer. Can we just head out to my place?"

I broke a bread stick in half and pushed the rounded ends deep into her wet cauldron for later retrieval and devouring. Having left a huge tip in our performance, I scooped up Tina's clothes and we beat it out of there quickly, my dick still hard and too erect to stuff back into my slacks. It surged proudly with each swing and horrified finger pointing. That made it so much easier for her to squeeze and stretch it all the way to her home.

We shared our first kiss in her driveway and ignored any neighbors who might see her pulling my prick in the streetlamp-lit tarmac. I broke away from our passionate kiss just long enough to push her dress top to her elbows and sucked on one small, hard nipple. Maybe it was our lot that night to perform for others?

After a brief respite to open the front door, we twirled down her hall in a dizzying, passionate embrace and kiss. We pulled her dress over her head and tossed it toward the open door. Naked and lingually toying with my tonsils, she still managed to loosen my slacks and push them to the floor. As she helped me step out of them, I pulled my shirt off and was as naked as she was.

"I want this light on so I can see what I eat." I said as I found the switch. We tumbled ruttishly onto her dark leather sofa. As I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, I removed her shoes and stared at the ohh so pretty pussy appearing for me to savor. Her wide bush was trimmed short, but not curtailed. She 'oooed' when I lifted her sexy curves to my mouth.

Instead of diving crudely into her vulva, I told mini-me to wait and explored her dewy, fragrant genitals with my nose. Leaving the bread sticks inside her so long was a soggy mistake. I made the best of them, dug out what I could with my tongue and scooped the rest into my mouth with my fingers. They were exquisitely delicious! "I love this version of a box lunch."

When I nudged her clit with my nose, she twitched as if electrically shocked. She moaned softly when my nose split her vestibule and gasped when my tongue raided her snug canyon. Her split labia released her not so secret, intoxicating aroma just as my tongue licked her sweet and tangy nectar. Immediately, my tongue turned spatula and licked her fleshy bowl and between all four lips. Yum!

She plateaud near orgasm so I inserted two twisty fingers into her seeping snatch and bumped her C with my nose. She convulsed and screamed so loudly that I expected the neighbors to arrive with cops. She shook for several seconds, strumming her clit on my nose. She moaned loudly and forced her tender groin away from me.

I couldn't stop smiling in satisfaction, hers and mine. My dick was still throbbing and screaming to go deep. I wanted to give her a few seconds more before elevating her passion again and took that time to gently comb her bush and examine the tattoo I noticed earlier. It looked familiar, but was still occluded by the dense nest.

"My turn! I don't want you to suffer blue balls as your reward for giving me such fun and so many orgasms." She took my cock in hand and guided it to her steamy sex and hissed when my bishop paused just past her swollen labia. "Ohh, come here you skilled, beautiful m..." I squelched her words with my tongue.

As our tongues feverishly explored our mouths, my hips thrust my cock deep into her fiery cavern until our pubes crushed together. I twisted and circled my hips as much as I could and thrust firmly IN then OUT. "Mmm, I didn't know I tasted so sweet. Ughhh! I can't wait..."

I bent and licked across her tiny tit before sucking the pebbly nipple. She seemed to like that and her loud moan and collapsing body said she loved my biting her pebble firmly. "Ouuu, I felt that right down to my clit." When I released her turgid nipple, she shot her groin up and swallowed my cock completely once again.

Finally, my legs and butt clenched without my consent; my balls tightened and I felt the surge of a high-pressure, dense herd of baby seed launch into and up my urethra. Millions of sperm spurt from my hose and splashed into her cauldron with a satisfying sigh. Someone was grunting loudly ... oops, me? Tina lurched against the heat and force of my gushes then collapsed and pulled me onto her.

We lay there a few minutes gathering our breath and kissed as we could. "That's a hell of a first and blind date!" she whispered.

"My best ever blind fucking, in a great way, date. For now, I need water! Who was it who said 'fucking is a thirsty business? A gracious and eloquent British king I think." Smiling, I watched her muscular, naked gluts sway toward the front door. On the way to the fridge, I noticed a family photo. Shocked, I asked, "Is that Philomena Croce in front? How ... how do you have her photo? Are YOU related to her?"

Tina was closing the door when I asked about the photo. "How do YOU know who she is? Are you... ?" We looked up and down each other's naked bodies in awe. After minutes of tracing family histories, we determined that we were both related, distantly, to old Philo.

On a hunch, I knelt before her and combed her nest up and out for a closer look at her tat. She confirmed it was not a tat, but a deep blue birthmark. I stood and pushed my pubes around. "Check this out. I have the same 'sea horse' birthmark in the same place! Is this going to be a problem?"

She kissed my mark and sucked my messy cock past her teeth. As she savored our blend of juices, my cock stiffened again. Shortly, I felt the warm snugness of her throat blanket and hug my cock. She tickled my balls and hummed on my deeply imbedded cock.

After quickly bringing me to the edge, she pushed a finger deep into my rear and flailed around until she rapidly struck my prostate. My bishop swelled and I filled her belly with my seed. I guess being fourth cousins didn't matter. "I'm on the pill and don't plan to have kids, so we're OK."

We drank a bottle of water each and toasted our matchmakers before resuming a less feverish, yet still intense fuck fest - past sunrise.


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