The New Girl At The Club

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Elise has just been hired at one of the biggest strip clubs in Southern California called Shenanigans, and it's time for
her first performance.

"What do you think I should wear?" I ask, flipping through an endless selection of lingerie. My newfound friend and fellow stripper Maggie lets out a slight "hmm" before answering.

"Definitely a corset. Maybe this purple one, with this black G-string. Ooh, wear these stockings too, with these garters."

"Thanks Maggie, you're a life saver." I say, heading into a changing stall in the backstage area of the strip club, Shenanigans. It's one of the biggest in Southern California. It's not full nude, just topless. I just started working here, and this is my first actual performace.

I quickly change into the lingerie and admire myself in the mirror. I'm tall, with legs for days. I have long, curly, dark brown hair, and curves to die for. The corset hugs my body beautifully, although it's a little bit hard to breathe. I ignore it.

"Elise, you better get out there soon, Travis is announcing you. He's really talking you up, too." Maggie calls to me. Travis is our pimp. He really is actually a nice guy, although quite the pervert. I do suppose though that any man who comes here is a pervert.

I slip on tall black heels and exit the small room I was changing in. I quickly check my makeup as Maggie begins talking to me again.

"Travis said you were all natural. Is that true?"

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"Like, your tits and your ass. They're huge. Are they real? Or implants? Travis said they were real." Maggie explains, applying bright red lipstick to her plump lips.

I laugh a little. "Oh yes, they're one hundred percent real." Before Maggie can reply, I hear Travis announce my name. "And here she is, the new girl, Elise! Give her a warm welcome!"

I hear loud, drunken woops, and a poppy, over-played song ring out.  I sigh nervously and step onto the stage. 

Shouts and hollers  fill the air as I swing my hips, walking up to the tall, cold metal pole. I grip onto it, sticking my ass out. I feel someone slide  some kind of bill into my g-string. I sigh, putting on what I hope to be te sexiest face possible. I swing up onto the pole, spreading my legs for the crowd, leaving almost nothing to the imagination except for what that tiny lace article of clothing covers.

I twirl around the pole, upside down, rightside up. I wrap my legs around it, my face facing away from the metal pole. I lean out towards the audience, giving them an amazing, clear view of my cleavage. Someone grips one of the strings on my corset, freeing my torso from the constricting fabric. My large, round breasts tumble free and the crowd screams. Bills are thrown around me and stuffed in my g-string. Singles, fives, and I even see a 50 here and there.

I hop off the pole and get on my knees, leaning over, exposing my almost bare ass to all the drunken men. I start shaking it, slowly at first, but speeding up until I'm twerking to the beat of the song. I sit up again and face the audience, who are going wild at this point. Still on my knees, I suddenly slide into the splits, my tits bouncing as I do so. Someone stuffs a bill right in the back of my g-string, slapping my firm ass as he does so. I moan and give a sexy look in the direction the man must have come from.

I hop back onto my feet and start grinding on the pole, gripping my boobs as I do so. Before I know it, the song is coming to an end. I clim back on the pole, all the way to the top, and spread my legs, holding on only with my hands. I release my grip and drop, quickly tightening my hands again before I hit the floor. In perfect timing, the last  beat of the song plays as I stop. I smile and get up, collecting my money from the stage. The crowd erupts in screams. I wave and shove the rest of the money in my g-string.

I'd say the new girl did pretty well.

Submitted: March 11, 2015

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