Watching And Wanting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

PWP Sex scene.


Doctor Beverly Crusher, CMO of the Starship Enterprise stretched languidly on the lounge, squinting in the strong sunlight. Dressed in a deep blue string bikini, she sighed and raised her book, trying to concentrate on the text.

The book made her think of her lover so far away on the planet they were orbiting. For the last ten days he’d been sequestered on the world, applying his exceptional diplomatic skills to attempting a lasting peace accord between three recalcitrant parties. She’d had no contact with him and her heart, and certain other parts of her body, yearned for him. That very morning had brought an uncharacteristically harsh response from an innocuous query from her trusted friend and head nurse Alyssa Ogawa. Immediately regretting her outburst, Beverly had apologised and looked on in surprised curiosity as Alyssa steered her to the office.

“Doctor Crusher…are you all right?”

Calming herself, Beverly replied,

“Of course I am. I just…”

A knowing look stilled her tongue. The sympathetic face of her friend made her change her mind. Sighing, Beverly sat heavily in her chair.

“I miss him Alyssa.”

Sitting opposite her boss, Alyssa bobbed her head to see under the Doctor’s brow.

“We’re very quiet here at the moment. Why don’t you take some time off…visit the Holodeck maybe?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well I do! Go…relax. I’ll call you if we need you.”

It took only seconds to make up her mind. Within half an hour she was entering Holodeck three.





For the fifth time she tried to focus on the words of her book. She would read the first sentence then her mind would drift…to some very erotic thoughts, specifically what they’d done the night and morning before he left. With an expansive sigh she snapped the book closed and let it drop to the floor. Settling further into the mattress of the lounge she concentrated on her mental images and groaned as the familiar heat bloomed in her groin. Closing her eyes, both against the glare of the sun and her burgeoning desire, her hands started to move. First to her breasts where they cupped and gently kneaded. She directed her mind to a vision of her lover, kneeling naked and aroused between her spread legs. Her hands became his and when her hands lifted up her bikini top, she arched her back, pushing up her breasts. Fingers questing, she found and tweaked her nipples, her breath hissing through her teeth. One hand left her breast and softly trailed the fingers down to her sex, fluttering her fingers over her folds through the material of her bikini bottom. With ties at either hip, it was an easy task to expose herself, her fingers sliding through her wetness with delicious sensation.

By now lost in her fantasy, she increased the pressure of her sliding finger, her other hand pinching the nipple of her breast in time. As her hips began to buck, she arched her neck, pressing her head back into the pillow, imagining her lover’s attention to the ivory column of her exposed flesh. The exquisite torture built slowly and she was so deeply into her imaginary love making that she didn’t hear the whine of the transporter.

Altering the angle of her plunging finger, she couldn’t stop her head from tossing. Her engorged clitoris caused her to jerk every time her finger encountered it and she opened her eyes in delight as she felt her climax approach. That’s when she saw him standing beside her. Her hands stilled and she gasped.


His dark hazel eyes were hooded but still they glittered with passion. His voice was husky and velvety deep.

“Don’t stop.”

Her eyes roaming over him, she licked her lips when she saw the tantalizing bulge in his pants. Releasing her breast she gestured with her hand.

“Join me.”

He shook his head solemnly and whispered,

“No. Continue…please.”

She’d never done this for him before, but the desire in his whispered plea brought back her need with breathtaking swiftness. Her hand returned to her breast and gently squeezed the nipple as her finger slowly moved below. Her eyes began to close but he stopped her.

“No…keep your eyes open.”

Anchoring her eyes to his, she continued her intimate caress, gradually building back up to where she was before. His hands moved and she watched as he undid his trousers and freed his straining erection. With the thumb and first two fingers of his right hand he began to slowly stroke himself, the heat and need burning brightly in his eyes.

Her eyes now riveted on his erotic teasing, she increased the cadence of her probing finger and began to moan and gasp. Her hips lifted to meet her thrusting digit and she groaned when he paused in his motions to spread the bead of pearly fluid over the head of his penis.

With sudden abruptness her orgasm was upon her. Twisting to one side, she pinched her nipple and plunged her finger over her swollen clitoris, crying out in ecstasy. Her body tensed then trembled, the muscles caught in a rictus of sensation.

As he watched, he quickly threw off his clothes and waited until she rolled onto her back. Then he knelt on the lounge and gently eased her legs apart, lifting her hand from her soaked sex. Before she could open her eyes, he entered her with one smooth stroke.

She arched off the lounge, a cry of delight torn from her throat. His mouth descended on her nipples, taking first one, then the other and lavishing them with his tongue and teeth. Her need returning rapidly, he felt the residual contractions around his penis buried so deeply within her. With slow thrusts he carried her with him as they began the climb together. Her hands quickly grabbed his buttocks as she beseeched him with her body to quicken his pace. With a growl of appreciation he rose up on his arms and began to pound into her, his grunts of exertion heightening her passion.

As before, her climax came upon her quickly. The clenching of her vagina signalled her release and he thrust four times hard and fast, his own orgasm surging through him. His body tensed and flexed, Beverly’s name groaned from his mouth as he pulsed his essence into her.




Minutes later, as they panted in each other’s arms, she kissed his ear and whispered,

“Welcome home.”

Submitted: January 18, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Heather Smyth. All rights reserved.

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