Their Girl Skylar-Dinner for 3

Their Girl Skylar-Dinner for 3 Their Girl Skylar-Dinner for 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Skylar has a date night with her husband and Nicholas


Skylar has a date night with her husband and Nicholas


Submitted: July 10, 2014

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Submitted: July 10, 2014



It was only after Skylar had dropped her children off at school that she remembered what it was she wanted to talk to her husband about so she called him while driving to the grocery store. 

"Hey honey, I'm on my way to a meeting." Her husband said quickly.

"No problem, I'll be quick." Her husband was the owner of two popular restaurants in the city. "Just wanted to remind you that you either need to take Friday off or leave work early Friday for Aria's school play."

"Friday's booked. What's the play about?"

"You're the owner not the chef and it's the Big Bad Wolf story." She told him.

"My name's on the restaurants. Is she the wolf?" He asked.

"She's the little pig with the house of straw and your name is on one restaurant. The other is a burger place called Butcher's." Skylar argued feeling frustrated. 

"Alright, alright I'll be there. Love you baby. I gotta go." He hung up the phone. 

Skylar took a deep breath and stretched her neck. Finally finding a place in the grocery store parking lot she heard her phone ring again. Professor King showed on her caller ID. She grabbed a stray basket and pushed it into the store.

"Hello Professor." She answered sweetly.

The man on the phone made a throaty noise. "I'm called that all day and it's like white noise but when you say it, I just want to do naughty things to you."

"Last night wasn't enough?" she asked quietly as to not let the other shoppers over hear her conversation.

"Not for what I have in mind. Come over this weekend?" He asked.

"I have some work to do and I have my daughter's play Friday night."

"I miss you." He said in a way that made her tingle.

"I bet you do. I take it your kids will be with their mother this weekend?" She asked putting apples and grapefruit inside her basket.

"Yes, they will be with her all weekend and I do miss you babygirl."

She loved it when he called her that. 

"Don't start, I'm in the grocery store." She informed him.

"So what you are saying is that I should start telling you what I want to do with that sexy body of yours until your panties are soaking wet while you're shopping?"

"Where are you?" Skylar changed the subject.

"In my office grading essays. Sometimes I feel like I'm grading high schoolers instead of college students. I've used so much red ink I'm on my third pen."

Skylar laughed. "That bad?"

"I teach English, not Physics. One student actually wrote 'and then the other dude said'. The surfer in me is smiling but I can't let him think he can go on in life writing the way he talks."

"Have a talk with him. Surfer to surfer." Skylar suggested.

"I might have to. So what are you wearing tonight for dinner?"

"I'm not sure yet."

"I know what you shouldn't wear."

"Red?" Skylar guessed.

"Wrong. Panties. They get in the way of the good stuff." He said mischievously.

Skylar snorted into giggles causing a few glances her way.

"I should go. I need to finish shopping and then call the sitter for tonight."

"Yes, date night. I can't wait. I have so many plans for your mouth my pet."

"I bet. Have a great day!" 

"You too Babygirl."

Skylar sighed and called the sitter, Ally, as she finished her grocery shopping. 

As she drove home, she remembered that last date night left her so sore her husband took a half day and made her breakfast in bed.

But she couldn't complain because she loved it. She enjoyed being submissive. It was in her blood. Her mother was an excellent host and homemaker and raised her to take care of others before herself. While she was positive being a sex toy for two dominant men wasn't what her mother had in mind, pleasing others made her happy and she wasn't happy unless she was being either used or useful.

She pulled into the garage and soon after putting the groceries away she ran upstairs to pack her overnight bag. The children would be out of school in a few hours and she wanted to pack it before they got home. So she went into the bathroom and grabbed her birth control pills, along with baby oil. She had forgotten the baby oil last night and it was painful removing the tape from around her wrist and ankles without it.

She packed  panties and a bra, jean pants and a humor t-shirt and tossed in a pair of sandals. She wore her hair natural so she just threw in some hair oil. A loofah and shower gel and she was all set. Now she just had to find something to wear. Knowing they would be going to an upscale restaurant, Skylar decided on a little black dress. A very little black dress. It was low cut in the front to show off her D cup breasts, tight enough to reveal her tiny waist and short enough to compliment her 42 inch butt. She had worked hard for her figure. Hundreds of squats kept both knees in braces but it was worth . She laid the dress on the bed and pulled out a pair of red high heel shoes to go with it. Simple stud earrings and a necklace pulled the look together. The men would look very handsome in their suits but she would be the eye candy. 

Seeing that she still had time before having to pick her children up, she went into their room and made their beds before she made them lunches and put them in the fridge. she cleaned the coffe pot, reset it and started the dishwasher.  As she was heading back out the door to dump the trash her phone rang. It was her husband calling.

"Yes dear." She answered.

"We aren't going out tonight." He said. "We are staying in. Nicholas called and we agreed it's been too long since we all got together so we'll be meeting him at the hotel instead and get room service."

"Oh, okay." She was a bit dissappointed but she knew she would still be able to wear her little black dress.

"And we are starting early too so as soon as the sitter gets there bring that cute ass over. We'll be there waiting for you."

"I'll get there as soon as I can baby." She grinned ear to ear as they said their goodbyes and hung up the phone.

Skylar dumped the trash and went to the school to pick up her children. They came out smiling and hopped into the car telling her stories of their day while she drove them home. When they got to the house she got them settled and made them sandwiches.

"I want you two to be good tonight for Ally while Mommy and Daddy go out tonight okay?"

"Can we have pizza?" Her son asked.


"Can we watch movies?" Asked her daughter.

"After your homework and until 8."

She heard a knock on the door and saw it was Ally and let her in.

"Hi Ally! Thanks again." She greeted and the kids screamed their hellos. "I'll be back later tomorrow so you'll have to take them to school.   Please make yourself at home in the guest room and same rules as last time. Homework first then they can watch tv and bedtime as usual is at 8. Here's $40 for pizza and of course you know you can keep the change."

"Alright Mrs. Martinelli. So when do you head out?"

"As soon as I get dressed." Skylar turned her attention to her children. "Daddy is still at work but know that Mommy and Daddy love you both and we'll see you tomorrow." She gave them both kisses and went upstairs to change where she decided to forgo the panties. They weren't going to last long on her anyways. Covering up with a dress coat, she gave the kids one last kiss before driving off to the city. It seemed like forever but she finally arrived at the hotel. Her husband had texted her the room number on her way there and she made her way towards the elevator. She felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she pushed the button for the 8th floor. She felt herself growing wet as the elevator ascended. The doors soon opened and she made her way to the room. She knocked twice and her husband opened the door. 

She had not one foot in the door when he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her inside, his lips descending on hers. When she came up for air he released his hold on her hair and Nicholas pressed his mouth against hers. She felt dizzy as she felt a pair of hands unbutton her coat. The door slammed shut the same time her coat hit the floor. Both men took a step back and stared in admiration.

"Venus I adore you." Her husband complimented as she stepped out her shoes.

Nicholas offered her a glass of soda since they never dranked alcohol on date nights to keep the mind clear. She accepted and smiled at him. Nicholas was the opposite of her husband. He wasn't loud but could command a room with his confidence. He was shorter but still taller than she was. His surfer build was sexy dressed and naked. She loved the way the light played with his gray hair. But what she loved about him other than his smile and his mind was his green eyes. She could get lost in them. 

"It's a good thing we skipped the restaurant, Lukas. I'm not sure I would have been able to keep my hands to myself with her wearing that." Nicholas took off his jacket and begin unbuttoning his shirt.

Lukas grinned and saw the bulge in Nicholas' pants. 

"Aw baby." Lukas turned to his wife. "Shame on you. I think you need to take care of that." Lukas took off his jacket and tie and took a seat on the couch and watched as his wife walk over to Nicholas.

"No" Nicholas raised his hand for her to stop. "On your knees. Crawl." 

Skylar smiled and did as he commanded slowly with her ass in the air. It delighted her to see the pleasure in his eyes. She paused at his feet and nuzzled his crotch before pulling down the zipper with her teeth.

"Such a good girl." She heard her husband praise her obedience as she flicked the button of Nicholas' pants open with her tongue. 

She pulled down his pants and saw his hard cock.

"Sir, may I have your cock?" She knew better than to lick it without permission.

"Where do you want my cock?"

"Where ever you want Sir. My body is your playground."

"Open your mouth." Nicholas demanded and when she opened her mouth she looked him in his eyes as he pushed his cock deep into her mouth. She felt him grab her head and he began thrust in and out of her mouth hard and steady. She started to gag on his sizeable cock and drool dribbled down her chin.

"Now that is a beautiful sight." Her husband sat down his glass of soda and started taking off his clothes. He walked over to his wife and began tapping the side of her face with his hard cock. Nicholas yanked her head back off him and she took her husband's  cock into her mouth. As she began sucking her husband's hard cock she felt Nicholas unzip the back of her dress and pull it down past her knees and toss it aside. He smacked her ass a few times before suggesting to Lukas that they take her to the bed. 

Lukas picked up his wife and laid her on her back on the bed. He spread her legs open, exposing her and leaned down to lick her pussy. Skylar gasped and moaned as her husband licked her inside and out and massaged her clit with his thumb. She felt herself nearing her first orgasm as Nicholas began to pinch and pull her nipples. He straddled her face and rubbed his balls against her lips. She opened her mouth wide and eagerly licked his balls and taint while he stroked his cock.  

Slowly Nicholas moved his drool covered balls back and forth against her face. "Are you our dirty girl?" He felt her nod under him. "Good."

He slid forward and spread his ass for her to lick. She shook her head in protest as she usually did but they all knew she loved being degraded. She never really resisted anything they did to her. Skylar held his butt open as licked his asshole, occasionally pushing her tongue inside make him gasp and pinch and pull her nipples harder.

The sight of his wife licking another man's ass really got Lukas so hard his cock began to ache and he sat up between her legs and slammed his cock into her wetness. They heard her squeal as Lukas thrusted hard, fast and deep into his wife. 

"Shit!" Nicholas yelled as Skylar dug her nails into the sides of his ass as she came on her husband's hard dick. He slid off her face and spat on her cheek. She rubbed it in and grinned.

"Filthy whore!" He slapped her face with his hands until she responded loudly with a big smile, "Yes I'm a filthy whore. Please fuck your dirty girl!"

Lukas readjusted so that he was on his back and she was leaned over facing him with his cock still in her cunt. He saw Nicholas grab the baby oil from her bag and pour it on his cock.

"Baby want it in the ass?" Lukas asked his slutty wife as he slapped her face. "Huh? I can't hear you slut! Say it!"

Nicholas moved into position behind her pressed the tip of his cock against her tight asshole.

"Yes! Yes please fuck me in my ass!" She felt herself losing it as Nicholas pushed into her as and her husband pinched her sore nipples. She opened her mouth to let out a scream but it was stifled by Nicholas' hand and he slowly pushed until his balls bumped against Lukas' cock. Tears of pain and joy fell down Skylar's cheek as both men grunted and pounded her savagely. She felt herself coming with her husband's hand around her neck and Nicholas pulling her hair. Then it happened. A growl escaped their lips and a scream slipped out of hers as they all came together. 

For a moment none of them moved. None of them spoke. The room was filled with the smell of freshly fucked bodies and panting. Lukas was the first to break the silence with a laugh. Nicholas soon followed as he and Lukas pulled their cocks out of a giggling  Slylar. Nicholas slapped her ass a bit more before walking away to grab a sip of his soda. Lukas sat up as his wife turned to lay on her back. 

"I love you." He leaned over her and pried her mouth open with his fingers. He kissed her forehead and then spat into her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed it. "Mine forever." He told her. "Mind and body while God has your soul." 

"Mind and body forever." She agreed and raised up off the bed to kiss him. Their sweet moment interrupted by her tummy growling. 

"Room service?" Nicholas held up a menu.

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