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Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Walking alone and slipping in mud can sometimes have devastating affects. I wrote this years ago and I tried not to edit it too much for nostalgias sake! Not suitable for everyone.


Walking alone and slipping in mud can sometimes have devastating affects.

I wrote this years ago and I tried not to edit it too much for nostalgias sake!
Not suitable for everyone.


Submitted: July 10, 2015

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Submitted: July 10, 2015



~~She fell to the ground with a loud ‘thump’ and groaned as pain shot through her knees and hands. As she fell her long black hair flew out in random directions before staying in a tangled heap around her face as she hit the floor. Her greeny blue eyes were laced with tears as she scrambled to get back onto her feet, which caused the rips in her knees to spilt more and get covered in dirt.

Had it been any other situation she probably would have been paying more attention to the pain and seek help from anyone passing by from fear of her wounds getting infected, but not now, now she needed to focus on escaping. She felt like she was in some cheesy horror film, she was unable to get her footing on the ground which was still damp from the rain that had been pouring down whilst she was at college. Her black 3 inch heeled shoes were beginning to get coated in the dirt from the graveyard she had decided to take as a short cut home, if there was any moment she hated her wardrobe choice more than normal it would have been right now.

Her hopes had been raised as she managed to finally get her footing on the soggy ground; a smile crept over her anguished face as she prepared to push herself up. Just as she managed to push her arms up and prepared to jump onto her legs she felt two strong arms wrap around her hips and heard the familiar dark chuckle from behind her. She let out a small scream of shock as her attacker pulled her closer to him by her hips, she tried to grab onto the dirt with her fingers but any attempt she made was in vain as she felt one of the arms remove itself from around her hips and grab onto her hair pulling her onto her knees, her legs spread on either side of his lap. Crying out in pain, tears began to roll down her cheeks as her attacker pulled her head back by the hair he had in his fist as he leant down and licked across the side of her neck.

“Don’t worry my dear,” he whispers huskily, a hint of amusement in his tone. “I’ll be sure to make this as quick as I can.”

A sob escaped her throat as she hears him mutter something under his breath, as soon as those words left his lips she found herself unable to move. She could still cry, hear, see and feel everything; she just couldn’t move a single muscle in her cold and beaten body. A shiver runs down her spine as he runs a cold hand up her inner thigh, slowly pulling her dark blue skirt down with his free hand. She flinched as his fingers grazed an open wound that was on her thigh, mewling in pain she tried to look at her attacker from the corner of her eyes but only caught glimpses of what she presumed to be white hair.

The hand that had been pulling her skirt down stopped once it had reached her knees and couldn’t go any further, now her black see through lace underwear was in plain view to anyone who would have passed by. She shivered again once as he slid his hand up her thigh to the waistband of her skimpy underwear, another sob escaped her lips as he slowly slid his deathly cold hand into the offending obstacle before her eyes widened and a quiet, unwanted moan came from her as he began to rub her slowly before beginning to increase the speed slightly. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning no matter how much she knew she didn’t want him to be doing this, but the faster he rubbed her sensitive clit the louder she moaned which also had a sob mixed into it every once in a while.

He continued to rub her roughly as his other hand slid into her underwear, before letting her regain control over her body. As soon as she could move again she dropped her head down to her chest panting and whining trying to stop herself from rocking her hips. Another sob wretched its way out of her throat and her eyes widen as she felt him push two fingers inside her.

He scissors his deathly cold fingers to prepare her for what was to come, each movement of his fingers sent a twinge of pain through her upper legs and stomach also making her feel slightly queasy. After what felt like hours he finishes stretching her entrance and began to pump his fingers roughly inside her, causing the girl to whimper in pain as his claw like nails scratched her insides.

He began rubbing her faster and rougher in time to the pumping of his fingers, which overrode her senses making her unsure whether she was feeling pain or pleasure, she couldn’t determine which she was feeling at the moment. A strangled moan came from her throat as she closed her eyes and rocked her hips although trying to restrict herself from doing so, each time she moved just caused more pain for her but she couldn’t help herself.

Eventually her mind kicked back into focus and she realized that she needed to get away, using as much will power as she had left she threw her upper half forward adding as much weight as she could. Landing with her palms on the floor she began to try and crawl away from her attacker who seemed to be momentarily startled from her even daring to try and get away, pushing against the ground with her knees she made her best attempt to leap. He wasn’t expecting her admittedly pointless and pathetic attempts to get away from him, but he did admire her strong will, feeling his fingers leaving her bit by bit he couldn’t help but chuckle and pull his hands away giving her a momentary feeling of hope, maybe she could actually use this chance to get away. He smirked as he listened to her heart miss a few beats from her false hope, he didn’t wait any longer and quickly grabbed onto the sides of her lace underwear ripping it off as she tried to crawl away, as soon as her underwear was out of his way he grabbed onto her hips and pulling her back.

A groan of pain, fear and desperation left her as she felt her now bare ass press against the front of his jeans. Muttering the same words he had used earlier she found herself unable to move once again, her upper half rested on the floor as her bottom half was propped up on her knees.

Once he had immobilized his victim again he wasted no time in unbuttoning and zipping his jeans before pulling them down with his boxers, exposing his large erect member. A shiver runs down his spine as he smirks looking down at his frozen victim, pushing her legs open once again he leant over her, brushing her hair over her shoulder and began to nips and suck on the back of her neck slowly sliding his hands up her legs to her hips.

He let out a satisfying chuckle as he heard her whimper whilst trying to fight against his unseen bindings, without a second thought he once again allowed her to move which she immediately took advantage of by trying to pull away again. But before she could get her grip to move again he thrust his hips forward whilst pulling her back roughly, forcing himself into her with a pleasurable moan.

Her eyes widen and a loud scream of pain erupted from her as he pushed further inside until her virginity had been broken, closing his eyes he relished in the feeling of her tense muscle tightening around him as he began to rock his hips rhythmically whilst scraping his fangs against the side of her neck. With each movement she let out various cries, whimpers and moans of both pain and pleasure, but mainly pain. He began to increase his pace whilst sliding one hand around her hip and waistline reaching to rub her roughly with his thrusts.

The routine continued for what felt like an eternity to her, he continued to increase the speed and roughness of his thrusts whilst rubbing her faster before staying at one pace, she had begun to moan more from pleasure than pain. She screamed out in pleasure as she reached her climax, panting and moaning heavily as her attacker continued to thrust roughly helping her ride out her pleasure. Barely seconds after she had climaxed she felt another sharp pain run across her neck and shoulders as he dug his fangs into the side of her neck making sure to hit the main artery, he licked and sucked the blood out of her like he hadn’t drank anything for years before pulling away, digging his claws into her hips moaning loudly as he came.

Pulling out of her panting he licked stray blood away from her neck before standing up and dressing himself again licking the extra blood off his lips. Folding his arms he smirked down at his beaten victim before kicking her over onto her back. She looked up at him blankly, staring at her attacker who turned out to be a lot more handsome than she first thought he would be. She had opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was a strangled gurgle as blood began to spurt out of her mouth, keeping that same smirk on his face he looked her up and down before turning to walk out of the cemetery, leaving her to die where she led.

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