Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Author Chapter Note

For those of you who loved the short stories here's the novel. Enjoy!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2015



"Please tell me I didn't just hear that." Skylar reached over and clicked on her bedside lamp and looked at her husband, Lukas, who reluctantly sat up in bed in preparation for what seemed like the beginning of a long night.


"All I am saying, baby, is that I know that I haven't been home much, with the restaurant doing so well and me about to open a burger place, I just think it would be good for you."


"Oh! Really? Good for me? Or do you mean good for you? You perverted idiot." Skylar tried to keep her voice down so that she didn't wake their 2 year old daughter who was sleeping peacefully in the next room but her husband's latest request made her sick to her stomach. So much so that she wanted to grab the heaviest thing that she could manage and beat him with it. She had done many things for her husband, from the basics of oral and anal to going to adult parties and naked resorts but this suggestion, well it was not something she was prepared for.


"Honey, I love you and I just think.." Lukas tried to plead his case but Skylar wasn't hearing him. She rolled out of bed and began pacing on the carpet floor. Skylar was livid.


"That's bullshit Lukas." She whispered harshly. "A boyfriend? You want me to get a boyfriend?!"


"Yes. Someone to keep you happy and satisfied while I'm working so much. I've only been home 4 nights in the past 2 weeks."


"You act like I'm just some lonely, horny housewife, Lukas. I have a career. A successful career at that! And I have friends. Best friends with whom I go out to have lunch with and attend parties."


"Skylar, please stop pacing, you're making me dizzy."


Skylar rolled her eyes and sat down on the chair in front of her vanity and glared at her husband. "You don't think I know what this is really about? A few times we went to bookstores and parties and yes, I had sex with a few men but in front of you. You were there, sometimes participating. I told you I would only do that a few times because I knew how turned on you got but now you want to make it a full time thing? You are sick."


"You call me sick but you did them."


She threw her hairbrush at him and missed his head by an inch. "For you. You horny fuck! I did it for you. That's what a wife does. She gives herself to her husband and if it isn't harmful she does them. I am your wife. Your wife!" Skylar felt her eyes burn as tears developed but she refused to cry.


"That's right, you are my wife but before you became my wife you were my submissive and I was your master. Skylar, we haven't gone to a kinky gathering in almost 3 years."


"I got pregnant with Aria!" She argued.


"Yes and we have a beautiful little girl but you are more than a mother. I can't remember the last time I spanked you or had you kneel at my feet while I ran my fingers through your hair. When was the last time we used any of our toys? The gags, the whips, the belt, any of them? I can't even tie you to the headboard anymore because you freak out if the baby cries. Now, I'm okay not going back to those things but I know you miss it. That need of yours to serve, to be used and useful, it shows in your eyes."


"I am being used, by Aria as a puke rag, a sneeze cloth, and whatever she needs me to be. I'm useful at work, hell I own the company. People depend on me there. Not to mention you. Food and menu testing, decorations, keeping up the home and taking care of you with whatever you need."


"But you are still a woman, Skylar. I'm getting older and while our sex life hasn't suffered it hasn't been intense the way I know you love."


Skylar looked at her husband, sitting in the bed looking back at her with those pleading eyes. She wanted to slap him. There was a 20 year age gap between them. She had always be attracted to older men since she first discovered herself sexually.  Even now, full of anger at Lukas, he looked so sexy to her in the dim lighting.  He was Italian but with blue eyes that came from the Irish part of his family and at 45 his hair was just starting to fade from black to gray. Mainly in his facial hair and side burns but it was creeping up slowly. He was tall at 6'2 and a strong dominant man who at 260lbs could frighten anyone with just one intense look. She loved him. Even though she wanted to shake him until he regained his senses, she loved him.


"I never complained, Lukas."


"I know. It must be because you are a military brat. You adjust well to change. Skylar, you are a wonderful mother. You are an amazing wife with a body that screams 'bang me'.  You have needs and part of my being a good husband is making sure that your needs are taken care of. BDSM is a part of who you are; a big part. It made you feel empowered. I will not ask you to give up that part of you. I can't. And while I love being in that world with you, I just do not have the time to go fully back into that lifestyle.


Skylar shook her head. "I know you love me, but Lukas, you have no idea what you are asking me."


"I do."


"No. You don't. You want me to share the deepest part of my being with someone. It won't be like it was at the parties and bookstores. This man will have a name, a face and needs for me to fulfill. The first thing he'll do is get inside my head and then under my skin. It'll be more than just sex, Lukas. It'll be another relationship like this one.


"No." Lukas scrunched up his face and shook his head. "Not like this one. Our relationship is built on love. Just don't fall in love. Keep you emotions locked away."


"It's not that simple. I will need to be open to him in order for this to work. There are times where the need to satisfy will look like love. There are so many risks that can blur the lines between love and a BDSM relationship."


Lukas sighed as he slid out of bed and walked over to his wife. " I love you and I trust you." He kissed her forehead.


"I'm going to need some time to think about all this. I would be lying if I didn't admit I feel like you are being selfish." She bit her bottom lip.


Lukas sat on his knees in front of her and held her hands. They were so small compared to his giant hands and he loved the way her caramel complexion looked against his ivory skin tone.  "Yes, baby, it gets my gears going when I watch you with another man. Just seeing his face while he plows into you and the way you look at me gets me so hard I barely can keep myself from exploding in my pants but that is not why I'm asking you this. I assure you that when I thought about making this suggestion, my thoughts were only of you."


"What about us?" Skylar tried to pull her hands away but Lukas held them firmly in his hands and kissed them.


"As long as it's not love, we'll be okay." He stood up and kissed her cheeks. "No decisions need to be made right now anyways, so let's get back into bed and hope Aria doesn't decide to give us an early morning call."




Days turned into weeks since Skylar and Lukas had the messy talk but it was if nothing between them had changed. She was still the doting wife and business woman taking care of their precious energetic daughter and home. They had bought this 4 bedroom home with hopes of having more children but with the way their careers kept them busy, Skylar wasn't so sure she wanted another child. While a brother or sister for Aria would be great, she feared that she would have to raise them mostly on her own. She was a very hands on mother and currently the only people she allowed to watch her daughter were her parents and her in-laws. She refused to allow a stranger to watch her darling child without a full background check and not until her daughter was able to form complete sentences and had the ability to use the cell phone to dial 911.


Her husband thought she was paranoid and watched way to much criminal television but Skylar was always on her guard. Having a child was the best thing that ever happened to her and if anyone threatened that happiness, they would end up 6 feet under and she would be in handcuffs with a smile on her face because there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her family. Which is why bringing another person into her life the way her husband was suggesting made her wonder if it would damage the stability they had. Skylar was anything but selfish and while she did miss the lifestyle, she loved her family more. Could she really open herself up to someone like she did with Lukas? The thoughts were tempting and dangerous.


She was doing well for being 25. Married with a child and living in the suburbs. She had her own business, SweetChaos. It was a fashion brand for young women. She now had a store in the city and also had an online store.  She started creating accessories in high school and then got serious when she turned 18. With severe budgeting and accurate planning she becamse pretty successful. She made enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. Skylar never dreamed of being rich. She always dreamed og love and having a family of her own.


If she did decide to get a Dom, she could not bring him to her place. She knew all of her neighbors and their kids. Some even attended the same church as she and Lukas. No, she couldn't do this. Skylar shook her head. She never even had a one night stand. She only slept with men she fell in love with.


As she continued this debate in her head while putting the dishes in the dishwasher, her phone rang. She hit the green button and heard her name being sung by a very friendly voice.


"Melina!" Skylar shouted the name of her best friend who's laughter was loud enough it almost sounded as if Skylar had accidently hit speakerphone.  Skylar and Melina had been friends since before high school. They were closer than friends and  better sisters. Great sisters who shared everything. Melina was Italian with wavy dark hair that went just below her shoulders and hazel eyes. She and her husband had twins, a son named Tyler and a daughter named Maria. They were 3 years old and 10 minutes apart. Maria was the oldest of the twins.


Skylar closed the dishwasher and sat on a barstool in front of her massive butcher block island and listened to Melina tell her the latest humiliating thing she did to her husband. Like Skylar, Melina was into the lifestyle as well but under a very different role. While her husband was a very successful man, he wanted a woman that would force him to do non-traditional things such as making him wear bright pink panties with hearts on them to work under his suits. He wasn't the submissive type. He was Melina's slave who she loved dearly. Melina was very protective over her husband and never let anyone touch him or play with him. No one except Skylar of course and when Skylar wanted to learn paddling, Melina taught her and had her husband serve as the practice dummy.


"You didn't! You really made him do that?" Skylar asked.


"Yep! And he licked all of it like a good puppy!" She laughed. "Anyways, what's new with you?"


Skylar hesitated for a moment and then told her everything about what Lukas had suggested. When she was done there was silence.


"Melina?" She checked her screen to see if she had hung up on her.


"What the hell? Are you serious? Does he even fully understand what he is asking? It's more than just sex. You'll be totally vulnerable!"


"I know! I told him that."  Skylar responded.


"I can't believe I'm even going to ask this question. Have you prayed about it?" Melina asked her.


"Are you kidding. I'm not praying on that. I did research it and well, women didn't have rights back then like men did. Lots of men with lots of wives, nothing about wives with more than one husband and I don't want another husband."


"What about an non-sexual kinkship?"


"I could try that but I kind of like my pain with a bit of sex on the side."


"You little painslut!" Melina squealed.


Skylar laughed. "Guilty."


"Well if you are really thinking about this, then really dig in and take some action. You can't do this all in your head. First thing I suggest is to not pick anyone we've ever partied with. That'll make things weird. Find someone outside our circle of friends. I met Richard on this website, I'll text it to you. Check it out."


"Online dating is very now but not so" Skylar bit her bottom lip.


"It's not dating. You are simply looking to see what's out there. It'll help you with your decision making process. Try it please and avoid the guys that do not have pictures. Privacy my ass. Nothing is private once it's online."


"Got it. Thanks, Melina. I love you."


"Love you too, Sky. Just be careful. Talk to you laters!"


Skylar's phone beeped and she saw the text from Melina and clicked the link.



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