Calla and Ash

Calla and Ash Calla and Ash

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short Erotic story. it is only the first half.


A short Erotic story. it is only the first half.


Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




Calla Scott had been excited for her birthday just in two days. Though her father had been spending a lot of time next door she hadn't really payed much attention to the people that had surrounded their home. Though it was a beautiful day outside, she decided that it would be a nice day to go swimming, her family had a large pool in the back yard. Some part of her wished that they had built a fence because some of the neighbors stared at her in her bikini. It made her uncomfortable that some of them would try to talk to her, though she could understand them it was hard for them to understand her since she had a hard time speaking English. Flicking her tail back and forth she walked out of her home into the back yard, her bikini hugged her frame beautifully. Letting out a light sigh she raised her arm to shade her eyes from the sun, her blue eyes sparkled lightly as she searched around to see if anyone was watching her already. Taking a step out into the sunshine her dark fur began to get hot from the sun light, bringing her ears back she let her arm drop to her side as she walked to the edge of the pool. Setting her towel down she smiled lightly and sat on the edge of the pool letting her feet dip into the pool up to her shins. Smiling the cool water felt good since it was so warm that day, coming from Russia she wasn't used to the warmth. Her fur was thin but the dark color of her fur made her retain heat even more. Moving herself into the pool slowly she let the water soak her fur as she stood in the water up to her waist. Letting out a soft sigh she smiled, though she wished she had someone to share the coolness of the water with.

Ash Aradine had been feeling so bored in his room all alone. He looked down at the dark figure moving in his neighbors back yard. It was the Russian girl he had meet. He smiled as he went to the dresser and got a pair of trunks out. He changed as quickly as he could so that he was wearing only the stark white trunks with a black tribal pattern and his black tank top. He went down the stairs as soon as he grabbed his glasses and smiled at his father and Mr. Scott. "Sir, may I use your pool?" The older Russian agreed and laughed heartily before he turned back to Ash's father. Ash walked out the back door and over to the pool. The bright sun felt good on his tanned skin and the warm winds blew across his face. As he reached the edge of the pool Ash smiled at the girl. "I am not sure if you remember me, but I am Ash Aradine. We have met before." Heheld his hand out to the girl with a warm smile and his eyes closed.

Calla Scott had been feeling out of sorts lately since she had started to miss her home land. As she flicked her tail back and forth the cool water felt good on her dark fur, she hadn't been one for swimming since the water had been to cold for her even if it was an indoor pool. Closing her eyes she lay back and floated for a few moments, standing up she shook her fur and splattered water everywhere. But soon she heard someone approaching, perking her ears she turned to look to see who was coming. Vibrant blue eyes looking up to the male at the edge of the pool she smiled lightly as she heard what he said, taking his hand she smiled lightly. Though she could speak english she had preferred to speak Russian, thinking about the words for a moment she let out a soft sigh "Konechno, ya pomnyu vas," she said with perfection, she had been speaking Russian since she was able to talk. But english was new territory to her, thinking for a moment she finally found the words "I meeting you a while ago.." she said smiling lightly as she flicked her tail back and forth happily. "I remembering you, It's.. very good to be meeting you Ash." she said with a heavy Russian accent. Though the accent would make it hard to understand her some times she really wasn't to bad of an English speaker

Ash Aradine lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the back softly. He fur tickled his lips a little and then he released her. His silver eyes glinting in the light of the high sun. Ash walked around the rim of the pool smiling. "Your father told me that I may swim here, but I feel I should ask you before I get in. Would that be alright?" He stopped and turned still wearing that warm smile. "May I swim with you?" His light Romanian accent was sweet in the summer air. His tight shirt was outlining his muscles well and the wind blew his long dark hair lightly.

Calla Scott watched him as he pulled her hand to his lips, blushing lightly she brought her ears back smiling. She watched him walk around the rim of the pool, flicking her tail back and forth she smiled lightly. "Father say you swim here, You may be swimming with me." she said smiling as she flicked her ear to rid herself of the water. Blue eyes sparkling, fixed on the male she smiled lightly "I'm.. be sorry.. My English no very good" she said hoping he would understand what she was trying to say. Though she had wanted to learn proper english and hopefully lose her accent one day she wasn't quite sure how that would work out since she was going to be graduating in only a few days after her birthday. As she looked at him smiling lightly, the pool was big enough for maybe 50 people but she was still happy that he had asked to join her.

Ash Aradine smiled at her as he took a step back from the pool. "I understand you very well. Your English is fine." He smiled as he launched himself into the water and under it. He moved fluidly as he came back up only a few feet from the girl. Ash shook his head as he took a breath. "The water feels really good." He moved in slow circles around her as he spoke. "I love the water. This is the best way to relax." He swam under the water and over to the edge of the pool. Ash put his arms over the edge and leaned back on it so that his hard chest was out of the water. "Don't you love it?"

Calla Scott smiled as she watched him run and jump into the pool, perhaps he was one of those men who loved to impress the ladies. She honestly hoped he wasn't because he was fairly hansom, though she didn't know the words she wanted to invite him to her birthday. Her parents had been planning for this day for a long while since it would be announced who her future husband would be, though Calla wasn't quite sure whom it would be since they had only been living there a year or so. Her mother had rented out a large ballroom for her birthday party. It was tradition in her family for a woman's 18th birthday to have a large ball in celebration of her becoming an adult. Though she was excited for the party she was still apprehensive about becoming engaged. Looking at him her blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight she smiled lightly "You.. Mother plan party for me.. You come?" she asked tilting her head again, but when he said english was difficult to master she smiled softly and nodded "English very hard, but I learn it soon." she said smiling happily. As he said he understood her she smiled happily, "I being happy you know what i be saying." she said swaying her tail fluidly in the water. Watching him swim circles around her she giggled softly and nodded "Water being very cold, good for hot place like this." she said as she shook her fur, splashing him with water droplets from her fur.

Ash Aradine looked at her for a moment after he asked him to go to her party... "I would love to go." He smiled again and then submerged before popping up and letting the water run down his face. "When will the party be and how formal shall I dress?" He listened to her thinking of what he could wear. His normal attire of black jeans and tank tops would not do for most of the nice parties that people had... He was having trouble focusing as he listened to her accent. It was thick but so sweet. He loved it and could listen to her talk for hours. He smiled and watched her lips move with each word.

Calla Scott smiled happily as she heard he would go to her party, but as he submerged she giggled lightly splashing him teasingly "You wear Tuxedo." she said smiling "It is Family Tradition.. Ball for when a girl become woman, 18 years old very important to women in Russia." she said her charcoal fur sparkling because of the water. Perking her ears quickly she heard footsteps approaching them, her father reached into the pool grabbing her by her hair and she yelped as he screamed at her in Russian What are you doing? you should not ne with him!" he screamed. As her father pulled her out of the pool by her hair she yelled back at her father "I did nothing wrong! You told him he could swim here!" blue eyes filling with tears since he had yanked out a good amount of hair by pulling her out. Keeping her ears back the father and daughter yelled at each other for some time, but then she grabbed her towel and stormed off inside.


Watching his daughter storm off inside he quickly turned back to the boy that had been swimming with her "You no see Calla, Till party." he said in a stern tone. His russian accent wasn't as thick as Calla's had been since he had learned english at a young age, but between him and his wife (callas mother) they both decided they would teach Calla Russian first. His dark blue eyes glaring at the boy his fur fluffed out as he let out a growl. Soon he walked back inside and Calla opened her window. Looking down to the pool she waved to the male "I.. Sorry about fight.." she called down to him. "Father say, No see you till party. I sorry." she said in a saddened tone. She was enjoying his company but they would have to wait one more day to be able to talk again

Ash Aradine was about to move out of the pool and tear into her father but then he remembered that they are different... They come from a different place and he had no right to interfere. Even if he did want to stop this he thought that her father would do no real harm. After her father barked at him that he would be restricted from seeing her he simply said. "Yes sir." He looked up at the window and gave Calla a smile and a wave. Ash climbed out the pool and made his way home. He remembered that they had spoke in Russian but he knew enough of it to get what they were saying. Her dad said it in a thin accent sho Ash had no trouble woth it. in English that was You should not be with him, and Ash knew it was his fault. The rest of the night went by fast and he woke the next afternoon with a smile as he knew he would her to see the girl again. Ash began to prepare for the party after breakfast. His father had been speaking the whole time but he wasnt paying any attention. Ash caught something about a surprise but didnt think it was important. He stood in his bedroom pulling up the pants of his tux. He had this for a while since he was always at parties with his parent, seeing as his father was a senator.

Calla Scott sighed heavily as she woke up that morning, her mother had gotten her up early to bathe her and start getting her ready. Though she grumbled she was excited for the party. Soon her mother had fixed her hair beautifully, looking at herself in the mirror she wagged her tail happily, she was glad that her mother had done this before with her three sisters. She had improved on her stylings since she had first started. As her mother helped her into the dress she smiled lightly, It was a corseted dress which meant it would make her much skinnier, as her mother lased up the corset she whimpered. It was very tight on her ribs but the dress had been passed down from relative to relative, though they had to redo it many times since some of the girls had gotten wild and ruined it. Smiling as she was all laced up she looked at herself in the mirror, she looked beautiful. As Calla's mother put the choker around her neck she smiled lightly, light blue eyes sparkling happily. She couldn't believe this day was finally here! As mother and daughter walk down the stair case to the main floor they are greeted by Calla's father. Saying a few words no one could understand since it was an odd language, not english or Russian. Walking out into the sunlight she quickly hurried off to the limo so no one could see her. Soon they drove off to the party, there she would wait to be announced at the beginning of the party. Her plan was to ask her hansom neighbor to dance when the time was right. Though she didn't want to ruin the surprise of her entrance either! She waited for the guests to arrive and hoped that Ash would be there, waiting for her.

Ash Aradine stood in his silvery suit as his father entered his room. He was combing his hair as his father spoke softly in Romanian. Ash listened to his father go on and on about how he needed to be a good man and take what comes. He smiled at his father before he clasped his shoulder. "Father, I do not know what this is about but I can deal with it later. I promised a girl I would go see her." He and his father looked at each other for a moment. Ash walked down to the large garage and backed his motorcycle out to the driveway. The sleek black Honda Shadow was gleaming in the light of the day. As he kicked it into gear, he rumbled down the street and thought about the girl with the charcoal fur. Ash was human and she was one of the other races, He had not had much time with the other races other than having short political conversations at his father's banquets. He fought to get the image of her smiling out of his mind as he pulled into the parking lot. He was still five minutes early and he went in smiling at Calla's mom. She gave him an odd look, sad and happy and hopeful all at the same time. He shook it off and then walked over to the side of the room taking a glass of red wine from one of the waiters. He held it to his lips as he looked around the room for the girl playing in his mind.

Calla Scott waited for about twenty minutes before the signal came, the double doors opened and she smiled lightly, Her charcoal fur was complimented by the dark blue dress, her perfect hour glass figure flattered by the curves and fluffs in the dress. Her tail swayed as she held her head high. Taking a few steps out of the room she was in she looked around but couldn't find him. Letting out a silent sigh she walked down the main staircase slowly searching the large crowed for him completely excited to see him. Her father had told her that he had a surprise and that she would have to deal with it either way. Though apprehensive about the surprise she was just glad she could see the male. As she reached the main floor she stood there and smiled, spreading her arms she spoke in a beautifully soft tone "I welcome, you all to mine 18th birthday Party." though she had been practicing saying the one line for hours it still sounded odd to her. As music started to play she brought her ears back, people started to dance but she had no partner to dance with. Searching for him in the crowed that soon dissipated to the dance floor or tables she sighed softly. She couldn't find him, maybe he didn't even show up? She thought to herself, ears drooping sadly she walked over to a chair and sat down curling her tail under the chair so no one could step on it. She waited there sad and hurt because she thought he hadn't come.

Ash Aradine stepped back from the dj's booth after he finished fixing the wiring that was causing it to reverb too loud. Ash watched the girl do her little welcome and smiled at her cute way of messing up. He walked over to her as she sat down. His large frame was easy to miss as he walked next to her father. Ash looked down at the girl as he tapped her bare shoulder. He smiled at her as she looked up at him. "May I have the first dance Calla?" His sweet voice was deep and carried low in the room. He lifted her hand up in his and pulled her softly to her feet. "I love this song." A soft sweet rock song played. He had fixed the sound cause it was really bad when the dj had started, and Ash wanted this night to be perfect for his new friend. He lead her to the dance floor as he locked eyes with her father for a moment. The man gave him a smile and Ash nodded at him in return.

Calla Scott had been caught off guard when he tapped on her shoulder, perking her ears up she looked up to him and smiled brightly, "You did coming!" she said as he took her hand. Wagging her tail happily she stood up and held his hand tightly "I am very glad that you came." she said as he lead her out onto the dance floor. Bringing her ears back she blushed, though her fur hid it. She had only danced once before this. She had wished her father had gotten her dance lessons. But as Ash and her father locked eyes she squeezed his hand and smiled lightly, "I'm very happy to be here with you." she said blue eyes sparkling as she looked up to him.

Ash Aradine locked his silver eyes on her blue ones and smiled at her. He turned to face her and put his other hand on her hip where he felt the heat of her body through the fabric of her dress. Ash looked up and down her once then leaned in and whispered into her ear. "You look stunning." He smiled as he pulled back and then rocked her side to side in tune with the slow song. He hummed the melody to himself as he looked into her eyes. The room was still full of people but her looking back at him like that made him feel as if there were no other beings in the world.

Calla Scott kept her eyes on his smiling happily, feeling his hand on her hip she blushed even more. Wrapping her arms around his neck she smiled lightly wagging her tail, though her father seemed to disprove of how close together they were. But he didn't say anything, he just watched them. As he started to sway to the music she brought her ears back and copied his movements, feeling flustered she giggled "You look, very good too." she said shyly. She had never been called stunning before. She hoped that this night would last forever but she knew it wouldn't though she didn't know what both of their parents had in store for them.

Ash Aradine pulled back and took her hand twirling her then bringing her her back against him. He held her tight again and then heard the last song finish. Their dads were moving to the center of the room and her father had a mic... Ash was a little bothered by it but he smiled, it was probably just him wishing his daughter a happy birthday. Ash side stepped so that he was by his father and she by her's. His had whispered to him quickly. "Pregtiv" Ash froze at that. Prepare yourself... Ash looked over at Calla a little more bothered by it. Then the fathers spoke in turn. Ash's dad called out first. "Attention please. There is an announcement to be made!"

Calla Scott giggled as he spun her around, wagging her tail happily she was glad to be close to him. Laying her head on his shoulder their dads moved to the center of the room, taking her head off his shoulder she looked at her father as he made a motion for her to join her. Bringing her ears back she looked at Ash, then left his side to stand next to her father. Bringing her ears back her father whispered something to her and her eyes widened. After Ash's father spoke her father started to speak "It is my daughter's 18th birthday today. And by custom. I have chosen her groom." he said in a baritone voice. Her ears were brought back as far as they could go, shaking her head, she had only turned 18, she wanted to be free and enjoy life for a while! Letting out a soft whimper her father grabbed her by the hair again and she cried out in pain once more, the Russians had always treated their women poorly even if it was their birthday. Two other family members had come and stripped her of her dress and left her in her bra and underwear. Her father threw her to the ground and she stayed how she had landed. Soon Ash's father spoke "Victor came to me after countless days of debate and told me of his customs. Now, I have offered my son, to be her groom." Though the Russians in the room cheered the two family members that had stripped calla of her clothes went over to Ash and pushed him forward. Stripping him of everything but his undies. As Calla's father spoke tears filled her eyes "By Russian Customs. A womans 18th birthday is the day they take a mate. All of you are witnesses to this. By custom, if they do not have sex, the male will be killed." he said loudly. Tears fell from calla's eyes and she looked up to her father, all he did was slap her. The Russians cheered, they had been to many of these things. It was like a pornography shoot but then again it was the customs of her family.

Ash Aradine looked over at her on her hands and knees as he hit the ground. Rage burned in him to see her like this. His father was there but no other's from his political party or even his mom. His father knew this was coming and he would challenge him over it later. right now Ash had a decision to make... have sex with this girl he liked and have it amount to nothing more than rape or try to get her out of this barbaric room and save them both... If he fought he might die and she would get this done by a different male. One that was not in love with her. His mind stopped. He whispered to himself. "How could I love her?" He thought for a moment and then crawled over to her looking her in the eyes. Tears laced her cheeks and it hurt ash to be the cause. He whispered to her softly. "What happens to you if I refuse?" He was serious as hell and his silver eyes turned to a stormy grey, like the clouds before a tempest.

Calla Scott sat there looking at the floor, a man with a gun came up to her ripping off her bra she quickly covered herself with her arms. He kicked her back and she yelped again tears filing her eyes again. But as Ash came over to her she looked up at him sadly "If you refuse, They kill you.. and the men with the guns get to have me.." she said shaking with fear. There were atleast five men with guns, they all frightened her. Calla was pushed onto her back as two of the men held her arms down as she cried Another ripped her panties to shreads knocking Ash away from her. A deep voice came from above her "If Ash refuses, I have her first." he said laughing wickedly. Screaming she tried and tried to pull her arms free of their grasp , her legs kicking as she tried to get free. One of the males had already started to strip, Another brought some rope and had tied her legs so that her pussy was vulnerable. Her hands now tied to posts they had planted in the ground she couldnt move.

Ash Aradine shot forward and punched the foul man that tried to claim her in the face sending him into the wall with a loud crash. He spun on his heel and slammed his foot into the second man catching the gun he let fly as he stopped and pointed it at the next man. He was almost glowing with rage and anger. How dare these fools touch his woman. "Go near my love again and I will burn you all." He smiled at her softly then hardened his look back at his father, He spoke somberly to him. "Eu va la nimic, dar de cenu" His father translated, "I will leave nothing but ash." Then he looked down at the girl. he lowered himself and slashed the ropes to pieces in an instant. His hands were fast and his power surging ans he kissed her softly. Ash looked up at his new father-in-law and growled. "She is mine now." He moved on hand down to her slit and rubbed her clit lightly trying to get her wet so that it wouldnt hurt when he entered her he smiled at her as he kissed her again. He whispered to her low. "I want you to love me , but I will do this to save you from those men." He looked into her eyes showing the pain in his as he pushed his finger into her slowly.

Calla Scott tied she lay there watching the fight, her fur fluffed out. She was defenseless! Whimpering softly he heard Ash speak and she blushed lightly, she had never been called any ones love before. But hearing the fathers translation she kept her ears back, feeling the ropes being slashed she slowly let herself uncurl laying there looking up at her assumed savior. Feeling the kiss upon her lips, she didn't fight it. She knew he was doing this to save her life and his, kissing him back she wrapped her arms around him blushing dark red. Feeling his hand rub her clit she blushed dark red, her pussy was all tow illing soon becoming very moist, panting lightly she kissed him back again blushing dark red as he whispered to her "I.. I do love you" she said blushing but as the finger entered her she brought her ears back painting still. She had never felt something like this, it felt good but she was still terrified of what the men could do to her regardless

Ash Aradine moved to the spot between her legs and he kept kissing her his cock was now hard just from the feeling of her body around his finger. He laid the gun down and cupped her cheek. He looked into her eyes as he pulled his boxers off. the was bare now and his lower hair was trimmed so that it looked very neat. His long shaft was hard and full. It was thick and an impressive sight. Ash could hear the murmurs of the crowd be he could only focus on Calla. He moved up closer to her and pressed the rip to her wet slit. He looked down at her as he held himself up with one hand and guided his dick with the other. "I love you Calla." He pushed it in slowly letting it go in inch by inch. the tight wet heat of her was amazing and he almost lost himself in it.

Calla Scott panting softly she continued to kiss him back, murmering in the background didn't bother her one bit. Looking up to him tears filled her eyes once more and she nuzzled his hand softly "I love you too.." she said in a soft and saddened voice. Feeling Ash's cock slip into her, she yelped in pain. The pain was good, and bad in many ways though she felt her insides stretch around him she kept her ears back feeling him slowly slip inside her

Ash Aradine moved into her slowly and then when he was in her fully he stayed still for a moment and put his hand down from her face by the gun. He wanted ti close in case he needed it but he was having a hard time focusing on anything other that his soon-to-be wife. Ash pulled back slowly and then pushed into her again. he moved in slow and strong thrusts as he brought up his left hand and rubber her clit with his thumb. He wanted to make it good for her too even though he knew it was hurting her. He whipered and apology to her but it came out Romanian. " mi pare ru."

Calla Scott kept her ears back feeling him slowly move all the way in her, looking up to him she panted softly but soon he pulled bck, and then pushed into her again. Whimpering sofly she laid her head back, she was starting to get used to his size. Feeling his thumb on her clit she blushed dark red, the combination of him fucking er, and rubbing her clit made her give off a soft moan. Perhaps this wouldn't be a rape afterall

Ash Aradine lowered his head to kiss her chest softly. He rolled her nipple with the tip of his tongue before sucking it lightly. he moved his thumb on clit in slow circles as he moved a little faster feeling her body become more accepting of him. Ash teased her little nub more as he felt the heat of her body all around his cock. His eyes drifted to the man that the others were carrying off. the one he had punched. Ash had one thought then. No one touches her. and now he was making her moan in pleasure. She was beautiful and he enjoyed her body. He popped her nipple from his mouth and then moved a little faster yet so that he was going at a strong pace. His body began to hum with the feeling of being joined with the woman he loved.

Calla Scott panted softly feeling him suck on her nipple she blushed dark red letting out another moan. Feeling him inside her started to feel much better. Panting lightly she moaned again, the combination of him fucking her, him rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipple felt like extacy. wrapping her arms around his neck she blushed lightly. She had never thought on her 18th birthday she would be forced to mate with someone, and fall in love with them so quickly. Blushing lightly she arched her back and moaned again "Aah~" she moaned panting heavily now, feeling him going at a strong and steady pace she couldn't help but enjoy the feeling

Ash Aradine felt his body twitch as she said his name. No one had called to him like this. Like he was what mattered to her. He moved faster into her and smiled as he nibbled her fur round her breasts, and flipped her clit from side to side hard with his thumb before capturing the little jewel between his finger and shaking his hand. Ash's long and thick cock moved in and out of her. People watched the show but Ash paid them no mind. He only had her in his world. ash felt the tight walls of her body clenching him and he knew he could not last much longer. He panted heavily before speaking "Calla..." He kissed her nipple again and sucked the other one running his tongue around the rim of her areola.

Calla Scott panted heavily as he started to move faster, moaning more as he tweaked her clit she panted heavily her body feeling like it was pulsing she had never felt such pleasure before in her life arching her back she hoped he would fill her soon. Moaning again she wrapped her arms around him tightly "I.. I love you.." she said moaning again, she couldn't help the pleasure she felt from him, he felt so big inside of her, the love showed on her face pulling him maw up to her she kissed him passionetly wagging her tail.

Ash Aradine came hard into her. A burst of hot cum poured out of his dick into her. Her kiss made his body react and he spasmed in her a few times as his hips stopped and he pulled her up into his arms. Ash held her there With his cock in her and his arms around her. Ash breathed hard as he kept kissing her. He pulled back to take a few hard breaths and smiled at her. "I love you too." He nuzzled her softly then looked into her blue eyes. "You are with me now." He looked up at her father then to his own. "And nothing will separate us save the gods themselves." He let his silver eyes burn the protective feelings he had into her dad. Ash would kill the old wolf if he tried to harm her again. That was no threat. He looked back at her with a wide smile and he whispered to her low again. "What happens now?"

Calla Scott felt the hot cum flow into her, blushing dark red she breathed heavily laying her head back tiredly, looking up at him she smiled nuzzling him happily She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh "I'm not permitted to tell you.." she said bringing her ears back. If he had left her side even by only an inch she wouldn't be his mate any more. They had to be close for ten minutes to ensure that she was his. Looking up at him her blue eyes shining she smiled lightly "I can tell you that now that the.. inital part of the party is done.. we can move on to battles.." she said sighing lightly "If someone beats you in a hand to hand combat match.. They will be able to do what they wish to me.. and you will have to deffend my 'honor' by not leaving me while defending the bond"

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